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[Video] Henecians Farewell Project + Project Let’s Party with KHJ

A collaboration project of KHJ’s World Fans Club. 

Sorry for the late posting … been busy for a while. 

For those who have contributed to this project …. THANK YOU. 

Below is a new UBKB Project and everyone is welcome to join. 

Dear Fans,
The below are the details in English of the new UBKB Henecia project to be sent to Kim Hyun Joong for his birthday.PLEASE mention your COUNTRY when you email your video. We are providing you with links below to help you and give you an idea for your video as well as a video of the lyrics of the song, LET’S PARTY…Good luck!
Lyrics video-
Official MV-
HJ’s dance video-…
Sample fan videos of other songs-…

Dear fans, here are the details of the new project translated to 9 languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Persian…please spread them around…fighting!

[From KimHyunJoong] To My Fans I haven’t I ever met – 2015.02.22

Aw … so sweet and touching …. he doesn’t forget everyone else. 

THANK YOU  Hyun Joong for this gift …….

Baby ….. we will be waiting for you

FB Official Update

김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

To My Fans I haven’t I ever met

KIMHYUNJOONG Official Channel


 ScreenCaps Credit:   


[Still/Even Now] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Album Support – Release Date: February 11, 2015

– Updating this Post –

Tweet Credit:    via DeannaDsc@FB  

  • Good morning ♡
    JAPAN TOUR to start next week. Let’s meet Hyun Joong’s smiles
    please have a Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ Weekend

Tweets Credit:

  • Please support HJ’s Gemini tour and album! This may be his last for a very long time as he pointed out in his last IG FM ..
  • For sales of <Even Now>/<Still> to count towards Oricon, the albums need to be sent to a Japanese address. Not overseas.
    If you don’t have a Japanese address, you can use a third party forwarding service such as which has full English instructions.
    If your local Fanclub is organizing a bulk buy or pre-order please contact them.
    LKHJ will be organizing one – please see thread for details:;t=3418
  • If you or a friend are going to Japan, you may buy directly from the stores. Pre orders will count towards first day sales which are important
  • For those attending the Henecia-only concerts (Henecia Japan members) on 27/1 (Yokohama) and 5/2 (Nagoya) please note the following:Main points to note. Need to bring the following
    1) concert ticket
    2) henecia card
    For those ppl who joined during nov-dec 2014 or lost the card or can’t print the email, can show the email on the mobile.Something to note:
    1) if none of the above can be produced, they can reject the person from entering the concert.
    2) If they find out the ticket has resold, membership will be revokedIf no email, check junk folder and allow to send email.. else contact them before 1500 MondayRough translation from thanks to @coriibean and Ariel for the translation!

Tweet Credit:    via DeannaDsc@FB

Tweet Credit:    via DeannaDsc@FB

***Option for Overseas Fans to buy HJ’s “STILL” album:
1) Google chrome with translate works well for those trying to order… We haven’t had too many issues. So don’t be put off. Detailed instructions as to how to fill in addresses etc exist on the tenso site:

Tweet Credit:   ·  Jan 16

【During the talk session of IG event】
HJ: The pics of “Still” was taken by my manager. He’s good at taking pics. I had a thought that I want to make this album with my close people. It’s just a hobby for my manager to take pics, but I was sure that he must take great photos of me.

HJ : It may be a sensitive talk, I had a thought that this album might be the last before my military service. so If I filmed the music video, I wanted to burn the studio set. we tried to burn it once, but it was too hot. so I felt like all of my body was burned. and it was burned than I thought. so we had to call fire engine.
(sorry for my poor English

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

In the past few days, some fans have expressed difficulties in buying albums online
As such, I decided to do up this tutorial as I was pre-ordering a set of albums yesterday
Screenshot my way through the steps to make it clearer
The full pages of Japanese may seem daunting… but one gets used to it after a while
Hopefully, it’ll help to make it easier for some who’d like to pre-order via a Japanese address
For fans who wonder why we make our lives so difficult… it’s all for HJ ^^

Do You Know?

1) Not all sales of Japanese albums are reflected on Oricon Chart

2) Orders directly from oversea using an oversea address will NOT count towards Oricon Charts (e.g. YesAsia)

3) Sales from Pre-Orders are reflected on 1st Day Sale, an important indicator of success on Oricon Chart (another important indicator is 1st week sale)

How Can an Album Sale be Counted on Oricon Chart?

1) It needs to be sold physically from a CD store in Japan; or

2) It needs to be sold online to a Japanese address (& usu a Japanese registered contact number too)

How Can We Purchase Albums that are Counted on Oricon?

1) Fly to Japan and buy ourselves or get someone to buy for us at a store in Japan.

2) Use a Forwarding Service, e.g. TENSO (Japan), VPOST (Singapore), etc. which will provide a Japanese address and a Japanese contact number necessary for making online purchases on local Japanese sites.

How does a Forwarding Service Account Work?

A service account set up to arrange for goods purchased overseas to be forwarded to you, with charges for delivery and handling.
Step 1: Goods purchased in Japan sent to local address provided by forwarding service.
Step 2: Forwarding service will receive the goods and send notification email to inform you on their arrival and request payment for delivery and handling fees.
Step 3: Choose you preferred mode of delivery and make payment for delivery and handling.
Step 4: Forwarding service will process the delivery and provide you with a tracking number once the goods are on their way.

Please note…

You MUST set up an account with a forwarding service BEFORE you make any purchase
You will need the Japanese Address and Japanese Contact Number provided by the forwarding service

I’ll not be giving tutorial on setting up accounts at forwarding services
The steps are simple with full English instructions on their websites
I’ve have personally used forwarding services for a while
TENSO for purchases in Japan and VPOST for purchases in US
As I understand, TENSO is widely used for purchases in Japan
It is known to be efficient and reliable
Click HERE if you want to check out TENSO English site

How to Buy HJ’s Album at Tower Records Online?

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

Part I: Register for an Account at Tower Records Online

Step 1:
Go to the official Tower Records Online site:
Or click HERE
Click the login button as highlighted in the green box below

Step 2:
Click on the bottom left button to sign up an account using an email address

Step 3:
Fill in your email address as your Login ID
An email will be sent to the address for verification purpose upon clicking the button below

Step 4:
Click the link within the email to verify the address

Step 5:
Key in your personal particulars to set up the account (translation in pics)
Please fill in the same English name here as the one you’d used in your forwarding service to avoid confusion during delivery

Step 6:
If you do not yet have a Japanese version of your name, use this link or Click HERE
This site will help to produce a Katakana version of your name
Japanese in Katakana is the romanization of your name in Japanese

Step 7:
Continue filling in all your personal particulars and preferences
Use the postal code provided by the forwarding service
Click the button on the bottom right corner once all information is filled

Step 8:
Double check if the information provided is correct
Click the button on the bottom right corner if all is correct

Step 9:
Registration for your account is completed if you see the page below

How to Buy HJ’s Albums at Tower Records Online?

Post Credit:  June Chapelle of LKHJ

Part II: Choose & Purchase HJ’s Album

Step 1:

Step 2:
Choose the album you want to purchase by clicking the button on the right (see pic)

Step 3:
Choose the number of copies
Click bottom left button to add more albums to the cart
Click bottom right button to make payment for all selected albums

Step 4:
After getting all albums that you want, click bottom right button to make payment for all

Step 5:
Click the top button to send everything together
The button under it is for items to be sent individually

Step 6:
Fill in your personal particulars
Copy and paste information you have received from forwarding service
Such as Japanse address and contact number

Step 7:
Click the bottom right button to proceed after all particulars are keyed in

Step 8:
Choose no usage of coupon above
Click no usage of points below

Step 9:
Choose to pay by credit card
Fill in card particulars and make sure to key in name as written on card

Step 10:
Click the option above to choose the same address as keyed in earlier for delivery

Step 11:
Check the summary page of your order
Click the botton at the botton right corner to confirm the order

Step 12:
The purchase is done!
Order number will be provided immdiately

Fallen for a ST★R … 김현중 … Together Always
늘 변함 없이 언제나 함께해요..


[POLLS] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG: 2014 Nominations Links & Tutorials – Updating

As much as the latest YAB Awards has been a disappointment to most of us ….. Let us continue to support KIM HYUN JOONG.

LOTTE DUTY FREE 2014 Best of the Best Model Award


Credit:  WinWin Henecia via Dennadsc 

If you a page opens wherein you have to fill upm some info.  Just fill them up and continue the process.  Let’s make our KHJ win this.  Fighting!

K-POP STARZ Which Acting Idol Had The Best 2014 K-Drama Comeback So Far?




 World Wide KPOP Music Chart

It’s easy to vote … You can vote 19 times each day.  Click on the image to take you to the poll. 

Online Voting:
Start Date – 12.01.2014
End Date – 31.12.2014
Album Voting:
Start Date – 12.01.2014
End Date – 31.12.2014

VOTE for Hyun Joong’s ‘Inspiring Generation (감격시대)’
Gunman in Joseon VS Inspiring Generation
Credit:  @jamkkuleogihj


The Best Korean Drama of 2014 The Final Round


HJ has been nominated for 3 categories at the Seoul Music Awards

Tutorials HERE

2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards : most popular actor in a drama nominees list.

Contemporary Singer Award


Just click on any images to take you to the voting site

Vote for HJ for “Contemporary Male Singer” award!
*Half hourly voting. Code is not case sensitive
**Turn flight mode on and off to keep voting continuously after each vote

[Vote] runoff begins! Contemporary Male singer (Final round)! now! (
Voting Period: 14/12/2014 – 03/01/2015)
cr: catgojump

Tutorial via DeannaDsc

World Star Popularity


Log in via your FB account & click to vote…

Vote Ranking

 “K-Pop World’s KOREAN DRAMA of the YEAR 2014″


VOTE 19 times a day here:


[Poll] Procedure to vote Kim Hyun Joong for Seoul Music Awards – 2014.11.29

Source/Credit:   Kim hyun joong supporters

Dear Henecias

( finally we made english version of the instruction for voting, hope it will be more helpful )

KIM HYUN JOONG is nominated in 3 categories of Seoul Music Awards. At this time it takes 0 votes, I would like to count on your support link to vote. This is a very important award and voting began on 11/27/2014 and ends on 20/01/2015 . It is not a survey either , so
put a lot of effort . Thank you

***** The application can be used only with smartphone with android*****

1. Go to download the application link

Once you have it installed, open the application. Kim Hyun Joong looking for and click on the little hand beside him.

2. The following popup window will appear select it marked blue.

3. Enter your email address and password. Click labeled in blue to register.

4. Check the boxes and click on the blue labeled

5. Enter your information. Click labeled in blue.

After male / female, the option that follows is single / married, the following is your date of birth. This part if you want you can skip.

6. Once thou standest already registered, click on the icon Shopping is the second from the left to see the currencies in which accounts. Find the picture of Kim Hyun Joong and click on the little hand off to go to the page where you can get coins. Download some games, plays and accumulate coins as each vote costs 50 coins. Some games are only available to Korea.

7. If you accumulated and coins. Enter application that Seoul Music Awards and repeat step 2 by clicking on the labeled in blue.

A page where you can exchange your coins by votes will appear on the screen.
Choose the votes you want to convert and click “신청 하기” and then “확인”

8. After having exchanged currencies, you returned to the voting page, once there click on the little hand next to Kim Hyun Joong. A message at the bottom of the screen which means that your vote was accepted appears.

A message at the bottom of the screen which means that your vote was accepted appears.

Message of Support For Kim Hyun Joong + KHJ Concert Message Added

Kim Hyun Joong, Be Strong!  Henecians, Please Unite!  

We Might Be shaken But We Will Never Crumble!

I will not say more, may the simplicity of this message eased some of your worries!

Thanks to Lucky Llanes/ Kleng Aquino/ Ladilyn Jonatas Delima for creating the ribbon.



Tweet Credit: 

160814 Kim Hyun Joong Concert Message to fans

Pls do not repost or use the eng trans without full credits!

Eng trans by @drunken_luv, translated from video by illu_blue

Note: All the “you” translated are in the plural form

Timing: 1:00-2:38 (translated from what was translated into Chinese!)

I have debuted for almost 10 years already. There’s a Korean saying that after 10 years, even the rivers and mountains would have changed. 10 years, a period where you can’t say it is too long or too short. Also, I have performed at this venue when I just debuted. On the same stage, seeing the same fans, I feel extremely moved. I will come to China more often to visit you in the future. I wish that I will be able to see you on the same stage again.

Timing: 2:59-3:12


A time like a dream

I don’t wish to say it’s ending

Don’t wish to wake up

If end, time can be reversed……

Start…anew from the beginning?

I really want

Us to be together forever

Timing: 3:21-4:35

When I feel that I am alone


When I am tired, you are my shade…

When I feel that I am alone


In times of trouble, you protected me

When I feel that I am alone

When I feel that I am alone


You made me feel that I am not alone


Are the people watching this video

Now please let me feel you

I am very grateful to you

I love you very much

To My Beauty

Timing: 4:44 onwards

I have always used my slightly cold personality as an excuse

So I did not interact much with you

And the words I have not said to you for a long time

Will say it all today,

Now, let me say the words you wish to say


Dear, I love you

Thank you


I everyday

Miss you

I really miss you very much

Now, let me say the words you wish to say

The words that need to be said now

Encore! Encore! Encore!

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KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japanese Fans Support for KHJ

KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중)  Former Bodyguard Posted Message of Support


[Pexers Write-Ups] Public Opinion,Mass Media and Celebrities – Part 1 #‎neverleaverKHJ‬ ‪#‎Waiting4KHJ‬

Author:  AprilStarr

Photo Credit as Tagged

Part 1

Such a heavy topic worthy of a 3 units college course. Or a textbook. With celebrated cases as a book it is a sure best seller (sounds like one being peddled online by Google and Amazon).

But I’ll try to make it simple and direct. There is a love -hate relationship between and among them. Certainly, they feed on each other.

Celebrities need mass media for obvious reasons.They or their handlers and talent agencies seek the attention from mass media specially at the time of their launching. Their public persona or images need exposure and publicity. Medias’ favours are courted early on. The celebrity wannabe needs to be in the right time and place where mass media crowd will also be present. But when the celebrities become rich and famous aka high profile mass media can turn into something obnoxious.

As the celebrity crave for their privacy, the more they become hot meal ticket for every reporter, paparazzi, media outlet.Can you imagine what happens when a scandal erupts, real, imagined or invented?

Mass media also called Fifth Estate refers to blogs,websites,media outlets needs content or materials to work on, personalities, timely issues, even the usual classic topics such as environment, science, health care, education, science, cooking, etc. What infuses blood on anaemic mass media stronger than pure caffeine is when they can smell something burning…if it is appropriate to call them vampiric feeding on the blood of their victims or personalities that needed to be castigated in public anyway. But most of the times their news / articles are meant to survive in the jungle of infotainment. They can be mouthpieces,too of special interest groups.

Entertainment mass media is not all that bad. As mentioned above they provide infotainment for the general public and those entertainment starved ones. Gossips and scandals can be its most salacious menu. Thus, it can be biased, opinionated, sensationalised and can perpetuate lies which are against ethics of reporting. Many times suspected to be in the payroll of entertainment agencies. Or exist independently as tabloid as it has its own reading public. Or some engaged in it for their own pleasure or to share with like minded individuals.

On the other hand, the public or a portion of it may have its opinion shaped by media to a certain extent or they can assert their right to overturn the deluge of misreporting. We have heard of the “court of public opinion” where a personality or a group of them are “tried and lynched”. Just the same, there is a saying the ” tide of public opinion has turned” meaning it also changes.

Part 2 to be continued -KHJ case

[Video + Eng Transcription] Midnite TV – 2015.05.28 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

Tweet/Transcription Credit:   

  • [ENG-VIDEO] Midnite TV:   KHJ side required medical record 15.05.27 한밤-김현중측, 전여친 산부인과 기록 요청!(김현중 법률대리인 인터뷰)

  • Rank 0 news means news of dthe highest interests. It’s even higher than Rank 1.
  • ‘한밤’ 김현중 측 “법원에 前여친 임신·유산 사실조회 신청” 진실 밝혀지나? | 다음 연예 “…그 당시에 정말 임신한 사실이 있는지 유산에 대한 치료 내역이 있는지 여부를 사실조회 신청한거다”라고 설명했다

‘Midnite’ KHJ side “requested the court to serve statement of fact to clinics regarding former GF’s pregnancy/miscarriage”

  • 데일리중앙 모바일 사이트, 김현중 전여친… 임신 및 유산 여부 확인 진실은 과연? “총 5개 병원 중 어떤 병원에서 유산 진단을 받았고, 어떤 병원에서 임신 확진을 받았는지는 확인하지 못했다”고 전했다

KHJ in process of confirming former GF’s pregnancy and miscarriage…What’s truth? Waiting for response from 5 clinics inquired.

Tweet/Translation Credit: 

  • Translated from Chinese translation posted by 弥凌伊 at weibo. From interview with HJ’s parents

“Our son wished to enlist quietly, so we didn’t even go to the enlistment centre. After the ceremony, there was a rite where the recruits bow to their parents, but we didn’t go. While the other new recruits were performing this ritual to their parents, Hyun Joong seemed to have just stood there dumbly before going into the training centre. His friends told us,’dad, mum, you might as well have gone too.’After which we cried.” So said his heartbroken mother as she wiped her tears away…

女性東亜6月号:儿子希望安静入伍,所以我们连入伍现场也没有去。“入伍结束后,有一个环节是对父母鞠躬,可是我们没有去,其他的新兵在对父母进行这个仪 式时,贤重好像就呆呆的站着就进军营了。”贤重的朋友说“爸爸妈妈你们也去就好了。”之后我们就哭了。用手帕擦拭着泪水的妈妈心痛的说出了口

[Eng Translations] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Tweet Updates – 2015.05.27 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

Tweets/Translation Credit:  

[ENG] Women Dong-A: KHJ vs Former GF: 3 Issues in Dispute [영역] 여성동아 부모님 인텁중: 김현중 vs 전 여자 친구 분쟁의 쟁점 3

K-Star News (Tweeted by:  )

Interesting Comment from a non-fan

Tweet Credit:   

Pls Click on Image or title to read the Article

Kim Hyun Joong’s Legal Team Offers An Update

[News] Netizens side with Kim Hyun Joong in latest update in his legal dispute – 2015.05.26 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

Netizens side with Kim Hyun Joong in latest update in his legal dispute

Posted on May 26, 2015

According to the legal officials on the 26th of May, the legal representatives of Kim Hyunjoong have requested the court to send out request of corroboration on the pregnancy and miscarriage that Choi has claimed she suffered from to the 5 gynecology clinics Choi has previously listed.

Choi is currently stating that she is currently pregnant with Kim Hyun Joong’s child and that she has also had a miscarriage last June as the result of Kim Hyun Joong physically assaulting her. Since as of this moment there is no solid proof of Choi having a miscarriage or having been impregnated previously, medical records should be the turning point of this case.

In a phone call with Korean media OSEN, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer stated, “Choi is currently of the position that her pregnancy last year ended with a miscarriage due to Kim Hyun Joong physically assaulting her. She could very easily hand in medical records which would corroborate her story but has failed to do so up to this point. A is saying she will hand the records into court but in case she fails to do so we have requested records from the 5 hospitals that she listed as the clinics she received treatment from.”

Kim’s lawyer also spoke about the possibility of settling the case saying, “If she returns the 600,000,000 Won she received from us for damages and comes forth with the truth in order to recover Kim Hyun Joong’s reputation a settlement is definitely possible. However at this point such a thing seems unlikely.”

[+ 13, – 0] The girl lies about taking back her case on Kim Hyun Joong as if she did a favor but actually took 600,000,000 Won. 2. Went to Jeju with Kim Hyun Joong 4 days after she claimed she was assaulted. No sign of bruising that she claimed to have a week ago. 3. Media plays herself to be a pregnant woman who knows only love that does not wish to lay any responsibilities on the father. While in the dark she requests 1,600,000,000 Won in mental damages. 4. March 12th she meets up saying she will confirm the pregnancy but refuses ultra sound, a photo of an ultrasound comes a week later 37 minutes after she claims to have entered the ultra sound room. What is she hiding?

[+ 11, – 0] If she can return the money and return Kim Hyun Joong’s image to the clean image it was at before settlement would be possible. But is is possible to return his image back to before 2014 August. He restrained himself and controlled himself so well for 10 years. Could she return it to the way it was? ㅠㅠ

[+ 6, – 0] I guess there is still hope for forgiveness if Choi realizes her fault and speaks the truth. I wonder if she will be able to take this last opportunity when she’s come so far..

Source: OSEN, Star Today

UPDATED [Eng Translations] 김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG’s Parents’ Interview – 2015.05.25 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬ Unbreakable Henecia

Tweets/Translation Credit: 

  • [ENG] Interview 1 – Atty Lee & Interview 2 – Atty Seon in Housewives’ Life SCOOP. 주부생활 SCOOP에 실린 이재만 변호사 선종문 변호사 인터뷰 부분 영역

English Translation Credit: 

Eng Trans for @illublue‘s tweet on interview questions posed to HJ’s parents

Q1: How do you feel about your son’s enlistment?
A1: (replied by HJ’s mom) Watching HJ suffered so much alone, especially with his quiet personality (a man of few words), my heart ache for him. It was really painful.

Q2: HJ got enlisted in the midst of the lawsuit controversy, did he say anything to you (HJ’s parents)?
A2: HJ said not to worry too much. Despite enlisting in the midst of the lawsuit, he had already discussed with lawyer and the matter would be properly settled.

Eng Trans of @Miyokolovekhj ‘s tweet – Chinese translation summarizing part of the interview with HJ’s parents

賢重一家都太善良了… 可以不是什麼人都值得被這樣對待…這女的就一個目的…就是要毀了他…越是到關鍵時刻..越是騷擾他… 真是太賤了……

In gist, before leaving for Japan HJ already knew of the pregnancy. Right around the commencement of the Japan Tour (Gemini tour), Choi contacted HJ and continued to pressurize him, causing him psychological stress! Because of this issue, HJ’s dad comforted him, telling him for the sake of the concert’s success and the impact on his agent company, it may be better to not irritate Choi but to settle with her nicely. That was why HJ had comforted her (through those text messages). But Choi manipulated those text messages from HJ (to create lies)! HJ was really hurt when he saw those ‘edited version’ of his text messages. Still, they thought that given Choi is pregnant, they decided to continue to treat her nicely.

When the concert tour was over, HJ continued to be very nice and (even more) tender to Choi than before. But then the matter suddenly took a turn and accelerated into something bigger (maybe referring to the lawsuit).

(CH translation author wrote: This family is way too kind!)

【HJ’s Parents Mag Interview】Chinese Trans by 无公害芋头

1. Q:看着儿子入伍,作为父母怎么感受呢?A:原本HJ就是不怎么喜欢说话的性格,看着他一个人过的很艰难,作为母亲,心真的很痛,感觉到非常痛苦。Q:在 诉状的情况下去入伍,(HJ)有没有对父母说过什么?A:说不要太担心,虽然在官司期间入伍,但是已经和律师商量好,圆满解决事情就好。

2. “就像自杀了一样,这才是最可怕的,’不是什么大事情不要担心’这样安慰了儿子,儿子也产生过离开演艺圈的想法,第一次在家里和律师见面的时候也是这种状态。

3. Q:是什么时候知道崔的存在?A:去年发生那个事情的时候看了报道才知道她(崔)存在,她很了解HJ性格心很软的特点,太厚颜无耻了。

4. “去年发生事情的时候,对我们说不要担心,会自己处理的,不想父母卷入这样的事情。”“去年因为我要做大手术,为了让父母放心,就说会自己解决的别担心,所以那个事情他就自己解决了。

5. Q:关于孩子的问题,两家父母有试图去解决吗?A:1月17日第一次和她父母见面,是抱着抱歉的心情,看到1月9日拍的B超照,据说是五周,但是上面并没有名字,就有这是什么啊的感觉。

6. “她(崔)那天精神看起来不是很好,于是我们就对她(崔),孕妇的身体都比较弱,去综合医院检查一下吧,你健康了胎儿才能健康成长啊。

7. “(我们说)之前流产的时候去过(某个)医院,所以我们预约了更大的医院,就是为了确认母亲和孩子的健康,没有别的意思(说流产的事情),然后她(崔)的 父母就大发雷霆,就说我们的孩子是第一次怀孕,为什么要说这样的事情?!我们就说是HJ告诉的,然后对方就不说话了。

8. “那天(1月17日)分开后,就一直没有去过医院再次确认(胎儿),2月17日双方再次见面的时候,她(崔)就说不是已经给过检查报告了吗,为什么还得再次去确认?!”

9. “再见面的时候,她(崔)的父母说已经知道了第一次怀孕事情,那个时候我们第一次知道6亿的事情,后来给HJ打电话才知道,她(崔)说要告他殴打孕妇,(感到害怕)就给了6亿元。

10. Q:那之前关于暴行的内容和事实不符的话,有没有诉讼的打算? A:本来是这么想,虽然很不甘心,钱也给了,就让事情都过去了,但是事情已经走到这个地步,更坚定目前的立场。

11. “看了去年HJ和她(崔)的协议书,一般受害者在接受金钱赔偿的时候的确有一些条款,但是对于(崔)要求对拿到6亿赔偿金的事情保密,又对媒体说是对所爱之人最后照顾之类的事情非常的不理解。

12. Q:一起去的医院,为什么不能确认? A:之前预约了医院4次,(崔)都没有来,因为一直要求HJ一同去,因此3月12日,就按约定来到了首尔峨山医院,双方的律师也都一起陪去了。

13. Q:暴行事件之后再度复合、怀孕、提出诉讼的过程都让人惊奇? A:具体的事情我不会说,只是这个事情被单方面的报道出来感到非常痛心,对于这一方面对方说的是不属实的,这些将由由律师来处理。

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Eng Trans for @khjbelinda ‘s tweet – Chinese trans of HJ’s parents’ magazine interview

1. Qa: How do you feel about your son’s enlistment?
A: (replied by HJ’s mom) Watching HJ suffered so much alone, especially with his quiet personality (a man of few words), my heart ache for him. It was really painful.

Qb: HJ got enlisted in the midst of the lawsuit controversy, did he say anything to you (HJ’s parents)?
A: HJ said not to worry too much. Despite enlisting in the midst of the lawsuit, he had already discussed with lawyer and the matter would be properly settled.

2. “If one were to commit suicide, that would be most terrible. But this is not a major issue so please do not worry”. That was what HJ’s parents said to HJ to comfort him. HJ had thought of leaving the entertainment industry for good. Even when HJ met the lawyer for the first time, he was in such a state of mind.

3. Q: When did you know the existence of Choi?
A: Only knew of her existence last year when the matter was reported in the news. This Choi knew very well how softhearted HJ was. Really shameless!

4. “When the matter happened last year, HJ told us not to worry and that he would take care of it himself.  HJ did not want the parents to get involved in the matter.”
HJ’s mom said “Because of the major operation to be undertaken last year, in order not to worry the parents HJ told them he would settle the matter. That was why HJ was left on his own to deal with the matter then.”

5. Q: With regard to the child’s matter, did both families try to resolve the issue?
A: Met Choi’s parents for the first time on 17 January with an apologetic heart. Saw the baby ultra scan photo taken on 9 January, supposedly 5th week of the pregnancy, but there was no name on the scan photo. So there was a strange feeling of “What’s this?!”

6. “Choi did not look well on that day. So we told her, as the body of a pregnant woman may be weaker, it would be better to go to an integrated hospital for a proper check-up. When you (Choi) are healthy only then will the baby be healthy.”

7. “(We said) since she had gone to this particular hospital during her miscarriage previously, we had made an appointment with a larger hospital so that it could better ascertain the health of the mother and baby. There was no other intention (with regard to the miscarriage issue). But Choi’s parents were furious and said that it was the first time their daughter was pregnant, why say such things?! We said that HJ told us. After that, Choi parents stopped talking.”

8. After 17 January, there was no further visit to the hospital to check up on the status of the baby. When both parties met again on 17 February, Choi bitch retorted that she had already given the medical check-up report, why was there a need to go for another check-up?!”

9. “When we met again, Choi’s parents said they already knew about the 1st pregnancy. It was then, for the first time, we found out about the 600 million won settlement. After talking to HJ over the phone then we learnt that Choi bitch had said that she would sue him (HJ) for assaulting a pregnant woman, feeling afraid he gave her the 600 million won.”

10. Q: With regard to the discrepancies between the alleged assault and the truth, was there any intention to take legal action?
A: Despite a sense of unwillingness, we had originally thought of letting the matter passed since money had already been given. But now that the issue had evolved to its current status, we are more firm with our current stance.

11. “Saw the settlement agreement between HJ and Choi bitch. In general, the victim side in receipt of the compensation (money) may stipulate certain clauses. But it was hard to understand with regard to Choi bitch’s demand to keep silence on the her receipt of the 600 million won, and then told the media that it was in the name of her final love for the man that she dropped the charges.”

12. Q: Why cannot verify/ confirm since all went to the hospital together?
A: Choi bitch did not turn up for any of the 4 previous medical appointment as she insisted that HJ must go together. Hence, on 12 March the appointment was made to turn up at the Seoul Asan hospital (首尔峨山). Legal representatives from both sides also turned up at the appointment.

13. Q: The whole process of reconciliation, pregnancy and lawsuit after the assault incident was astounding?
A: While we would not comment on the specifics, it was hurtful how this issue was unilaterally being reported on. What the other side had said was not true at all and we would leave it to the lawyer to deal with it.

Eng Trans of additional info on HJ parents’ magazine interview based on Chinese translation by :倪嘉路Karenkim13 (These info were not included in my earlier translations.)

Wanted to translate this part of the interview because I strongly feel that HJ has been so misunderstood by people that whatever he does (after the alleged assault incident), some bad people (especially the trash media) will always twist his words and actions to put him in a bad light to defame him. HJ does them no wrong and certainly does not deserve to be treated this way. I’m glad HJ parents had the opportunity to straighten things out on his behalf.

I also wanted to share this part of the interview because it showed how much HJ really loves his fans. He mentioned about giving a free concert on the 10th year on several occasions and he really kept his promise to his fans. No doubt there was a tinge of sadness because the concert did not take place but as a fan of HJ, I’m already touched by his sweet gesture and thoughtfulness. I believe there will always be another opportunity for a concert by HJ for his fans in the future. As of now, I’m just happy and proud to be KIM HYUN JOONG fan.


– HJ parents also talked about the criticism surrounding HJ’s enlistment. HJ’s intention to enlist was clear when he received the enlistment notice. Yet people linked his enlistment to the lawsuit controversy and badmouthed him that he was trying to escape/ run away from the issue!

– HJ parents mentioned that in the letter handwritten by HJ to his fans, HJ mentioned that he left (for enlistment) feeling in debt. There was a hidden reason for saying that. This year would mark the 10th anniversary of HJ’s debut and he had wanted to organize a free concert to thank his fans who have been supporting him for the last 10 years. The original plan was to hold the concert in April, after the Japan tour, and to be enlisted in May. Unfortunately, the free concert plan fell through and he had to be enlisted. HJ felt very apologetic towards his fans, and hence, he wrote that (feeling in debt) in his letter to the fans. HJ parents retorted that those who do not understand the situation should refrain from talking (nonsense)!

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  • [단독]김현중 측, 전여친 A씨 산부인과 5곳 진료기록 요청 | 다음 연예 “지난해 초 A 씨가 임신하고, 유산됐다는 명확한 증거가 없다”며 “진료 기록 결과가 나온다면 재판의 결정적인 증거가 될 것으로 보인다

KHJ Side requests medical records of five obstetrics & gynecology clinics: as there is no clear evidence of pregnancy/miscarriage

  • A 씨가 다녔다고 밝힌 산부인과 리스트를 전달 받아 임신 및 유산 진단 기록을 확인해보려 한다”며 “총 5개 병원 중 어떤 병원에서 유산 진단을 받았고, 어떤 병원에서 임신 확진을 받았는지는 확인하지 못했다. 사실 조회 결과가 나오길 기다리고 있다”

LJM: got list of 5 OB&G clinics A visited and inquired where pregnancy confirmed and miscarriage diagnosed. Waiting for responses to inquiry.

  • A 씨는 현재 김현중의 아이를 임신 중이고, 앞서 지난해 6월 김현중에게 폭행당해 아이가 유산됐다…이재만 변호사 측은 “지난해 초 A 씨가 임신하고, 유산됐다는 명확한 증거가 없다”며 “진료 기록 결과가 나온다면 재판의 결정적인 증거가 될 것

1) A said she is pregnant now with HJ’s baby and claimed she previously miscarried due to assault by him last June.

2) Atty LJM refutes it saying there’s no evidence for her pregnancy/miscarriage last year. When medical records are obtained, they will be conclusive evidence for the trial.

  • 26일 법조계에 따르면 김현중의 손해배상 청구소송을 담당한 서울중앙지방법원 제25민사부는 지난 22일 국민건강보험공단과 총 5개의 산부인과에 사실조회서를 송달했다. 이는 김현중 측의 요청으로 이뤄졌다

1*)Per legal report on 26, 25th Civil Litigation Section of Seoul Central District Ct, in charge of KHJ damage case,

2*) served a total of 5 statements of fact to National Health Insurance Corp and other OB&G clinics. The inquiries were made per request from KHJ side.

  • 김현중, ‘前 여친 사건’ 드디어 실마리 잡다 | 다음 연예 총 5개 병원 중 어떤 병원에서 유산 진단을 받았고, 어떤 병원에서 임신 확진을 받았는지는 확인하지 못했다. 사실 조회 결과가 나오길 기다리고 있다”

KHJ case: finally sorting out clues. Out of 5 clinics, we haven’t verified which one for pregnancy confirmation and for miscarriage treatment.

  • 김현중 측 “전여친 유산 주장 허위로 보여..진료기록 요청” | 다음 연예 최씨의 주장이 허위일 가능성이 높다고 판단하고 있는 김현중 측은 형사고소 및 민사상 손해배상청구소송도 함께 진행할 계획을 세우고 있다.

KHJ Side: Miscarriage claim by former GF deems to be false; and intends to file for civil/criminal charges for damages.

Note:A is used to identify Choi anonymously at d beginning of scandal last yr. sometime after they start to use Choi.

Tweet Credit:  via Deanna Dsc

  • KHJ news is now #2 in K-News portals!!!
    “A lot of sympathy following the news”
    “다음 공감 많은 뉴스 2위”

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Now that I’ve let off steam, I’m back to normal. :D I’m praying that HJ’s lawyer, Mr Lee, will come through for HJ on day of trial. I’m praying that he will be able to lift the heavy burden that has been on his shoulders for a long time now and bring justice and peace to the entire Kim family including his friends and fans. It will be the best birthday gift for our HJ. #neverleaveKHJ #Waiting4KHJ

Each time I read about these interviews (thanks to our generous translators), i cannot imagine the emotional pain that HJ had to go through …. his parents included. To see your child hurting so much is the worst and unimaginable feeling for any parent. I’m glad that they have chosen to speak out ….to tell the story and expose the truth. And what court will not believe them….they’re decent people. There is really no need to convince the court right? Who in their right mind will believe this woman over HJ’s parents?

From day 1, I have asked myself ….why HJ? I’m sure Hj would have asked himself the same question. He would never have imagined something like this to happen to him…he would never have imagined that a woman he once fell for was this evil.

…and even when the truth is revealed, there will always be people who will still choose to believe the lies…people who will remain unforgiving…people who will continue to unfairly label him. They may never go away.

She’s delivered a big blow to HJ. She’s destroyed everything that’s he’s worked hard for. She’s cut a deep wound and the scar will be there for a long time…permanent even.

Time heals all wounds but in this instance, it could take a long time… even after MS. This is why we have to continue to support HJ. We have to reassure him that we will not leave him. Let’s pray that HJ or any of our loved ones, will never ever meet, much less get involved, with a person like this woman. #neverleaveKHJ#waitingforKHJ

[Tweet Updates] KHJ’s Parents Interview on Various Magazines – 2015.05.25 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

I am praying that this ordeal will be over soon.  I PRAY for the KIM family to have peace of mind .  THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE and it’s just about time to reveal the truth.   They had been suffering long enough, emotionally and mentally.  

As for KHJ, you are not alone …………. we will always be here for you no matter what….  HENECIA believe in you ……… 

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  • Seems Hyun Joong parents were interviewed in various magazines ….
  • Hj’s parents had interviews with various magazine.reporters on the next day of enlistment day.Lets see what they are going to reveal..
  • Mag. released on 21 and 22 May…omg they’ve been already out!!

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  • 잡지가 나오나 보네… 여성동아 6월호 [김현중 부모가 처음 밝히는 ‘그녀의 의혹들’] 읽어 보고 싶다..

  • Styler 주부생활 6월호 SCOOP [16억 손배소 김현중 군대 보낸 다음 날 부모 직접 만났다] 곁에서 지켜보신 부모님 말씀이라서 꼭 읽어 보고 싶네… 언제 나올려나…

  • Queen 6월호 “김현중 아버지 퀸과 직접 인터뷰”

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  • Ms Choi’s parents annoyed and said “our daughter never been pregnant last yr.This is 1st time.why are you making up the story?
  • When both parents met, Ms Choi’s mom called and asked about that but she said ” I swear I’ve never been pregnant before”
  • Text messages she revealed were all edited and made up the story..Hyun Joong had really hard time because of this – from the father interview
  • Hyun Joong originally planned free 10th anniversary concert for fans who supported him for 10 yrs in April and enter the army..- mag interview
  • Her parents are out of contact after they’ve met..

Tweets Credit;  Translation Credit:     

  • 주부생활 김현중 부모님 인터뷰 내용 중…

HJ said not to worry about him and he will solve this problem peacefully and truth will reveal later but dad told he cant accept this situation.  I don’t care if you can’t continue to live as celebrities but you need to recover your damaged reputation

  •  김현중 측 이재만 변호사 유산폭행 사건에 대해 당시 임신여부를 확인할 수 없다고 주장하는 근거는?
She submitted two weeks medical record assulted by kim with x-ray dated 31 May. How is it possible pregnant women exposed x-ray?
She submitted two weeks medical record assaulted by kim with x-ray dated 31 May.  How is it possible pegnant women exposed x-ray?
  • His mom: HJ  stays 24 hrs at home with no lights..  one candle.. because some people told not to go outside.. Ms Choi might be waiting for him..
  • So she had to bring lawyer to his house (because he was so much depressed) after lawyer saw his status he told don’t leave him alone..
  • But after he had consult with lawyer he became somewhat stable and drew strength.

More Translations:

  • When both parents met, Ms A’s parents didn’t know she miscarriage before so later his dad asked HJ what happened?  Hj said with tears that she blackmailed HJ, that she will sue him for attacking pregnant woman so he gave money although its not true.
  • 벼랑끝에 홀로서서 세상과 싸우는기분이라고 HJ’s mom said their family feels like standing alone on the edge of precipice against the world..
  • From the parents interview, they heard that HJ hv never been “beat” or “attack” anyone although there was some “push” during the argument..

Tweet Credit:Translation Credit: Marta Plaza

김현중 이번 임신 건…3월 12일 이후 일주일 뒤에 받은 초음파 사진이 시간이 안 맞아!!!! 대박!!!!!!! 여자 이거 뭐야?

According to HJ’s parents there’s no name on the sonograms & the time doesn’t match.Also sent the wrong time on ultrasound photos!

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Credit:  cozy via  

English Translation via Deanna Dsc

주부생활 Scoop 6월호 – 16 억 손배소 김현중 군대 보낸 다음날 부모 직접 만났다

Housewives Scoop 6 월호 life – Kim Hyun Joong 1.6 billion case
army met the next day sent directly to parents

여성동아 6월호 – 김현중 부모가 처음 밝히는 ‘그녀의 의혹들

Dong women in June – for the first time Kim Hyun Joong’s parents says, her doubts

QUEEN 6월호 – 폭행과 임신 공방 속 말없이 입대한 김현중 아버지 퀸과 직접 인터뷰

QUEEN 6 월호 – assault and pregnancy, Kim Hyun Joong was quietly joined his father in the workshop & direct interviews


  • I am so upset and angry! Glad HJ’s parents did these interviews to tell the real story. This woman brings out the worse in us. For HJ’s dad to say that he doesn’t care if HJ will no longer be a star but it was important for him to salvage his reputation. I totally agree with you, Mr Kim. We wanted him to say something. But you and I know that your son is too kind most times…. too naive for his own good. He wants to fix things himself… and quietly. And I’m sure he thought he could fix the problem. But he’s dealing with the worst kind.. He needed someone like you to help him and we, his fans, are relieved that you have stepped in. May God bless you and Mrs. Kim and help you throughout this ordeal. Know that we will always support your son. We all love him.


  • Hyun Joong ah..  stay strong ok? Henecia will never leave you…we are behind you and will always support you..

  • ~Keeping all your scars, pain & heartaches to yourself…all this time…
    ~~makes us feel how you’ve suffered silently for the last 9 months…
    Our belief & loyalty for you, has never wavered…Hyun Joong heart emoticon
    But more than that…it makes us even PROUDER to be your fans..
    We are here for you…until the end!
    Ms. D

  • We’ll be here, standing by your side, loving you. We took your hand and we’ll NEVER leave. Cause you’re our ONLY ONE.
  • 😘😘😘Hyun Joong.. tonight my heart hurts..
    I just want to HUG you closely tonight, Hyun Joong 💚
    And gently say to you: “Everything will be alright,”
    We believe you, support and love you 💞💞💞


  • [D628] Pls don’t ever suffer in silence on your own againHJ Your family & fans are here for you always Cr photo owner

[Video – EngSub] KBS World Entertainment Weekly Interview with KHJ’s Lawyer – 2015.05.22 #‎Waiting4KHJ‬ ‪#‎neverleaveKHJ‬

Tweet Credit:  ·  May 22

  • Entertainment Weekly (2015.05.22) ~ Interview with Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer (Eng Sub) from 4:00 to 7:10

KBS World TV

Tweet Credit:  ·  May 22

The original comment was: even thou HJ can’t be there, the trial will b held with HJ’s legal rep present on his behalf.

Upload Credit: SuperfandeKhj

KHJ’s Lawyer Snippet


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