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Kim Hyun Joong & SNSD’s Seohyun @ The Face Shop CF Shoot

[Pic] Hyunjoong and SNSD Seohyun – new TFS CF shooting


[Video] Hyun Joong – Hiru-nandesu [29.09.11]

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Mnet Idol Chart Multi Talented Idol – Hyun Joong #5

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong showcase photobook

Price: 3,360 円
Pre-order from 30 Sep – 13 Oct
Releasing date: 2nd Dec 2011


Uzoosin Concert part4

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(thanks april!)

Ellen and Azi suppressed a tense gigle at that naughty wink . Before they could recover at that instant recognition Flash Hyun Joong had disappeared.

Going back to the Philippines was uneventful except for the unexpected encounter again with Hyun Joong at the airport’s departure gate . The group had started to be suspicious of the constant whispering between the two.

“Hey ,something is going on ,huh. What’s that ?” Queenie reprimanded the two . The tone of her voice was demanding enough for Ellen to quickly think of a cover-up.

” We are talking about her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend ? Since when ?”

Azi pretended to flare up, “what do you mean since when ? I’ve always had one.It’s a secret, you know.”

Queenie retreated at this admission, though doubtful she just kept it to herself.

That night for Azi and Ellen was another night of exciting anticipation. Sure enough,Uz contacted them through their IPads. Uz aka Hyun Joong wanted to know if they reached home safely . He teased the two for looking very shocked at the wink he gave them. “You two did not expect me to recognize your faces .But I’m good at that.” At the same time he was also very apologetic for the “visit ” at the wee hours of the morning.There were so many interference of signals earlier, he said to justify his early morning 3 -way chat.

But the chats went on every night ,err,every early morning. They had talked of so many things like street food of kwek kwek he had heard about ,sisig , crispy pata,balut and Philippine beer . He asked how chicken is prepared in eating joints and for takeouts. And if Filipinos love to eat chicken. Why, is he doing feasiblity study? Is he planning to put a Jaksal branch Ellen wanted to ask but politely refrained herself from doing so. Ellen already had a bright idea she would apply as manager at Jaksal Philippine branch. Hyun Joong would be coming to visit often concert or no concert.Great!

Azi was already suffering from vertigo. She thinks she had already become anemic due to lack of sleep. Ellen told her to sleep early at night and just to have an alarm to wake her up around the time UZ would go bleep, bleep on their recievers. And yet Azi was so exhilarated that Hyun joong choose them among the thousands of fans .”Why us ? Now it has become a burden to keep his secret.”

Ellen wondered when Hyun Joong would really give them a ride in his spaceship.” Is that possible,or Uz is just good timing us ? Ah,let’s forget about that, it’s just one of those things he said. I’m even beginning to be skeptical if there is really an Uzoosin or a real spaceship. For all you know he was just testing with his special telecom gadgets and chanced upon us.”

In the weeks that followed, they didn’t hear a thing anymore from Hyun Joong. “See I told you. But look at my skin , my eyebags -that crazy kid! He must have enjoyed playing with us”, Ellen said. Azi shrugged her shoulders.

Somebody texted them that Hyun Joong might accept a movie role. Two blogs also reported Hyun Joong is considering to appear in a science fiction movie. To top it all, it is based on a story he wrote.

“Ah okey ,that’s it. It was rehearsal .He wanted to see how his story will have its course, he practised his lines with us ,the scenario and everything,” Ellen said with dismay. After all that excitement,the sleepless nights, Ellen said wryly “we were just taken for a ride.”

finale part 5 coming soon

[Trans] Hyun Joong Japan Mobile Site: The Recent Me 1 & 2

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Credits: ritsuko05801 @yahoo blog
Japanese~English Translation: miyo

■ The Recent Me 1。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Working hard practicing till night time for the release of the album in October.
Will become busy once the activities starts…

This is what I do when I have the time, if I could will be playing together with it~
Those who suspect that I keep playing with the dog and not practicing!
Because I can’t show pictures of myself practicing…I took this instead!!

<Next to be continued>

■ The Recent Me 2。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Don’t you think that it’s amazing?
But when I look at these photos and see the interesting expression of them makes me laughed.
When everyone of you is feeling tired (especially when tired of waiting for my album ^^;;) Please look at these photos and laughed.

In October, let’s run together again!!!!
Ah! Not running but let’s try jumping up like in this photo!!!!!!


credit: aprilstarr @

fanart by Lina Perez

It is quite commonplace to wish someone good luck before an undertaking. As if it is the mantra to add to, ensure one’s success. Most of us think though unconsciously that saying good luck is akin to summoning all the positive forces in the universe to bestow all the positive reinforcements if everything else fails. We also have matching objects or charms to attract the good and ward off the evil. We eat the right food ,wear the right color ,say the right words ,etc. We want to control the uncontrollable.

But then some people are said to be lucky. They win in the lottery or other chance games , they are good in timing and being in the right place when something good happens .They did not do anything,no skill,no effort.They just happened to be there when all the windfall occured . Know someone who is that lucky? Wish we have that lucky streak ,don’t we ?

In real life,we make decisions big and small . Some decisions are huge . Like recognizing turning points in our careers, getting married , starting a family, migrating or not . These are our life’s critical events. One positive thing is already going for you if at the very least you recognized that they will determine your future directions.We want to have our lucky breaks.

Perhaps it is too harsh to say Kim Hyun Joong recognized the red flag in his life. Rather apt to call his decision to go solo was because he came upon his cross road. Was he going to drive straight ahead ,go left or go right?Decision making here matter of luck? Just being a lucky guy?

Dropping the traffic analogy singing solo is now water under the bridge. It was fait accompli. He has made it -it cannot be reversed. Was it a matter of luck that he was amazing? That as solo artist he sold 100,000 music album on its first week and received 4 awards for it plus topping international music charts ,sold out all the seats for his Japan Concert on the day tickets were offered to the public and more asking for tickets, also matter of luck? Is luck something outside of us?

Tom Sedovic doens’t think so. He of the Sedovic Group in Wells Fargo consider luck as homemade (my version). People who are lucky he says make their own luck by “avoiding costly mistakes genuinely undertand their risk tolerance ,yet take only as much risk to reach their goal.”Though he is advising for financial investment it fits Hyun joong.Did he not also invest on himself as well as KE?

Another interesting insight I chanced upon because I was fervently looking for it my online library (no sir, it did not descend on me )is that luck is not really coming into its own without our effort, rather we attract it. But not in that simple wishful thinking mode.

It is what we want to happen and how we make it happen.

We have to do the works, Kim hyun Joong way. He has the determination, the will power,has the can do and can win attitude, the strategies,the work ethic and values, persevering efforts,skills and execution, the humility to know and acknowledge he still can be a better performer for his fans.We know what he does to deliver. And boy, does he deliver!

According to Roy Fosner ,this is the higher luck-it is consciously created, it is the mastering of our life, the harnessing of the right conditions to be what we can possibly be and to be able to do what we are capable of doing.It is our choice. And we exercised that option.

If Kim Hyun joong is indeed a lucky guy ,it is only because he knew what he wants amd knew what to do. And he did not lose himself in the frenzy of it all, and gave thanks to his supporters and those who believed in him.

In the next days to come, Kim Hyun Joong will be making available publicly his  second music album titled Lucky .

Awwww , the guy is just humble . We all know he did not only worked hard for it but he  will also do well.

(credit to my sources and credit to the pictures as tagged)