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[Tweet Bits] The BEST of KIM HYUN JOONG – Teaser Video #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎Pray4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬


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キム・ヒョンジュン『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – Release 7/1

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『The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG』- teaser – UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN cr @Holhyun

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To buy or not to buy?

As I had said before both sides have good reasons for their decisions. Personally I thought about it for a long time before I finally decided to buy the album after all.

I really hate KE/ BYJ BUT I love HJ much more than anything else in this case. What I really do not want to see as mentioned earlier by a fan (and I agreed) is that HJ becomes collateral damage as a result of our actions even though they are not directed at him at all, and hence, provides excuses for trash media to put HJ down again with their biased reporting!

My key consideration to buy the album is because I want to ensure HJ will remain as one of Universal Music Japan’s (UMJ) top selling artistes from Korea in the JP market, so that when HJ finishes his MS in less than 2 years’ time he will be able to return to the JP market with ease to launch new music projects, with support from a major label like UMJ! I’m no expert of the music industry in JP and what I know about it is just based on what I had read about it before. But I know it would be essential/ beneficial for HJ to have a major label like UMJ, supporting the production and distribution of his future work in that market. Like it or not, sale-ability of his albums will be one of the key considerations for UMJ to continue to support HJ in the future!

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Just wanted to consolidate my thoughts regarding this album.

Whatever one’s thoughts regarding KE and amidst conspiracy theories…

In the first place, no one even knows the details of the contractual arrangements. Either on the Japanese side or the Korean side. There are entirely too many assumptions.

This 10th anniversary album is an album that means something. It takes the place of the concert that didn’t happen. That’s one.
HJ has had intense negative publicity. Anything associated with a drop in sales will be directly associated with this whether we like it or not. It is total naivety to assume industry people will take into account whether or not the fans were upset and whether or not there was a boycott going on at the time. In the real world, the business world, cold hard facts are the norm. This person isn’t selling well? So what if he had selling power before? Obviously that’s now a thing of the past since sales have been dropping. Is there any proof you can show me that this person is worth investing in? Yes? No? All that remains of a Japanese album at the end of a couple of years are – did it make no.1? What were the total sales? The number of units sold? Year by year what is the increase or decrease? There is no discussion of the controversies that surround each album. If you cannot offer proof, then forget it. Whatever your assurances to me are, facts are what we seek. This is a company’s view.

So we will support his next album and activity. “Umm…. If you cannot prove to me this will make money I will not bother to fund any more albums or activities. Don’t bother contacting us – what proof can you offer me that his activities will have support after this whole scandal? Oh, he gets lots of letters? The fans came to see him? Hmm…. Can you assure me that translates into profits?” So perhaps fans will finally have the opportunity to save money. Many of you might not have realised how dressed down the concerts were on his last tour. This is no accident. No one with an ounce of business sense would doubt that cost saving was an issue. And likely it was a condition that HJ had to accept before even being allowed to hold the tour.

Just as it was important to show the world we supported him at the end of the world tour, just as it was important for us to show he still had this support at his enlistment, so it is important now to show that this, potentially his last album, still has selling power.

It is illogical to assume that any company is going to spend a majority of its profits in bringing someone down. The purpose of a company is to make money. Yes there may be a lot of manipulation going behind the scenes but no one knows exactly what. Anyone with business sense would know that.

No one likes being held ransom. But for me, it is a small price to pay in return for eradication of that risk of collateral damage to HJ at this very critical point in time. No bystander will bother to delve into the details of why fans are not buying. No sales = “must be due to all that negative publicity”. Occasionally one has to be a pragmatist, not an idealist.

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These are the words a person, whom I trust with no hesitation, told me this morning regarding the whole issue of the boycott: “His value as a singer is depending on this album”. 😔 This person let me tell you is someone who knows the business and works in it and very close to HJ. You take it or leave it. I know that not revealing the identity of this person may make you doubtful of what I’m saying but many of u have known me for quite a long time, others less and some u don’t but I hope you all know how much I care abt HJ and believe in my word. Maybe I’m asking for too much though. 😔 The situation is serious, more than you can think of and that I’m allowed to tell. If this album doesn’t sell, we may never get the chance to see HJ on a stage ever again and this may be HJ’s last album. Not even in Japan he’ll have a career if he can prove the ppl in the business that he’s profitable (and many ppl are doubting that even in Japan right now). What @illublue said on her long tweet is very accurate. Also this is a Japanese release not a SK so KE’s take in it is very low compared to UM’s. (I confirmed this, I’m not speculating) So HJ has a lot to loose and very little to gain from this whole boycott. And please bear this in mind, HJ’s future is in our hands, non other, his fans, and it is now, not later. We might be too late if we wait. Business is business and ppl in this world don’t care abt feelings, boycotts or whatever. They only see graphs, numbers and results and mostly immediate ones.

[From KimHyunJoong] To My Fans I haven’t I ever met – 2015.02.22

Aw … so sweet and touching …. he doesn’t forget everyone else. 

THANK YOU  Hyun Joong for this gift …….

Baby ….. we will be waiting for you

FB Official Update

김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

To My Fans I haven’t I ever met

KIMHYUNJOONG Official Channel


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Message of Support For Kim Hyun Joong + KHJ Concert Message Added

Kim Hyun Joong, Be Strong!  Henecians, Please Unite!  

We Might Be shaken But We Will Never Crumble!

I will not say more, may the simplicity of this message eased some of your worries!

Thanks to Lucky Llanes/ Kleng Aquino/ Ladilyn Jonatas Delima for creating the ribbon.



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160814 Kim Hyun Joong Concert Message to fans

Pls do not repost or use the eng trans without full credits!

Eng trans by @drunken_luv, translated from video by illu_blue

Note: All the “you” translated are in the plural form

Timing: 1:00-2:38 (translated from what was translated into Chinese!)

I have debuted for almost 10 years already. There’s a Korean saying that after 10 years, even the rivers and mountains would have changed. 10 years, a period where you can’t say it is too long or too short. Also, I have performed at this venue when I just debuted. On the same stage, seeing the same fans, I feel extremely moved. I will come to China more often to visit you in the future. I wish that I will be able to see you on the same stage again.

Timing: 2:59-3:12


A time like a dream

I don’t wish to say it’s ending

Don’t wish to wake up

If end, time can be reversed……

Start…anew from the beginning?

I really want

Us to be together forever

Timing: 3:21-4:35

When I feel that I am alone


When I am tired, you are my shade…

When I feel that I am alone


In times of trouble, you protected me

When I feel that I am alone

When I feel that I am alone


You made me feel that I am not alone


Are the people watching this video

Now please let me feel you

I am very grateful to you

I love you very much

To My Beauty

Timing: 4:44 onwards

I have always used my slightly cold personality as an excuse

So I did not interact much with you

And the words I have not said to you for a long time

Will say it all today,

Now, let me say the words you wish to say


Dear, I love you

Thank you


I everyday

Miss you

I really miss you very much

Now, let me say the words you wish to say

The words that need to be said now

Encore! Encore! Encore!

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KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japanese Fans Support for KHJ

KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중)  Former Bodyguard Posted Message of Support


[Pexers Write-Ups] BACKTRACKING – #waiting4KHJ #neverleaveKHJ

Author:  AprilStarr

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Everyone is doing it. Looking back to the good old days. In friendly sites in the internet one finds pictures, gifs, videos and films before the Choi era came to the public consciousness.

Reminisces in blogs and forums are aplenty of the times KHJ had his methodical rise to fame and fortune. We never cease to be amazed how he reinvented himself not by sheer whim but hard work and determination.

We analyse and ascribe meanings in every smile, a certain detachment at times, body language.It is as if we know him so well.It is that familiarity that perhaps separate his fandom from the rest. The world salutes his fandom’s steadfastness in believing in him. People without fail notice his professionalism even in the midst of personal problems. Or is it the ability to compartmentalise his thoughts,actions and feelings only giving way to swelling of pent up emotions as any human can only withstand for so long.

In the volatile world of South Korea entertainment industry where talents abound not to mention good looks whether natural or surgeried was such a feat that he managed his success so well. From being part of a group to being solo receiving brick bats along the way, he survived them all.

It is now part of history having entered the toxic world of celebrities with all its folly, with media involved in the fray and perhaps some other personalities as others strongly suspect. It’s over a year now and perhaps not to expect an immediate closure of the recent “scandal”.

Backtracking is a good pause – to review what some might have taken for granted. You know -that he is always there ready to surprise us,to reveal his latest the new and improved Kim hyun Joong.

It goes without saying we all backtrack with him. We were all part of his career and story in varying degrees. We have invested in what had happened to him.

One good way to look at this pause is that it will enable him to assess where he has been and where he will go next. Perhaps his route is just more dramatic then others but then KHJ is unique whether he willed it or not. Somebody said before he will always be in the spotlight. Destiny or fate?

How about us where are we going when all the dust settles down on the ground?

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ANA in-flight magazine The BEST of KHJ.  Listen to on board-♪

Credit: Henecia USA Fan Club via Unbreakable Henecia

Henecia USA Fan Club has become Legally Recognized in the United States! We are celebrating by opening up Applications for Members. You must be a RESIDENT of the United States to join. The Henecia USA Fan Club is a CLOSED GROUP and members are accepted by Application Only. Please carefully read the instructions on our blog page posted below.

EVERYONE is welcome to stop by our Official Blog Page ANYTIME! Please don’t forget to Like our page also! Anyone may comment on our posts as well.

Our Motto is: Henecia USA Members gather to show our love for Kim Hyun Joong and each other. The only rule is LOVE!


[Videos] KIM HYUN JOONG: INSPIRING GENERATION Making – #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

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This is great … more KHJ Fanclubs


[DCGALL – English] 피의자 최씨 소환일자 Police investigation date of criminal suspect Choi #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Missing this sweet sweet smile *sigh*

Tweet Credit:  Sep 30

▲ (*ϋ)ノ Hello❣❣ <■ /|

[ENGL Partial trans] [DCKHJ 김현중 GALL] 피의자 최씨 소환일자 Police investigation date of criminal suspect Choi:

Tweet/Translation Credit: 

The procedure of criminal litigation is different from civil litigation and some parts are known to be undisclosed.

… omitted …

We all are very curious and concerned about when and how investigation proceeds but let’s trust in Atty Lee and leisurely wait for him. I believe when he thinks that certain things must be known, he will let them known by news articles.

You know how the fierce beast hunts for prey, right?  The beast closes up his prey so very quietly and pounces on it in a split second and kills it instantly.

What we can do is to quietly cheer up the fierce beast. We don’t have to guess this or that.  If it is quiet, we can just think hunting is in progress.

I write this post, just in case, some of us, fans, may get nervous, if there are no news about investigation. Hope it’s ok with you…;no=145650&amp;page=1


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Instagram Credit:  khj_chikiyumi


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[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG Legal Case Issues – 2015.09.24-26 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ


Arts Credit:  Viola R. Salao

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all Henecians, My Lovely Friends and Family^^
祝: 我亲爱的家人,亲戚朋友和全天下的HENECIANS^^中秋节快乐! –  Ruku Bebe Chew

SEPTEMBER 24 Tweet Bits

Tweet Credit:  Sep 24

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Korean fan’s Food support for Atty Lee’s office staffs, reporters, HJ’s parents on 23 Sep (3rd hearing day)Thank you!-  Translation:    Sep 24

SEPTEMBER 25 Tweet Bits

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Thanksgiving holiday gifts to HJ’s parents, Atty Lee and his staffs. Thank you!  – Translation:  Sep 25

[KHJ PowerfulS] Chuseok Support – lovely gifts for HJ parents & Attorney Lee. Very thoughtful gifts Translation:  

Tweet Credit: 

  • On 24 Sep. Choi’s side submitted file for paternity law suit to family court.
  • Atty Lee said police investigation will start after holiday,end of Sep. It will take 2~3 mons.–>> seems they are under urgent situation
  • (FYI) Thanksgiving holiday so called “Chusok” in Korea: 26 ~ 29 September

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[단독] 김현중 전 여친 최씨, 24일 친자 확인 소송 제기 – 최씨는 9월 24일 서울 서초구 양재동 서울가정법원에 친자확인소송을 제기했다.

On 24 Sept, criminal suspect A filed a paternity suit in Seoul Family Court at Seocho-gu Yangjae-dong, Seoul – Translation:   

Tweet Credit 

  • She does not possess the greatness of a mother, virtue of a woman or dignity of a human being. 丢尽女人的脸!

Tweets Credit: Sep 25

[ENG Partial summary trans] <DCKHJ 김현중 GALL> 헤네치아 저쪽 언플에 휘둘리지마^^ Henecia, let’s not get confused by media play by the other side^^:

Hearings are the period for both parties to establish how they will proceed for the main trial on the basis of materials they submit. It is a period that court neither accepts submitted materials as evidences nor judge them. So in civil litigation, court lets the accuser submit materials until the party says there’s no more materials left. Setting a 4th hearing means nothing more than that court is just waiting till the accuser says no more materials left.

… omitted …

Court is known to dislike that words they haven’t said are being wrongfully mentioned outside the court or being misrepresented in media.

… omitted …

Henecia, we don’t have to get tired or impatient.
Atty Lee is doing awesome^^;no=145480&amp;page=1

ps: HWAITING!!!! ↖️😄↗️

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SEPTEMBER 26 Tweet Bits

Tweet Credit:

  • From her lawyer’s words recently I’ll bet she’ll try to get out of the DNA test by claiming they were living together !


  • If media affects legal process, our side must have lost suit as soon as it was filed There’s no reason tbo ash SK legal system just because of 4th hearing set.
  • Atty Lee said in interviews after hearing that the plaintiff said they have more materials and court simply gave them time to gather and submit
  • Why is it media influence?  Court has all the right to let the complaint run its course in all fairness b4 arriving at a decision.t
  • How unfair is it to condemn legal process, when its following the set of rules set up for all suits. Lets exercise fairness as we want fairness^^

[3rd Hearing – 3] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Legal Case Tweet Updates – 2015.09.23 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

[VOICE]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2015.9.24

Tweet Credit: 

Eng Trans: The seasons are changing so please be careful to not catch a cold. – Credit:

Tweets/Translation Credit:  Sep 23

  • Whether they drag civil litigation or not, criminal investigation begins after Moon Festival!!  MWAHAHA! Hope its investigation in police custody!!!
  • A still sues fans even now!!!!! WTH!!!!!!
  • It seems in general civil cases take longer than criminal cases. Hope criminal case will complete in a lightning speed!
  • 왼팔? 오른팔?-[김현중갤러리] Bruise on left arm? Right arm? [A’s new pic has bruise on right arm, thou old pic has on left.]

  • SK public is slamming on Seon’s interview dthat A was pregnant 5 times in 7 mohnts last yr and has no intention, even 1%, to send the baby to HJ.
  • Too many lies do not make them truth! People know them by now! When the wall comes down, it wil tumble down with a sound of thunder!
  • 선변 말바꾸기 하나 더: 낙태라는 말은 이차 변론 준비기일 끝나고 법정 앞에서 인텁할 때 선변이 처음 했음. 그걸 우리측에게 뒤집어 쒸우면서 엄청난 횡포고 폭력이라고 운운. 변호인 스스로가 의뢰인에게 한 횡포고 폭력임!
  • Seon: (HJ) still asks whether it’s his baby. It’s shocking. Also it’s shocking that HJ is not blessing the baby of a woman whom he once loved.  I feel sorry and come to tears, when i think of my [our in KOR usually not needed] client, who gave birth to a baby and keeps on living.
  • What a brainless farce!!!! He really quacks n oinks!!!
  • That’s a jerk that only his mouth will float, when he falls into water, as a KOR expression goes!

Tweet Credit: 

Bruise in DP pic on left arm, in SBS pic on right arm.  Someone saw A 3 days later, and said no bruise anywhere. None in pics taken 8 days later –  Translation Credit: 

Tweet Credit: 

HJ side “If A’s child turned out not HJ’s, will take both civil & criminal legal actions (against A)” –  Translation Credit:  

Tweets Credit: 

Translation Credit:  

  1. Atty Lee:  A side submitted text msgs and no med-records this time too.  Text msgs are not evidence for pregnancy but important evidence of her lies to HJ
  2. Atty Lee on court response:  ‘Can they be evidence?, Can the witness be evidence?’ Court was skeptic and didn’t accept witness & regarding text msgs, it was somethng like that court will hold another hearing day to have them organized.

Tweet Credit: 

Tweet Credit: 

Q:  A’s witness?

Atty Lee: July 10 assault case completed last yr by settlement and not litigation issue, so witness was denied. –  Translation Credit:   

Tweet Credit:    

.Q: What does it mean KHJ admitted abortion in July last yr?

Atty Lee: KHJ was told and thought she had abortions in May/Jul/Dec. Per statement of fact returned, there was a record of abortion in July.

Q: If enough evidences, why is 4th hearing set

Seon:  because the accused’s side.. we intend to file paternity suit, I dont know why the accused is denying it.-  Translation Credit:   

Tweet Credit:  

  • Seon said there are 5000 text msgs. Litigation began about 120 days ago. If he processed 100/day, by now he could have done 12000! Not rocket science!

Tweet  Credit: 

Korean fan’s Food support for Attorney Lee ‘s office staffs, reporters, HJ’s parents on 23 Sep(3rd hearing day)Thank u! –  Translation Credit: 

[3rd Hearing – 2] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Legal Case Tweet Updates – 2015.09.23 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

Tweet Credit: 

Tweets/Translation Credit:

  • A side submitted text messages and texts with friends, abortion materials. Court set 4th hearing due to huge amount of materials and some materials unorganized yet
  • Atty Lee: “It seems its their tactic to drag the litigation to 4th hearing in order to bring out negotiations for criminal lawsuit. Text messages, thou large amount, don’t have authority of 1 medical-certificate. Its favorable to us when they have more text messages. Only texts prove nothing. There’s one material for July abortion. A told KHJ she was pregnant in July Sept Dec and he believed her. Per statement of fact, there’s abortion  in July  She talked about abortion in December and got 6BW for compensation but  there’s no material in this regard. [Daily Sports]

Tweet Credit:

  • Would you employ a lawyer who cannot get his evidence organized first time round? Is it incompetence or intentional delay? Ms Choi is rich?

Tweet Credit:

  • I don’t quite fathom how come the judge would entertain a 4th session ESP bitch A has not submitted any credible proofs for the last 3! ㅗㅗㅗ

Tweets/Translation Credit:

  • Usually civil action accepts all the evidences that will be submitted by plaintiff to prevent appealing against court decision. Be patience
  • Atty Lee:  Delaying trial till 4th seems to reach the settlement against criminal suit.

이재만 변호사,”계속 시간을 끌면서 변론준비기일을 4차까지 끌고 가는 건 형사소송을 합의로 끌어내기 위한 전략 같다. 친자확인과 관련해서도 시간을 끌기 위해 병원이 아닌 친자확인소송으로 가려고 하는 것 같다”

  • Atty Lee:  Even if tons of text messages,they can’t beat one medical record. More text msgs, more advantage to meaning

이재만 변호사,”문자메시지가 많아도 의사 진단서 1장의 위력은 없다. 문자메시지가 많을수록 우리에게 유리한 것이다. 문자메시지만으로 증거가 되겠느냐. 더 내도 의미가 없다”

  • Seon: my clients is so pitiful raising baby all alone. when I think of her, that made me cry.:

Tweet Credit: 20h20 hours ago

Didn’t she tell the world she wanted to raise the baby alone??

Tweets Credit: 

Credit:  @K-Day 韩流资讯 on weibo via  Deanna Dinoso Sta. Cruz

K-Day newsletter 【xportsnews】
Sept.23rd, Seoul Central District Court civil section 25
Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend Choi on damages lawsuit third round defense.
Choi’s counsel submitted to the judge a few text messages & the pregnancy supporting data.
And said “for whether the Choi child own it or not, disagreement and Kim Hyun Joong, the truth will be cleared in court.

Tweets Credit   

Whether they drag civil litigation or not, criminal investigation begins after Moon Festival!!  MWAHAHA! Hope its investigation in police custody!!!

[3rd Hearing] KIM HYUN JOONG’s Legal Case Tweet Updates – 2015.09.23 #Hi5Support4KHJ #Waiting4KHJ #Pray4KHJ

Tweet Credit:   

Translated from Korean by

Tweet Credit: 

Translation Credit: 

  • Choi side requested witness but court denied..only text messages has been submitted for this hearing also

According to article, no medical record or photos as evidence..only text messages again!

Tweet Credit:

선종문,”증인 신청이 받아들여지지 않은 것은 재판부에서 김현중과 최 씨가 주고받은 문자가 충분히 임신 입증 자료로써 받아들인 것이다”고 전했다/ 푸하하하.. 말이 되는 소릴해라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation Credit:  

  • Seon: the reason that court denied witness request is text message can fully cover as an evidence for pregnancy

Since Seon submitted tons of text messages “today”, court need time to review. That made another trial..

Tweets/Translation Credit: 

  • A’s indiscriminate disclosure of private lives caused death-like sufferings for HJ & family 무차별 사생활 공개'김현중"죽음과 같은 고통"

Tweet Credit: 

Translation Credit: 

  • HJ vs cs-A legal battle, next trial onwards to proceed publicly

weet Credit:

  • [correction] The next trial will be closed to the public. I’m sorry.
  • 김현중의 아버지는 “좋지 않은 일로 이렇게 만나게 돼 마음이 무겁다”고 전했다. 또 17일 김현중측 변호사가 연 친자확인 검사 요구 기자회견 이후 A씨 측으로부터 어떤 연락을 받은 적도 없다고 밝혔다.

Translation Credit:

No contact from A side regarding the Paternity confirmation since Sept 17

Translated from Korean by

Kim Hyun-Joong’s father was “a bad day so gotta get down,” he said. Also 17, Hyun-Joong Kim lawyer opened the press conference by Mr. A paternity test needs since there is no any contact from the side of the Equator received.

Tweet Credit:

Translation Credit:

  • HJ vs cs-A, 4th hearing (litigation preparation) scheduled on 30 Oct
  • [Seriously how many rounds of preparation hearing to settle this?! cs-A obviously has no evidences to submit!]김현중·前여친, 4차 변론준비 10월 30일 진행

Tweet Credit:

  • 방대한 자료 엄청 기대했는데 혹시나가 역시나.. 방대한 자료=문자 메시지

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The so-called ‘massive amount of info’ expected (from A & pighead) turned out to be txt messages!!

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  • Usually civil action accepts all the evidences that will be submitted by plaintiff to prevent appealing against court decision. Be patience

Translation Credit: Jackie Kim via Deanna Dinoso Sta. Cruz

KHJ’s parents are there for KHJ since he can’t be there and KHJ’s dad says it’s really terrible that we have to come to this point.  KHJ’s lawyer said girl side’s so called evidence are full of lies not have truth  –




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