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Video of Hyun Joong @ “Petty Romance” VIP Premiere

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Exquisite Fan Made Drawings

These are  really cute  Seung Jo and Hani drawings, such talent is amazing!

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Stars as Fashion Models

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Hyun Joong – Sponsor ELLE luggage

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Hyun Joong @ Singapore i-weekly Magazine [2010.11.29]

Magazine scan:
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‘Kim’ schedule!
1 December @ 09:20pm – Arrival via KE641
2 December @ 03:50pm – Shop visit at Tampines Mall TheFaceShop
3 December @ 10.45am – Shop visit at IMM TheFaceShop
3 December @ 11.00am – Before the fan meeting at IMM 3 floor Garden Plaza, will hold an charity auction for Kim HyunJoong life size standee, auction price starts from $150, auction proceeds will be donated to WorldVision One Life Fund.
*For more details, please visit TheFaceShop facebook.

Update! What is Kim HyunJoong busy with recently?
* After completing ‘Naughty Kiss’ filming, Kim HyunJoong will come back as a singer beginning next year, releasing his solo album. Recently when being interviewed, he insisted that SS501 will not disband, as all 5 members have been seperated in 4 different agencies, there might be difficulties to have group activities, so for now they are having their solo activities.

* Previously in CNN Korea Special, they have placed special focus on Kim HyunJoong who ingnited a heated Hallyu wave in Youtube, and classified him as the new generation star that lead the Hallyu wave. To this Kim HyunJoong mentioned: “I am not a Hallyu star yet. This terms is still too far-fetched to me, however I am making preparation, Bae YongJoon hyung has actually given me great help.”

Yahoo Buzz Voting Trends & Screen Captures

Posted by azi 11.30.2010 3:29 p.m.

According to an email that I received  from Yahoo Korea in response to my queries, votes for the other contender come  from overseas and there seems no reason to think that those were invalid.  On the other hand, a Korean fansite was able to capture real time changes in the influx of votes and there was  a very clear irregular voting pattern.

It seems like Yahoo Korea needs proof of this irregularity, in addition to the fact that we had difficulties accesing the voting site  on  November 27 and  28,  for them to take action, so I urge whoever reading this to send a formal complaint to their customer service, links are provided below, and don’t forget to copy paste this post as an attachment to your email:


Alternate email address:


Proof # 1

For the sake of  analysis, let me do some trending base on the data posted below. Excluding the bulk amount of votes for contenders (i.e with green highlights), the normal  voting scenario is this:  in 62 minutes, Kim Hyun Joong got 22,395 votes while Jan Geun Suk got  597 in total.  Further analysis :  KHJ gets an average of 361.2 votes per minute while JGS gets an average of  9.63 votes only, or a mere 2.67 % of what KHJ’s  total. Simply put, the votes ratio is 37:1 in favor of KHJ.  If JGS managed to garner a meager 3% compared to KHJ votes, where did the bulk votes for JGS came from?  Trends for increase can be ascertained by mere looking at the 3rd and 5th column below.  One need not be a math expert to tell the anomalous pattern.

re-posted from:

column 1 : time , column 2: KHJ Total Votes, column 3 : KHJ Increase in votes, column 4 : JGS Total Votes, column 5: JGS increase in votes

Proof # 2

re-posted from and captured by

This one captures the trend from 7:15 to 7:47 am 32 minutes trend.  In that span of time excluding the bulk votes which is highlighted in red, KHJ got  8,621 (ave. 269.4 / minute) votes while JGS got 234 (ave. 7.31/minute) votes. If we compare it with the our 5:34 to 6:36 trend, we still get the same ratio of 37: 1 votes in favor of Kim Hyun Joong.  So what does this trends tells us?  Are we being deceived by our own eyes?  The most important question is : WE HAVE THE FACTS, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Proof # 3

Screen captures made by Meteorflower dated 11.29.2010, wherein two different results where shown by Yahoo.

a.) Capture Time : 09:10 p.m Date :  11.29.2010

Votes:  KHJ  = 4,931,386

JGS   =  4,182,810

b.) Capture Time : 09:18 p.m  Date:  11.29.2010

Votes:  KHJ  = 2,555,555

JGS   =     990,530

That was not the first time that Yahoo showed increasing/decreasing results in that category, it has been happening the whole day of November 29, 2010.

Proof #4

To further support that, here is another capture from dated November 30, 2010.  Take note of the time and the number of votes too.

Proof # 5

These are the most vital ones, simply because it shows how the fans of the other contender were able to amassed millions of votes in just two days.  Honestly, so their idol got huge number of votes, but did they think that he will be happy to receive an award won through anomalous  means?

Here are the screen captures of the software they used to manipulate the votes, complete with download links and tutorials, the Thailand version even have the exact coordinates!

This one is used by the Hongkong forum !

Posted Image

JGS fans in Thailand did the same.. they even instructed fans step by step.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

So now, tell me, is this fair or what?

Please spread the word about this and send complains to Yahoo Korea.  We are not doing this to gain prestige nor recognitions for Kim Hyun Joong or our fan sites, we just wanted everything to be fair, let us do our part and not let our time and efforts be wasted by losing to an AUTOCLICK!

We lost in numbers but we have not lost the war….!

Stars attend ‘Petty Romance’ VIP movie premiere

credit: allkpop

Various stars were seen on the red carpet for the VIP premiere of the latest romantic comedy movie, ‘Petty Romance’, which was held on the night of November 29th.

The movie is about an adult comic writer (Lee Sun Gyun) who meets a sex columnist (Choi Kang Hee) who is anything but sexy. Conflict and fireworks between them are aplenty because of their different characters, but they have a common denominator: a vivid imagination.


Stars who were present include Park Bo Young, Ryeo Won, Kim Ha Neul, Bae Yong Joon, Ji Hyun Woo, Choi Daniel, Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Kim Hyun Joong, and Yoo Ah In, among others.

Check out the red carpet pictures, and be sure to check out the trailer below too!