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Kim Hyun Joong Photoshoot BTS for Japanese Magazines


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Hyun Joong’s LotteDFS Wallpaper


Hyun Joong @ Ramen CF shooting


Hyun Joong @ MBC Sports Interview (Engsub) 110415

Credit: @ YT + Video Courtesy MBC Sports + (chi trans) HJC + (eng trans)
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More Photos from Hang Ten Save the Earth Campaign

On the second photo, are his arms Photoshopped?


Japan Mobile Site Staff Blog #23 – Photoshoot on a day in Spring

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Photoshoot on a day in Spring
2011/04/26 Keyeast SY

I’m Keyeast staff, SY.

Yesterday, Hyun Joong had a short photoshoot and so I have made a trip down too~
It takes 2 hours to travel by car from Seoul.
As the high rise buildings and cars slowly lessen, a beautiful house stood in the middle of the quiet moutains.
This is where the photoshoot will be taken at.

Could it be due to his hair which was a bit shorter, the Hyun Joong I met looked more mature and manly than usual~(laughs)
Looking more like spring with the sun shining on the beautiful house which stood between the mountains made it a perfect day for photoshooting yesterday.

Hyun Joong, looking like a professional in the midst of the photoshooting around the house! Looks promising!!!
Only a professional could do that. I think everyone would feel the same too that every time looking at the photos and videos etc, don’t you feel that Hyun Joong looks as if he had slowly grown up to become a man.

While filming at the mountains under spring like pleasant blue sky, suddenly the sky became gloomy and the wind was strong.
By afternoon, even the tree built house shook.
I’m certain that I have grown up yesterday! Feels like I have~changed.
Even with everyone running around, Hyun Joong was really professional and did not move at all while facing the camera. While looking at him, a sigh came out from my mouth naturally ..
During the indoor photo shoot, there was a shoot with a 4 month old kitten.
Photo shooting together with Hyun Joong is a kitten know as the next “Geum Soon”

Very easy to get aquainted with and a very cute kitten.

After the photo shoot has ended here, Hyun Joong went together with the staff to a nearby Baeksuk (chicken stew, similar to samgyetang) restaurant, eating delicious Baeksuk and happily finishing the photoshoot.
By the way, what is this photoshoot?
Everyone, please anticipate it~

One more thing on the Korea Official Fanclub, it has been decided that Henecia to be the fanclub name.
Henecia is from the word blessed Kim Hyun Joong where Hyun Joong’s name “H” and the latin word Bencia (blessed) was put together. It means people who are blessed because of Kim Hyun Joong.
From now onwards, the fanclub might have recruiting announcements so please look forward to it~

Kim Hyun Joong Message at KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site 110429

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese~English Translation: miyo

is is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you.

Kim Hyun Joong & Elmo for Hang Ten

credit: Hang Ten Korea Twitter

Playful Kiss Teaser @ GMA 7 plus Official Soundtrack

The teaser is catchy and well executed,  the voice they used to dubbed Hyun Joong should at least have a little similarity to his deep baritone, but I understand they would want him to sound like a high school student, hence they used that dubbing voice.  I am sure  the Tagalog version will do well, Playful Kiss  has a huge fan base locally, judging from the success of the Playful Kiss Threads in

Thanks to princessfony @ YT for the capture

Here is the OST (which I like), performed by Rachelle Ann Go & Shamrock.  Soundtrack fits the storyline well.

click for bigger version:

Kim Hyun Joong’s New iPhone & iPad Application

I really liked this application, it has everything .  I wish there is an english version too.  Now I need an IPAD. ASAP.  lol

and to those with accounts in Itunes, you may find this helpful tweet from YBP0606 :

To Henecians abroad: we can request Kim Hyun Joong’s songs in iTunes. If you have iTunes account, let’s all request HJ’s songs.

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Kim Hyun Joong – New Message on Official Website 110428


captured by – babyvfan
trans by – babyvfan (
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original :

앨범마스터링 6시6분전에 끝 …………………

간다 시동걸어놔라

eng trans :

Album mastering ended at 5:54………
Let’s Go

Another translation by reena29shadowReena @ Twitter

Kim Hyun Joong 9th message: Album master copy completed before 6.06pm today…. Here, get ready for the final sprint!

Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match by HSScandal 110424

Kim Hyun Joong for Coupang in a Bus


Vogue Hommes Japan Vol. 6 Photoshoot Behind The Scenes


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Fancam: Kim Hyun Joong@ FC Men Soccer Match 110424

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Kim Hyun Joong @ FC Men Vs. Suwon Blue Wings Photos By A-hlia (110424)

credit: blog.daum net/a-hlia

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Playful Kiss Making DVD – Bonus Movie

uploaded by exlley @ Youtube

The Adventures of an Earth Angel Chapter 9 “The Wedding”

Kim Hyun Joong May 2011 Schedule

HYun Joong May 2011 Schedule

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May 1 – Coupang Marathon to Help Children With Cancer

May 3 – Playful Kiss PRemium Talk & Live in Osaka Japan

May 4 – Playful Kiss Japanese Promotion Press Conference

Kim Hyun Joong SIA Magazine Feature Vol. 3


Kim Hyun Joong @ Inkigayo (Eng Sub)

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Batch 2 : Collection of Fan Photos from FC Men Soccer Match 110424

credit: RHYME




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FanCams : Kim Hyun Joong @ FC MEN Soccer Match 110424

Credit:  ThemurdererQ

credit: kimhyunjoongperfect

Collection of Fan Photos from FC Men Soccer Match 110424


credit: chinese mother fans



According to her, Hyun Joong smiled a lot today.


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