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KimHyunJoong fancam-We’re good friends^^

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[Scans] Hyun Joong – ASTA Magazine (Thailand) September 2011 Issue Vol. 5

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[Scans + Trans] Hyun Joong – Oricon Style 8/29 Issue

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Q1. Please tell us the concept of the mini album “Break Down”
It is the process of a young man changing to an adult.
As I have received alot of positive comments on it, this is a satisfied work.

Q2. It was said that you were involved in producing, could you tell us exactly what have you participated in?
From selection of songs to selections of lyrics, arrangement of the melody lines, design of the jacket & logo and music videos, I have given all my ideas on it. In the end, I think alot of my ideas were reflected in it.

Q3. Having your hair blonde is also manly?
Currently I’m in the midst of the promotion activities of “Kiss Kiss”, so I decided to try out changing it. I thought it might show a little cuteness, but everyone around me said, “It looks manly.”.

Q4. In regards to your solo activities, did your management company boss, Bae Yong Joon or members of SS501 gave any advice to you?
Young Saeng (Had his solo debut first) had told me, “As you already have the experience, I think that it’s good that you have it to spare to do your activities” Bae Yong Joon is always giving his support behind me. He would mail such as “Today, this part is good” etc

Q5. Please tell us about your 2nd album which is to be released in Autumn.
As of now, there is the selection of songs. Also, 2 songs have already been recorded. It would be good to show a different image from what I have till now.

Q.6. It was said that your nationwide tour has been decided
Till now, my activities has always been centralized in Tokyo and Osaka, I would like to reach out to fans in other areas, so we decided to hold it at 7 areas. It is a concert but with talks where I can interact with the fans. So please do not hesitate to attend and I would be happy!

[Fancam] 110531 KimHyunJoong fancam-We’re good firends^^

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Fancams: hyun Joong @ The face Shop Mall Of Asia Store Visit

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[Star Date] Kim Hyun-joong (김현중) – The guy with perfect look!

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HyunJoong’s Japanese Mobile Site Update – Introducing My Family

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Together with my long time no see Art & Matic…

The white-fur called Art, and the black one is Matic.

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