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 Let’s all enjoy HYUN JOONG’s year-end gifts :   His UBERlicious Performances

And of course …………… may you all have a prosperous 2012!!!



Salamdeul-ege Him-eul (Power To The People) The year K-pop ruled the planet


If democracy is, according to the online version of Merriam-Webster the dictionary, defined as a “government by the people; especially rule of the majority” – or to put it in the words of The Kinks’ 1981 album,Give The People What They Want – then you could say that when it came tothe music scene here in 2011, the majority made their vote loud and clear. Mostly with screaming and waving of light sticks.

One of the things the general populace wanted: Pop stars who were preferably teen-esque and, if possible, Asian. So if Justin Bieber had been Asian, that would have been perfect. But he isn’t. So they found what they were looking for in K-pop.

How else can anyone explain why K-pop concerts sold out faster than you can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a very long word.”

In fact, the massive queues for the shows seemed to stretch on forever, making a word like “Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon” (yes, it’s a real word) seem like “ponding” when compared to the deluge of love and emotional outpouring shown by the fans at these gigs.

Hang on, you say. But didn’t we saw signs of K-pop maniastartingto bubble in 2009 and 2010? That’s true, but this year, the voices were heard as the powers-that-be – i.e. concert and event organisers – really got down to it to give the people what they wanted: K-pop stars in the flesh. And they gave it to us in spades.

Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Beast, Lee Byung Hun, Song Sung Hun, Go su, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Jun Kee, Kim Hee Sun, Han Chae Young, Yoon Eun Hae, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Min Hee, Ji Sung, Kang So Ra, Bae Soo Bin, Afterschool, T-ara, MBlaq, T-Max, Nam Kyu Ree, Park Shi Yoon, Yoon Sung Ah, Oh Jee Ho, Kim Sung Soo, G.Na, Miss A, 2NE1, Kim Hyun Joong, Big Bang, F.T. Island, U-Kiss, The Boss, Teen Top, Dal Shabet, TOUCH and X-5 all popped over to our little isle this year to much appreciation.

But the year wasn’t all just about K-pop. The masses also showed their love to the likes of Bieber, Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Faye Wong, Jackie Cheung (who sold out an unprecedented four nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium), Kit Chan (who sold out three nights at the Grand Theater at Marina Bay Sands) and the ’80s triumvirate of Human League, Belinda Carlisle and Bananarama.

So, if you play the numbers game, what we in Singapore reallywanted was a huge dollop of K-pop, a pinch of annoying young Western popsters, and a scoop of veteran performers.

You can judge all you want, but that’s the truth.

Sure, indie acts might seem to be the guys kick-starting the 2012 concert calendar, what with The Vaccines, Kasabian, Paul Kelly and the whole cast of the Laneway Festival making a Singapore stopover, but the other acts slated to make the majority of the population clap their hands in unison in the first quarter are acts such as Super Junior (or SuJu as we like to call them); Taiwanese powerhouse singer A-mei; Swedish ’90s pop duo Roxette; and ’80s pop quintet Duran Duran.

Will those riding on the indie/alt ticket sway the public consensus? Well, to borrow what one young upstart once sang, I will never say never – but, you know, I’m not going to hold my breath. In fact, I’m just going to let it out as one long sigh.

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Kim Hyun Joong’s flawless cover of Rain’s “Rainism” at the 2011 KBS Music Festival


Singer Kim Hyun Joong put on a flawless cover performance of Rain‘s “Rainism“.

At the 2011 KBS Music Festival that was held at the KBS Hall in Yeoido on December 30th, Kim Hyun Joong put on a spectacular performance of Rain’s “Rainism”.

He displayed his explosive charismatic appeal with his extravagant dance moves and seductive voice while wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of shades to complete the ‘Rain’ feel.

The highlight of the performance was when he stepped down from the main stage to be a little closer to his fans, which drove the audience wild.

Meanwhile, other artists such as Girls’ Generation, IU, miss A, f(x), Lee Seung Gi, Wonder Girls, T-ARA, 4minute, Davichi, CN BLUE, Infinite, SISTAR, U-KISS, 2PM, B2ST, MBLAQ, Secret, Clover, and more also performed at the 2011 KBS Music Festival.

Check out Kim Hyun Joong’s performance below!

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s perfect stage of ‘Rainism’, ‘Thought Rain went AWOL’


Kim Hyun Joong perfectly reenacted the stage of Rain who is now a private in the military.

At the ‘KBS Gayo Daechukje’ on December 30th, Kim Hyun Joong put on an impressive stage with Rain’s ‘Rainism’.

Kim Hyun Joong put on a perfect stage of ‘Rainism’ before presenting his own song. The dance and the singing were so perfect that it felt as though Rain had come back from the military for the stage. The powerful dance moves and the sexy voice really took over the stage.

Kim Hyun Joong is referred many times as the ‘Post Rain’, as a solo male singer to follow in the footsteps of the wildly successful Rain so the performance really drew attention.

Netizen comments include “I thought Rain went AWOL!”, “It makes me miss Rain even more”, and “Kim Hyun Joong is so talented! He’s really amazing.”

Source: Newsen via Nate

Fan Photos: Hyun Joong @ SBS Gayo Daejun 11.12.29


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Kim Hyun Joong’s Billboard at Shibuya in Japan

Kim Hyun Joong Performs Rainism and Lucky Guy at KBS Gayo Daejun

No shocker today…he just showcased pure, unadulterated talent at its best.

credit: @ youtube