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[Photos/Fancams - Set 4] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16

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MEDIAFIRE LINK:  [HD] Phantasm SHANGHAI 20140816 Set 4

Video by;   citesidn (DSCS-KHJ) +  Soopaprincess  +  HollisHyun   +   KIMHYUNJOONG PERFECT   +   hj8666   +   illu blue   +   tomonatu1

Photos by:   DSCS-KHJ   +   金贤重中国妈妈饭群   (ChineseMotherFans)   +   Betty_Henecia    +  sphj0606   +   紫藤未紫  Zi_teng   +     Swedream妃     +     tabiyong_una橘傢…   +     瓶子-原地等你

PHANTASM Shanghai   (Full Version) 

Video Credit:    citesidn

Published on Aug 19, 2014



Fancams Credit:  Soopaprincess


Fancams Credit:  HollisHyun

Published on Aug 19, 2014

This is the stage about ‘a little bad guy’ of “Phantasm(夢幻)” at
Shanghai. I gathered the 2 songs(Do You Like That / Lucky Guy).

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Published on Aug 19, 2014

This is the stage of ‘I’m Yours’ of “Phantasm(夢幻)” at Shanghai.
Please enjoy his lovely eyes in dark stage.

Published on Aug 19, 2014

This is the encore stage of “Phantasm(夢幻)” at Shanghai.
HJ sang 3 songs, Your Story, Beauty Beauty and Lucky Guy.


Fancams Credit:  hj8666

 Fancam Credit:  illu blue


Fancam Credit:    tomonatu1


Photos Credit:  DSCS-KHJ

Photos Credit:  金贤重中国妈妈饭群   (ChineseMotherFans)


Photos Credit:  Betty_Henecia


Photos Credit:

Photos Credit:  紫藤未紫  Zi_teng


Photos Credit:  Swedream妃

 Photos Credit: tabiyong_una橘傢…


Photos Credit:   瓶子-原地等你



[HD Photos - love77hyun] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16 + IG BEIJING Fanmneet 2014.06.29

MEDIAFIRE LINKS:  HD Photos – loveyyhyun (IG FM in Beijing + Phantasm SHANGHAI)





[Photos/Fancams - SET 3] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16


Fancams by:  HollisHyun  +  illu blue  +   ThemurdererQ  +  hyunjoong sweet

Photos by:      +   LJ_marylee    +  Jasmine_Maojh    +  Yitsu燚0606   +  point0606  +  fly880321  +  Up2KHJ  +  KIMHYUNJOONGTHAILAND


MEDIAFIRE LINK:   [HD] Phantassm SHANGHAI 20140816 Set 3


Fancams Credit:  HollisHyun

Published on Aug 17, 2014

This is the part of “Phantasm(夢幻)” at Shanghai. I gathered
the 4 songs(하고 싶은 말 / His Habit / Beauty Beauty /
Nothing On You) in HJ’s new album “TIMING”.

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Fancams Credit:  illu blue

Published on Aug 17, 2014

Shanghai Phantasm

Fancam Credit:  ThemurdererQ

Fancams Credit:   hyunjoong sweet


 Prelude to the bare facts and steaming sexy in Shanghai. i realised the screen pics would go haywire in my cam
i like how the words, whether song titles or lyrics would be used in the background vids.
one evergreen staple: breakdown. but caught the jump late. haiz.
first moment to appreciate the green lights and the fans cheering.
yes i will, gentleman, and the body lights show. first with shades,
then without shades. but check out the smiles that start to come out really bright.
ah. not forgetting the cool lines of the light show. i so love their group shots. more to come later. Is he giggling?
Here come the ballads. first one: When Today passes. (i sure hope im getting the song titles correct)
Words i want to say (aka Say Something). ive got words to say about the shortened title. but nevermind.
the cheeky comes back with His Habit, Beauty Beauty, Do You Like That and Lucky Guy.
Lucky Guy’s dance coda that first wowed me in 2011 at the MAMA awards show. It’s still cool to watch the footwork.
Your Story. with the three curtains version. whatever is that? but never mind, i enjoy the dance.
sorry but im lost here. is this still Your Story. I got so caught up with the awesome lighting.
here’s two blur pics, i shall attempt to do better nx time, to ask u: ready for the bare facts in Shanghai?
the beauty of a pic. no need to rewind or press pause. absence of action says everyt
yah. still got. but this is it. sorry to have build your expectations :p
but what really really gets me is the power of suggestion. now coming up is my hot hot cup of tea.

Credit: LJ_marylee

Credit:  Jasmine_Maojh

 Photos Credit: Yitsu燚0606

 Photos Credit:  fly880321


 Photos Credit:  Up2KHJ @Up2KHJ




[AP Photos - mijya0606] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INCHEON Arrival from China = 2014.08.17


[Photos + Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16


MANY THANKS to all concerned for sharing :D :D :D

Fancams:   June Chapelle   +   Soopaprincess   +   tomonatu1    +   amiko0071   +   lin11030606 さんのチャンネル

Photos:   +   可可HJ-OK   +   女神经LXT      +   伍多XI    +   Betty_Henecia   +   Deardeerwitch   +   媛泥煤 (YUAN)henecia_CMF金  +  悠呀悠  +   紫藤未紫  (Zi Teng)   +   DSCS-KHJ   +  Magic賢金贤重个站 

Fancams Credit:   June Chapelle

Good show! Thanks all around ^^ 20140817 KIM HYUN JOONG 夢幻 몽환 PHANTASM World Tour in Shanghai 오늘이 지나면:

SORRY… bad sound is from my cam >.< 20140817 KIM HYUN JOONG 夢幻 몽환 PHANTASM World Tour in Shanghai 제발 PLEASE:

HJ amused by loud fan cheers 4 IYM, said it’s ‘refreshing’ ^^ 20140816 KIM HYUN JOONG 夢幻 몽환 Shanghai Saying I Love U

A tad purplish… but HJ’s cute & sweet ^^ 20140816 KIM HYUN JOONG 夢幻 몽환 PHANTASM World Tour in Shanghai I’m Yours:

Words he wanted to say…fans went on feet fr next song till end^^ 20140816 KIM HYUN JOONG PHANTASM Shanghai Promise:

Last song vid fr me. Pls go 2 his con if u can, he’s so much better live 140816 KIM HYUN JOONG PHANTASM Shanghai 예전처럼


Fancams Credit:  Soopaprincess

Fancams Credit:  tomonatu1

Published on Aug 17, 2014

When Today Passes ~I’mYour Man~MC~Say Something

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Fancams Credit:  amiko0071

 Fancams Credit:  lin11030606 さんのチャンネル

Published on Aug 17, 2014

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Photos Credit:


Photos/Credit:   可可HJ-OK

Photos/Credit:    女神经LXT


Photos Credit:  伍多XI

Photos/Credit:   Betty_Henecia


Photos/Credit:    Deardeerwitch


Photos Credit:     媛泥煤 (YUAN)

 Photos Credit:  henecia_CMF金

Photos/Credit:   悠呀悠


Photos/Credit:   紫藤未紫  (Zi Teng)




Photos/Credit:     DSCS-KHJ


Photos/Credit:  Magic賢金贤重个站







[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in SHANGHAI – 2014.08.16

Tweet Credit: 

[STREAM] Live audio stream for Phantasm World Tour in Shanghai starts tonight at 2030pm KST! Tutorial available here

Tweet Updates:

  • HJ at venue 16.08.14

  • Rehearsal started
  • HJ At venue (2) Waving to fans 16.08.14

  • Today’s venue for Phantasm (Shanghai indoor stadium)

  • The bag of goodies given to fans who were cny 580 & 880 ticket holders. Nice ha?

  • 100 with cds lightsticks nd bracelets, 20 of which had uzoosin cookies nd 3 wth HJ face biscuits. All from KHJCMF.

  • HJ just arrived!
  • There are a number of merchandise stalls outside the entrance to venue.

  • booth inside selling official merchandise

  • Another look inside venue. sound crew at back on second level. Credit:  

  • Concert starts!

  • Let me Go
  • Unbreakable
  • Breakdown
  • Gentleman Credit:  

  • HJ said Shanghai fans are as ‘vigorous’ (loud) in their support when singing his ballads
  • He said “Chinese fans I love you” in chinese ^^
  • Credit:

  • Credit:  June_Chapelle

Checking out for familiar faces.

  • Concert ends… the chinese fans were loud.they stood up from the 2nd last songs onwards till encore and after. HJ was really happy.
  • he said b4 Nothing on You that time flies and seemed concert went faster than he’d thought. said he saw many familiar faces in front.
  • he said he’s performed n this stage wen he first debuted.That fans hav been with him all this while nd hopefully, wil continue 2 b wth him.
  • He said ‘I love u’ after encore.when he’s ready 2 bow & say thank u,he asked what fans wanted 2 say. fans wanted 2 say ‘I love u’ too.
  • the exchange of emotions was touching. he then said again ‘I love u’ as he was leaving stage.
  • When he said he saw familiar faces.

  • nce break in Unbreakable. Credit:  :

  • HJ and fans made a promise to see each other again on this same stage in future. Pinky promise. Credit:  

  • While happily singing I’m Yours. Great rendition. Credit:  

Photos Credit:  

20140816 KHJ Rehearsal @ Shanghai Indoor Stadiumho

Photos Credit:  一晨y_c @weibo

Photos Credit:Swedream妃 @weibo


Photos Credit:  可可HJ-OK


Photos Credit:  henecia_CMF_妙妙

Rehearsal Photos




  Photos Credit:  綸賢-小雅-KHJ0606


Photos Credit: Shine328


Photos Credit:  SooYing

 Photos Credit:  伍多XI



[Media Photos + Translations] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) IG Fanmeet in OSAKA – 2014.08.05

[Translation] 取材Report No.1:  Kim Hyun Joong, ‘Tough guy’s muscles act too?’ – Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting in Osaka


From the popular Korean idol group SS501 to making his solo artist debut both in singing and acting, Kim Hyun Joong had seized Asia with his popularity. Kim After four years, Kim Hyun Joong now returned as the lead cast in the drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ which will be broadcast in DATV, starting from August 9th 2014.

In tribute to its first broadcast in Japan, ‘On-Air Special Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting 2014’ have been launched in Pacifico Yokohama on 31st May 2014, followed by ‘Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting’ in Osaka-jo Hall on 5th August 2014. In this daytime event, there was a special footage and talk session with the lead casts in the drama, Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang. Behind-the-scenes footage and interesting plot of the drama were also promoted during the event.

Kim Hyun Joong also held his world tour live concert in the same venue that night. MC Yumi made her appearance after the highlights of the drama was played on screen with four men performing martial arts on stage. While the ambience was reaching its height, she introduced ‘He who can wash away the heat, the handsome man who played Shin Jung Tae, Kim Hyun Joong!’.

With great applause and cheer from the audience, Kim Hyun Joong made his appearance in grey suit with black-grey striped T-shirt, ‘Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong’, smilingly greeting the audience in Japanese. He joked, ‘I’m not fully awake yet since I’m spending the time with fans this early morning. If I’m sleepy, please wake me up.’ The MC replied, ‘Yes, I will try my best.’ bringing laughter to the audience.

When he was asked how he is doing recently, he answered, ‘I’m busy with my world tour currently. I will be holding my concert in the same hall today. The title and concept is Phantasm which means bringing fans a dream-liked performance stage.’

Additionally, Im Soo Hyang who portrayed Gaya entered the stage in a long, white silk dress, receiving ‘Cute~!’ responses from the audience. She introduced herself with a warm smile, ‘Hello, I’m Im Soo Hyang. I’m glad to meet all of you today’. When the MC asked what is the concept behind the sexy dress she wore, she joked ‘Today I feel looking like a goddess.’ and answered ‘Because I want to be in my most beautiful appearance to meet everyone’.

In regards to Im Soo Hyang’s remark, Kim Hyun Joong commented ‘You look as if you’ve grown taller than last time’, initiating everyone’s laughter.

MC said, ‘I have watched Im Soo Hyang-ssi in both monitor and real life. I was thinking would there be any difference after the drama ended, or if you have become thin? But you look just as great as before. A pretty lady, a handsome man like Hyun Joong-ssi’.

Im Soo Hyang confessed that after the fan meeting in May, she have went to Tokyo recently.

MC asked, ‘You’re such a beautiful person..but single…were there anyone who confessed to you?’ Im Soo Hyang replied, ‘I’m still waiting for my destined one to appear, but it is a pity he has yet to appear.’ The audience applauded for the gentle Im Soo Hyang and they are also anticipating for the cold Gaya’s scenes in the drama.


The event earned another round of applause when the MC introduced the drama. The US$14 million, blockbuster drama ‘Inspiring Generating: Birth of the Fighter’ will start airing from 9th August 2014. The romantic based drama sets in 1930s era, depicting a man living in both Shanghai and Korea entangled in different relationships between people and the background of a sirasoni. The highlights of the drama were screened and there was a Q&A session with Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang.

MC asked, ‘We will start from young Shin Jung Tae and Gaya. Do you interact a lot with the child actor acting as young Shin Jung Tae?’ Kim Hyun Joong answered, ‘I’m still in touch often with him and he is working hard on his other project. It’s a pity I couldn’t buy him (alcoholic) drink since he is still underaged. I want to keep in contact with him and share various stories with him in the future.’ He added, ‘There are 2 songs I want to listen that were played during the drama. I like the piano piece played when young Shin Jung Tae was giving young Gaya a ride on his rickshaw. It reminds me of the emotions of that scene when I listened to the piece.’

Coming to the questions regarding the tough guy and beautiful woman’s action scenes in the drama, there were a lot of close-up running or action scenes of Kim Hyun Joong in half-upper naked body.

Audience were enthralled by the screen showing his trained, muscular back. MC Yumi commented, ‘Thank you. All are amazing..the back muscles, biceps and triceps. How do you feel about it when you look/watch at them?’ Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘It seems like a sports advertisement with the song different from during the broadcast. It was a scene depicting one who wouldn’t let go of someone again, but with that song in the background, it seems more like a chin-bar lifting exercise scene to me.’

MC said, ‘It seems like Hyun Joong-ssi is very particular about music today’ which made everyone laughed. She added, ‘Do you still maintain the muscles now?’

He answered, ‘It’s not that I have maintained it but to bring out the jist of the character living in that era, it transformed to the muscles that belongs to Shin Jung Tae. Even if I perform the same exercise or eat the same food, the muscles’ outcome (feelings) is different. If I were to compare my muscles now and the muscles during filming the the drama, I would exclaimed ‘Even my muscles are indulged in acting’.

Lastly questions regarding Shin Jung Tae’s scenes expressing his emotions, Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘Actually, there were a lot of sentiments in the drama that I could not express normally in daily life. For example, ‘crying because of father’, ‘crying because of the death of my senior or sister’ and et cetera. I am not someone who express my feelings very openly, but more of a person who keeps the emotions to myself. But I think it is great to cry as much as I want when I’m sad, or feel happy as much as I want when I’m happy. However, I think I’m working hard to not show that side of me..’

MC said, ‘It’s okay even if you show it’, which expressed what fans wanted to say.

Kim Hyun Joong added, ‘Sometimes, fans/everyone are also limited to what they can express. Although we may share the same affection, but no one truly knows other’s preferences. For me (in my stand), I can express ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ but I couldn’t say ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘I hate it’. I think it would be good if I can express my feelings continuously to my family or my close friends around me.’

 Source: Koreapo
Translation by melthisoul + Stephanie

HJ panting TUSHIN

Upload Credit:  kimhyunjoongTV66

Tweets Credit:   illublue

IG FM in Osaka – Regarding expressing feelings in IG:
Actually he’s not normally someone who expresses his feelings. Such as ‘crying because of his father’, crying because a hyung or younger sister has died’, he’s not of a character that expresses his feelings. Normally, he would be of a mind to ‘hide his feelings’. Actually, it’s also possible to cry to one’s heart’s content when sorrowful or to be happy to the utmost when happy. But he would rather not let everyone see again that condition , to see his struggle and effort.
Via @爱贤21度C:
在 小感中表 现的感情,其实我自己平时不太表露。如‘为父亲哭’、‘为喜爱的兄长和妹妹的死哭’,我是不太表露的性格。平时的我是‘想要隐藏个人的感情’这种想法。其 实如果悲伤的话就尽情哭泣、高兴的话就尽情高兴这种样子也可以。但是不想让大家重新看到自己那样的姿态,为了不让看到在努力着。[可爱]

Asked if he was able to get together and meet up with the young Jung Tae (KDY) socially: he said they are still in contact even now, that he was hard at work. He was somewhat regretful he couldn’t buy KDY drinks as he was underage. He hopes to have more exchanges when KDY comes of age, when they can discuss acting and other things.

Cr @Betty_Henecia from weibo:#金贤重##感激时代大阪FM# 被问到有和申正泰的童演见面聊天吗?偶吧说现在也有联系,他在努力工作。因为还未成年,不能给他买酒喝有些遗憾,成年后也想和他交流,谈论演技和其他话题

Kim Hyun Joong, IG event & Osaka concert ended successfully, ‘as expected from Kim Hyun Joong’


[HD Photos - ahlia0606] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) IG Fanmeet in OSAKA – 2014.08.05

[HD Photos - murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) IG Fanmeet + Phantasm Tour in OSAKA – 2014.08.05



Source/Credit:  TheMurdererQ

2014.08.05「 감격시대 」Special Fan Meeting @ Osaka, JPN


※ 圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!

※ 재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!

※ No edite mis fotos!!!

  2014.08.05 PHANTASM K.H.J. WORLD TOUR 夢幻 (몽환) IN Osaka, JAPAN


※ 圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!

※ 재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!

※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!

※ No edite mis fotos!!!


[Video] [Engsubbed] Kim Hyun Joong interview for TIMING TW release + HD Photos -Phantasm Seoul

Upload/Sub  Credit:  kelemama


Photos Credit:  LJ_maylee @weibo



[Airport Photos + Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) INCHEON Departure + SHANGHAI Arrival – 2014.08.15

INCHEON AP Departure

Fancam Credit:  lyna HJ

Published on Aug 15, 2014

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Fancam Credit:  Uzoosin0606


Facnam Credit:  유미희


Fancam Credit:  너목갤강백호

Fancam Credit:  KingHyunjoong


Photos Credit:    hyunbar66 by lulu


Photos Credit:  BeautyBeautyHenecia_Sasa


Photo Credit:   


Photo Credit: 


Photo Credit: 5:01


Photo Credit:   


Photo Credit:   



Photo Credit:   

 Photos Credit:  宇宙神的宇宙神H

Photo Credit: 

 Tweet Credit:  ·  41m

14.08.15 HyunBar is ready to welcoming Uri KING at Shanghai Pudong Airport ^^

14.08.15 safely arrived. waved his hand to fans at Pudong Airport..

  Tweet Credit: 

 2014.08.15 Fans waiting KHJ @ Shanghai Pudong Airport credit:韩都衣舍金贤重粉丝团

 Tweet Credit: 

2014.08.15 fans are waiting for KHJ @ Shanghai Airport Credit: 真心爱贤 



Facncam Credit: citesidn


 Photos Credit:  梦梦龙

Photos Credit: DSCS-KHJ@weibo

 Photo Credit:  Jasmine_Maojh @weibo

Photos Credit:   vivan via  winwin_henecia @weibo

 Photo Credit:  As Tagged



[Official Photos] Kim Hyun Joong – Henecia Japan Staff Blog Update – 2014.08.15

Source/Credit:  KimHyunJoong.Japan via  


Reposted from: Global Henecia


Japanese scans: MurdererQ
Japanese-Korean translation: momo @ InvestigationKHJ
Korean-English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1 / Twitter)

[I think a real capable man is one who helps the weak willingly]

He who transformed from a gentle to a tough image, Kim Hyun Joong is back after four years with ‘Inspiring Generation: Birth of the Fighter’ which will be aired in Japan. He plays a loyal and passionate character of Shin Jung Tae, who fights to protect his loved ones.

‘There are many people who carry the gentle image of me in mind, so when I was thinking to show the tough side of me, I met the character, Shin Jung Tae. I showed a more manly and tough side of me in the drama this time and it seemed that I’ve gained the liking from male viewers and audiences of a wide range, I think it was a right decision I chose the drama.’

Just as he said, it has been a hot issue to many up to now when he challenged a completely different from his previous ‘smart prince’ character into a masculine and tough character.

‘Considering all the characters that I have portrayed up to now, maybe my personality was more similar to Shin Jung Tae, I did not give much thought on how I should build up this character. However, I did some research to understand more about Shin Jung Tae. Since it’s important to understand the character first before bringing the character into live, it was actually difficult to imagine how Shin Jung Tae lived in the past only through the scripts. Even from now, I will plan to get enough time to analyse the character thoroughly when a new project comes in.’

Kim Hyun Joong said that he did not specially trained his body to film for the action scenes.

‘I built up my body through either strength training, soccer, golf or scuba diving usually. Non-fan audience might have the thought that I purposely trained my body for the drama, but my fans would know I did not because I often show my body during my live concerts. (laughs)’

Kim Hyun Joong talks about the high appraisal for his acting performance in his crying scene. Similar to the 1930s background suffering from poverty, his appearance seemed to suffer a lot too.

‘Because it was an era where one may not even be able to afford a piece of clothing, so I wore clothes that appeared dirty. As time passed, I got used to it and even wore it during off-filming. It will also look weird to have color-dyed hair in that era so I dyed it black and cropped my hair short too.’

Kim Hyun Joong thinks that Shin Jung Tae is a great character who is able to protect his loved ones with his own hands.

‘It is not an easy task to risk one’s life to protect so many people. I think I would probably give up immediately if I were to face that kind of situation. (laughs) I couldn’t bear to see someone I treasured to pass away in front of me. And I don’t fight too.’

Kim Hyun Joong said he has the same sentiment for few lines in the script.

‘<It’s not the physically strong ones who will win; the mentally determined ones will> I agreed with this line and I am determined to live my life diligently too. Also, I feel that a strong person is not one who is physically strong, but one who is willing to lend a helping hand to those weaker than him.’

Kim Hyun Joong have received a lot of appraisals for his acting performance this time. He have garnered many attention in the scene where Jung Tae cried for his father’s death.

‘When you want to express anger, you express through your body language. The feeling of sorrow comes naturally and to express that feeling, you have to feel that way too in order to bring out the emotions. Even if the script wrote <tears fall here>, the feeling of sadness wouldn’t be expressed if your tears don’t flow. Although it’s the scriptwriters that create the characters, it’s the actors who create the life for the characters. The acting for that crying scene came out naturally and if you were to ask me how I did it, I really don’t remember. (laughs)’

He have ventured into a new breakthrough this time, what is his thought for his future project?

‘I’ve enjoyed a lot while filming for a period drama and next I want to try a contemporary drama.’

Finally, a message for Japanese fans.

‘It’s always been a thought but I am always grateful towards Japanese fans who always show their undying love for me who am a Korean, who came from a different country. There is only limited things I can do, so I want to repay all of you with songs and dance you love, and work hard on my acting career. Even from now onwards, I hope for your support too!’

More Question

1) What was the most difficult point when filming for the drama?
When I couldn’t return home. It was almost to the extent that I only got to go back home once a week, four times a month. There were also times when I took a short nap in the camping car during off-filming time because I do not have enough sleeping hours. I still remember the time when actors and I warmed ourselves up with the around the fire under the cold weather.

2) When are the moments you think yourself as ‘manly’, ‘Handsome’?
Compared to times when I feel I’m ‘manly’, I feel there were times I feel I’m ‘not manly’ like must I go to the hospital? (laughs) As for ‘handsome’, although there are times I do feel it, I feel shy too. Of course, I feel happy when fans or people around me praise me.

3) What will you do if you have someone like Jung Tae around you?
I don’t really like people who caused a lot of troubles, and if there was someone like this around me, I might get into trouble as no thank you. (laughs). If I have a younger or elder sister who says they want to marry a person like Shin Jung Tae, I will probably disagree. (laughs) A person who leads an extraordinary life may be difficult and people around them might suffer too.

[Scans-murdererq] KHJ featured in STARAZ Japan Vol.1~June 2014 + Haru Hana 25


[Scans-DSCS] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) featured inK-BOY Paradise Vol,14

Source/Credit:  DSCS-KHJ @weibo




[Scans-murdererq] KHJ featured in STARAZ Japan Vol.1~June 2014 + Haru Hana 25

Source/Credit:  TheMurdererQ




[Surveyl] Inventory of the latest Korean handsome TOP10 Kim Hyun Joong first!! Jo In Sung second

Source:    via  @Henecia-薏菡

People August 13 hearing a Korean Entertainment announced the latest Korean handsome charts, ten young men were Kim Hyun Joong, Jo In Sung, Lee Min Ho, Jang Keun Suk, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Bum, Kang Dong Won, Kim Hee Chul, Lee Jun Ki,Nickun.

[Media Updates] Kim Hyun Joong Adds in Nagoya Concert to World Tour Due to Fan Request

 Backed by the Japanese fans’ enthusiastic response, Kim Hyun Joong has decided to extend his world tour by adding in a concert in Japan.

Currently on a world tour performing in 11 cities in 7 countries, Kim Hyun Joong has met with over 35,000 fans in Japan through concerts in Yokohama, Osaka and Hiroshima.

All three concerts gathered the interest of the fans, with the fans who could not purchase the tickets continuing make requests for an extension to the tour. In order to show thanks for the fans’ explosive interest and love, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency decided to add in a concert in Nagoya.

Kim Hyun Joong will be launching a concert on September 16, meeting the fans in Nogoya Congress Center.

With the Nagoya concert added to the world tour, the fans in South East Asia, America and Europe have also been sending in requests to hold the concert in their countries.

Having wrapped up his concert in Hiroshima on August 9 with 6,000 fans, Kim Hyun Joong will be carrying on with the world tour titled 2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour: Fantasy in China, Thailand, Peru, Mexico and More.

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Kim Hyun Joong, fan request world tour concert decision additional in Nagoya





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Kim Hyun Joong, adds a World Tour concert in Nagoya due to strong demand by Japanese fans



[HD AP Photos - murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Hiroshima Departure + Incheon Arrival – 2014.08.10

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[HD Photos - murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in HIROSHIMA – 2014.08.09





[AIRPORT Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Hiroshima Departure and Incheon Arrival – 2014.08.10


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  • Fans already waiting for HJ at airport
  • Dancers have arrived at Hiroshima airport
  • Many more fans now!
  • HJ just boarded
  • HJ seemed happy today! Walked slowly and whistled, made hand gestures etc (for benefit of fans?) ^^
  • Maybe sauntered would be a better word to describe his walk! Also went by normal immigration today
  • HJ very sweet today… Made extra effort to collect letters and gifts despite efforts of bodyguard to wave people away :p

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PPhoto Credit:  Coriibean via loving_khj


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Fancams Credit:  TheHyunjoongnara

Published on Aug 10, 2014

Fancam Credit:  lyna HJ

Published on Aug 10, 2014

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Fancam Credit:  유미희

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[Late Updates - Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm World Tour in Hiroshima – 2014.08.09

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Photos Credit: Coriibean 

  •  Arena Entrance

  • Inside Hiroshima arena green

    Inside Venue

    Concert starts!! HJ fighting!!

    After 3 talking

    Didn’t take off his jacket this time till halfway through unbreakable

    Opening was a little truncated again just like in Taiwan

    Yes  I will

    Let’s party




    Sings I’m Your Man to a young girl.

    So cute! Serenading a little girl today

    I love you baby takes on a new meaning ! :p

    She was so short he has to lift her on and off chair. Went down in one knee to present her flowers

    Then took a pic together

    Phew! It was raining ABS in the Arena! It’s hot in here!

    Encore now

    He’s on 2nd floor. A few men pushing.

    Hot Sun!

    Your Story in Japanese.

    Nagoya additional concrt will take place on Sept 16 at. Nagoya Century Hall。

    Concert ends.

    Thanks heaps to and for all the updates and pics.

    HJ has left the venue.


    After Please, HJ took off the T-shirt completely. The lights came on and he appeared to be struggling to put the usual shirt and jacket on. The lights went off again :) . And on again to show him putting his T-shirt back on instead – he said it was too hot today!

    Lights came on before he was ready!


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 [Fanacc] In Hiroshima concert today, Hyun Joong decided to pick a lucky fangirl to go up the stage himself while he’s singing. All fans were so excited since it’s Hyun Joong picking the lucky fangirl. And he picked a lucky 6-year old fangirl(?).

He went to the fangirl and gently said to her, ‘Don’t worry, don’t be scared, don’t worry~’, and held her hand like a gentleman up the stage. She carried and put her on the chair and gently asked, ‘Are you nervous?’. He attempted to give her a drink (looks like he drank a little from the same bottle!!). But the girl rejected the offer!!!! Fans all screamed: ‘Ah~~~what a pity!!!’

Original Japanese fan account: @luv_khj, @lalamam127(Twitter)
Chinese translation: @爱贤21度C (Weibo)

Also, there was an 80-year old grandma fan who went to Hiroshima concert today. She was waving her lightstick enthusiastically for Hyun Joong, but it seemed that she was tired a while later so she sat down to take a rest. When Hyun Joong took off his clothes, she immediately took her binoculars to capture the ‘moment’ up close!

Original Japanese fan account: @piroko_123 (Twitter)
Chinese translation: @爱贤21度C (Weibo)

Fancam Credit:    fumi


Fancams Credit: tomonatu1



Hiroshima DIGEST Videos


Fancams Credit:    masa06hj 

Hiroshima Hotel to Airport


Fancams Credit:  lovebow501


Fancams Credit:  TheMARUAKI

Fancams Credit:   nn naomi

Fancams Credit:  hyun kichi


[HD Photos - ahlia0606] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Fansign Event for HOTSUN OSAKA – 2014.08.06


[Pexers Write-Ups] I Came, I Saw, I Concert


Author:  AprilStarr

Dedicated to Ellen-Happy Birthday, dear !

I came, I saw, I concert, Kim Hyun Joong might as well said it as he proceeds nonstop to the rest of the Phantasm Concert 2014 course.   Launched in Seoul in July, then the Tour proceeded to Taiwan and lately two back to back concerts in Yokohama,Japan. Chinese cities will be next and on to the rest of the planned 7 countries.

He has done concerts before. Many concerts in fact. But the latest ones seem to be the concerts he wanted to do for a long time, that is, a world tour as a solo artist and to remember those events when his carrarius interruptus begins. Military service, though his contemporaries as well as those who went ahead consider it career interruption, is a mandated service to the country. Many have plans or already in execution of their pre-MS works, while some went to fulfill their duty without any flair,nor noise. Hyun Joong seem to be looking forward to the new challenge, always flexible, semper flexibilis.

By all means he wants to have well etched memories of the 2014 concerts. How? By being on his best toes. By looking good as usual. By being the enthusiastic performer immersed in enjoying his encounter with his fans. By recording in his phone the show of force and support his fans gave him.

While his concert is named Phantasm which means to be only in the mind as in fantasy, his new songs as well as those already his trademark numbers(will a concert be a concert without Please and its Jitjoong?), his being in the flesh and bone even going down to shake hands and the very presence of his fans Are Not imaginations but as real as they get. The immense sea of green lights glowing in the dark are sights to behold. The adoring crowd went beyond appreciative, he might as well shout out Magistar Mundi Sum! (I am Master of the Universe!).

But he doesn’t; instead focused on the fulfillment of his goal as a musical artist. He is the true professional who doesn’t stop exploring and doing the possibilities. A promise fulfilled to himself and most of all to his fans.

As he often said, this concert is his last before MS, he is I think telling us unlike generals who had beaten their chests after winning their battles, his is an unfinished business. His battlecry remains the same: HWAITING (fighting)!


Thanks Ms Dean for this article …. so sorry for the late updates… and Thanks for the greets :D :D :D

And this goes to our readers as well.   It’s been a hectic week.  It was a splendid birthday week though so no complains from me.  I just missed KHJ sooooo much.  Anyway, rest assured we will post all the events even they are late …………….. 

[Video - Engsubbed] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Video Message for TIMING Taiwan Release – 2014.08.05

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Video Courtesy Warner TW + (eng trans/sub) kelemama


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