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[From KimHyunJoong] To My Fans I haven’t I ever met – 2015.02.22

Aw … so sweet and touching …. he doesn’t forget everyone else. 

THANK YOU  Hyun Joong for this gift …….

Baby ….. we will be waiting for you

FB Official Update

김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)

To My Fans I haven’t I ever met

KIMHYUNJOONG Official Channel


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Message of Support For Kim Hyun Joong + KHJ Concert Message Added

Kim Hyun Joong, Be Strong!  Henecians, Please Unite!  

We Might Be shaken But We Will Never Crumble!

I will not say more, may the simplicity of this message eased some of your worries!

Thanks to Lucky Llanes/ Kleng Aquino/ Ladilyn Jonatas Delima for creating the ribbon.



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160814 Kim Hyun Joong Concert Message to fans

Pls do not repost or use the eng trans without full credits!

Eng trans by @drunken_luv, translated from video by illu_blue

Note: All the “you” translated are in the plural form

Timing: 1:00-2:38 (translated from what was translated into Chinese!)

I have debuted for almost 10 years already. There’s a Korean saying that after 10 years, even the rivers and mountains would have changed. 10 years, a period where you can’t say it is too long or too short. Also, I have performed at this venue when I just debuted. On the same stage, seeing the same fans, I feel extremely moved. I will come to China more often to visit you in the future. I wish that I will be able to see you on the same stage again.

Timing: 2:59-3:12


A time like a dream

I don’t wish to say it’s ending

Don’t wish to wake up

If end, time can be reversed……

Start…anew from the beginning?

I really want

Us to be together forever

Timing: 3:21-4:35

When I feel that I am alone


When I am tired, you are my shade…

When I feel that I am alone


In times of trouble, you protected me

When I feel that I am alone

When I feel that I am alone


You made me feel that I am not alone


Are the people watching this video

Now please let me feel you

I am very grateful to you

I love you very much

To My Beauty

Timing: 4:44 onwards

I have always used my slightly cold personality as an excuse

So I did not interact much with you

And the words I have not said to you for a long time

Will say it all today,

Now, let me say the words you wish to say


Dear, I love you

Thank you


I everyday

Miss you

I really miss you very much

Now, let me say the words you wish to say

The words that need to be said now

Encore! Encore! Encore!

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KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Japanese Fans Support for KHJ

KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중)  Former Bodyguard Posted Message of Support


[TweetBits] Kim Hyun Joong Legal Case Updates – 2016.04.22

Tweets/Translations Credit:  sunny @sunsun_sky

Tweets/Translation Credit:  MichLui @Princessmich123

Tweets Credit: SP @illublue

Tweet Updates – Kim Hyun Joong mentions concern for Kumamoto earthquake victims -2016.04.18


Tweet Credit:  miktty @chocolatdaleKHJ via @illublue


Tweet Credit:  chikiyumi D299



Pexers Write-Ups: Small Screen Drama Watching

The trouble with small screen aka tv watching of Kdrmas via the computer, laptops and other smaller versions is that the mind wanders and tend to replace the actor with Kim Hyun Joong. Unfair you say to other actors, but what can I do in my mind KHJ could have garnered that role,or he could have done it better.

You know what’s better is to think they got the role because KHJ is not around for now. I’m not the only one who thinks he could have moved on to another genre after Inspiring Generation if he didn’t have the misfortune of the case(s) but then it probably made his appreciation of real life richer and more in depth.I hope to see that happen when he assay another role as his comeback.

A small screen bonus watching for international Kdrma addicts is watching them in the raw meaning sans English or other languages translation. Instead of reading the dialogue, raw watching allows one to concentrate on their acting- behaviour, facial expressions, voice projections given the contextual situations they are in.

Some viewers prefer watching Kdrmas when they have completed their run but I like the anticipation and the weekly installments through the various episodes. They are part of my week schedule. Right now I am watching Monster and Royal Gambler. Like most viewers I go for certain dramas because I like the actors. Still nothing can top (yet) my excitement waiting for Playful Kiss and Inspiring Generation when they were ongoing dramas on online sites. Of course comparing notes with others who also watched made the day complete.

Some Kdramas are given super promotion and made more memorable by the OST’s sung by well known artists. Some Kdramas have the additional push by a superb casting, excellent background designs, appropriate dialogues, location shooting and excellent post production work.

It is lamentable when we hear that artists , stars and staff were not paid their wages as what happened to some dramas. Most of all when domestic rating are low or the drama did not even get to be completed and not shown at all.

While some dramas we’re slashed down when their ratings were low, some dramas have additional episodes. Or the dramas have impossible working schedules conducive to accidents, hazardous conditions to the health of those involved, still the Kdrma production is thriving,alive and well.

Kdramas’ main mission is entertainment and of course it is an industry and big business

Author: AprilStarr




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[Pexers Write-Ups] Family Feud

Author:  AprilStarr

The KHJ versus CHM has turned into a family feud and not merely litigation between two adults, two individuals of major age but with the involvement of family members of both sides. It is still a reflection that in spite of being ultra modern and high technology based South Korea is now,it is still a society of families.

The family being being now at the forefront is a good illustration that there exists a cultural lag, in that somehow not all of society change. A part of it lags behind mostly its sacred values. It is its most enduring legacy.

The significance of the family is highlighted as in agricultural societies or even at the tribal level whenever a member is threatened or is endangered. The family acts as the fort guarding its members, resources, territories and honor. Among the elites, this behaviour is standard. The Kim Family is no different. They close ranks, put up defences, they act and speak in behalf of their beleaguered member. Perhaps this is what those critics of the active parental involvement do not understand.

The Choi family may have spoken only through their lawyer; but as bits and pieces of evidence crop up their active involvement, if proven may soon be critical to the cases.

The family feud may still intensify not so much about the monetary consideration but more about the restoration of a dignity and the custody of a child, a potential member of the family.

Tweet Credit:  Jan 31

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Update 2016.2.1


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[Pexers Write-Ups] As Predicted – 2016.02.10

Author:  AprilStarr


Attorney Lee already said,this case(s) will take some time to resolve. There are the inevitable postponements for various reasons. More changes in the date of the hearing cropped up. From February it has now been moved to March. The reason: change in the Judiciary personnel. So it means the new people are going to make their assessment of the cases. On the other hand, more expenses are incurred maintaining the legal teams; HJ has 20 working on his cases. They must have factored in those expenses to the compensation package being asked for in the cases.

Monetary expenses are one thing,but the stressful anticipation of the verdict is another. When one’s life and career is on hold it is difficult to measure the dire consequences. In fact,no compensation can ever be enough to restore dignity and everything else one worked for for a long time. It is not only HJ but his entire family Is affected. The other family? Well …I don’t want to say they brought it upon themselves. Did they not know,it is not an easy thing to enter into litigation that many people resort to settling their disputes outside the courts? But then filing cases are used by many people to threaten and harass others. The thing is, there is a limit to harassment.

Celebrities are vulnerable to harassment, the other side of the coin of fame and fortune. Scandals sometimes make or break them. They are human like all others with frailties but magnified thousand fold making them fodder for tabloid press and for those waiting to pounce on them. Celebrities they say need to be controversial to be noticed, but then it depends on how far the controversy goes and if it can be managed. Hyun Joong do not need to be noticed that way. And so he must and he did fight back!

We now wait for the wheels of justice to turn though looking temporarily stalled in its slowness. Hopefully it is not because they have been pushed to the back of the burner as some are beginning to suspect. Let the prediction be for a fair and judicious settlement

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site Updates

Tweet Credit: Jan 21


[Tweet Bits] KIM HYUN JOONG Assorted Updates – 2016.02.10


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Tweets.Translation Credit:  Feb 1


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[TweetBits] KIM HYUN JOONG Updates – 2016 January 21

Tweet Update:   Jan 17

IG Credit:   khj_chikiyumi

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Old Tweets (Credit as Tagged)

December 26-31, 2015

We will post more from Jan 1 – this week’s tweets


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