Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong


Message of Support For Kim Hyun Joong + KHJ Concert Message Added

Kim Hyun Joong, Be Strong!  Henecians, Please Unite!  

We Might Be shaken But We Will Never Crumble!

I will not say more, may the simplicity of this message eased some of your worries!

Thanks to Lucky Llanes/ Kleng Aquino/ Ladilyn Jonatas Delima for creating the ribbon.



Tweet Credit: 

160814 Kim Hyun Joong Concert Message to fans

Pls do not repost or use the eng trans without full credits!

Eng trans by @drunken_luv, translated from video by illu_blue

Note: All the “you” translated are in the plural form

Timing: 1:00-2:38 (translated from what was translated into Chinese!)

I have debuted for almost 10 years already. There’s a Korean saying that after 10 years, even the rivers and mountains would have changed. 10 years, a period where you can’t say it is too long or too short. Also, I have performed at this venue when I just debuted. On the same stage, seeing the same fans, I feel extremely moved. I will come to China more often to visit you in the future. I wish that I will be able to see you on the same stage again.

Timing: 2:59-3:12


A time like a dream

I don’t wish to say it’s ending

Don’t wish to wake up

If end, time can be reversed……

Start…anew from the beginning?

I really want

Us to be together forever

Timing: 3:21-4:35

When I feel that I am alone


When I am tired, you are my shade…

When I feel that I am alone


In times of trouble, you protected me

When I feel that I am alone

When I feel that I am alone


You made me feel that I am not alone


Are the people watching this video

Now please let me feel you

I am very grateful to you

I love you very much

To My Beauty

Timing: 4:44 onwards

I have always used my slightly cold personality as an excuse

So I did not interact much with you

And the words I have not said to you for a long time

Will say it all today,

Now, let me say the words you wish to say


Dear, I love you

Thank you


I everyday

Miss you

I really miss you very much

Now, let me say the words you wish to say

The words that need to be said now

Encore! Encore! Encore!

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KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japanese Fans Support for KHJ

KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중)  Former Bodyguard Posted Message of Support



Official Update by KEYEAST




Official Facebook Update:

Tweet/Translation Credit:   

KE fb update: 친구들과 함께하는 우주신의 생일 파티^^ 2014.06.06 [trans] Together with friends at U:zoosin’s birthday party^^


[FanArts + FanVids] June 6 2014 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!! + キム・ヒョンジュン – 「HOT SUN」 SPOT 30sec


THANKS @Rocky for the link …… had no internet access the whole day ….  Ooooh can’t wait to hear the full version ……




Fan Arts:  lnprz


FanArts:  savvydude


Birthday Videos from Around the Globe


Published on Jun 5, 2014

Don’t re-upload, re-edit & erase the logo!
Don’t re-make any other video using my video!
(No capture & No flash video)
Don’t move this video to everywhere that are related “We got married”


Credit:  HollisHyun

Published on Jun 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kim Hyun Joong!! Please be happy, Hyunjoong.
It’s our pleasure~~^^

Don’t re-upload, re-edit & erase the logo!
Don’t re-make any other video using my video!


Credit:  TheHyunjoongnara

Published on Jun 4, 2014



Credit:  0606lafone


Credit:  isa5027

Published on Jun 5, 2014

Hyun Joong ssi Happy Birthday(*^_^*)


Credit:  TheHyunjoongnara




[Lazer Kim Article] BREAKING NEWS: Netizen died of Jealousy!

Originally posted on LazerKim:


By: LazerKim

I’m truly sorry for bringing this update news that Netizen are dying of jealousy over Kim Hyun Joong’s success in his recent two consecutive events is Japan, that despite of the scandal involving Hyun Joong, he was able to gather a HUGE crowd of fans on two separate events.

Here’s the last words from Netizen after hearing the news from allkpop that Kim Hyun Joong’s case will be concluded.

From Allkpop: …it appears the battle with the assault charges from his ex-girlfriend will likewise conclude.

Netizens commented, “Still, he did assault his girlfriend, right?” and, “His assault situation wrapped up well, but it will probably be hard for him to recover his image.”

May I share my grief to Netizen that I’m truly sorry to say that no matter what you do, the truth will always prevail. Kim Hyun…

View original 178 more words

[Photos-SPHJ] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Aomori & Hibiya Events – 2014.09.27&28 + Aiport Photos – 2014.09.29

Source/Credit:  http://sphj0606.blogspo








[Lazer KIM Article] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) – MAN IN WHITE

Originally posted on LazerKim:



By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong flew back home to Seoul last Sunday allowing his fans to take many photos as it is now all over the internet that I couldn’t resist picking them up and bring those here as he wore a white shirt that’s so stunning. Simple yet so becoming and as always anything he wears just suits him perfectly. Among all Hyun Joong’s photos it’s the airport fashion that’s been my favorite, no make-up, no flashy outfit just the simple Kim Hyun Joong walking along the airport lobby.

At YouTube there were non-fans asking as to why Hyun Joong doesn’t smile to his fans at the airport? Does he needs to? His fans were just around the lobby of any SK airport taking his pictures. If he gives in to smile I’m sure he’ll just be…

View original 1,392 more words

[Pexers Write-Ups] Flower Boy Turned Bad Boy

Author:  AprilS

The famous flower boy has turned into a bad boy.That is what they want to say but hasn’t yet. It is all about the drastic change of image as a celebrity from what he has been known to project to what he has been described to have become due to a spate of events.

The shock for many has somewhat abated since that fateful day in late August. From the looks of it he hasn’t lost his followings except for a few fallouts. Truth be told, as observed, he gained even more if attendance at his concerts is a valid indicator. That is, in spite of the predicted downfall.

As the dust from the several weeks worth of ruckus settled, let me now pose these questions . Questions that may somehow illuminate the phenomenon.

Is it now a matter of focusing on the performance but not on the performer, the singing but not the singer?

How can they be separated? Can there be split appreciation? Accommodation of the incongruence?

Accepting the celebrity image doesn’t have to be a mirror of his private life?

What is wrong with public images is that we have come to expect perfection …idealization. Simply putting a person in a box tied with neat,cute ribbons The packaging.

But it has now come to this ‘I don’t like your behavior, but I still like you’ syndrome now prevail?

Whatever it is, somebody has commented ‘at least he has proven he isn’t gay’. Or he is the celebrity that became more attractive even with the negative publicity. The bad boy image fits him now?

Or has the fandom become maturer to embrace the fact that celebrities are just like most of us- imperfect mortals capable of mistakes. And if his apologetic words are to be believed,he is capable of turning a new leaf. To us those are redeeming steps.

That whether he is flower boy or bad boy we have seen beyond the image .

We, too discovered something of ourselves.

Arts Credit:  blancbelle  via   Yogi Khj @kiiimiii006  

[Airport Photos/Fancam] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) at HANEDA and GIMPO Airports – 2014.09.29

20140926~29 Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 – Incheon & Haneda Airport

Fancam Credit:    HollisHyun



Photos Credit: 



Photos Credit:


Photos Credit:  Shine328

 Photos Credit as Tagged

Credit:  @倩倩 via DeannaDsc

Hyun Joong wearing his fave brand NUEVO~shirts & caps
There is also the World Tour encore this custom made clothes of ^ ⊙ ^
Credit:  Bitbit Henecia  via DeannaDsc
27.09.2014 KHJ @Aomori Shock On Concert wore this pants:
Fabrixquare Quilted LAMBSKIN Panel Multi Zip Skinny Biker Jeans
Credit:  @倩倩 via DeannaDsc
KHJ wore Prada
Gray Signature Plastic Sunglasses
These charming acetate frames fold at the bridge and the middle of the ear pieces for compact storage. 100% UVA/UVB protection. Signature case included. Made in Italy. Color: black/gradient grey
at forzieri EU
Photo credit as tagged
Credit:  @nevi_qq/ Nevelina Qneva  via DeannaDsc
KHJ wore Justin Davis sunglasses
price: ¥24,840/
Photo Credit:  @mijya0606

[Info] Inspiring Generation DVD set 1 & 2 to be released on Dec 17,2014 + Japan IG Event on January 2015

Tweet Credit:

キム・ヒョンジュン、約4年ぶりとなる待望のドラマ主演作「感激時代~闘神の誕生」本編DVDの発売が決定! 김현중 ‘감격 시대 ~ 투신의 탄생’본편 DVD의 발매결정!

Translation Credit:   ·

There’ll be an Inspiring Generation event with HJ on January 10, 2015 in Japan! Limited by invitation for those who purchase IG DVD box set.

IG event will be at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall on Jan 10, 2015. Part 1 will have a handshake session & Part 2 will have a photo session w/ HJ

Inspiring Generation DVD BOX 1 & 2, Release Date: December 17, 2014




Tweet Credit: 

Inspiring Generation Event on 10th January 2015 (final amended)

There will an Inspiring Generation Event on 10th January 2015 at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall (Yokohama).

Tickets come with the purchase of Inspiring Generation DVD Box set (DVD 1 + 2) which will be released on 1st October 2014 at 1000am JST, via DATV.

Each DVD cost 22,800¥ each (excluding tax + shipping fee).

DVD 1 covers Inspiring Generation’s press con. DVD 2 includes poster shooting & script reading session. Each DVD comes with 24-pages photo book and 5 bromide sets.

There is 2 separate events to be held on 10th January 2015:

1) Handshake event – starting at 1300pm JST.
2) Photograph event – starting at 1530pm JST.

When you are making your DVD purchase, you may select which event you wish to attend as entry tickets for both events are different. But you must purchase the entire set (DVD 1 + 2) to be eligible to only either of the event.

**To attend both events, you have to buy 2 SETS. **

The purchase will be on first come first served basis, until the DVDs are sold out.

P/S: The venue can hold 2,433 seats but it is not sure whether the entire hall will be opened for the event.

Good luck in getting the DVDs, tickets, handshake & photo session with Hyun Joong.


Japanese handshake related website:

[HD Photos - murdererq + Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japan & South Korea Exchange Festival 2014 in Tokyo at Hibiya Park venue – 2014.09.28 & 29

DOWNLOAD LINK:  [HD-murdererq]_2014.09.28_Japan-Korea_Pop_Festival_in__TOKYO.rar




Hallyu Star KimHyunJoong melted Japanese fans in ‘Korea-Japan Exchange Festival 2014 in Tokyo’

Even though he appeared as a secret guest that day, the venue was crowded by fans who heard the rumor beforehand.

Tweet Credit:   ·  Sep 28

The only comments HJ said at the concert were only this (from Japanese news report): HJ: (after YS) Thank you. I’m Kim Hyun Joong..please enjoy the performance today.

HJ: (before Heat) Today is supposedly a ‘secret’ performance and yet so many of you (fans) came. Thank you for coming.

HJ: (after Heat) Thank you!

Photos Credit:



Great support..many waited, stood, sang & waved penlight w no view of stage^^; 20140928 KIM HYUN JOONG in Tokyo HEAT

Fancam Credit:  khj dreaming


Fancams Credit:  joyful860606





Fancams Credit:    PIKOKO



Fancam Credit:  日韓交流おまつり






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