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Kim Hyun Joong at Kbs Secret (English Subbed)


Kim Hyun Joong – Love-1 Concert Fuji TV Japan 110731



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Kim Hyun Joong @ Japan Showcase & Fuji TV Open Show & Love-1 Concert by A-hlia


Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down – KBS OPen Concert 110614

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Translation : Kim Hyun Joong’s Guesting @ No Hung Chul’s Radio Show 110616


NO HongChul: On June 16, 2011

KHJ says he likes friends and Close Friends and I am drinking water.

No says he loved BOF. No says that KHJ is the same even though he is a hallyu star. KHJ says that he is extremely busy these days.

He did not sleep at all as he had to record for Music Core. He also bought himself a puppy as he is kind of lonely alone. Puppy was delivered early that he did not sleep at all. He stopped at the hospital and then, he just did another radio show before coming here. MC asked him why he lives alone now since he can live with family.  KHJ was somewhat surpised by that question. Then NO says you can live with you parents. He says he lives alone as his parents live in SongDo, not Seoul  and it is difficult to maneuver schedule otherwise. (Remember in Knee Drop Guru show that he bought his parents apartment in Seoul  in Myungdong area and it will be ready in October…I wonder if he will live with his family then?? I doubt it..) MC is curious about how many rooms are in KHJ’s apartment. (No asks questions that seem trivial but interesting.) KHJ says he has a room for his clothes, his bedroom, computer room and bathroom. So MC says you have three rooms which means that it is over 40-pyung (it is a way of counting square foot but I don’t know how to translate that.) KHJ says it is over 40-pyung but he pays monthly.

MC says that fans and people are interested in these types of trivial things. MC asks about his puppies. KHJ says that since he is busy and he was worried that they will be lonely too. So, even though it could be overwhelming, he bought male and female puppies. No shouts out, when are you going to save money! Animals cost money. KHJ says he went to hospital and thought it will cost 15000won but it actually cost 150000won. KHJ says that he had a pang of regret and actually thought about if he could return the puppies to the animal farm.  MC asked about the breed. KHJ heard they are the smartest breed —molocoli? Bodocoli. No joked that you don’t even know the breed and it is fortunate that  it is not broccoli. (hahaha) KHJ says that puppies are now two months old. No asks if he named them; KHJ named them Art and Matic. The reason is that KHJ made a dance team as he was preparing for the solo debut and they are called Artmatic. (we hear women laughing in the background.) No says he understand that KHJ wants to name them after family but why not their own names…KHJ says he just wanted to feel them like family.

NO says that most mc’s would ask about his solo album and about debut but he is more interested in knowing the person KHJ.

Does it mean that he has some preparation for answers in other radio shows??)  No says that if he asks KHJ normal expecting questions, he can fall asleep. KHJ says that he did worry. But contrary to worries, they are so good at PR, setting up programs for him to do, and sell things really well for him. I think KHJ says that he bought the puppies himself. KHJ says he has absolutely no complaints about his agency at this time. This made No laugh—esp to the word absolutely. No says he smells some discomfort. But KHJ uprightly says that he loves Key Of East. KHJ says that Keyeast ‘s actual name is  Key Of East.

No says that No’s health trainer is same as BaeYJ.  No keeps on worrying about KHJ and maybe he is tired. He says that he will be asking lots of tense questions so that he does not fall asleep and to trust him and to follow him. KHJ says that he just took Omega3 so he is fine. No says that since he works out with the same trainer, he sees that Bae works really hard and he also saw that Bae constantly changes his cars to really good ones. No says that he saw a really big and good car and whether he ever rode in it because he heard that agency loves KHJ. KHJ admits that he rode in the car. KHJ says the car is called Na-eh-ba-heuk?? He was given a lift to go home after Bae and he had beers and parted. No asks if they drink beer often. KHJ says only once in a while. No says Bae loves wine and he heard that Bae has wine cellar with lots of wines. KHJ sounded a bit uncomfortable talking about Bae like this. He says that Bae does like wine. He himself does not really care for wine but he says that he has tasted and does like expensive wines. Because his first experience with wine was with the best and the expensive, he found out that he could not get into the cheaper versions. He tried a cheaper one with trainer hyung (Sander!!)  and did not like it and so does not try that often. Both break into laughter.

He heard good things about Break Down. No asks when it is good to listen to BD—KHJ says that Break Down is a song about conquering over someone you are mad at. It is good to hear when you are angry at someone or with someone you hate…like your boss or a friend who bothers you. It makes No laugh.

No says that he has same health trainer as Bae. Other members of Keyeast also come to that same trainer and he thought that he will see KHJ there too. KHJ says that he has a different trainer.  No asks why? KHJ says that he has been going to his trainer hyung for 2 and half years—his hyung is really helpful and good but since about a month ago, he seemed to get lazy so he is paying him now but it is still cheap.

No says that he tends to ask questions in a distracting and unorganized ways and hope that KHJ understand. No is also very considerate in that he tells KHJ to say no or pass if he does not want to answer any of the questions.  KHJ says he will.

No asks about puppies again. They are still in the hospital and most likely having their teeth cleaned. KHJ says that he is not yet attached to the puppies as they smelled so bad when they first came. So, that is why he immediately took them to the animal hospital for shower and grooming. He says that he will start being a father as of today and they will be discharged in 50 min from the hospital. NO asks what kind of owner he will be. KHJ says that although he is the owner , he will most likely let them be free and at times they will sleep with him and at other times, he may sleep in the dog house too. KHJ thinks that there will be a time when he may come home late from dinner and drink outside and he may not know where he lands to sleep. Haha KHJ says that he can drink about 3 and half to 4 and half bottles of soju.

No says that he remember seeing KHJ at a sooljip (sort of a tented place that sell food and soju) and No remembers him being very neat about it. KHJ says that he was not a good drinker from the beginning. No says that means that he drank often in order to be able to handle the alcohol. KHJ agrees. No asks him when he drinks. KHJ says he drinks when he is upset, feeling good, when he feels depressed, so he says laughingly that he drinks daily. No asks for more specific examples. KHJ says when he was working on his music for the solo album, he was often upset about the result and felt bad about his singing ability at times. Then he would drink. Then when he would overcome the slump and feel good, he would drink. He also would drink after the recording ended.

No talks about KHJ’s chicken store.  KHJ says that his friends are doing very well—they even made a mascot character and put it on the store website (I think KHJ says that he is the mascot??) and they are thinking about expanding to a chain store. He told them that they can do whatever with his blessing  as long as he gets his dividend. Laughter No asks about how it is divided. KHJ says it is equal among the three friends. No points out that if the profit is 10 then, it is hard to divide equally. KHJ says that they save the remainder for Keep—to save for vacation or other things to do with other friends. He has known them since elementary school and some from kindergarten. No asks about any feelings of being left out among any members since there are three. KHJ says that that cannot happen. He does not really work there so the other two can naturally be tight. Laughter. No asks if he can really trust the friends to div up the profit eqally. KHJ says it really does not mater because the profit is not really that big yet.

No asks how he got to work with KK as the rapper. KHJ does not know many rappers as an idol singer. So one of his dancer hyungs knew KK so that is how he got involved. He also got a Beat Box person through another rapper donseng. No says that he knows lots of rapper so if he ever needs one in the future to ask him.

Another corner: KHJ’s greatest love.

KHJ’s essay: KHJ says, his most uggddeung or 4D type of date with someone he loves was when he and she drank soju together until the morning came. (I don’t know if I am translating his essay correctly)  He says that he tends to love by pouring everything into it. What surprised him is that, after having poured out his biggest, his immediate realization was that he did not do better and how much he regretted it. He says that his biggest love is looking back and feeling sorry.

No asks if that “old friend” was able to keep up with the drinking? (sorry, I did not get his answer.) He says that they just went on and on talking and not knowing how the time was flowing. KHJ also says that the power about alcohol is that you get to repeat what you already said and it keeps on going. Laughter.  KHJ says that it is not that he drinks a lot or everyday, but he hopes that when he meets an opposite sex, they would not hate drinking. No says that a date that involves drinking together all night long is not a common type of date, is there any other kind of date that he would like to have? KHJ says that he would love to try going fishing date, not the regular kind of fishing with hooks but with a fishing net. Then after the fish are caught, the captain of the boat will cut up the fish so that he and the girl can eat raw fish with spicy sauce while returning.

KHJ says that though it may sound trivial, he really loves watching TV program called Senghwal (life)’s Dalwin (master/philosopher/expert) and ?VJ Deut GongDae. He really enjoys seeing people fish with net and working on the farm. No says that he has done those things as part of filming and find them really fun and interesting. KHJ agrees. No says that he used to be a cast member of 1Night 1Days and he was afraid of fish or fishing but once he went out to the sea he was able to do it and feel the fun of doing it. (Wait a minute,,,wasn’t KHJ afraid of slimy things/fish from the ocean in another variety show with Lee Hyori and he could not pick them up??) KHJ says that he also really likes that type of hard labor. No says that if he does that with a gf, their relationship can get tighter and be more of one. KHJ did not mention gf at all (but I wonder how he would ask a girl on a date like that??? I kind of doubt it!! Do you?? Keke !! I also wonder if KHJ has sort of changed the topic without the mc knowing it?? KHJ is good at doing such a thing.)

KHJ says that he once saw VJ program about ?? ah-goo~Sea Toad?? The seamen are focused on getting the ah-goo that they throw away it other fish are caught. Agoo can sell for over 67,000won or more. He thought it would be nice if he can go with them and try to get an octopus. No asked about a memorable expert from the Life’s Master program. He saw a person who is able to throw his name cards and stick appropriately to holes on 3rd and 4th floor. KHJ says that he is advertising very properly and well. KHJ wishes he could hire the person as his manager. Laughter.  No thinks that KHJ could be great at business.  He asks if KHJ ever thought about other type of business besides the chicken business.

KHJ says that, although it may be beyond his expertise, he would like to try a kindergarten business. He would like a type of kindergarten where kids can learn to dance, sing and learn English from early age. No thinks that is a cool idea.

No says that they got distracted when they were talking about love.  No asks KHJ to further explain about regrets when he gives so much. KHJ says that he thinks he is good but when he reviews it later, he feels that he was thoughtless and bad. For example, maybe he should not have asked a girl to drink soju all night long. He may have thought that it is because of love at that time, but maybe it was too much to demand. He says that his job is such that he gets busy for a period and then he can rest. But most people like (his gf just mentioned) have to go to work the next day. That is why he feels sorry. Laughter. No says that other friends could also have misunderstood the situation. NO reiterates that KHJ likes intense kind of relationship where he pours out his all and wanting to spend all the time with the person. KHj says he tends to be that way.

No asks about the biggest type of gift that he gave a girl while dating. KHJ says that he does not really do events. It is not that he does anything big and he does not do anything that badly either. He says that he is not lovey-dovey which is what women want.  It is too awkward for him (too much daksal). NO rephrases his question. Was there anything that he did for a girl that moved her and made her feel appreciated. KHJ says that he likes to create and give. So he has designed accessories with initials and gave to gf. KHJ says that he has put both his and hers initials on the item.  KHJ says that it is no big deal as it is free if he buys 24 carat. Laughter. (I wonder how does he give or pour out his all when the way he talks about it so far make him sound somewhat indifferent. Know what I mean? )

No asks about what KHJ said in his essay: that whenever he looks back, it is always a feeling of sorry/regret. KHJ says that even when he becomes a grandfather, he will realize that there will be NO such thing as greatest love. The reason is that what he thought was the greatest love always leaves him with realization of regret. (Woah,,,that is depressing!! Or too much guilt conscience??)

NO asks KHJ what kind of love he wants to have in the future. In future, he wants to love the kind of love where Art and Matic are loved well. So NO restates that KHJ cannot even think about love with another woman as he is interested in focusing on loving his puppies at this time.  KHJ agrees that at this time his children need his full support.

No asks KHJ to pick what he considers the greatest love song. KHJ says he is stuck on 3 songs at this time. His first pick is Kim Yunwoo’s “Already you are a person I appreciate=yi mi nun go mah eun saram”. He just likes it very much when he recently.  

·         He also likes Letter=Pyunji  by Kim kwanJIn   (very sad goodbye song but very good여기까지가 끝인가보오 이제 나는 돌아서겠소

and Four Men’s “I regret”.  He thinks he is stuck on Pyunji because he was feeling kind of lonely before alone at home since the puppies weren’t there ye.  

A young woman in her 20’s sent in her problem to the radio show. They read the letter. A woman who loves her bf wanted to go to Nam san even though her bf does not like crowded place. Irritated bf and she end up fighting. Then bf started to watch variety prog on her cell phone. She is very upset. KHJ says that he understand what the woman must be going through but there is something he does not understand. He has never used a phone where he can see video on the phone. He is tired of all the apps and too many things to know. He also used to wear 3x size large for his school uniform. He thought he would grow into that size which never happened.

Again, NO points out that their discussion went off topic—is it KHJ or NO??? (hahaha)

No asks KHJ why he may have fought with his gf in the past. KHJ says that he tends to do really well for the gf in the beginning of the relationship and then he gradually falls behind. So it would make the gf feel ignored. He says that he really likes hanging out with his friends that later, he ends up spending more time with his friends.  So he does things like that. NO says that there are many men like that.

IN the letter from the radio listener, the bf did not like to go to crowded places. KHJ thinks the bf must be a TV star or celebrity. NO also asks KHJ if there are places he avoids when dating. He avoids family restaurants. No says he likes family restaurants because they are bright with music. KHj likes places like ?jjeukoomi or ggomjanuh? (I have no idea)  KHJ prefers really crowded places with lots of smell like grilled pork skin places. He frequents a place in Jamsil because he tends to get stuck on certain food and that is only thing he eats for a while and right now he is stuck on ghalmagissal (I don’t know what it is but I can trans as sea gull rice; he has mentioned it before. Does any one know what it is?? Hmm,,,,I wonder if KHJ is a type of person who gets intensely stuck on one thing or one person/girl for a while until he gets tired. Then he goes back to meeting his guy friends or other food that he would get stuck on. He has said that while he was preparing for his solo debut, he was stuck on ddeukbbokki for 3 months and visited all the ddeukbbokki places in a certain neighborhood. Remember??? If my analysis is correct, keke, no wonder he is full of sorry and regrets about his relationships with women…keke—don’t mind me.)

No asks what does KHJ do when he has fight with gf—does he leave her alone to become less angry on her own or does he try to ease her anger. KHJ says that when he has a fight with gf, he tries be benevolent person who is above it all. But, even so, if the gf does not call for 2 to 3 days, he becomes frightened and then he knees down and asks for forgiveness.  He may act tough in the beginning and then he may regret that he may have done something wrong. (his pattern?? Keke) So, No asks what would KHJ do to deal with the problem. KHJ says the woman should also turn on wifi and do the same thing that her bf is doing so that he feels what she feels when he ignores her.

Time to end: KHJ says that time flew and that he could have gone on longer. He talks about his plan—e all know already. Remember this radio show was taped in middle of June. KHJ promises to return to the show in Sept or Oct when his new album comes out.

Kim Hyun Joong Breakdown Japan Showcase by The Face Shop Korea

credit: The Face Shop Facebook

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[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong’s long-awaited 1st solo concert tour in Japan!

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501) on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 3:31pm


Source: Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan Official Site (

Chinese translation: 大毛 @ 百度金贤重吧 (

English translation: tzeyin28 @

The long-awaited “Kim Hyun Joong’s 1st solo concert tour” is confirmed to be held in Japan!

Kim Hyun Joong will be coming here with his 2nd solo mini album that is estimated to be released this fall. He will start off the tour with a concert in Osaka and approximately 20,000 fans are expected to attend it. (Detailed information about his 2nd solo mini album will be announced in Japan in the near future) Please look forward to it!

[Concert Tour Schedule]

November 9th (Wednesday) @ Osaka: Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center)

November 11th (Friday) @ Sapporo: Sapporo City Shimin Hall

November 12th (Saturday) @ Sendai: Zepp Sendai

November 15th (Tuesday) @ Hiroshima: Hiroshima Alsok Hall

November 16th (Wednesday) @ Yokohama: Pacifico Yokohama

November 18th (Friday) @ Nagoya: Century Hall (Nagoya Congress Center)

November 23rd (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka: Fukuoka Cultural Center

* Dates and venues may change. We hope for your understanding.

* We will make an announcement about ticket selling methods and etc after making our decision.