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[Fan Fiction] My Boyfriend Is A Tiger (Chapters 1-5)


all photo credits belong to owners. No copyright infringement intended; fanart by Lina Perez

Chapter 1

The story in several chapters revolves around a  tiger in a zoo cared for by Yuri and Eunnie .

Starring : Kim Hyun Joong , special role -Jang Dong Gun , Sung Yuri ,Yoon Eun Hye , cameo role Jung So Min and other guest stars

At last the Bengali Tiger arrived at the Zoo. The long travel had zapped the energy of the tiger who was a donation from a South Asian country. It was almost rejected because the zoo almost always preferred their animals to come from captived breeding programs . But the Department of Animal Management was persuaded by its new deputy head to get an animal from the wild. After all, the Panthera Tigris is already in the endangered species list.

After the grogginess wore off, the tiger found itself inside a confined enclosure -a huge cage. With all its strength and might it tried getting out but the steel bars were so reinforced it would not budge an inch. The tiger is still young , in human years about the age of a man in his mid-twenties. Finally, after spending all its efforts in vain , the tiger sat down in repose and waited silently. But the noisy stomach signs of felt hunger and thirst were annoying . If he was not caged , he could have easily stalked his prey for food. A few moments later , a beautiful woman came to bring him his food and water. The tiger looked at her innocent face and wondered why she didn’t seem to be afraid even when he growled slightly and paced around the area. Maybe she thought he was thanking her.

The tiger was not afraid of human company , in fact he seemed to enjoy hearing her soft voice welcoming him to the new place. It was Yuri ,the zoo’ s veterinarian and assistant head for the Animal Health department who came to bring him food and water . She had scheduled in a few days time a thorough medical examination for the tiger which will put him under general anesthesia. Yuri has started to affectionately call him Hodori , after the Tiger mascot for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The days quickly went by . The tiger was actually in quarantine as the usual procedure with newly arrived animals . Hodori kind of passed the time looking around his new place and with the thought of seeing the vet med as she brought his food and checked on his conditions. As the zoo had several of its keepers on sick leave, Yuri volunteered to feed the tiger. The quarantine will last for a month to acclimatize the new arrival before it will be brought to the viewing deck . The tiger must not also be subjected to the stress of aggression coming from the older residents.

Then one night ,as he spent it alone like many previous nights inside the cage, Hodori grew restless. It wasn’t cold or warm ,he was not hungry nor thirsty but something was happening to him. His thick fur started disappearing. His front legs became long and slim ,and his hind legs also became longer -its skin was bare but the telltale stripes marks were still there. He struggled to get up holding on to the cage bars. And in the still of the night with fully illuminated moon up in the dark sky, a once a month occurrence, he stood up. He felt his face now without its whiskers but just hint of a growing moustache. It was bare and so is the rest of his body . Standing now in all his manly glory , he was startled by a shout .

“Hey you ! Did you sleep on the job again ? Why are you guys in the night shift always take advantage? And you even removed your uniform so nobody will notice you huh ! Hahaaha here I brought you your uniform ! Get out so I can go to sleep ,too.”

The older guard opened the cage , threw him the uniform and hurriedly left . He quickly put on the strange garment and came out of the cage. Ahhh,freedom at last . He strolled around the grounds for some time and saw the other animals. Those awake looked at him with some kind of recognition,even reverence . In fact he was able to go near them and they somewhat quietly bowed their heads. His scent was unmistakable.

“You are beginning to smell like them ! Here is soap , in case you’ve ran out of it.”

The soap and the voice came from Yuri, who came early to work today. She was also quite excited to see the new tiger as several days from now he is going to be transferred to the viewing deck . But she also wore a little frown as the zoo guard seemed unfamiliar to her. But she dismissed that little thought quickly as she walked towards the tiger’s cage . How could she know everyone ,the zoo is quite large and the personnel are on several shifts.

Hodori, sized up the immediate situation and ran towards Yuri . He seized the pail containing the beef meat that was to be fed to him and quickly disappeared behind the corner.

“What was that all about ???”, was all the surprised Yuri could say.

credit to the owner of photos and fanart .No copyright infringement intended

My Boyfriend is a Tiger

Chapter 2

” Yuri ,please come to my office.”

Yuri looked around to see who spoke to her but only saw the back of a well goomed man in a business attire. Of course, it was the newly installed Zoo director, Mr. Jang -the one touted by the management to bring their zoo to world class standard. Momentarily distracted from the snatched tiger feed , Yuri followed the boss to his office.

“Have a seat , would you like some coffee ? It’s good you came early we can discuss animal health first thing first.”

“Good morning . Coffee would be good,” Yuri slightly bowed to her new superior. It will take some time perhaps to get used to him , after all the one that retired was like a father to all of them. This new director is only in his early thirties , just about a few years more than her age.

“I’ve read your annual report for 2011. You mentioned about infestation among the animals and the need to give the place a thorough clean up before an epidemic happens . That is a priority . But I am for developing our own breeding program. First target species would be those in the endangered list.  What do you think about that ?”

“Yes, our own beeding program will be good .But we need a research lab for that …and we need experts. I am sure you know about the expenses that will be involved,” Yuri quickly gave her assessment .The truth is she had been secretly studying that possibility for their zoo. She just didn’t want to burden the outgoing chief with it.

“You must have looked into it. I’ve seen your professional profile ,you are frequently studying the new programs.”

“Well, only if they are applicable to our situation.”

” I want that captived breeding to be my centerpiece program. Will you help me ? I will send you for further studies even to other countries . If we succeed ,it will mean promotion for you.”

The incentive for anyone in her position to cooperate with the new boss kept on ringing in Yuri’s ears as she walked back to her office. On her way out she passed by Hodori’s cage and from a distance saw inside the young security guard. Yuri with a smile thought that he will be easily given a permanent position in the zoo if he is that caring for animals…perhaps a zoo keeper?

“Yuri! ” It was Eunnie,the secretary to the new boss . “Did you just come out of the admin office, I did not have a scheduled meeting for you .”
“Oh,just a casual meeting with Mr .Jang.” Though it was her job to screen visitors, Yuri sensed her outright hostility. Besides,she is not a visitor ! Does she need a formal appointment ?

Yuri’s thoughts returned to the tiger. She is definite they will be the  first one on  Mr Jang’s target species. There are at present two female tigers of reproductive age…Hodori is a …that means, Hodori will have to be subjected to research studies . But he has just arrived !

Curiously, Yuri felt uneasy thinking about it but eventually shrugged it off. Talking aloud to herself, “it will take some time …I still have to study. Also somebody will have to be taken in to substitute for my position, when I go for further studies. Oh,I don’t have to go for a long time,I know the basics of animal breeding.”

When Yuri visited the cage after a few days Hodori has returned to being a tiger. Yuri approached him to tell him of the prospective in-house breeding. But told him not to worry,for she will not let anyone harm him and will be studying hard for it. Yuri caught herself saying these words and a smile came to her face. She looked at Hodori and realized he looked at her with very alert eyes and even stuck his tongue out.

“Oh you naughty boy !”

The following day ,Yuri told Mr. Jang that she is okay with the idea of studying for the breeding program. Eunnie did not seem to like that Yuri was frequently talking with the handsome Mr. Jang in his office but at the same time happy that she will be gone for some time. Mr Jang was undeniably fond of Yuri .

In the next few days  after a brief job posting on the newspaper , stream of prospective temporary replacement for Yuri came . One outstanding newly graduate of veterinary medicine caught the eyes of Eunnie. The name on the submitted resume: Jung So Min.

My Boyfriend Is A Tiger Chapter 3

” Good morning, I’m Jung So Min. I came for the interview. ”

” Ah ,yes. Come in. I was just going over your resume,I’m Yuri. Maybe it will be best to have our talk while we go around the premises of the zoo.”

Yuri brought So Min around the different areas designated for the animals.There were a lot of open spaces replicating the animals’ natural environment designed with plenty of trees, streams, plants and bushes, boulders and manmade platforms for sleeping.

” I love animals and had been a blogger for animal welfare” ,So min turned the conversation to herself.” My father insisted that I be a doctor if I love animals so I can also take care of them .”

” Oh,I see. But that is good to be in two fields at once. You must be familiar with the zoo.The zoos have same objectives though each one will have its peculiar characteristics.We are planning to contribute to the breeding of endangered species.”

“I am already loving this place . Were the animals been here for a long time ?”

“Most of them.We have a newcomer-a tiger . The Zoo director had planned for him and the other tigers to be in the breeding program. C’mon let’s visit him.”

Hodori growled a bit when the two approached his cage as if saying hello.

“Hodori ,you have a new friend here- So Min.”

“His name is cute. I still have my Hodori toy. Is that his real name ?”

“His papers say he is Shere Khan.It means tiger king in Hindu. But I called him Hodori.”

In the following week , So Min was told to report to the zoo so Yuri can slowly transfer her duties to her. While So Min was showing how enthusiastic she is with the new job,Yuri was getting depressed at the thought of leaving Hodori as he had started to lose his appetite.

It must be a temporary condition So Min would say . But Yuri would not be contented till she had given him another round of check up.It seemed he was reinfected here. Yuri’s verdict was to give him oral antihelminthic medications . His condition became okay after a few days giving Yuri some restful nights. In the meantime ,So Min was getting attached to Hodori in spite of warnings given to her by the zoo keepers.

One day, So Min was inspecting the microchip transponder attached to Hodori’s ears for identification,when the tiger suddenly roared in anger. His roar was intimidating enough made more fearful when he held So Min’s arm in his mouth. So Min’s scream had called the attention of the zoo keepers and Yuri who all rushed to the scene.Seeing Yuri and hearing her calm voice, Hodori finally released So Min’s unharmed arm.

Yuri embraced the crying and visibly shaken So Min. “He must have had a bad experience having that microchip attached and he remembered when you touched him. We must review what we were taught about animal behavior. Tigers when they hold your arm in their mouth exercises the ultimate in power control. There is a technique for them to release your arm .”

Hodori growled in low tones as if explaining what happened.

A day before Yuri was supposed to go for her studies abroad , So Min reported that Hodori was running a fever. The fever did not go down at all in spite of medical measures. Yuri is having a dilemma.

Will she go to her training abroad to realize the organization’s dream and get the promotion or stay because of Hodori’s unexplained illness ?

My Boyfriend Is A Tiger Chapter 4

Credit to owners of photos ;no copyright infringement intended

“What are you doing here ? You were supposed to be in that 8 :00 am flight !” Eunnie almost exploded at the sight of Yuri at Hodori’s cage.

Eunnie had shown special interest at the tiger to get the attention of Mr Jang. Mr Jang had pinned his hopes of a successful breeding program with the arrival of Hodori and used this also as an excuse to be with Yuri when the latter visits the animal. Eunnie was hoping the 4 weeks Yuri would be gone , is enough to make Mr Jang fall for her.

Straightening herself from bending over the weak Hodori who was lying on the ground , Yuri faced Eunnie. “I can’t leave when Hodori is not feeling well. I’ll go tell Mr Jang and call the Institute. I’ll also call So Min that I am no longer leaving.”

Mr Jang although disappointed at Yuri’s refusal to go, understood her change of mind. He instead quickly decided for an inhouse training for breeding the animals. But Yuri’s mind was more preoccupied with Hodori’s condition. Everything else became secondary.

With her care Hodori’s condition eventually improved. That was all Mr Jang cared for, a healthy Hodori would make a good breeder. In a few days , Hodori will be subjected to an array of medical examinations to prepare him for the zoo’s program.

Hodori was hearing all the breeding plans for him and somehow made him restless . He has not been interested with any female tigers yet… is it possible that he will breed and have offsprings?

That night , Hodori became a man again. He decided to visit the tigers’ cage and saw the two young female felines. Shaking his head as if to remove certain visions , his boredom inside the zoo made him leap on the high perimeter fence to venture outside.

The night was still young and he decided to walk away from the zoo when he realized he was stark naked . Using the sidewalk bushes to camouflage himself he chanced upon a night market and stole some clothes from an ahjumma vendor . Muttering under his breath ,” I’m sorry, just borrowing them for now.” Still he was barefooted while he explored the nearby buildings.

“Is this guy the new dish washing help they sent ? What are you standing outside for ?”, an old man shouted at him, while an old woman gave him a push inside all the way to the kitchen of a small eatery. All the Korean he has heard for almost a month was enough to make him remember some basics of his native language . But he cannot speak yet ,just some strange sounds are coming out of his mouth.

“He must be mute.What is this, he does not  even have any footwear .” The old man threw a pair of worn out sneakers at Hodori. It wasn’t hard for Hodori to imitate how to wash the dishes in fact he delighted in doing so and played with the bubbles.

Crasssssh ! Went down several plates on the cement floor. The old woman in a loud shrill voice immediately said she will take it out of his wages . But she felt sorry for him when she noticed Hodori’s eyes were filled with tears. In between sobbing for the plates he broke , Hodori ate the food given him. At last the eatery closed, Hodori wandered some more and was attracted by the bright neon lights he saw on top of buildings. He easily was able to go up the emergency stairs. Very soon he was on the roof admiring the sights. An alert night shift security guard saw him and whistled as well as shouted at him to go down. Startled and afraid , instead , he ran up another level. Soon the building was on alarm and an ambulance and firetruck arrived.

The commotion on the ground was enough to cause a traffic . Yuri happened to pass by after working late in her office . Annoyed by the vehicles that almost stayed stationary on the road she alighted from her car to see what was going on . Still in her white uniform she was thought to have come to the rescue and despite her protestations was taken by several men to go up to negotiate for the young man to go down . When Hodori saw Yuri, he calmed down and agreed to go down with the group.He was briefly taken to the hospital for an examination but was released soon after to the care of Yuri who was mistaken for his guardian. When asked for his name , Hodori uttered She-re . Hodori or Shere meekly followed Yuri ,who was herself amazed by a seeming familiarity between them but was at a lost on what to do with Hodori. When asked where he lives , Shere gave her a confused look.

“Ok, just for tonight, there is a sure snowstorm ,you can stay with me.Tomorrow you go home wherever that is.” Yuri kept on talking to herself that she has seen Shere before but just could not pin it down .

That night , a full blast snowstorm came and stranded many commuters . The snow quickly piled up on the streets and on the trees planted on the sidewalks. Shere slept soundly even snored for the first time in his life in Yuri’s guest room. Yuri seeing this forgot about her initial regret for letting him stay with her for the night. Two days passed by ,the snow would not stop making the city government declare a state of emergency and all offices were closed. Yuri was worried about the animals at the zoo but there is nothing she can do about the weather.

“Don’t worry about staying here longer, I understand the situation . Let me wash your clothes, in the meantime use my brother’s clothes.Take a bath.”

When Shere handed her his soiled clothes,Yuri noticed the stripes in his arms but said nothing. It was a very refreshing bath for Shere who emerged from the bathroom with dripping hair on a wet muscular and lean body.

Yuri noticed and secretly awed at Shere’s handsome features.” You have been staying here with me for two days and I still don’t know who you are . I am Yuri Lee ,what is yours?”

“Shere Khan.”

“Oh, Sherwin Kang”,Yuri’s brain in its cultural mode was hearing something familiar “. “You look like somebody I have seen before. ”

Shere looked at her with a blank look. He was starting to get uneasy. Something is happening to his body. Shere had started to feel the hairs in his arm and face and made him retreat to the bedroom. He must find a way to leave Yuri’s house.

My Boyfriend Is a Tiger Chapter 5

Shere by now had carefully opened the front door and walked out while Yuri was busy with her computer. The snow outside Yuri’s house was almost a foot deep and only very few struggling pedestrians and several abandoned cars were on the street . Shere with no tracks nor scent to guide him back to the zoo was at a lost . Would it have been better if he had remained in Yuri’s house ? Although Yuri is used to the animals , the situation is very different. Shere is not sure of the  consequences .

The temperature outside was almost below zero and the only place he can seek refuge several streets away was the mall . Shivering , Shere made it to the mall where he saw people huddled inside drinking hot coffee and chocolate. He soon was attracted to well lighted boutiques along the corridors. Wandering around he was soon being eyed by the swooning female mall promenaders and their equally awed male companions . Was it his handsome features or his tiger fur that was mistaken for a winter jacket that by now has covered his head.

“He looks like a movie star ! There could be a film shooting here somewhere!”

Shere was feeling agitated and when he saw his image at the display glass window he scampered away to a dark alley just in time to notice he could no longer stand up for a long time. All of a sudden the lights bursts from outside and several men came in with boxes. Shere immediately saw an opening to get out. The opening was  the merchandise delivery door of the mall .

“What was that ! Did you see that ? That was a big cat ! A tiger !”

” Are you crazy ? What tiger ?”

But Shere had run away and saw a parked truck . He easily climbed at the back and hid among the boxes .

“Maybe I am just hungry to see a tiger running out of that door. Okay let’s go we still have some deliveries to do and it is difficult to drive in the snow.” The men slammed the truck’s back door and drove away .

Shere felt the moving motion and wondered when and how he could go back to the zoo. After some agonizing hour,the truck stopped . Shere sensed it and jumped out as soon as the men opened the truck’s door.

“What tha- was that a tiger ?”

” What tiger again ! Have you eaten breakfast ,you are already hallucinating!”

The man shook his head.” Must be . But I really think I saw one. ”

Shere wandered around some more on the deserted streets till he saw a flyover. The ground beneath it was a perfect cover to wait out the snow. He saw a mound of what appeared to be rags and huddled close to it for warmth. Later, the mound started to move.

“Hmmm,it is very warm now,good .I don’t have to go to the shelter, ” a homeless man who looked drunk moved closer to Shere. Shere woke up to see a man but remained motionless and only looked at his companion. The two species found comfort and solace at each for the night .

The following morning , the man woke up and smoked a cigarette he picked up from the ground. Without looking at his companion,whom he assumed to be another homeless person,he opened a can of luncheon meat . “Here, I left some for you ” and walked away. Shere finished the man’s leftover.

Yuri knocked repeatedly at Shere’s door to call him out for breakfast. When there was no sound coming out of the room Yuri slowly opened to door. The empty bed was not used at all.

Just then Yuri received a call from the zoo , “What ! What did you say ?”

“Dr. Lee , the tiger disappeared from his cage !”

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