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Yahh Baek Seung Jo!!! + Pictures

Recaps/Mumblings – Playful Kiss Episode 3

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Wow, in my limited drama watching experience, I have never seen something so good did so bad…Ratings-wise…of course, from by biased point of view…Reviewers ( gosh, I didn’t know there are so many of them-the so called experts) keeps criticizing this drama for its lack of depth and monotonous plotline, I swear If I read one more comments from the so-called drama experts I’m going to bang my head on the wall…Oopps….sorry for the violent tendencies….now I have a huge bump in my head..hahaha..!

First, let me clarify, this drama was adapted from a manga, a manga written based on the real life experiences of the author.  Being adapted from real life, at most it would be monotonous, so it’s up to the scriptwriters and director to add spice to it by incorporating cute and hilarious moments that would make viewers relate to every episode as if it’s happening in real life.  It’s a story of how young love blossomed despite coming from opposite ends, how little by little in living their everyday life, they find something that endears them with one another.  I say most of our life mirrors this story, there is no elaborate happenings, no-head spinning twists and turns, no heart-wrenching fights every so often, and yes, for the most part, lethargic.  Do I sound like I am describing your current situation?  Maybe, yes, because that is reality for most of us.  I like how this drama is portraying it in a way that’s closer to reality, events-wise of course….not many of us can say we are geniuses that looked as delicious as Seung Jo or as cute as Hani though… Sorry to rain a little on our parade…Me, turning hot and cold confused me  a bit too..

It puzzles me big time how a drama can be so popular yet it failed to reflects in to its ratings..This makes me wonder something is up..I just can’t get my hands on it.  But that topic is out of my league.  I do not want to delved into something that will raise speculations….at least not for now….

Going back to episode 3, I say I have got to shout this out:  YAHH BAEK SEUNG JO!!!

Whew, finally, I was able to get it out of my system.. After watching that episode it keeps echoing in my mind like a brain itch that cannot be scratched.

Since we all know what happened  in episode 3, here are some of the excerpts of memorable scenes:

-Seung Jo and Hani intimately whispering to each other before the piggyback scene, albeit they’re trading insults with one another, somehow their body language showed lover’s familiarity in a spite.  We can see Seung Jo’s disappointment when Jung Gu carried Hani on his back.  Disappointed he did not win this or disappointed because he is jealous…big time..?  We know how arrogant our prince is, so my blatant guess is,  it is a combination of both.

-Jealous Seung Jo haughtily pointing out to Hani that class 7 is sure to win in the games because class 1 simply doesn’t give a damn.  Could it be that he saw Jung Gu’s hand holding Hani while teaching her how to grip the baton, he can’t help himself but pretend not to care. Oh man, you’re too obvious you just don’t know it yet.

-Hani pervertedly poking Seung Jo’s butt….100 credits to her for having the guts to execute every fangirl’s dream…But karma did not let her get away with it..She’s too full of herself while trying to scurry away she tripped and cannot get up on her own.. Poor Seung Jo, who is clearly in pain, limped back to where she is to help her up and unceremoniously dumped her to nearby bench, took her headgear, saw who she was, and exasperatingly pinched her cheek.. That was a sweet punishment…for about  five seconds, he looked electrocuted, gathered his wits and dumped Hani’s headgear to her face and walked away.

-It seems Seung Jo’s eyes cannot veered itself away from Hani, his smirk says it all when Hani hugged Jung Gu when they won the tug-of-war..Prince, Jealous much?

-Both teacher Song battling it out in a race, with the price of calling Mr. Song, Oppa, which made Mr. Song determined to win, even at the expense of his exposing his butt…Hahaha!  Ms. Song, you’re a HANDFUL fella, too bad you tripped too.  She recovered just in time to throw Hani the baton, who jumped to catch it, then sprinted away to Jung Gu and the finish line, only to get sidetracked by the DEVILISH smile Seung Jo is beaming at her..  Poor girl can’t help herself…She cannot resist that smile..In her confusion she gave the baton to the man of her dreams, he then ignored Hani’s outstretched hand and called her a fool…Oh, prince, you’re so cruel..

-Seung Jo won the race, to the delight of his class, and to the chagrin of Jung Gu who fell wailing to the ground. He refused Seung Jo’s offer to help him get up, then Mr. Arrogance striked again, telling Jung Gu what is on his mind.. I like the cocky way he executed that part but I love the way he sweetly smiled with relief after he turned his back, which was readily captured by his doting mother.

-The balcony scene where Seung Jo and Hani were talking about the day’s events and the touching way Seung Jo’s mother came to Hani’s rescue at the school which she never experienced once before tightened my throat a bit..(wipes tears secretly)…  Seung Jo pretending to nonchalantly listening to his music all the while giving Hani praises but then recovering himself and showed his mean side again to cover up the caring way he said it  had me AWWWW again.  Too bad Hani was too engrossed on fighting back she failed to register probably one of the sweetest remark given to her by the aloof prince.

-At the celebration dinner, the controversial scene whereby Hani drunk half cup of wine and drunkenly proceeded to aim tirade at Seung Jo’s cruelty towards her, saying that she didn’t like him.  Being Mr. Arrogance who hated being cornered, the genius proceeded to prove his counter point by reciting the content of Hani’s love letter (which is well constructed by the way), much to her chagrin..Bingo!  The cat is out.!  Their parents now know.  Hani’s father tried to piggyback her daughter, but I guess like father, like daughter, they are both helplessly drunk.  The task of carrying Hani fell on Seung Jo’s muscled back…who find it annoying…(Is that really how you feel, prince?  Why is your body language telling me otherwise?). The piggyback scene was hilarious and sweet at the same time,  I loved how close their faces came to be when Seung Jo adjusted how he was carrying Hani, just right before he insulted her for having small breasts…!  Boys will be boys!  Hani beat his back, which had her almost falling to the ground…Ah  young love,  I like how you besieged me!

Side note: I like the instrumental One More Time playing in the background of this piggyback scenes.  Duhh… It’s Kim Hyun Joong’s song, so obviously I love it…!

-The adolescent Hani tried to cover her chest’s shortcomings by stuffing socks on her bra…(Girl, haven’t you heard about push up undies..Surely, amidst those strawberry patterned ones there is a maximizer hidden somewhere?). Little did she know that it will be her greatest embarrassment.  I’m sure no one would like their bosoms to fall out in front of your prince charming, no matter what age  we are, which is what exactly happened to Hani after demonstrating her jumping rope prowess to little Eun Jo.  Ahh, I share her humiliation as she dived for the fallen socks.  I hope she did not break any bones in the process… lol..

-Cliffhanger ending of this episode, whereby Hani’s classmate accidentally saw a picture of Hani and Seung Jo sort of sleeping together. Poor Jung Gu was broken hearted while Jang Mi became hysterical.  Seung Jo, walking into his class like some kind of runway model wondering why his classmates, particularly his obsessed female seatmate, were acting strange.  Well, he was in for a surprised when he saw what is displayed on his screen :  a picture of him and Hani sleeping together!  He said O’ Hani’s name and angrily ruffled his perfect head in frustration…

Oh boy,  the prince’s feather was clearly ruffled now, there is no denying he was being swept by the Hani express…So, we better tune in to catch a ride!  It’s going to be exciting!

Ratings and haters be damned!



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6 responses

  1. ramya

    really you are amazing ……… i am from india …i saw this play full kiss atleast 25 times….

    Friday, April 6, 2012 at 11:59 pm

  2. I love playful kiss very much…..Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni are so compatible with each other…hehehe……love it so much……I hope I can watch their team up again..

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 9:49 pm

  3. Jenny

    Hey Whatt Is Oh Hani And Baek Seung Jo Reall Namee

    Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 5:49 am

    • Baek Seung Jo is Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of boyband SS501 Oh Hani is Jung So Min

      Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 12:15 pm

  4. i liyl lily love playful kiss.. ihope i can watch it here in philippines at ABS-CBN chanel two..=)muah..keep up the good work oh hani and baek seung jo..

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 5:16 pm

  5. nene

    personally am having a hard time to pick
    my fave scene coz i almost love everything
    all i can say PK is getting more
    exciting and interesting to watch

    Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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