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[Fan Fiction] My Boyfriend Is A Tiger (Chapter 6 – 8)

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My Boyfriend Is A Tiger Chapter 6

Yuri’s incoming call made her rush to go to the zoo . Nobody seemed to be able to explain to her why Hodori is missing . He simply disappeared without a trace.

“Have you looked at all the places …could he have escaped ? ” words were difficult to come out of Yuri’s mouth but she entertained there’s always the possibility. The zoo keepers and the guards had an emergency meeting .

Somehow Yuri’s eyes were scanning the zoo employees faces to look for somebody. But before she could ask if the zoo had new employees , Eunnie interrupted her for a meeting.

The Director called for the heads of the department to come for a meeting. They now have a critical problem at hand . If the tiger truly escaped , and heaven forbid, he becomes a menace to the city population,they will be held liable and forced to vacate their present site. City Hall had been interested in the zoo property for a commercial development. If City Hall would know their irresponsibility in not keeping all the animals safely caged in their premises,the pressure will surely increase . But they can’t keep this a secret -they must ask the help of the police.

Yuri is afraid the tiger will fight back if he is cornered by strangers. Or the tiger will be harmed by strangers alarmed at his presence. The news if leaked out will be causing panic . Now what to do ? Every minute counts. But something must be done for damage control.

At last the Director decided to call the police for help.

“Hello.This is Director Jang of the National Zoo. ”

“Director -we found the tiger ! He is back in his cage . ”

“Yes, yes Director, how may we help you …hello , hello “,the police at the other end of the line was puzzled when the call was dropped .

A news reporter covering the police beat overheard the dropped call and immediately ran to the zoo . Using his investigative instinct he smelled a scoop.

At the zoo everybody in the emergency meeting immediately headed out to go to the tiger who they found sitting quietly by a corner in his cage.

“Where did you find him ? ” Director Jang was relieved and yet knew heads will be rolling at this lapse in animal security management.

The zoo keepers said they had found Hodori back in his cage. Yuri immediately inspected Hodori and found a bleeding wound at his side .

“Where did you get this ? ” Yuri asked as if expecting an answer from the tiger.

Hodori just looked at Yuri with pitiful eyes. If he could only tell her that when he finally made it back to the zoo it was difficult to climb the walls with its barb wires . He ripped his side that way.

The reporter who had squeezed himself into the small crowd was busy taking down notes and about to take pictures when Mr Jang held his arms . Using his most diplomatic skill so as not to fuel anymore fire into the reporter’s curiosity said ” not so fast ,my friend,we are investigating this matter . Let’s have coffee in my office.”

Yuri painstakingly nursed his wounds till they became well. Hodori looked forward to Yuri’s healing touch everyday . Eunnie’s also frequented her visit and she would come with Mr Jang most of the time.

Mr Jang had also many meetings with Yuri regarding the breeding program . The meetings extended into dinner dates between the two. Eunnie always found reasons to join them as well. Ever the gentleman , Mr Jang never let Eunnie feel she was a nuisance to his other intention.

Hodori found Mr Jang’s interest in Yuri more than annoying. He would growl everytime he see him come to talk with Yuri on the breeding of the tigers . The Director has grown impatient and has repeatedly asked about the schedule . It is not only his own ambition at stake here but there is also a grant from a private foundation being offered to the zoo if they can present a successful breeding program . Hodori and the two tigers were the
first participants in the zoo’s pilot program.

Hodori’s tests that declared him fit for breeding had been completed . The day Hodori will be transferred to the regular cage with the other tigers had also arrived .

He has no rival in being the alpha male which the two female tigers immediately acknowledged . One was submissive, while the other simply walked away as if to give way to the older one .

The days passed by. The breeding program officially in place everybody highly anticipated the tigers would soon mate . Then the female tigers’ estrus cycles finally came , the scent was unmistakable , the tigers can now mate .

“No , no it can’t be ! I am human,”Hodori protested in his head .

-end of chapter-

My Boyfriend is a Tiger Chapter 7

“No, no it can’t be ! I am human !”.

But the scent of the female tigers’ estrus was over powering. It was nature’s way of assuring preservation of the species. Hodori’s biological instincts won. He mounted and mated with the two tigers -but only one was impregnated. A few months later,Hodori and the female tiger had three little cute tiger cubs.

Hodori struggled to be on his feet. His being a tiger overpowered his being a human. But it was all a dream.A bad dream for him. When will he ever throw away this curse! Hodori sulked in a corner. He had been suffering,through no fault of his own when he was turned into a tiger by a powerful woman.His family used to live in a South Asian country where his father is a handsome, rich businessman . But his father was a womanizer. A woman who became his father’s mistress but soon was cast aside had a lethal attraction. She retaliated by cursing the unborn child to become a tiger by the time he is past his childhood.Only his pure love when the time comes for a woman and the willingness to sacrifice his life for her will release him from his father’s debt he now carried like a yoke. Unfortunately, both his parents died in a car accident leaving him alone in an orphanage. The time came when the curse came true and he escaped into the forest. Then he was caught and donated to the zoo that keeps him today.

He was excited when he learned he is going to the zoo of his own homeland but not the idea of breeding with other tigers. His spirits sunk lower each day that he thinks of running away again. The only consolation he had was seeing Yuri.But Mr Jang seemed to keep her from spending more time with Hodori. Then there is Eunnie who appears to be delighted in coming to see him but in reality it was all to flirt with Mr Jang when the latter comes by to chat with Yuri.

A new zoo keeper answered Hodori’s prayers. After feeding the tigers, she did not lock the cage well as her mind is always preoccupied texting her boyfriend. Hodori knew what to do. This was the opportunity he had long waited for.He quickly made a quick dash out of the cage into the parking lot where he ventured accidentally. There he saw a partially opened car and went inside.

The human scent of the car owner was very familar to him- it was Yuri’s scent. Yuri that late afternoon unknowingly drove with Hodori at the back seat. Yuri was going to another city for a workshop and decided to go there that night to escape the traffic congestion tomorrow morning. A car started honking at Yuri to pull over on the side as soon as she was passing by a sparsely populated neighborhood. It was the carnapping with robbery syndicate on the prowl victimizing women. But when Yuri looked at her mirror what she saw was the shadow of a big cat whose head was now in full alert sensing danger. Yuri did not know if she was more afraid of the men tailgating her or was it her passenger she did not recognize.

Due to her mind’s preoccupation the men overtook her and brandished a gun to her face telling her to alight from her car.

Hodori was ready and forced his way out of Yuri’s car. He attacked the men forcing them to scamper away but not after one of them fired a gun at Hodori. The shooting was so all of a sudden. Only when Hodori let out a fierce cry that Yuri realized what had happened. Hodori sustained a deep wound on the chest. It was only after a while that Yuri knew it was Hodori who saved her.

But Hodori was fast losing a lot of blood and consciousness. Yuri was totally helpless to what looked like a dying tiger by her side when a passing by truck driven by an old man volunteered his house so Yuri can administer first aid. But Hodori is beyond first aid so Yuri had to perform emergency operations to save his life.

“When the zoo comes to pick him up and you also have to go ,just close the door behind you.I have an errand to do.” Yuri appreciated the help and the hopitality of the old man who quickly drove away.

A sedated Hodori slept through the medical procedure but was awaken later by the coming of the full moon. Though tremendously weakened by the lost of blood and naked he emerged out of the small room as Shere to find Yuri asleep in exhaustion. But before Yuri could open her eyes he found some clothes in the room and wore them.

“Sherwin ? Kang Sherwin? Why are you here? How did you find me here?” Yuri was surprised at Shere’s sudden appearance.Then she noticed he had a chest wound. Same wound as Hodori.

“Where is the tiger?”

“I am that tiger.” Shere spoke slowly with a low voice.

Yuri covered her mouth in total disbelief.”Are you …are you kidding me?”

“I will tell you my story though it is hard to believe.”

My Boyfriend Is A Tiger Chapter 8 (finale)

Yuri looked at Shere with the eyes of an innocent child who looked like she had just read her very first fairy tale book now,” It must be a legend,I know you were once a prince and a witch…”

Shere swiftly took her in his arms and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. At long last as a man, he was able to hold and kiss the woman he loves.Yuri responded back. No need to think, they were both swept away by the torrent of their emotions.

“Yes , that is true . I came from a legend. I must break that legend -to be a complete man to you and only for you.”Shere looked at Yuri intensely and yet tenderly.

What can Yuri say? It was the sweetest,most romantic utterances Yuri ever heard from a man.

How long they held each other after that moment nobody cared to know or to measure. They have abandoned everything around them lost in their love . There was no need for any ritual nor formalities to happen . Even words were not necessary .

Yuri’s celphone incessantly rang but no one heard anything.The rain pouring lustily outside muffled all other sounds. If there was anything that escaped nature’s sound proofing,those were the sounds of love given its ultimate fulfillment. Ahh,the sweet exhausting ecstatic joys !

It was their hungry, noisy stomachs which made them realize there are other basic human needs. The strong rain had also stopped and in its place were the drizzles continously refreshing the whole surroundings.

“Let’s go to the market to buy food!” the two said simultaneously and laughed .

The nearby market provided them with vegetables, fruits and seafood.The market vendors teased that they looked like a lovely newly wed couple and kept on giving them extra heaps of produce.

After a hearty meal out of what they bought earlier Yuri attended the brief out of town workshop on animal health in captivity. But she could hardly understand anything discussed as her mind was on Shere.

In the afternoon, the two found the time to swim in the nearby ocean.

“Tigers like swimming!” Shere said excitedly .

As nightime approached , Shere however grew silent and distant .The moon was no longer full .

“What’s wrong?”,Yuri asked with some apprehension.

“Yuri , when it happens ,don’t be afraid.I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I am not afraid . But what shall we do if ever… ?” were all the words that came out of Yuri’s lips. But Shere could not bear having Yuri watch him transform, and hid himself among the plants telling her not to follow.

Yuri’s wait was undescribably excruciating. Hearing nothing after sometime she went out to look for Shere.

She called out not knowing what to expect ,”Shere …Shere where are you ? Shere …”

She found Shere seated motionless on the ground behind the thick bushes.

“Shere … you did not become a tiger…”

Only then did Shere feel his face and arm and then looked at his legs and feet . Then he stood up tall and handsome and said quietly,”the spell must have been broken …and embraced Yuri tightly. The embrace however, put pressure on his wounds. Shere let out a cry.

Yuri returned back to the zoo and found it stricken again with panic since yesterday due to tiger’s disappearance . The news reporter had been on vigil by the zoo gate to get the first comments fromYuri.

” Yuri , the tiger …we can’t find him again! We have been trying to contact you “, cried the senior zoo keeper when he saw Yuri.

” Oh,yeah. He really must have hated the breeding program and besides he is now my boyfriend,”Yuri said.

“What ?”

“Dr. Lee , please elaborate on what you just said …” the reporter ran after Yuri. But Yuri ignored him and went straight to Mr Jang’s office.

Yuri handed the surprised Mr Jang her resignation letter. With a very light feeling exclaimed, “I love full moons !”

(Voice in the background) “You won’t be ,Yuri.”

Queenie, the woman who laid the curse on Shere laughed from a distant land.”I’m not yet fully convinced -more proofs please ! Hahahahaha.”

Shere now turn into a tiger during full moons.

(Voice in the background )”Well ,Yuri you can’t have everything. At least it will never be boring with Shere.”

-The end –

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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