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[FanArts/Pexers Write-Ups] KHJ as Advertising Model

Author:  AprilS  Pexers Write-Ups on FB

Made a casual trip to an Asian store in Southport, Goldcoast in Australia yesterday (Nov.20/2014) . Who and what do you think I saw?

A poster bearing the bright and smiling Hyun Joong still advertising FS even if his contract ended with that cosmetic brand. I didn’t buy FS product instead bought the ramen whose advertisement he used to appear in early in his career with Park Bo Young(if my memory serves me right).

Two years ago when we visited Sydney, the trip wasn’t complete till I visited FS -a smallish store tucked in a corner of a mall. The salesgirl received an impromptu lecture from me when I pointed to HJ’s poster and asked: do you know who that is? She said , no she didn’t know who it was.

My eyes jumped out of its socket! ‘You don’t know Kim Hyun Joong?’  How in the world did she sell her merchandise when she herself do not know details or back story of the cosmetic line and its famous world class model?

Oh well, she had to do her homework after that encounter.  She is lucky, her store manager wasn’t around then.

At least in a modest sized store in Baclaran, Pasay in Metro Manila salesgirls were too happy to talk about HJ whose poster wearing the TShirts he was modelling in 2007.  Unfortunately they said their company cannot afford to bring in HJ to personally promote the products.

I was disappointed when HJ didn’t make it to the giant billboards in Metro Manila selling Bench (clothesline and local franchisee of FS in Manila) instead featured Lee Min Ho.  If you recall when KHJ made the rounds of countries in Asia selling FS products he was feted by the owner of Bench, Mr Ben Chan during his promotional stopover in Manila. Was HJ’s modelling fee too high?

[LDFS Calendar] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG December Wallpaper



YBA Update!!!!

GREAT JOB HENECIANS, TRIPLE S and  KHJ LOVERS !!!!  THANK YOU for VOTING … LET’s KEEP IT UP and maintain the gap or widen it even more ……..


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[KST 12am 야후 투표 상황] 1위 김현중, 2위와의 격차: 361,630표!! 1위 +15,325표/ 2위 +10,040표  모두 고생하셨어요

[Fan Arts] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: An Eagle

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Maybe Hyun Joong is having a stretch to prepare his wings for the long haul ahead (AprilS)

Go fly to the highest mountain
Go fly with the wind
be they gentle or fierce
Ride the carpet of freedom
where your spirit can be free
let no one bind you
let your eyes set its boundaries

“Just having a stretch….don’t mind me” @shelleys_travels took this photo of a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet, and as you can see it’s very clear where these colourful birds got their name from! These unmistakable birds can be found in coastal regions across northern and eastern Australia. (via Instagram)

I know you are the Eagle Hyun Joong…one of your powerful emblem of Unbreakable (AprilS)
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[Tweet Bits] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG YBA Updates and More – 2014.11.18

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YBA results updated: During last 8 hours, we gain back 17K votes! Please continue voting..

Credit:  Xe Dap

I will post again how to vote:

  • First you need to click to this link and choose Hyun Joong photo
  • Please follow those steps in this photo to vote for Hyun Joong

  • Vote again please click the button likes in this picture
  • Please note:

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Bus ads for Inspiring Generation put up by Hong Kong fans! Credit as tagged

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Vote for Inspiring Generation for The Best Korean Drama of 2014!

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Reposting excerpt of old interview of Lyle Beniga… From

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한중문화교류 역할을 담당하고 있는 대한민국주상해문화원(Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai)에 김현중 등신대가 설치되어 있네요^^

[Photos by LJ_marylee] 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong 2014 Phantasm World Tour in China

Mediafire Link  2014_Phantasm_Photod_by_LJ+marylee.rar



[Oldies] 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Le Coq Sportif 2009

Credit: guswnddlfkdenfdltj

Credit:  Momo Kim

Credit:  cheeboutte


Credit as Tagged


Credit:   cheeboutte


Credit:    ★::ss501x100pre::★


[Photos /Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Fansign Event for HOTSUN OSAKA – 2014.08.06

Fancam Credit:  safaia0606

20140806 arrival @osaka

 20140806 depart @osaka

Fancam Credit:  sachi606khj

Fancam Credit  fumi

Fancam Credit: kimk ichigo

screencaps by:@Betty_Henecia


Photos Credit:   ·  Aug 5


2014.08.06 After sign event in Osaka.. KHJ 고마워요<3<3<3 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

2014.08.06 KHJ arrival for sign event in Osaka.. 안녕<3^^

Photos Credit:

2014/8/6 KHJ

2014/8/6 KHJ leaving frm the venue.


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