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[Pexers Write-Ups] Does Age Matter? Kim Hyun Joong’s Onscreen Romances


Author:  AprilStarr/ Pexers Write-Ups on FB

There is, according to some observers, nowadays pairing of older women and younger men, the so-called May -December coupling in Korean Dramas. It is not a new theme but perhaps given a new twist here and there. Or does it reflect a demographic reality?

Is that kind of pairing acceptable to social norms? But who ever made the rule that men ought to be older than women? Population statistics show (law of average) women outlive their mates by at least 2 years or more. Perhaps the issue of having many more widows than widowers can be addressed when women have younger partners,and of course other factors that addresses different peaks of sexuality.

Kdramaland tend to feature the social conditions of past hundred years where many young women were sold as chattel, slaves and by parental arrangement of their marriages to older males. Many women died of childbirth, while men died in battles and forced labor, a reflection of their ages. In today’s high technology and milestones in medicine, age is no longer the main factor of causing mortality or even morbidity. Age is now just a number.

The blurring of the age gap between the actors in shows and dramas nowadays is intentional, romanticized for our viewing pleasure. It mirrors realities hushed hushed before. We are now more open to all possibilities removing gaps not only in age differences, but also gender, class among others.

Instead, we view these pairing through the lens of having chemistry in these screen romances.

Chemistry between actors is that elusive connection, undefined rapport between them not necessarily only between the opposite sex. It is their onscreen radiance towards each other, the degree of naturalness or comfortability and the investment the actors felt towards their characters. This is evident in the attachment to their role when they become their characters as they face the cameras.

Likewise, we the audience, feel that excitement when we see them together. We think their relationship is believable and real to the point of shipping them(some fans think the relationship spilled out of the screen frame. Sometimes they did, most of the time denied). Our hearts hurt when they can’t be together or not end with each other when the drama goes to its final episode.

Kim Hyun Joong has had his share of onscreen romances with older and younger than him partners.

In We Got Married (2008) Hyun Joong played the playful kid groom to Hwang Bo, born August,1980.

Han Chae Young born September 1980 in Boys Over Flowers was Jihoo’s first love.

Gu Hye Sun born November, 1984 in the 2009 Boys Over Flowers was the love interest of the depressed Jihoo Sunbae.

In Playful Kiss(2010) Hyun Joong’s Baek Seong Jo was the arrogant and distant student, later doctor-husband to Jung So Min born March 1989.

Lim Soo Yang born April, 1990 was Shin Jung Tae’s first love and Jin Se Yeon born February,1994 was his one true love who he was engaged to in the most recently ended Inspiring Generation (2014).

Did you notice his partner is getting younger in his recent show/ drama? As Lim Soo Yang, Gaya to you who is herself in her mid-20′s, joked that KHJ who is in his late 20′s (born June 1986) must have enjoyed kissing a kid referring to Jin Se Yeon. Hyun Joong joked back that LSY looked older than her age. Ouch!

The age difference among the actors was the whole point in WGM -and according to reports was what made the episodes where Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong were in highly rated. It was a novelty, an experiment if that concept will click for that show. And it did. Likewise, BOF’s brief love line between Hyun Joong’s(then more popularly known as Leader of the SS501) Jihoo and his older first love played by Han Chae Young’s character Min Seo Hyun received good reviews. Ms Han is a popular actress known as Korea’s Barbie Doll.

Gu Hye Sun was older by two years but played in BOF Hobae to Jihoo who graduated from Shinhwa High earlier than she did. In PK Seong Jo was about same age as Oh Hani though HJ was actually three years older. In IG, the two actresses who played Jung Tae’s love interests were younger in actual age than HJ though they were supposed to be contemporary childhood friends. No problem.

As for the sparks or the chemistry reactions between the actors on what the small screen registered whether older or younger than Hyun Joong,you tell me.

Which among these actresses had the best onscreen chemistry with him?

What do you think?

[Translation] KHJ revealed that he usually go to concerts alone to ‘get out’ of his drama character



Translated by:  3


“Recently I went to Nell’s concert alone. I came to divert my mind / feelings (after the drama ended) but instead I felt down even more because it was a very emotional concert.

I usually attend concerts frequently. I also really like it when I watched Im Jae Bum’s concert by myself. Especially in such case like Nell’s concert, it seems better to watch it alone. I couldn’t share my emotions with the people I know. I’d also be embarassed to show myself being soaked in my emotions.”

KHJ also said he came to the concerts alone even without being accompanied by his manager.
“Wouldn’t I be recognized by the people around? It’s alright. The concerts that I went to are concerts where people gathered to hear music, so they focused on that.”

[Q: What's the specific difference between being an actor & a singer to you?]

HJ: “A singer will get feedbacks (on his performance) immediately on the stage. For that short time, I worked hard for a long time repeating the same movements. But an actor will belatedly receive feedbacks for his own acting. I think that’s the difference, and both of them have different sensations of joy.
A singer can do self-evaluation at that instant, but an actor has to wait for a bit more time until the feedbacks came back to do self-evaluation. During that waiting time I feel worried and I feel my heart racing.”

KHJ also explained the plans for his activities as a musician.

“I plan to go for a a world tour starting with Korea in June. It’s not confirmed yet but it seems like I’ll visit quite a lot of places. A new album also could come out before that, I think it’ll be by the World Cup. With not much time left, I’ll give my all for the album.

I want to enjoy the upcoming World Cup with chicken and beer. Actually I’m a really big fan of soccer. So this for album also, I’m considering to have it match the World Cup a bit. I want to do a music that makes people able to gather, have fun & feel good as they listen to it, even after it leaves the album chart rankings.”


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01042014 KHJ rehearsing showdown with Choi Il Hwa:  via

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “Inspiring Generation” Filming adventure with jo ‏@neongreenribbon

Downloaas Album:  HERE

Credit:    (THANKS for sharing)


22dec13. my shot of IG cast. the first new name i learned. Jung Ho Bin. in person, he has an air of dignity.

in person, she is quite petite and delicate looking. but this sunday, she proved she has stamina. a whole day here.

Mon 23dec13. 10am in the morning. and who’s sauntering back and forth? :D

a scene not used

recognise the children. i salute them. they had been there since early that morning.

at that time, it seemed like hers was a small role. in person, she has a more serious air in contrast to her char.

i like capturing moments like this. discussions before the execution of a scene.

a scene like this is a well of humour. the cameramen, the side char with his hp, the words on the window.

at that time, we didn’t know SDS, the char, would be a baddie. i had thought, SDS would be a mentor to JT.

in between takes, or scenes.

a take of a scene about to begin, and then comes a lorry/pickup truck from behind. quite hilarious and exasperating.

i have this instinctive habit. when i see a lens pointed towards me, i return the favour.

and who’s checking out the pics? :D

15feb14. 8am or so. Hwaseong. the air here is really clean and fresh. tho i read later on abt serial murders here…

thankful for the bright sunlight cos the early morning air was really cold.

amused by the director’s jacket was reflecting light like crazy. HJ’s face would be all reddish pink.

rehearsing a scene not used. (my guess)

this is one of my favourite pics. hj relaxed and interacting with the rest of the cast.

i tried taking pics of hj with his assistant, manager and codi noona all four. there’s a camaraderie that comes thru.

it was no small feat, to fit four grown men and an empty coffin into the back of a small pick-up truck.

coming back from a scene. itz not clear, but JJH is in the passenger seat

with this shot, i would say the olympus pen3 i-auto functions rather well. despite shadow plus the pick-up was moving

after five hours, time to move to next location

30mar14 10am Waujongsa (quite close to the Yongin set). it’s a beautiful place.

tried to take a pic of the interior but too dark.

but it’s the surroundings that are really interesting to photograph

my sis once said it would be nice to have a dinner bell like that. :D

30mar14 after 2pm Gajaewol-ri, where the Yongin set is. straw-covered fields

a horse stable just opposite the entrance to the set.

itz really the art of the camera to bring out the best of a set.

kim sung oh and his strides. he has a very purposeful walk. and with his hat, he is dandy.

lso has an infectious laugh

it is often said hj has a small face. i don’t actually realise it until i see his broad shoulders from the back.

hj is so focussed on the script that he doesn’t see the child waving at him for at least 15seconds

finally he sees her. and is actually taken aback.

31mar14. it is our great fortune to see early spring come alive at Yeouido. 3yr ago, on 9apr it was still budding.

one travelling companion. :D

with this protective gear against the cold wind. u wld never know if your fav guy had just zipped past :D

im not keen to go yeosu cos there’s no set open to public. but the afternn turns out interesting enough.

here comes a series of unexpected shots. where the subject just zooms into sight. i like this shot of YHM

i have to black and white this one cos the i-auto function got shocked, and the colour got all saturated:D

it was almost as if he stood there and pose. i-auto function recovered from shock and took this pic decently

i love this of kim sung oh. see the drink he’s bending to retrieve? can tell the significance?

yeah. the snack and drinks truck

this is the best i got of LSH that day. i am so sorry to her fans cos i really wanted to take a nice pic of her.

side cast getting briefed. i really really wanted to see action scenes involving the side cast. but no luck…

another per i really want to shoot nicely without costume. but haiz, the i-auto decides to do a bokeh. what the heck.

unexpectedly, i see yamamoto (the char)

YHM. have u seen him in ep2 of Witch Love? this pic is such a contradiction. :D

korean pine is beautiful as backdrop

sunset. it’s a pity only the eye can see the sunset and the colours of the korean pine. I’m about to fold but wait.

the back of a cat, the back of a human being, i love to photograph these.

i cannot understand the hair. it keeps covering the eyes

with sunset, it is getting cold, see what this chap does?

last one of KSO. even while slouching and picking his nails, he looks dandy. must be the hat

and let’s not forget his onscreen love.

and what is yeosu like? farmland, much like Gajaewol-ri, except here i spot plastic covers.

the beauty of this place is that when you look up, there’s a mountain not too far away. rather soothing to the sou

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong – Daily Sports 10-13





Amazon♥都市征伐ペクミル: CITY CONQUEST

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[News] Kim Hyun-joong, “Public relationships is something I’ll never do” – 2014.04.16

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Kim Hyun-joong expressed his thoughts about relationships and marriage.

The age of thirty doesn’t seem that far to Kim Hyun-joong now, as he was born in 1986 and he’s soon turning thirty himself.

We asked him about getting married. He said, “I don’t think I can do it. Coming back from the military, I’ll be thirty-five by then. I thought about getting married when I was younger but now I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I’ll be loyal to my family because I love my job too much. I’ll get married only if I feel a dilemma between singing, dancing and acting”.

What about relationships then? He said, “I can’t lie that I won’t meet people. I did have a secret relationship a year ago but now I don’t. “

He explained the difference between the early and late twenties. He said, “I thought a relationship happened when two people decided they were together. But now it’s not like that. There’s a spark when the right person comes”.

“I even thought about it when I was filming a drama. In the dramas, relationships are legal. I liked that. I liked the fact that two people in love were over once the drama was over. It was like living in a different world so that’s why I was so much more attracted to the drama this time”.

Kim Hyun-joong starred in the KBS 2TV drama “Inspiring Generation” and was loved greatly by Lim Soo-hyang (Gaya) and Jin Se-yeon (Kim Ok-ryeon). He said, “I had a woman who loved me and one who had a crush on me. I used to be the kind of person who loves the one that loves me first but now I think differently. I think the other one who loves me might feel greater love. It’s now less suffering”.

“I want to be comfortable about having a relationship. I don’t want something too passionate or clingy. I would like something ordinary. I prefer eating and walking hand-in-hand rather than surprising her with flowers. I realize being ordinary is the best”.

We asked if he would open his relationship to the public. He said, “I would never. It’s only the girl that suffers if we break up. There’s no need to give her the ‘who’s ex-girlfriend’ when she gets married. I won’t open up unless I’m getting married. I am doing this for the girl”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong is taking a break since the ending of “Inspiring Generation”. He’s also planning a world tour concert starting from Korea.

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(HD) Kim Hyun Joong OST song 투신의 탄생 (Inspiring Generation) Fan made 1

[English Trans] Excerpts from Sportsworld Interview on 13 April 2014

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Wuri Renata has translated several parts of the interview in Sportsworldi on 13 April 2014
Following is a different portion which was translated into Chinese at weibo

Original Source: Sportsworldi
Translation from Korean to Chinese: 爱贤21度C
Translation from Chinese to English: June from LovingKimHyunJoong

Maybe I’m greedy… if we were to talk about what I’d like to do before going into the army, doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, or a drama, I’d just like to film another work. I’d though that by the end of shooting for this drama, my energy would have run out. But then, there are still many things which I’d not yet done. I feel the emergence of a lot of power every day. A world tour will be held after the release of album this June, which I think should be the final stage for Kim Hyun Joong as dance singer. After that I’d like to find music that I can do. I think it is time to do my own music, my own composition and lyrics.


Reposting The Alien Prince’s Translated parts of the same interview ……

Source:  sportswor

Tweets/Translation Credit: 
  • HJ: When I hear people say, “you’re doing a good job,” it makes me want to work even harder.
  • HJ: Through IG, my attitude toward acting has changed. I fell deeper into the charm of acting. The drama made me think, ‘ah, acting is fun
  • HJ: Despite circumstances, d actors didnt waver at all & instead encouraged each other. If not for them I think d drama wont be able to air
  • HJ: There’re many times where I felt ‘I really made a good decision by choosing ‘Inspiring Generation’. I literally feel ‘inspired/touched’.


[Scans] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) in SG i-weekly No.859 – 17 April 2014 Issue

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[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Newsbits Collection – 2014.04.16


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  • Haha. Check out what cap Cho Donghyuk aka Shinichi is wearing? XD



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  • Song Jae Rim: “On the set KHJ works hard and he’s always smiling. He has a good energy and he’s a friend who gives good spirit/energy.”
  • Kim Hyun Joong, “Every day thinking of Shin Jung Tae.. before I knew it I became possessed.”
    ‘Inspiring Generation’ Song Jae Rim: “Kim Hyun Joong is a modest friend who knows to humble himself.”

Tweets/Translation Credit:  

  • Updates on HJ China FM – Dear Fans, promised date of Monday (to release FM notice) had slight delay. It has been a hard time for all. As Kim Hyun Joong will receive the army notice on Wednesday, all information on overseas schedules are restricted by the Ministry of National Defense (not sure the exact name used in Korea), sorry to keep everyone waiting.@感激时代剧组: 亲爱的粉丝们,说好的周一见有点推迟了。各位亲们辛苦了。由于贤重周三才能收到兵单,在此之前海外活动的消息,受到了国防部的限制各位粉丝久等啦。
  • 2014 [Inspiring Generation] Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting 6/14 Shanghai and 7/5 Beijing. Please look forward to it.@感激时代剧组: 2014《感激时代》剧组金贤重粉丝见面会 6月14日 上海 7月5日 北京 敬请各位多多期待。 @梁宸恺 @北京天美恒原文化传媒有限公司@keyeast_china
  • Inspiring Generation background and header update by TMHY Culture Media Company bringing the events to China


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 キム・ヒョンジュン「都市征伐」メイキングDVD 7月リリース!フォトブック付き!  김현중 「도시정벌」 메이킹 DVD 7월 출시! 포토북 첨부!

  (Kim Hyun-Joong “The Making of CITY CONQUEST”  DVD + Photobook -  July release! )



[Pexers Write-Ups] Yes, Hyun Joong There’s Life After Inspiring Generation

Author:  AprilStarr/Pexers Write-Ups on FB

Supercharged and still on high just after the last curtain fell on the Inspiring Generation shooting set, Hyun Joong was besieged by interviewers. But of course, who wouldn’t want to hear from the newly born action star aka Hyun Joong, the rediscovered actor?

Just like his character Shin Jung Tae who tirelessly go from battle to battle like the battery commercial, Hyun Joong went about disclosing in indefatigable manner how he managed getting inside the skin and shoes of his character.Was he possessed by Jung Tae or did he take over Jung Tae?

Jung Tae was the writer and director’s creation but it was Hyun Joong who interpreted him and who breathe life into him. Jung Tae’s world became his -his woes and misfortunes, adventures and scoring successes, finding friends and love in a strange place, able to start all over again even in a depressing time full of hopes.

For Hyun Joong, Jung Tae was more than a mask to temporarily wear, for he saw again through him ‘winning is not about fighting skills but more by determination” and what it means. Oh so true to life, in particular his own life in showbiz.

In as much as he told us, being in Inspiring Generation is acquiring more than what book can provide or even degree on acting one can get from school. It was one huge learning experience with its physical, emotional and mental involvement of one to the point of exhaustion. Working with the pros and in the winter weather on to the early days of Spring IG perhaps has left Hyun Joong different memories than the others in the cast.

Now he knows what unbridled emotions and physical strength can make him do and say. The immersion in the drama as per his experience is totalling absorbing, it is hard to disengage. There oughta be a law on debriefing actors after their show is over and done.

Like being in a time machine in this drama as he himself said it, he happen to know how to flip the switch back to the future as Kim Hyun Joong, the singer. His trip to Jeju to rest, go scuba-diving,play golf was the intermission number.

After Inspiring Generation he promised himself not to do action drama/movie for his next work. Maybe try something else, like being a psychopath, a villain, a lighter and happy role. Varied roles are for the better rather than be typecasted into one.

In his re-entry into the stage as a singer dancer after a seriously challenging drama, he must have given the former a different appreciation. AS he has stated, dancing choreography is more difficult than fight choreography. The stage is more exacting and demanding, no retakes and NG’s, can be made unlike a drama that can be ” scrubbed clean” in the back room before its public release (inserting or removing background sound,correcting lighting, dubbing and voice over,etc.)

Could it be that what made him think of a shift in career path? To leave and quit his decade long dance music by 2015.

Or did IG give him a mirror to see himself anew and made him realistic? Or he is also pragmatic in that as he age he sees the limitation of being in a Kpop world.

As is known, idol careers have a short life span. There are competitions and it gets fiercer by the day. It is good idols try acting and other related fields like emceeing TV shows, being DJ in radios shows, songwriting, album production, stage management among others. Through these side work idols can have a taste of what else they can do and what skills they need to develop.

Hyun Joong also knows what he wants to do and is determined to make them happen.

He has bid goodbye to Shin Jung Tae and his world of the 1930′s.

Yes, Hyun Joong there’s life after Inspiring Generation -a wide, wide world awaits you.

[English Translation] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “IG” Lotte Fanmeet in Seoul – 2014.04.12

BIG BIG THANKS to LALA for translating …………


Fancam Credit:  amiko0071

Translation  C redit: 

It’s been awhile to meet you with a clean look. I am filled with emotions. (audience laughing)

I didn’t eve know how to leave Jung Tae after finishing the drama. By the way I came back to Seoul yesterday from a trip, and I feel like I have pretty much turned back to Kim Hyun Joong.

As soon as I came back to Seoul, I have recorded (songs) for Japanese new album.
I am preparing to turn back to a singer Kim Hyun Joong.
(after saying this, HJ asked to the interpreter if he had talked about his plan for releasing the Japanese album before and said, sometimes he talked too much about this and that and that might have confused people working with him. lol)
I am working very hard on this album to show different aspects of Kim Hyun Joong, you may look forward to it.

I started (shooting) the drama from a cold winter and have finished in spring.
It ended with a feeling of spring-like warmth so I am happy but also have mixed feelings (feel relieved and missing at the same time).

Many people are pulling for me that I have improved as an actor, and I’d like to act and show more improvement soon again.
Actually, I am reading one or two scripts so I think I can show another side of me (as an actor) again, after the album promotion.
There’s no fixed plan yet, but I have finished a period drama, so I am just thinking about a present-day drama in the next year.

I wanted to have a break to be healed because I felt physically and mentally tired after the drama.
So I planned to hold press conferences for two days in a row right after finished the drama and left for Jeju Island on the next day.
I took a plenty of rest in Jeju going scuba-diving and playing golf and that gave me energy, much enthusiasm for my work.

I can’t say one best scene (among the drama) but the most memorable line is “Fighting is not only about a skill (strength), the one who more determined wins.”
I think we will realize sometime in our life that when we are determined and eager, we can archive something rather than when we are strong.

It’s going to be difficult to cry if I think “I have to act at this crying scene.” The world in the drama was not real, created by the script, but I believed in the world existing and I thought I was the one really living in the world. Even if Kim Hyun Joong didn’t love with (in reality), I had to keep being in harmony other actors in order to have emotions toward them, such as hatred or love so that I could naturally identify with the character and have emotions. When understanding the role as a round character rather than a flat one, I could deliver the character’s thoughts and feelings even if they were not written in the script.

Kim Hyun Joong and Shin Jung Tae were two different persons having different personalities, but I tried to understand Shin Jung Tae. For example, I have my family and father with me but Shin Jung Tae misunderstood his father and even lost his father. I had been seeing and thinking through Shin Jung Tae’s eyes and kept stacking up the feelings, then at some point, I could explode them. I enjoyed the experiences when I felt the character’s feelings stacked up for real and delivered them to the audience.

At the scene that Ok Ryeon passed away, I was outraged for real. (The interpreter said HJ’s eyes looked different at the scene.) I don’t usually fight or speak a bad word in real life but at the scene I found myself ad-libbing swear words. So I messed up the scene, and had to shoot it again and again. After all the bad word was covered with B.G.M when the scene aired.

Even if I have been working out, I don’t have much experience of action scenes so I didn’t expect I could be fit for the action role. I think I am used to memorizing dance choreography, and that helped me memorizing action choreography faster. The drama went through the lack of shooting time, but we managed to show great action scenes til the end. The action director did his best to choreograph also I tried to memorize and learn to show more.

I had kinda good-looking hands, but now I have calluses and bruises on my hands. I consider the calluses and bruises as badges of honor. I don’t think I will show another action drama for a while.

Memorizing dance choreography is more difficult for me than memorizing action choreography. When I filmed action scenes, I could naturally throw a fist having hatred and my body instinctively reacted to dodged (the opponent’s fist). However, a mistake while dancing on stage will make me scared stiff.

Because I practiced punching everyday for that quickness, I could really punch faster.
(Hyun Joong is asked to show his punches.)
I used to practice it everyday though..

It is hard to understand for you, but sometimes I had to memorize (the choreography) at a glance to film it quickly when we had very little time to film the scene. In such a case, we (the opponent and I) promised that if we would unexpectedly beat or be beaten for real, we should quickly stand up no matter how it hurt. Actually I was beaten up for real while shooting an action scene but I had to keep filming the scene because, once I showed I was in pain, we would have to film from the beginning.

Maybe I might be naturally resilient to physical attacks? I feel more comfortable when I get beaten up than I beat up.

I watched the final episode with actors together. We didn’t have an official finale party so I asked people to come together and watched the drama finale drinking some beer.

As what I’ve said at the interview, for our or your ancestors, 1930′s was the age of intensity. In 1930′s they were poor and possessed almost nothing … (*sorry, the clip ends up here. also sorry, it’s a really rough trans.)  

[Video] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Official You Tube Channel Update – 2014.04.15

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  • Uzoosin & friends’ Earth Conquest (#1 Flower-viewing) ~ 우주신과 친구들의 지구정복 (#1 꽃놀이)

Source/Credit:   kimhyunjoong606·

[Fancams by UP2KHJ] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “Inspiring Generation” Filming

Fancams Credit:   Up2KHJ@youtube

[Video] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “Inspiring Generation” Trailer on DATV Japan

First broadcast in Japan this summer! Starring Kim Hyun Joong latest “inspiring generation: the birth of Investments”

Credit:  elleyable66

[KE Notice] Rough Translation: A Word to Fans

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This is Keyeast.

First of all, sincerely thankful to all fans for always loving and supporting Kim Hyun Joong.

Thanks to all fans for showing much concern that <Inspiring Generation> was able to wrap up well.

Currently Kim Hyun Joong is taking a rest after completed the unfinished schedules which arose from the filming of <Inspiring Generation>.

However, for future activities as well as to catch up on his personal schedules he need ample rest, (fans) reserved plane seats close to (HJ) through unofficial route, it was verified that there are some fans whom habitually had misconduct throughout the flight time.

Fans surely knew that such actions will cause great difficulty to Kim Hyun Joong who needs ample rest.

There is no issue to give support at official events and soccer match etc that are scheduled at open venue, for Kim Hyun Joong we ask that you refrain from chasing especially his personal schedules.

If there are circumstances of fans senselessly chasing during his personal schedules in future, we hereby informed that we will take all actions at Kim Hyun Joong’s related official events like fanmeetings and concerts even if it may cause disadvantage (to fans).

We look forward to see fans lead the mature fan culture.

Thank you.




Tweet/Translation Credit:   

  • Acc2 KE’s official announcement, some fans followed KHJ for his personal schedules and even found out KHJ’s flight no. to get close seats to him and disturbed him.
    KE announced if the fans would follow for KHJ’s personal schedules again, they would be disadvantaged in all the KHJ-related events, including fan meeting, concert, and official events.;code=notice

    Plz. if you cross the line, you are not a fan any more. You are just a stalker.  

  • KE also said, “it is okay to visit and support KHJ at his official events and outdoor venues like soccer match, but please refrain from following him for his personal schedules”.

    You are already allowed many compared than other stars’ fans!

    Please, don’t violate KHJ’s privacy.

    Sasaengs can’t be allowed in any case, you know, stalking is a crime.


TWEETBITS/IG Fanmeet Translation moved HERE



[Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “IG” Lotte Fanmeet in Seoul + Translation IG Fanmeet Talk – 2014.04.12

Fancam Credit:  amiko0071


Facnam Credit:  illu blue

Playing scissors paper stone with fans.
It was narrowed down to a Chinese fan, who had to answer a question, or where the World Cup was being held this year. Because she couldn’t answer and someone else had the answer, there was a playoff. She lost but had the consolation prize (the better?! Prize) of a photo op with HJ.


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[Translation] April 12, 2014 Inspiring Generation Fan Meet


  • KHJ “As soon as I came back to Seoul, I have recorded (songs) for Japanese new album.” from the FM on April 12

  • KHJ “I started (shooting) the drama from a cold winter and have finished it in spring. It ended with a feeling of spring-like warmth so I am happy but also have mixed feelings (feel relieved and missing at the same time).” from FM on April 12

  • KHJ “Actually, I am reading one or two scripts so I think I can show another side of me (as an actor) again, after the album promotion.

    There’s no fixed plans yet. However, I have finished a period drama, so I am just thinking about a present-day drama in the next year.” from the FM on April 12

  • KHJ “I can’t say one best scene (among the drama) but my most memorable line is “Fighting is not only about a skill (strength). The one who more determined, wins.”

    I think we will realize that when we are determined and eager, we can archive something rather than when we are strong.” from a FM on April 12

    (that’s my fave line too! Jung Tae always and really badly wanted to protect people he loved, putting his life at risk.)to be contin

to be continued ………………



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  • 4/12 IG FM-

    HJ: Action scenes filming is very fast.. (pause to think)

    Host request to show how fast..

    HJ: Agreed with opponent, if really got hit shall continue etc. Time was very rush, I had been hit before and hit opponent before too..even if pain, but for the sake of getting recognition on the action scenes, also just continue with the filming. (laughs).. Hit or being hit, still feel that being hit is better. (HJ felt bad if it was opponent being hit by him, so he rather he get hit. Such kind soul!)

    @烟雨-琰06: 动作戏拍得时候很快。。[思考]然后主持人要求表演一段怎么快。。和对手约好,真打到的话,也是继续之类的。时间紧迫,我也被揍到过,也打到过。。即使痛,为了动作戏得到认可,,也주주주继续拍。[呵呵]。。打和被揍,还是被揍比较舒坦些。。。

[Translation + KE Notice] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) News Updates – 2014.04.14

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  • HJ: When I hear people say, “you’re doing a good job,” it makes me want to work even harder. sportswor
  • HJ: Through IG, my attitude toward acting has changed. I fell deeper into the charm of acting. The drama made me think, ‘ah, acting is fun
  • HJ: Despite circumstances, d actors didnt waver at all & instead encouraged each other. If not for them I think d drama wont be able to air
  • HJ: There’re many times where I felt ‘I really made a good decision by choosing ‘Inspiring Generation’. I literally feel ‘inspired/touched’.

Kim Hyun Joong, “a singer’s blood, an actor’s blood, are all flowing (in him)” @ STARAZ mag May issue RT:
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Please do not keep up with personal sche

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KE notice abt fans stalking HJ during his personal trip, ask fans to behave maturely.

(1080P) Kim Hyun Joong – OST songs (Inspiring Generation) Fan made

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “IG” Lotte Fanmeet in Seoul – 2014.04.12


[Partial Translation] [Interview] Kim Hyun Joong as Inspiring Generation’ Shin Jung Tae… Kim Hyun Joong’s 10 years’ Growth

Lifted from:

[인터뷰] 김현중이 곧 ‘감격시대’ 신정태…김현중의 10년 성장기
[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong as Inspiring Generation’ Shin Jung Tae… Kim Hyun Joong’s 10 years’ Growth


Original Source: AJUNEWS
Korean to Chinese Translation: @爱贤21度C from weibo
Chinese to English Translation: June from LovingKimHyunJoong


Following is partial translation of an interview in ajunews
They’re translated and posted on weibo in 4 parts
Thus, I’ve translated and posted them accordingly too ^^

Part 1
下个月发行新专辑后,为了和世界的饭见面进行世界巡演。今年出的专辑是作为dance歌手的最后一张专辑,并解释了说这句话的原因‘自己约定过到30岁为止消化dance舞曲’。 但是新闻最后又说是6月份发专辑,进行世界巡演。时间傻傻分不清楚
After the release a new album next month, a world tour will be held to meet fans from all over the world. The album to be released this year will be the last album as a dance singer, and gave the reasons for such a statement, ‘had made an agreement with myself to take in dance music till 30 years of age’. However, it was stated at the end of the news that album will be released in June, and world tour too. Confused with the timing.

Well… May is a bit rushed ^^;;;;;;
Been wondering if he meant Japanese album in May & Korean in June (or vice versa)
Can’t help but feeling sad… his last album as a dance singer T.T
And the world tour… could it be the final series of concert before he enlists?

Part 2
(Breaking away from dance style) Fans may be reluctant, but dance music is not that interesting anymore, so I decided to break away from it, ha ha! Honestly speaking, I actually feel that I do not have the talent to dance and sing. Took a lot of effort in order to acquire what I have achieved, but as I grow older it will be difficult to present the best condition, so I want to put a full stop before I get tired and pant on the stage.

Pained me reading this… and he could actually joke about it at first >.<
So many years (9!) of hard work to reach this point…
Hours and hours and hours of singing practice & dance rehearsals
These do not come quite as natural or easy to him, as they may to others
Nonetheless, he made sure he did well with help from his other talents – good work ethics, memory, team work, attention to details, etc. and most importantly… sheer hard work
He’s probably seen this happening from years back been readying us for a while
But then… I’m still not quite ready >.<

Part 3
2005 年以男子组合SS501出道的金贤重不知不觉出道第10年了。‘长时间做这个工作和最初过度的热情投入是不同的’,并感慨‘我现在知道了自己是多么的爱这 份工作’。‘10年前想象过现在的姿态,但是现在回想起来,性格也变得老实(稳重)了呢。精神上也感觉成长了很多。’
Debuting with boy band SS501 in 2005, Kim Hyun Joong is in his 10th year of this business. ‘Doing this job for the long term is different from the initial over-enthusiasm’, he lamented ‘Now I know how much I love this job.’ ’10 years’ ago, I’d imagined how I’d look now, but in retrospect, my character has become honest (steady). Mentally, I feel I’d grown much too.’

I pray he’ll always keep his love for this job
Or else… he may just walk away one day without a backward glance
And that will be a tragedy for us and the industry

Part 4
想 在唱歌和表演两方面都成功,但是这两个领域都是不容易攻克的。无论怎么练习都是没有结束的战争。从几千年前就开始有音乐和表演了不是吗?现在人们也继续在 不知不觉地探索中,(探索?)对我们来说是必需的。这是我两方面任何一个都不能放弃的理由。 PS:所以不是放弃歌手,只是放弃舞曲风格。

Want to be successful in both singing and acting, but these two areas are not easy to conquer. No matter how much one practices, the battle continues with no end to the war. Music and performing arts have been around for thousands of years, haven’t they? Now people are still exploring them, (exploration?) is essential for us. This is the reason why I cannot give up either. PS: So not giving up being a singer, just giving up dance music.

I can be happy just watching him sing or act
Actually, I can live with watching him do anything
Perhaps… even nothing ;)

Kim Hyun Joong Talks Dating, Marriage And Jin Se Yeon – 2014.04.11


Korean Drama Stars

BY Julie Jones | Apr 11, 2014 10:25 AM EDT



Kim Hyun Joong once said that he did not want to get married before he was 35. As he approaches his 28th birthday, he has put some more thought into the kind of girl he wants to marry.

To date his longest relationship lasted three years and it was with a non-celebrity. Their breakup had something to do with his busy schedule. It’s not as if idols can’t date, he said. It’s just that the competition is so fierce, being a performer has to be your priority.

“Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest and I could not date properly,” he said in an interview with Sports Seoul.

Idols also don’t have a lot of privacy. Everything they do is examined and discussed, sometimes criticized.

“Idols can date but you become conditioned to thinking you can’t,” he said. “When idols even act, they face a disadvantage because of their idol background. If they buy a car, people make sarcastic remarks. I think people expect a lot of idols. But they are young and they are also human like everyone else, so it’s unfortunate.”

He does not regret the sacrifice he made, both in time and privacy. He is grateful to have had the chance.

“Although it felt like an invasion of privacy at times, it was also a privilege. I was the one selected out of a million people who auditioned and I made my debut,” he said. “I endured it and think I should be happy for this very reason.”

He does think that things are changing. More stars are being open about dating.

“I think social conditions have changed a lot,” he said. “The atmosphere feels different.”

Little is known about the women he has dated over the years. He denies the ongoing rumors that he dated singer and actress Uee. And he has confessed to being dumped more than once by a girl. One time he said he was even dumped via text.

But his recent appearance in “Inspiring Generation” and his onscreen relationship with Jin Se Yeon has changed his ideas about the kind of girl he might date or even marry. In the past when he dated his focus was on winning a girl’s heart, then taking care of her and doing what he could to make her comfortable. But he came to like the way Jin Se Yeon’s character nurtured his.

“I used to have to like girls before they liked me, but when I did ‘Inspiring Generation,’ I thought for the first time that I could be swayed by a girl who treats me well. It was nice to have a pretty girl who cared for me and treated me nicely. Although I do have to like the girl, when I watched Ok Ryeon, I began to think that I should marry this kind of girl.”

Was he swayed by the character or the actress? Only time will tell.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Gives His Opinion On Dating

Source/Credit:  kpopstarz

By Staff Writer | April 12, 2014 04:14 AM EDT

SS501 member and actor Kim Hyun Joong debuted 10 years ago in 2005, and is already in his 30s. This idol revealed his feelings about dating in a recent interview.

Kim Hyun Joong said, “There’s nothing that I’m lacking because I’ve never had a proper relationship. Although my personal life has been somewhat violated, I was fortunate enough to get chosen among 1 million people who auditioned and debuted. I’m in the so-called 10% that became a celebrity. That’s the reason why I should think about this matter and be happy regardless.”

He continued, “If I had to become an idol once again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s a strong belief that idols aren’t singers. N’Sync in America is considered an artist, but in Korea and Japan idols aren’t seen as artists, and their image is limited.” He spoke honestly about how idols are viewed. He also shared how difficult it was to make the change from being an idol and transform into an acknowledged actor.

He said, “Idols can be in relationships, too, but at one point there was a time when they said that idols shouldn’t date. When idols act, there’s an uncertainty just because they’re ‘idols’. Even when they buy cars, the public turns it around and says that ‘the idol bought a car’. There’s a pre-fixed notion about idols. It’s true that idols are young, but they’re also cultured people in this land. It’s unfortunate.” He drew attention with his honest feelings.

The interview then naturally led to how he feels about celebrities dating. He said, “Originally I used to like favoring a girl, but for the first time while filming ‘Inspiring Generation‘, I felt that I could get attracted to a girl who can treat me well.” In “Inspiring Generation,” Ok Ryeon (Jin Se Yeon) has a crush on Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong), and stays by his side while showing unconditional love to him.

Kim Hyun Joong said, “I felt that it must be nice to have such a pretty girl care for me and treat me well. I’m the type that likes the girl more, but watching Ok Ryeon, I felt realized I should marry a girl like her (who likes me more).”

Kim Hyun Joong has been praised for his acting in the role of Shin Jung Tae in KBS2 drama “Inspiring Generation”.

[HD Photos by murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “IG” Lotte Fanmeet in Seoul – 2014.04.12

Source/Credit:              Download Album HERE               

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※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!
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