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Playful Kiss Episode 10 HQ Captures

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Playful Kiss Episode 9 Recaps

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First, upon hearing this song today, I thought that this really fits Seung Jo and Hani’s story now, the girl is ready to fall in love while the boy is having second thoughts and still in denial about his feelings.

Here is the music video, watch it and you’ll see what I mean:

Meanwhile here is the lyrics:

Estelle – Fall In Love Lyrics

Lets just fall in love (ooh-ooh)
So we could fall in love
(ba ba ba ba)
We could fall in love (x2)
Be on the stars and the moon and the sky, lets fall in love

I see you, know you see me too
‘Cause you’re slowing down
Put some extra pep in my step
N ow, I’m trying to be cool make you turn around and check me out
We walk by each other daily
But there’s something ’bout today that says maybe
The street signs, the city lights, all the stars, could lead me to you
And you know

If it’s okay with you
If it’s okay with you, lets go
Go to some place that we don’t know
Do need a reason baby we might be crazy
I’m thinking, we should fall in love

We could fall in love (ba ba ba)
Be on the stars and the moon and the sky
Just fall in love

Let’s go slow
We got all the time we could ever need
We could catch a movie and possibly
We could get together more frequently
I can’t believe
We walk by each other daily
But there’s something bout today that says maybe
The street signs, the city lights, all the stars could lead me to you
And you know

If it’s okay wit you, let’s go
Go to someplace that we don’t know
Don’t need a reason baby
We might be crazy
Thinking, we should fall in love
We could fall in love



After setting the mood, here’s the juicy parts:

Hani and Seung Jo managed to evade the gangsters that are chasing them by hiding at a convenience store.  The genius ungraciously pointed out that yet again, he gets to experienced something incredible because of Hani.  She then inquired if he knew that they were following them (more like stalking), to which he stated it would be weirder if he didn’t know.  Ahh, such arrogance! Hani told Seung Jo that if she really liked Hae Ra, then there’s nothing she can do about it, but the genius expertly evaded exploring the matter by hitting the bullseye and asking Hani where she wanted to go next. No hesitation whatsoever, Hani grinned from ear to ear and forgot that she’s griping about Seung Jo and Hae Ra’s date.  Girl, you’re so transparent it doesn’t need a 200 IQ for Seung Jo to spin you in his pinkie finger!  But I have to give you props for grabbing the moment and taking your genius guy for a joyride…. In a boat that is!  Hani’s dreamlike date came to a very wet halt when Seung Jo informed her that couples who took the same boat ride broke up after six months, and as if on cue, Hani panicked, tried to get out of the tipping boat sending both of their butts into the murky water.

Mr-not-so-stone-cold Seung Jo who seemed resigned to his fate, unconsciously bought couples change of shirts and hamburgers, much to Hani’s squealing delights.  Well, can’t blame her, If I was her, I would be trampling around that garden in ecstasy too!   Hani started the onslaught, the first one by asking why Seung Jo ran away with her, the genius replied that’s she’s the convenient choice since she’s nearer to him, to which I say YEAH RIGHT!  In the first place, in episode 8, we saw him and Hae Ra left first, why did he came back to meddle with Hani and Sunbae’s chaotic situation?  I told you so!  Seung Jo is unconsciously zoned out to Hani that he kept seeking her when she’s not around. Hani apologizes for another chaos that she caused, but Seung Jo seemed not to mind at all.  Instead, he proceeded to talk about solving a problem without a solution, but for Hani, he may as well be speaking in parcel tongue because she failed to get the gist of what he is talking about.  He then simplified it by saying that he did not dislike her, which elicited an arm hug from Hani, since she thought that he really dislike her. A hug that provoked a secret sweet smile from the genius’s face especially when Hani said that he is the only boy she like.  She promised to try her best despite lacking in intelligence department, by getting a C grade in their exams… Okay C is not enough, so C+…Hahaha!  Oh Hani, you really crack me up even the genius couldn’t argue with your simple reasoning!  Some 1000 sticky stares after, Seung Jo walked her home.  Hani was curious about what befell Hae Ra and Sunbae, laid the guilt trip on Seung Jo since he was Hae Ra’s date, to which the genius jealously retorted that Hani was out on a date with Sunbae too.

Sunbae is still problematic about how he can be with Hae Ra.  Hani, being the simpleton that she is, decided to help him by teaching him how to confess his love.  With writing love letter out of the question, Hani delved from her real life experience and taught Sunbae the kissing thing which Seung Jo did to her after their graduation with emphasis on timing.  The process was witnessed by rumor mongering schoolmates, whispers could be heard that Hani dumped the genius Seung Jo to be with a man who looked twice her age.  Rumors reached Seung Jo, and to make matters worse, he witnessed Hani and Sunbae grappling with each other for racquet possession on the nearby tennis court.  Not realizing the truth of the situation and with jealousy magnified 1000 times written across his face, Seung Jo walked away from the scene.  As the rumored situation reached Hani, she rushed to clarify things with Seung Jo. He was with walking with Hae Ra when she caught up with him, tried to explained but was coldly ignored.  Upon leaving, he bumped Hani like he bumped a wall.  Ouch!  Who knew that geniuses can be so mean! She’s still a lady for crying out loud!  She’s not made of stone like your heart is!

Back to her good old days of pining for an unattainable genius, Hani was debating whether to call or text him.  In the end, she walked aimlessly until she found herself in front of the Baek house, she heard a voice and a clanging noise and found Eun Jo writhing in pain on the floor.  The kid was alone, the parents are on vacation, so Hani called Seung Jo.  As he wondered why she was calling from their house, she managed to tell him about Eun Jo’s situation, to which he calmly told her to note down the important procedures that she needed to follow to help Eun Jo.  At the hospital, doctors asked her permission to operate on Eun Jo ASAP to correct his intussusceptions. She wavered a little but recalled that Seung Jo was counting on her, so she acceded. Seung Jo came running at the hospital only to find a clearly distraught Hani anxiously waiting for the result of the operations.  With Eun Jo out of danger, Hani decided to inform her father where she is while Seung Jo expressed his gratitude towards what Hani had done for his brother.  The humble Hani said she just followed his instructions then proceeded to explain the truth behind rumors between her and Sunbae.  Seung Jo cut short her explanation by delicately clasping her shoulders while saying Sunbae already explained everything.  He then proceeded to hold her gently and said a soft thank you to her ears (awwww, I just melted), which released floods of tears from Hani while she is expressing her fears about something that she might have done wrong for Eun Jo’s situation.  Sueng Jo then held her in an embrace and softly whispered that everything will be alright.  Awwww!

While Eun Jo was recovering from surgery in a hospital ward he shared with Nori, a kid who’s been in the hospital for more than a year due to heart condition, Hani visited him, seeing Seung Jo in the process every day.  Their relationship rise up a notch, the two happily spends time with the sick boys playing and tutoring them while the parents decided to move in together partly to help Hani and her Dad out of their unfortunate situation.  The mother prodded both Dads that Hani and Seung Jo really like each other since they shared a kiss which is even initiated by Seung Jo.  Eun Jo discharged from the hospital bid a tearful goodbye to Nori, the boy that gave the idea for Hani to suggest that Seung Jo should be a doctor to help him and others like him.  At Baek’s house, Hani found out that they moved back in, much to Eun Jo’s mild protestation because he is losing his room again, to Sung Jo’s poker faced reaction.

While Hani was cleaning up after dinner, Eun Jo came down on the pretense that he needed to drink water, only to shyly blurt out his thank you towards Hani.  She smiled to herself for the cuteness of Eun Jo’s action. Seung Jo’s little mini me (Eun Jo) really took after him in terms of clutch moments of tenderness.  After washing up, Hani walked out to the front porch only to find the loner Seung Jo sitting there.  She gently sits down, a good meter apart from Seung Jo and told him that she ended up moving back again.  He stated that she should not be a nuisance to him, to which she smilingly concur.  For lack of anything better to do and to talk about, she pretended to  look up the stars while stealing glances at Seung Jo who seemed not so oblivious of her presence.  He, in turn was stealing covert glances and smiling secretly at Hani when he thinks that she’s not looking at him.  Nothing more was said between the two of them but it seemed as if their minds are talking, no words necessary, they are aware of each other and their hearts are beating in unison.  Awww!

Hani and her dad’s moving back to Baek’s house broke Jung Gu’s heart yet again, although he pretended that he is okay in front of them.  Hani was torn between the ecstasy of being near to Seung Jo again and leaving Jung Gu behind.  Being true to herself, a day won’t pass without a mishap, now in the form of her missing strawberry patterned underwear.  She was trying to sneak out of the bathroom clad only in towels to look for it, only to find the pink underwear being waved at her face by no other than Baek Seung Jo.  Ahh, what utter humiliation!  First, her bossom pads fell out in front of him, now he found her missing underwear!  He berated her for being careless and tease her about her cup size, saying she seemed to stopped growing since she finished elementary, and to Hani’s mortification, papa Baek saw them talking while Hani was half naked and chastised them saying there is a corruptible minor in the house and that there are matters that needed to wait until they are married.  Ahh good presumption, papa Baek!  Hani ran to her room embarrassed while Mr. Full of Himself Seung Jo slyly smiled to himself. Hmm, he seemed to genuinely enjoy that little scene immensely.  You’re not too cold after all!  MERONG!

With Hani moving back to the Baek’s house, Seung Jo is getting more and more aware about the luck luster way he is living his life.  He confided his thoughts to Hae Ra, about Hani is changing the way he usually do things and his outlook in life.  Even papa Baek is wondering what Seung Jo wanted to do with his life so he suggested that he majors in business but Seung Jo stated that he has no interest in it.  To Hani’s confusion, Seung Jo reverted back to his cold treatment of her.  Now she is at a lost as to what she might have done wrong again.

While collecting Eun Jo’s laundry, Hani chanced upon the classified ads for an apartment and part time jobs spread in Seung Jo’s bed.  When he sees her looking at it, he told her that he was moving out of the house and getting a job to support himself. She thought he was doing it because she moved back in, he told her that not everything he does is because of her.  Mama Baek heard their conversation.  Papa Baek concur that Seung Jo needed to spread his wings and gain experience on his own.  Hani heard their conversations as well as what Seung Jo said that his decision has nothing to do with Hani.  It is his life.

To be continued………

Wow, such a roller coaster of emotion episode.  Let’s see where it will lead us later!


[News] Behind the scene photo of Mischievous Kiss. Kim Hyun Joong bring his script with him everywhere


Article Translated by reena29shadow @

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Kim Hyun Joong who is now acting in [Mischievous Kiss] by MBC, showing his passion for acting. At the filming site of [Mischievous Kiss] on 27th morning, picture of Kim Hyun Joong practicing his script were released, causing uproar on the internet. In the show, because of Oh HaNi, Kim Hyun Joong who starts to change bit by bit gave a very good impression to female viewers. In [Mischievous Kiss]. Kim Hyun Joong shed off the nice and caring look of Yoon JiHoo in [Boys Over Flower], becoming the arrogant and cold personality of Baek Seung Jo also successfully proven his improvement in acting.

Staff revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong works harder than everyone on the set, not only analysing the script before actual filming, he also brings his script everywhere with him. He really puts in a lot of effort. Also, he came to the set everyday in cheerful mood, which is why the filming set are also so cheerful with him around.] Praising Kim Hyun Joong. Staff of Kim Hyun Joong management company, KEYEAST, also revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day, even though the filming schedule is very hectic, but he always do his best for filming as he felt thankful for the support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong and the whole [Mischievous Kiss] cast and staff are all working very hard in filming so as not to let everyone down. Hope that everyone will show more support, concern and love.]

Playful Kiss Episode 9 Ratings

MBC Wed-Thurs drama ‘Playful Kiss’ is now showing signs of its stationary status. On the 30th, according to ratings research center AGB Nilson Media Researches, Playful Kiss that aired on 29th night recorded nationwide ratings of 4.5%. This number is actually 1.3% lower than its last episode broadcasted on 23rd with 5.8%. Such a sight shown could be seen as a result of the verging against the very first broadcast of KBS2 ‘Fugitive PLAN B’ starring Jung Jihoon (Rain), Lee Nayoung etc. In reality, this day’s ‘Fugitive’ recorded ratings of 20.7%, with such high ratings recorded on its first ever broadcast, it shows the amount of support it receives from audiences. Albeit the low ratings for Playful Kiss, actors Kim HyunJoong and Jung Somin have been dwelving alot of hard work into their characters, so there is much anticipation to how this will work out lke in days to come. On the other hand, on this day’s same timing slot on SBS, ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ recorded nationwide ratings of 16.6%.


On the 30th, according to ratings research center TNmS, KBS2 new Wed-thurs drama ‘Fugitive PLAN B’ that began airing on 29th starring Rain, Lee Nayoung has recorded 21.7% of drama ratings as it claims the Number 1 spot amongst Wed-Thurs dramas beginning since its first ever telecast. During the same timing slot also included SBS ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ with 18.6% of ratings. Whilst MBC ‘Playful Kiss’ recorded low ratings of 4%. With ‘Fugitive’ exceeding the 20% ratings as it becomes the hot-cake in demand like this, this could be credited to the luxurious casting with people like the successor of previous ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’ – Rain, Lee Nayoung etc, in addition to that also comes ‘Chuno’ ‘s solid combination of Chun Sung-il and Kwak Jung-hwan, which is probably why anticipation for this drama is reflected like this in its ratings. On the other hand, on this day’s ‘Fugitive’ also featured cameos like ‘Chuno’ ‘s Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho, Kwak Hyun-hwa etc that added on to the intensity level of this drama.

Translation by Ode

Playful Kiss’s Casts and Crew Having Fun on Location

Although their schedules are very hectic, it is always nice to see them smiling and having fun on  the set of Playful Kiss!

These behind the scenes photos make me anticipate the behind the scenes  videos and NG’s


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Videos – Porch Scene + Episode 10 Teaser

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