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[Info] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 Phantasm in Seoul DVD & Blu-Ray

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Kim Hyun Joong to release a new DVD/Blu-ray “2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR 夢幻 in SEOUL” on Dec.10th in Japan.

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2014 Phantasm in Seoul DVD & Blu-Ray available 4 preorder from YesAsia. Release Date: Dec 10


[ARTICLE - AngelJoong] Kim Hyun Joong: The E-Factor & Fans Fight for Future Free from Hate


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Kim Hyun Joong is a True Artist with the Rare Ability to Evoke an Intense and Visceral Emotional Response Leaving us Helpless and Happy in the Intoxication of Bliss


I downloaded Kim Hyun Joong’s live version of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead performed at Budokan 2012 from Youtube again last night.  I had this song on my old phone, and lost it when I changed phones.  I finally found it again and have been playing it on repeat all morning and fighting back tears.  I am not sad.  I am moved.  This song was a popular tune in the United States about 20 years ago.  I liked the song when it was playing on the radio stations here constantly during it’s height.  I did not purchase the song and I did not go to any of their concerts or anything like that.  I liked the song.  That was all.  Now, I LOVE this song!  Not just because Kim Hyun Joong covered it, but because of HOW he covered it.  When I listen to his little introduction before starting the song, I can’t understand a word of what he is saying in Korean.  It doesn’t matter.  Just the gentle sound of his voice, and the inflections he makes when he makes a joke in Japanese and teases the fans makes me feel warm and happy.  I don’t need to understand the words he is saying, because I understand the Emotion he is Evoking.  This happens all before he even sings the first note.
Once he starts singing, I am dead on my feet.  Shot through the heart by the emotion filled notes.  His voice is so tender, gentle, beautiful.  Even when he says:  “Your’re so f***ing special,”  a profane word that usually offends me to hear, still seems so sweet and cute.  He even makes a profanity a blessing with his sweet delivery!  LOL!  At the end of the song when he belts out the high note with all of his power, I am completely gone.  I am lost and drifting in this beautiful feeling.  THIS is the mark of a TRUE ARTIST.  He took a song that did not impress me that much and turned it into one of my favorite songs.  I am in love with it and have been listening to it now for 4 straight hours.  It’s kind of in the background while I’m working, but when I have little pauses in my work, I am able to just relax and feel deep peace washing over me.  This is the effect of the Artist Kim Hyun Joong.  His voice and manner bring deep Peace and Tranquility even while covering a song that has very depressing lyrics, actually. Here are the English Lyrics:

[Pexers Write-Ups] Cyber Bullying the Celebrities

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No One Else But HYUN JOONG

Cyber Bullying the Celebrities

Author:  AprilS Pexers Write-Ups on FB

Celebrities are high profile people -their exposure goes viral in seconds. Their public activities even private affairs make the splash and flash points. Compared to ordinary folks what they say or do get magnified in almost unbelievable proportion.

With cellphones practically performing unlimited functions anything gets captured and in the blink of an eye gets distributed and consumed by those using social media networks. Media on the other hand repeats with impunity what has been published ad nauseam. Because it sells at the moment.

Is there a problem there? Not when the information being passed around is accurate and timely. Not when pictures posted aren’t the result of manipulated images. Not when comments posted are done responsibly and not done to harass and bully the object of hatred.

We have heard the phrase -he deserves to be punished with what he has done stated in so many ways. Initial reaction out of shock may have been understandable, but the prolong and habitual hatred postings are not acceptable. The online forum has not and will never replace the processes involved in Judicial system. It is plain and simple cyber mob.

This is not to absolve the celebrities prone to risky and risqué behaviour.Or those who violate social norms -they are not supposed to be licensed to be above the rest for they are role models and icons.

Unseen faces have turned to amorphous figures using accusatory and hurtful words based on hearsay. Or simply hatred ? Are these the Cyber vigilantes?

Why do this thing happen?

One interesting observation was made by Facebook team head that has been researching this phenomenon partly explained the cyber mob behaviour. Humans are evolved to do face to face interactions -we look at each other’s eyes (and I include body language as well ) to see reactions. We produce our responses the same way. What happens when we do less and less face to face ?

In the development of language and other means of communication, babies learn to smile to a carer’s smiles, feel the rejection or a negative emotion and cry as a result. We seem to have lost that in communicating in cyberspace. We replaced them with emoticons. We create online transnational communities with common threads of liking or hating. We become friends or unfriend another. In so doing are we not perhaps on the verge of slowly losing a part of the foundation of our humanity? Could it explain hostilities in cyberspace?

Be that as it may we cannot pass the blame to social technology. Social technology in its various forms are the means of getting connected. But it is us the users who determine how they are going to be used. Unfortunately, many do not know how to use it responsibly. In short it has been misused and abused.

Cyberbullying is misusing and abusing social technology. But more than that is it has threatened another person’s integrity. Already the move to curb excesses is said to be on-going. There must be a price to pay for cyber bullying.

[Notice 2 &3] A report for taking legal action against cyber hate comments, drips and others

Credit:  Ruku Bebe



★★ (Notice 2) English version★★

Based on the previous notice, we would like to report the progress made in seeking legal action.

  1. The persons in charge of the overall processes, as the representatives of KHJ fandom,

  2. Around 20 cyber sites are located for continuous monitor and material captures.

If you can assist in material captures, please let us know your availability in your response comment to this notice. The gallers with permanent ids will get the list of the cyber sites to be monitored and captured in the Gall guest book.  After reviewing the list, please let us know your preferences for the sites to be assigned. The gallers with temporary ids may leave your availability in response comment below and also in the Gall guest book in order to get the list.

In case you are unable to assist in a consistent manner, you may still continue to capture defamatory posts and send them to those persons in charge soon to be selected.

As you may already know, these processes may not be possible by the participation of few, but possible only by the very active and vigorous participation of all gallers. We would like to request the participation of all of you who want to help out in any manner.

  1. The use of the file name in a unified way is requested for the orderly organization of materials.

Please store your materials under a file name coded in the order of date-cyber site name-title of the post-the name of the person posting(eg. 140925-Iibe-KHJnoEvidence-thePerson’sName.pdf)

  1. There will be two teams for material management.

- data collection team (continuous monitor and data captures of the selected cyber sites)

- organization team (classification and organization of the collected data)

  1. The opening of a bank account and the account number will be notified in the future.

A bank account will be opened under the group name of KHJ Gallery for financial support, when a lawyer is hired and legal action is actually on the way.

  1. We’d like to emphasize that seeking legal action against the defamation of KHJ’s reputation is an independent action by KHJ’s fandom.

★★ (Notice 3) English version★★

A report for the first consultation with a lawyer 

This is to report the information from the first consultation with lawyer.

1. Question regarding whether a third party, though not the party concerned, may file a legal case to have investigation undertaken for legal punishment

-> [a third party] may not need the consent of the agency or the party concerned in order to take legal action and submit a complaint to have investigation undertaken.

2. Selection and submission of data that may satisfy criminal evidence criteria

-> A screening process for the captured materials so far is needed to select data satisfying legal evidence criteria in proving transparent and intentional defamation

The criteria for the selection are as follows

1) dissemination of false information about KHJ

False information is a posting (publication) of speculative rumors which are not reported in news articles. An example is that KHJ’s finger bruise is the bruise he got while hitting the accuser.

2) continued and repeated act of posting and disseminating drip photos under the same IP or ID

When 6 wk injury and rib drips get to be posted and disseminated repeatedly, they may prove to have continued and repeated defamatory intention and be subject to legal punishment.  So please capture the continued and repeated publication and dissemination of the drips.

3) act of posting and disseminating hate response comments or the content continuously and repeatedly.

This act may prove to have deliberate defamatory intention and be subject to legal punishment.

These are the materials satisfying criminal evidence criteria that the lawyer asks to have in order to file a criminal complaint.  The major issue in proving crime is the deliberate defamatory intention in the act of disseminating false information. When a person publishes and disseminates continuously and repeatedly, it is proved to have deliberate intention and subject to legal punishment.


When you send us materials, please bear in mind the criteria above mentioned, and provide us materials of continued and repeated publication and dissemination of false information and defamatory statements. Storing the materials for the same IP or ID in one file may help those in charge of data management.

Please send the materials to email address



[Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) @ GIMPO and HANEDA Airports – 2014.07.28


Fancam Credit:  khjcmf

Fancam Credit:KimHyunJoongThailand


Fancam Credit:  khj swk


Fancam Credit: chiki yumi

Fancam Credit: hj8666

Fancam Credit: khjcmf

Fancam Credit: yurimao14

[TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Various Updates + Notice from DC KHJ GALL – 2014.10.21

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【MVランキング】10/20のデイリーランキングは…1位キム・ヒョンジュン「Beauty Beauty」2位BEAST「12時30分」3位東方神起「TimeWorksWonders」でした!→

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It’s said that HJ’s diving in Jeju and we told his friend we all supported&believed him then he said”yeah HJ knows that”^^


Photo Credit:  The MurdererQ

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2014.10.20

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[On the way to go diving with sharks] Manager: “Are you okay with sharks?” HJ: “…What if I got bitten by a shark?”

[How do you feel diving with the sharks?] HJ: I was scared at first, but I already got used to it. They’re pretty~

Celebrating the birth of the Kim Hyun Joong who’s no longer afraid of sharks!

Now that you’ve overcome your fear of sharks, let’s deal with this nemesis of yours next, Hyun Joong.

HJ got scared to death just because of a butterfly.. Don’t you know the butterfly just want to get close to you HJ? lol

HJ: (*panting*) Scarier than sharks. Insects are scarier than sharks. Ah, my life just got shortened by 10 years..


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NOTICE1 English version A report for taking legal action

(Notice 1) A report for taking legal action against cyber hate comments, drips and others

In the face of a highly alarming level of malicious cyber attacks toward Kim Hyun Joong, KHJ fandom, in consultation with a lawyer, is in the process of taking legal action against those posting and disseminating mocking parodies, rumors and public hate comments for model infringement and defamation against the reputation of KHJ.

As Criminal Procedure Code 234 states “anyone can take legal action when a crime is committed,” anyone can take legal action.  A defamation lawsuit may be filed by the party concerned and also by a third party against those with deliberate intentions to undermine the reputation of a specific person.

According to the Regulations of Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, defamatory action may include the original post (publication) and also the dissemination of the post.  The major issue of legal judgment for defamation is not actuality but the existence of intention to undermine the reputation of a specific person.  Although a specific name is not mentioned, when many people can make reference to the name according to the circumstances, a defamation lawsuit may be filed.  Also regardless of the actuality, even though the content of the post is actual fact, unless the post is done for the purpose of public interests, if it undermines the reputation of a specific person, it may be brought to legal action and subsequent legal punishment per the Regulations.  Even though the post is actual fact, if it undermines the reputation of a specific person by disseminating the information to many people, it may be subject to legal punishment.  It [defamation against KHJ] is obvious in the accusations against KHJ, which was “sent with the opinion (report) of no evidences found or no cases established for three accounts of assaults including habitual assaults,” and are currently awaiting the legal ruling by the prosecution.

KHJ Fandom, as a third party plaintiff, will proceed to file a criminal complaint by providing a lawyer all the captured materials of continuous and intentional defamatory statements against the KHJ’s reputation in social network, public bulletin board, blogs, public posts, drips, photos, articles with false information or erroneous exaggerations, hate comments in response to news media broadcasting or articles, and etc.

For the first step of the processes, we would like to select people who will monitor cyber sites posting continuous and intentional drips and hate comments, and capture the defamatory posts; and who will classify and organize all the captured materials to be provided to a lawyer.  Please let us know of your availability by checking the secret comment at the Gall guest book.

When the persons in charge of classifying and organizing the materials are selected, they will collect materials captured by individuals.  We would like to request you to send materials to the persons in charge at that time.


  1. Consulting with a lawyer who has experience in criminal complaints/cases in regard to cyber hate comments against celebrities
  2. Collecting materials required for criminal complaints such as captures of hate comments, drips, public posts and etc.

- locating certain cyber sites and news media to be continuously monitored

- assigning persons in charge of individual cyber sites/new media

- the persons in charge of monitoring certain sites will collect materials captured by individual fans in PDF format

- assigning persons in charge of capturing materials of major cyber sites/news media


영어, 일어, 중국어 번역본이 한번에 안 올라가네요.

글이 너무 길어지니 뒷 부분이 잘려서

각 언어별로 따로 올릴게요.

NOTICE1 Japan/China Ver

(公知 1)インターネット誉毀損に対する刑事告発件の進行状況<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


キム·ヒョンジュンのファンダムでは、最近 インターネット上で日ごとに深刻になっているキム·ヒョンジュンに対する侮辱や物笑いにしているパロディ物と悪質なスレッド、虚偽の事実の流布及び掲載について、弁護士を選任し、肖像権の侵害、侮辱罪及び名誉毀損での刑事告発を進めています。


韓国の刑事訴訟法第234条には、「誰でも犯罪があると思量される場合は告発することができる」と規定されています。名誉毀損の告発は当事者ではなくても、ある人に特定の人の名誉を毀損する意図があった場合、 告訴権者ではない人でもそのひとを刑事告発できます。


情報通信網の利用促進及び情報保護等に関する法律上、名誉毀損は最初に掲示及び流布した者だけではなく、単にそれを拡散した場合も名誉毀損になります。 名誉毀損の法的判断は事実か否かが主な争点ではなく、特定の人の名誉を毀損する意図があるのかないのかを基準に判断されます。例え名前が取り上げられていない場合でも、客観的な状況上、多数の人がその人が誰かを推定できる場合は、名誉毀損及び 侮辱罪で告発することが出来ます。




これらに基づいて、キム·ヒョンジュンのファンダムは ソーシャル・ネットワーク(SNS)、オープンされた掲示板、ブログなど、多くの人に公開されたところや公の場に掲示されたもの、投稿、書き込み、写真だけではなく、 虚偽の記事や誇張された記事、また、放送、記事などへの悪質なコメントなど、 持続的または意図的にキム·ヒョンジュンの名誉を毀損し、 物笑いにし、侮辱する画面のハードコピー(スクリーン・キャプチャー)をした資料などを集め、 弁護士にそれらの資料を渡し、第3者として刑事告発を進めていきます。




  • インターネット上での芸能人に対する悪質なコメントなどに関する刑事告発の経験のある弁護士の選任


  • 刑事告発に必要な資料収集

― 集中的に監視するサイト及びインターネット・メディアを選定

― 各メディア別に担当者を選定

― いままで、キャプチャーしたPDFファイルを担当者が収集

― 各メディア別にキャプチャーの担当者を選定

[Photos + Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Incheon – Beijing Airports for IG Fanmeet – 2014.06.29-2014.06.30

 Fancams Credit: tomonatu1


Fancam Credit:  yurimao14


Fancams Credit:  TheHyunjoongnara   (

20140628 (After the Concert)


Fancam Credit:  hj8666

Fancam Credit:  lyna HJ

Tweet Credit: 

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong departure, a bronze-tanned body

[Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong’s airport fashion, tight T-shirt revealing his muscular body

Photos Credit: 



Photos Credit: LJ_marylee



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