Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Translastion: KHJ Radio Show With DJ Jung

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by JoongBoers Indonesia on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 5:31am
Source: NH04

Credit: Hyun Joong China ( translation Korean to Chinese)


Translation fm Chinese to English done by Gerry @ sSangchu101
The 1st 13 mins of the translation

DJ Jung: 2pm appointment I am DJ Jung, just now it was Kim Hyun Joong’s “Lucky Guy”. How the Nunas are in madness raving on internet, how could this has happened..Ha!…Ha!…I am really thrilled…even our producers looking at them is really thrilled…today Kim Hyun Joong has come therefore the Nunas are exceptionally really thrilled…let us wait a moment while longer (introducing the radio activities & rules of participation)….Right after the commercials, we will together comes to welcomes Kim Hyun Joong

DJ Jung: 2pm appointment with DJ Jung…..(introducing the production staff)…now that we can find the same similarities ground, as of other times producers can’t even find similarities in raising their eye brows but then this person is different, what person that can able our producers to be so ecstatically thrilled. The Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong where Republic of Korea’s women could finds their smile is our 2pm appointment’s guest….Mice to meet you, Kim Hyun Joong ssi

Kim Hyun Joong: How are you, 2 pm appointment listeners, I am Kim Hyun Joong

DJ Jung: Clap..clap…Thank you…thank you…after “Luckly Guy was release…today this is your first broadcast

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…This broadcast is the 1st segment in the activities schedule

DJ Jung: Is it…before the television release, you didn’t do any…when was the television broadcast

Kim Hyun Joong: Oh!….starts…this Friday 20th

DJ Jung: I had seen your MV…I thought the MV was done in Las Vegas

Kim Hyun Joong: It is Yeongjong-do

DJ Jung: Yeongjong-do….The the part with the parked car…is it locate there as well
Yeongjong-do is an island off the west coast of the city of Incheon, South Korea. The previously separate Yongyu, Sammok, and Sinbul-do have been joined to Yeongjong-do by an area of reclaimed land built for the construction of Incheon International Airport. The island is an exclave of Incheon Metropolitan City’s Jung-gu district, and is accessed via two bridges, Yeongjong Bridge connecting to Seo-gu and Incheon Bridge connecting to Songdo.

Kim Hyun Joong: yes that is correct

DJ Jung: it…I thought it was on the road to Las Vegas

Kim Hyun Joong: If you look at it closely, you can actually see paddy fields at the sides of the road

DJ Jung: Ah! Is it…it is because it was an imported car that is why

Kim Hyun Joong: Ah! That car…because of the car, expenditure budget was really high

DJ Jung: Is that so….

Kim Hyun Joong: It was the car that President Park Chung Hee sat before
President Park Chung Hee was the President of South Korea from 1961-1979. He remains a controversial figure in South Korea as a dictator who seized power with a military coup and ruled the country with iron fist for 18 years until his assassination in 1979

DJ Jung: Ah!…Is that really so….really a suave car indeed

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes

DJ Jung: In regards to the raving in the internet that has escalated to madness….9616 has said “Yah!…Dong Saengs are getting crazy….Hyun Joong Oppa…Yah!!!!…in ends with a few “hearts”…Kim Min Yeong ssi “I am so thrilled to bits that I can’t even type out words”…Oh Mi Ae ssi “Universal God…let us see you” Shin Seong Min ssi “If able to see you, it is really nice”..Since I start doing this program…there was never was time that someone complains that they can’t watch on the radio show…today…it is the 1st time..why there is so many friends out there ask why can’t they watch a radio show…laugh…it looks that is a problem with my appearance…from 20th the television will broadcast the release…If you want to ask Kim Hyun Joong ssi any question or anything that you wish to say to me, just sent us a short text message at W50 or a long text message at W100 then sent it to 48008 will be fine…Now that the mini album is release, we have each day broadcast the songs from many people’s requests & dedications

Kim Hyun Joong: Just now you has mentioned that you has played my songs…thank you

DJ Jung: In preparation for this album, what is the thing that you had to spent effort on?….Just give an introduction to the public about your album

Kim Hyun Joong: This time the album name “Lucky Guy” & the previous album release “Break Down” is to gives & brings in the lines of fast moving music as a present to the public then this time wish to make that when listen, it is really relaxing therefore added some funky arrangement into the music, wish to make music that before this coming chilly & cold winter can encourage dancing

DJ Jung: Ah! The MV felt like it is shot in Las is the same with the music it like felt like see a concert in high class hotel….The MV dance choreography was also the same…Hong Soo Hyun’s performance in the MV has raise up interest attention among the fans..what do you think of this

Kim Hyun Joong: That is…Hong Soo Hyun ssi…Hong Soo Hyun Noona are from the same company…she was at that moment involve in the filming the drama “Princess Man” that in the midst of her busy film schedule, she endure long hours to help me film the MV…I am really grateful for her…but really…I don’t how to express my greatest gratitude of thanks to her

DJ Jung: I really like this song…really…really like….when I just hear it, I was wondering whose song was it then I heard that it is Kim Hyun Joong’s song…I was really taken by surprise

Kim Hyun Joong: Thank you very much…

DJ Jung: Yi Jin Yun…Hyun Joong Oppa what is his current hairstyle like…does he look healthy?

Kim Hyun Joong: I am now wearing a cap

DJ Jung: Then are you in good health

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes, I am….really healthy…yesterday night I was at the football field quite late

DJ Jung: Ah! But then…in Japan you has a lot of activities, then the management of your heath will be somewhat said to be difficult

Kim Hyun Joong: yes….few days ago, I took the 1st flight to Japan then after took the last flight back to Korea

DJ Jung: Morning went to return in the night, a round trip

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes….because of some broadcast…previously taking a flight was a thrill but now I don’t have that feeling any more

DJ Jung: Did you see what Kim Jin Ah ssi wrote to you… yesterday…in Paldang’s Maeuntang restaurant see Kim Hyun Joong & wanted to have his autograph (sign) but afraid to disturb Kim

Hyun Joong eating therefore I just left but seeing him at up close, he is really suave

Maeuntang (Hot Spicy Fish Soup). Restaurants that offer this dish often allow you to select your fish from an aquarium. Many specialty seafood restaurants have several aquariums from which you may select. Popular fishes for this dish include red snapper, sea bass, yellow corvina, codfish, globefish, croakers, pollacks, and even fresh water fish like carp. It can also be made with crab sand clams. (The price is calculated based on the weight of the fish.) The cleaned fish is cut into several pieces and boiled with ground beef and green vegetables such as watercress and garland chrysanthemum, along with red pepper paste. Hot pepper sauce and vegetables are added to this mixture, then it is seasoned with pepper powder, garlic, soy sauce, and more pepper paste. The main flavouring for this popular dish is fiery gochujang (red bean paste). This soup is one of Korean’s most popular side dishes when drinking. It can be made from left-over pieces of raw fish. If you order raw fish and rice, the soup is made from left-over parts of the fish.

Kim Hyun Joong: Oh!…yes…yesterday went to the restaurant to have a meal with the Dancer Hyungs together

DJ Jung: Therefore it is definitely Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong: Oh! Where was see sitting that she seen me?

DJ Jung: Oh Maybe she is one of the customers in the restaurant

Kim Hyun Joong: Then there is probably one of the two tables there

DJ Jung: That restaurant’s customer is so few

Kim Hyun Joong: No it is not that….it is full…the restaurant is not that big therefore we need to find somewhere in a more secluded corner…I didn’t eat Maeuntang, we just have Baek Chu (Napa Cabbage) & eel

DJ Jung: Ah just eat Baek Chu & eel…then this Kim Jin Ah ssi is one of the customers there

Kim Hyun Joong: She is probably my FAN

DJ Jung: She is definitely a FAN, wish to have an autograph but was afraid to disturb you but was deem unsuccessful, this matter must be really regretful for her

Kim Hyun Joong: Then in that case, Kim Jin Ah ssi, please leave your address, I will give my autograph to you

DJ Jung: Really…on a CD?

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes….on a CD

DJ Jung: Kim Jin Ah ssi…did you hear this…you have now strike…Kim Hyun Joong ssi want to give you a signed autograph CD, please give us your address & we will courier that to you…this is really great

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…it is actually really delicious…I frequently go to that Maeuntang restaurant

DJ Jung: Is that so, then in which part of Paldang is it?

Kim Hyun Joong: It is where….you need to cross the Paldang Grand bridge
Paldang is located in the city of Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. You can access there via the Jungang Line to Paldang station
The Paldang Daegyo (Grand Bridge) crosses the Han River in South Korea and connects the cities of Hanam and Namyangju. The bridge was completed in 1995. It is the easternmost bridge on the Hangang

DJ Jung: Oh! It is there…this album & the previous album, the time distance between them was that long about 5-6 months I reckon

Kim Hyun Joong: It was June the 1st album was release

DJ Jung: June was the 1st release of the mini album…now you are in the midst of preparing January next year mini album that so?…

Kim Hyun Joong: No….next year January is a mini album release

DJ Jung: it is also a mini album

Kim Hyun Joong: In November, there will a digital single release

DJ Jung: It will also be release….as for the Japanese fan & the Korean fans…what is the different feel between them?

Kim Hyun Joong: In the past during when the Hallyu started, just when SS501 just went to Japan…the Japanese fan waves fans but then because of the language difference it was rather distance, but now it has change a lot, especially when they waver their fans & plastic bats with applause they now chant & yell with such warmth

DJ Jung: they will chant & yell together & happily in participation…I seen today news that Kara fan meeting has reach 14 billion yen it must be really exciting…what is your opinion towards this

Kim Hyun Joong: I feel that as the Hallyu pop culture is spreading further to masses, but to be deem on par in the world with the American music industry, there is a lot in lacking that we need to strive on

DJ Jung: Ah! Right….An hour before Kim Hyun Joong ssi came to the studio, Kim Hyun Joong ssi Fan club move in a lot of carton boxes into the studio as we thought who order take away. In the end, Kim Hyun Joong Fan Club sent us a lot of nicely packed & delicious food boxes for us, in comparison that it was really delicious but the thought that has been given to then it is really moving & touched one’s heart…it is really great…

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…even where ever I go to places, they will do so….

DJ Jung: Ah!…also each box inside there is a coupon, inside the content it wrote that if you strike this coupon then it will be on laurel of Hyun Joong Oppa fortunes…I will keep this really carefully

Kim Hyun Joong: Oh! There is a coupon inside

DJ Jung: yes…a coupon…

Kim Hyun Joong: The W45 kind

DJ Jung: Yes that is correct

Kim Hyun Joong: Ah…if you strike then you need to buy from us another 100 pieces

DJ Jung: According to Kim Hyun Joong ssi has said that you wish to do band music

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…

DJ Jung: When you were young, you wanted to form a rock band

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…when I was young, I formed a band but then at the time, it was not funky type….

DJ Jung: Rock?

Kim Hyun Joong: That time, it was Linkin Park, The Con, Metallica…those were the group we like

DJ Jung: But then you also play an instrument

Kim Hyun Joong: I played base…what kind of student was Kim Hyun Joong ssi was in his school days…what music did you favour when you were young

DJ Jung: It was base….

Kim Hyun Joong: When I was young…I was really naïve about matter…the thought that music was probably seen to rebel….the rebellion type…class that need to go, didn’t….school have changing rooms…over there play with friends

DJ Jung: Then at the time when you are young, you must have like just as you have mentioned “The Con” those kind of music

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes I did

DJ Jung: It seems there is a rebel influence

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…

DJ Jung: Don’t know why do you think that this kind of influence may be so well adaptable with

Kim Hyun Joong ssi

Kim Hyun Joong: Is that so?

DJ Jung: In comparison to that I feel that it is really cold & lonely

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…but at the time, I really felt happy

DJ Jung: The influence on Kim Hyun Joong. At the time you were playing base, that probably quite famous at the nearby neighbouring girl schools

Kim Hyun Joong: At the time during Middle & High school, the surrounding bands were relatively higher in standards therefore during school concerts, we will receive invitation to go there & perform

DJ Jung: At the time, you already have great repoire with the girls then

Kim Hyun Joong: Can’t say….at the time, I didn’t have a girlfriend…didn’t have conversation with one

DJ Jung: You are so suave looking that you don’t have a girlfriend… think that probably you are a person wouldn’t have no girlfriend to be reckon…girlfriends should be aplenty…it will be really strange compares the person to the likes like Kim Hyun Joong ssi…wants to get close but feel it to be a distance feeling instead..just like the likes of us…we are the neighbourhood Oppa therefore to address as Oppa & to call Oppa is rather with ease

Kim Hyun Joong: It is not like that

DJ Jung: Now we will listen to Kim Hyun Joong’s song…Kim Hyun Joong ssi, why don’t you introduce the next song

Kim Hyun Joong: The next song is title “I am your Man”…it seems that this my 1st love song after my Solo activities

DJ Jung: This song is in this album

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…it is recorded in there…it is a song that confesses to the woman you loved that is in your heart….I wanted to make this as a congratulating song for other to hear…among my fans there are a few who is about to married within this month….although I will not able to attend….but hoping for those who hear this song will have a happy & blissful marriage

DJ Jung: it is a song that is most appropriate to be sung on wedding to wish them happiness

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes….

DJ Jung: You will able to sense that it is like Kim Hyun Joong is coming to attend your wedding & singing this song to congratulate you, this song must feeling that when it is heard isn’t it?

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes

DJ Jung: Now we are going to hear Kim Hyun Joong’s song “ I am your Man”

The song is played

DJ Jung: This is 2pm date…I am DJ Jung….our guest for today is Kim Hyun Joong…Kim Hyun Joong’ song.. “I am your Man”…for the sake of all the grooms out there…please never go & attend a wedding…If Kim Hyun Joong ssi goes to the wedding…the grooms with be really be pitiful…laughs….Yi Mi Ran says…that on television she really want to hear this song

Kim Hyun Joong: This song in comparison to say on television, it will be most appropriate to sing this live on a concert

DJ Jung: Is it really…when will there be a concert?

Kim Hyun Joong: it will probably be towards the end of January or early February

DJ Jung: is it a world concert?

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…a World Tour

DJ Jung: Oh…a World Tour….November 9th you will be touring Japan

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…November will be touring within Japan

DJ Jung: Then the nation tour will cover how many cities

Kim Hyun Joong: probably about 7 cities

DJ Jung: 7 cities….the fans will probably be really pleased

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…they are…This time all tickets has been sold out therefore really need to thanked them with gratitude

DJ Jung: Then this week you will be preparing this activities at the same time starts preparing for the concert

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes…at the same time preparing for concert…with album promotion activities

DJ Jung: Then you are really busy…now the variety show is quite a lot

Kim Hyun Joong: yes….because that the variety show has be added is too many then went I come to the show, I don’t know what else to say, but it is really apologetic that before the show, I has to meet with the producers…I had been to so many show that I felt that I have no more to say…now even whatever was on my memory are all been spoken

DJ Jung: yes…I can able to understand….just like us who has done this 10 years, each time what is the topic of the feels that we are lost of words…don’t know what to talk any more

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…it is like the pot has reveals its bottom….

DJ Jung: But then my producers felt that whatever Kim Hyun Joong he doesn’t need to say anything…. just sitting down & smiling will be sufficient…don’t need to say anything…it is really fine

Kim Hyun Joong: But then the saying 10 hours sitting down it is really difficult

DJ Jung: yes…if we broadcast this for 10 hours, most of the people will know…listening to this already feels difficult…..just now you mentioned to give the fan who meet you from the Maeuntang restaurant a signed autograph CD, the comments site are now in frenzy…8853…Hyun Joong ssi in the year 2008, Winter…in a raw fish restaurant I seen you & a friend having drinks…7010…I am a school mate of Hyun Joong…we met a few times

Kim Hyun Joong: 7010…if I know his name…perhaps

DJ Jung: I think it is just toying….if you open the contact to see there will be class mate from which year & which school

Kim Hyun Joong: it probably from middle school’s class mates, in high school, I don’t have friends

DJ Jung: yes…this person said is school mate..that met a few times….if this is said it probably not a very acquainted school mate, most probably the ones you meet each other at the school corridors…here you will often see the situation of people having your acquaintance therefore you can relaxed…it is because you gave Kim Jin Ah a signed autograph CD, now everyone is in frenzy…on stage show to sing then in addition participate in television show, although it has been ask many a times..during variety show, radio show, television drama & live event..what do you feel it the most at ease when you are at these activities

Kim Hyun Joong: This questions I have been asked a lot….when doing television drama is the hardest..the time goes quickly…late nights…the waiting…..but then when acting in a drama wish to be a singer…when singing as a singer…with this & that…wants to be act in a drama…there is no time to rest..when as a singer preparation is done at a long period of time for a short slot of 4 minutes performance that you has to bring out your attractiveness personality because it is a live show…therefore there is some excitement in that…in the drama…you film in a long period of time, there is a value of an hour…there is also some excitement in that…therefore as when I am a singer, I want everyone to feel Kim Hyun Joong..moreover in drama when I am acting a character & living as the character therefore it feels meaningful in that

DJ Jung: In the end, which do you find more likable…but as they were hardship when you enter the industry

Kim Hyun Joong:….yes… will be better if there is the end & don’t need to go through the process to get to the end

DJ Jung: especially the waiting period….what lighting…whit for camera…what position takes a long time

Kim Hyun Joong: yes..that is right…

DJ Jung: actually in the midst when at home, you quickly want to go out for holiday….in the end when you are there….you finds that you just want to return home

Kim Hyun Joong: yes that it correct…it is that kind of same feeling

Jung: For an example….when you want to go to Japan, you hurried there then when you are there, you want to return to Korea the soonest possible

Kim Hyun Joong: yes

DJ Jung:…4880…I have many laughable incidents…just tells us when you…what do you bring to you variety show….in the past Park Myeong Soo in his own broadcast bring a lot of funny matters from his guests…then just comment…4880…we will take to & account & considerations…if it any good…we will pass it on to Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…I understand

DJ Jung: Now…Kim Hyun Joong ssi now want to introduce this song…normally you like to hear…in the noreabang with friends that you frequently visit is there a song you will sing that whether or not you can introduce one to us

Kim Hyun Joong: I…like Senior Kim Hyun Woo….

DJ Jung: Ah!…Kim Hyun Woo…I just hear today his song “Lovers”

Kim Hyun Joong: Really…this song has been hear many a times…when he was in Toy…there is a song… “Gradually Beautiful”…this song when I go into the shower, I must listen to this song

DJ Jung: Then I will play this song for the listeners to hear…what will they come to mind..shower & all…looks like you really like the song….then we will listen to this song Toy’s ‘Gradually beautiful”

(Song is played)

DJ Jung: This is 2pm Date….This is DJ Jung…We are having a date with Kim Hyun Joong….”Gradually beautiful” is your most favourite song

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…it is my most favourite song….I think in my life…it is the my greatest song

DJ Jung: Greatest..yes…the lyrics to the song is really good…from lyrics to the singing is indeed great…Baek Hyo Seon…DJ Jung as a song writer…if you were to write a song for Kim Hyun Joong…what kind of style of song will you write for Kim Hyun Joong…firstly I must know what Kim Hyun Joong’s preference of style of music he favours before I can write the song for him….

Kim Hyun Joong: I will like Ballads

DJ Jung: Ballads?….

Kim Hyun Joong:…yes…please do offer your assistance…for the next album release

DJ Jung: of course…I am more than happy….I should thank you instead

Kim Hyun Joong: if you write me a ballad, it will be nice

DJ Jung:…just like along the tracks of “gradually beautiful”

Kim Hyun Joong: yes….like that song

DJ Jung: I should write “gradually beautiful part 2” needs to be done in order to make me become a Hallyu song writer…I want to go to Japan….XXX….today see you in the movie …it is nice to see Kim Hyun Joong appearing in movie will be nice…have you done a movie….do you have that there movie script given to you or casting done

Kim Hyun Joong: I have many movie scripts that is offered to me but I think that I will continue in television dramas, although movie command the same time of performance but because that it is on big screen therefore I still need to do drama to train & practice my performance…the portrayal of expression must be done well, when I have the self confidence within myself, I will go for the big screen

DJ Jung: That is true…there is no sense of urgency….just do it slowly…bit by bit….9989…don’t say about anything else..speak truthfully….now you don’t have a woman that you see it as the woman…wish to know what Flower Man preference in a woman….can this be said?….

Kim Hyun Joong: honestly I feel that myself, I don’t have repoire feelings for younger women

DJ Jung: laughs….if you say that…the comments site will be chaos….I can hears the Noonas screaming “Yah!!!” that kind of sound…wait a moment….why the Noonas like you so much..why is that….

Kim Hyun Joong: What I think….some women think that a lady group is like “After school”

DJ Jung: isn’t there already is…”after school”…then in the “After school” group member who do you like…just mentioned a 1 or 2 will do

Kim Hyun Joong: No it is just the whole grouping as it is

DJ Jung: The whole group…anyhow we can probably guess who is she….

Kim Hyun Joong: In regards to Dong Saengs group, I don’t have that kind of feeling…I have said & mentioned this before to my Dance Team’s Head “Why don’t I have such attraction for younger girls”…he said that when you reach 30 years old you will know

DJ Jung: This I can really understand….why is that…during your 20s…you will be more naïve that you were in High School…because of the close age proximity…they feel that it is just younger siblings then when you reach 26-27, your mindset will change but of course there are people who mindset don’t change at all

Kim Hyun Joong: I have never has a relationship with a girl that is younger to me

DJ Jung: Again there will be screams….the listener who are younger than Kim Hyun Joong ssi are screaming “No you can’t….don’t say this…if it this…I will not listen

Kim Hyun Joong: No…the Team Head tell me that when I come to 30 years old I will know

DJ Jung: When I was at Kim Hyun Joong ssi age, I was just like that

Kim Hyun Joong: is that so?

DJ Jung: yes…in the past…when I was at that age…girls that are 2-3 years younger…there are still young…didn’t I with a 23 year old Dong Saeng that has been together until now….I was also lke that…Yi Jin Yi ssi…..please Hyun Joong ssi appears in fitness challenge show like “Invincible Challenge”, it will be nice

Kim Hyun Joong:…yes….this kind of show please invite me….I really like fitness challenge

DJ Jung: You have fitness challenge activities

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…compare to the show that require me to speak, I like fitness challenge show better…I have seen “Invincible Challenge” before…I really wish to participant but then the schedule timing wasn’t appropriate…it was unsuccessful

DJ Jung: Your talking is fine to me

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…I really wanted to participant but the timing was….

DJ Jung:….why don’t we, when we end this program today,, I will sent a text message to PD Kim from “Invincible Challenge”…will say to him that Kim Hyun Joong ssi really wish to participate in that show….he has the confidence to win….you must invite him, can you do so?

Kim Hyun Joong: It is fine….

DJ Jung: Why did we turn to that topic…weren’t we saying about “after school”…9360…I went to the photo site…sees your tagline that “Life is just once”…don’t know whether now it has become somewhat….what is the reference to Kim Hyun Joong’s life is just this once

Kim Hyun Joong: it is not important what is in the future..when someone has the consciousness to do something that one’s wants to do to allow that when we die, we don’t have regrets. My saying that just this once is not just to indicate that it is one time only like striking a lotto, moreover it is a person lifetime is to do something that he love & to live its life to the fullest

DJ Jung:…to have a free lifestyle….in the past that I has taken interest on Kim Hyun Joong….I have watched Hyun Joong ssi & Hwangbo on “We Got Married”. I felt that Kim Hyun Joong ssi is not that type of “bad” man…not the type to treat a woman overly nice or warm

Kim Hyun Joong: yes,…that is right…I don’t…

DJ Jung: You will not do aegyeos…on give your girlfriend surprises events…those things like that, you will do that

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…I will not do…

DJ Jung: yes…that what is Kim Hyun Joong ssi attractiveness he have, as for a woman to say

Kim Hyun Joong: Actually I have done that aegyeos..but however….

DJ Jung: it is Kim Hyun Joong style of aegyeos

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…right…I will really to the person I love…just towards her only that I will do aegyeos

DJ Jung: Then this is to say….you will not do to any girl such outgoing gesture

Kim Hyun Joong:…yes…don’t wish to make too many comments on that

DJ wouldn’t talk about it

Kim Hyun Joong: yes….

DJ Jung:….except for my woman…you will say this to any woman at all

Kim Hyun Joong: yes

DJ Jung:…for that woman, it must be really a great thing….towards that devoted Man…a great Man…Yi Soo Won ssi….you & SNSD Seo Hyun did a CF together…really envious…Seo Hyun has matured beautifully….

Kim Hyun Joong:..yes…right…she is really beautiful….

DJ Jung: Then at the times you were working together with Seo Hyun, both of you weren’t well acquainted with each other, you didn’t have any conversation together

Kim Hyun Joong:…yes…total was just 4 words… “Good effort”, ‘How are you”, “Have you eaten”…probably those

DJ Jung: Then when Seo Hyun asked you a question, your answer is just “Yes”…then ask you have you eaten… you will answer “yes”…isn’t it

Kim Hyun Joong: Yes….

DJ Jung: it is really a straightforward answer

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…straightforward

DJ Jung: I also think so….because Seo Hyun it seems was not well acquainted…if except to shoot CF, if you were to meet again, will you meet up

Kim Hyun Joong:…I will

DJ Jung: In the email there is a question…once the album is release…soon it will be Lee Seong Gi’s who also will release his album, it will be compare, what do you think…say after Lee Seong Gi…besides Lee Seong Gi, there will be many other releases albums from singers the likes like SNSD & follow by the rest..when you will doing the preparation, what were your thoughts

Kim Hyun Joong: Actually I didn’t give any thought to the matter…there are many things that one can’t able to comprehend

DJ Jung: Honestly speaking…just like Kim Hyun Joong has said…actually there is no need to think overly too much about the matter…it is not just one type of Fans there are many different types

Kim Hyun Joong: yesterday I had a teleconversation with Seong Gi, although he didn’t use my song as a ring tone

DJ Jung: Did Seong Gi use it?

Kim Hyun Joong: he didn’t….

DJ Jung:….moreover it has only been release…just rele3ase not even 2 days…he has never use it once

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…I have never once use my song

DJ Jung: Is it?….Then what is Kim Hyun Joong’s ring tone

Kim Hyun Joong: My….Bak Jae Hyun’s “Lovers”

DJ Jung: Why is that?…

Kim Hyun Joong: I think that the song is really nice

DJ Jung: Is it….right…when did you start using that song as a ring tone….

Kim Hyun Joong: it already been a few months

DJ Jung: Before that…what was it

Kim Hyun Joong: it was Seo Tai Ji

DJ Jung: Oh!…Seo Tai Ji’s….then it is to say….that you often hears the songs that you favour during your school days

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…

DJ Jung:…also from the time when you like Toy songs as I see it that compare to latest songs, Kim Hyun Joong prefer older songs

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…

DJ Jung: You seems to like listening to music that brings back your memories

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…

DJ Jung: do you often have teleconversation with Lee Seong Gi?

Kim Hyun Joong: yesterday it is because of the soccer matches

DJ Jung: You both play soccer together

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…yesterday was the 1st time

DJ Jung: it is not just a game, but really a soccer match

Kim Hyun Joong: yes

DJ Jung: Do you have a team?

Kim Hyun Joong: I with the dancer team & the staff of the company together…yesterday we lost really badly

DJ Jung: I want to form a soccer team….if we want to gather a team…Ah!….Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Seong Gi playing soccer against each other…this is worth seeing….there is someone with a question….6131….Now a lot of people asking Kim Hyun Joong in regards about Bae Yoon Jung’s matter…Kim Hyun Joong has high regards for Bae Yong Jung but then Bae Yoon Jung in regards to Kim Hyun Joong’s replies to his matter, what is his opinion on the matter

Kim Hyun Joong: it seems that I had never come across this kind of questioning…..even it is just say…it will be pleasant…perhaps whether or not it will render good effect towards the album

DJ Jung: Do you often call…often meet

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…I will go to his house

DJ Jung: Bae Yoon Jun’s house…if the opportunity comes by, please bring me there…I wish to see it…actually we want to hear one of Kim Hyun Joong’s song but because Kim Hyun Joong’s ring tone is “Lovers”…therefore we will like to give Kim Hyun Joong a ring on his hand phone…to hear that ring tone

(Ring tone song is played)

Kim Hyun Joong:…hello…Bin Na…Kim Bin Na….hello?…

DJ Jung: This is 2pm date….today with Kim Hyun Joong ssi together…just now we played “Lovers”…Ms Kim Bin Na requested this song…it is because that this song is also Kim Hyun Joong ssi ring tone…therefore have ask Kim Hyun Joong when the song ended to pretend to answer the call..with Hello!…hello!…never would have thought Kim Hyun Joong will answer “hello, is it Bin Na?…I can guess that Bin Ba ssi already collapse in faint by now…fine…I heard after this, Kim Hyun Joong has a “sign” meet

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…The “sign” meet will be held this Wednesday at Daegu

DJ Jung: Ah! This Wednesday…

Kim Hyun Joong: also there will one in Illsan…I am just doing album release promotion, it is not that difficult….besides Seoul…there is Busan & Daegu those places will have a “sign’ meet. It is because of the FAN from other places…coming to Seoul isn’t easy for them…therefore the “sign” meets will be done in a nation tour then the FAN don’t need to come to Seoul, just nicely wait at their house will do

DJ Jung: yes…Kim Hyun Joong ssi will personally come to you to see everyone…I am really thankful that Kim Hyun Joong has said so many together with us…then the final song will be Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown…here after if we have live show, we will invite Kim Hyun Joong once again…& you must come

Kim Hyun Joong: yes…thank you very much…do call

DJ Jung: Kim Hyun Joong…thank you…this is 2pm date…sign off

Kim Hyun Joong: Thank you

(Song is played)

Thanks Gerry for the translation

4 responses

  1. cagome


    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 9:53 pm

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing & also the translation. I’ve learned something today again thanks.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 4:31 pm

  3. khjfan

    Thank you so much for the translation. It was very kind of whoever translated because it must have been a lot of work. We English speaking fans are very grateful!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 3:59 pm

  4. It is so long for a moment I lost myself I thought I was already in South Korea LOL.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 11:54 am

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