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[2012.03.30][Photos] King charming ^^ Busan Lotte Hotel

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong to Begin Asian Fan Meetings in May


Kim Hyun Joong to Begin Asian Fan Meetings in May


Asia’s hottest actor/singer Kim Hyung Joong will soon begin his Asian fan meetings and provide the opportunity for fans to meet him in person! Currently he is planning the “2012 Asia Fan Meeting” and will hold promotions beginning in May for major Asian countries. The countries that he will visit are Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand.

Kim Hyun Joong will show off strong stage performances. He will also be directly involved in planning the fan meetings. He has already proven that he is Asia’s largest Hallyu star because he won four different awards on “2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards.”

A representative of Kim Hyun Joong’s agency stated, “After hearing the news about Kim Hyun Joong’s Asian fan meeting, we are already being flooded by questions from fans.” After the fan meetings are over Kim Hyun Joong will return to South Korea for a short break, then he will choose what project to do next.

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Lotte Hotel Restaurant Opening Event in Busan

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[2012.03.30] AEON Coolish Fact

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free April 2012 Wallpaper


[Translation] KEYEAST’s notice with regards to Asia Fanmeet

Translation: wonderrrgirl

Hello, this is KEYEAST.

This notice came as a result of the many enquiries made about Kim Hyun Joong’s 2012 Asia fan meet.

We will now address the concerns with regards to the current overseas ticketing for the Asia tour via the website.

At this moment , all plans with regards to the Asia fan meeting is in the midst of planning and is not yet confirmed or finalized. As a result, any advance booking of tickets may put one in a disadvantageous situation.

Keyeast is not responsible for the unofficial ticketing through the website, nor the disadvantageous position any fan may be placed in as a result of it. When the plans for the Asia Fanmeet are confirmed, Keyeast will release an official notice with detailed information via the official website.

Thank you.


[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong Focus Run to 2014 New Dream Tour Concert


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Tom Ford Sunglasses

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[Photos] More From TGC Event In China

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[Scans] Hyun joong Featured at Choa Vol. 10



[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong Featured @ Music Bank Vol. 11


[Photos] Hyun Joong HQ Airport Photos From TGC Event

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[Photos] HQ Photos Hyun Joong @ TGC Event




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[Eng Trans] Key East’s Notice Regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s tVn Drama [Marriage Scheme] OST Participation

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Long and lengthy winter has calmed down and warm spring is coming.
Please spend everyday pleasantly & warmly while staying healthy.

Kim Hyun Joong will be participating in tvn drama’s [Marriage Scheme]
first broadcast on 4/2/12.

This time, the OST ‘If You’re Like Me’ is included in the drama to
further increase the romance of the story.

The song will be availabe each on every music site on Tue 4/3 at 12am KST.

Also on 3/26 (mon), ‘If You’re Like Me’ preview will be first to be shown
on tvN and Mnet.

Fans’ support and interests will be much appreciated.

Thank You

[2012.03.26] “Boys over Flowers” Leads Kim Hyun Joong to Join OST of tvN “The Wedding Scheme”

by: thunderstix on Mar 26, 2012 


Kim Hyun Joong has joined the OST album of tvN’s new drama, “The Wedding Scheme.” The single titled, “If You’re Like Me,” is a soft ballad track that highlights Kim Hyun Joong’s emotional vocals. A one-minute teaser of the MV was released on March 26  and you can check it out below.

Kim Hyun Joong decided to sing this song because of his friendship with Lee Min Woo, the director of 2009 KBS drama, “Boys over Flowers.” After hearing that Lee Min Woo has started a new romantic comedy drama, Kim Hyun Joong reached out to the drama producers for a part on the OST album.

“The Wedding Scheme” is a romantic comedy starring Kang Hye Jung and Lee Kyu Han. It’s about the relationship between a single career woman who’s not interested in marriage and an innocent, young chaebol heir.

“If You’re Like Me” will be used as the main theme song of the drama. It will first on April 2 and the full track will be released on April 3.

[2012.03.24&25][Photos by A-hlia] KIM HYUN JOONG @TGCFashion Festival, Shanghia


@TGC Girls Collection Event-2012.03.24 




[2012.03.26][News] Kim Hyun Joong captures China with his fashion and music


March 26, 2012 7:20 pm dkrogers

Kim Hyun Joong’s fashion and music recently captured the public’s attention at a collection.

On March 24, the ’2012 Tokyo Girls Collection’ was held in Shanghai, China. Besides Kim, many stars, including Park Shin Hye, Sasaki Nozomi, and more, who represent Korea, China, and Japan, attended the collection.

Kim was invited to the collection, which is a grand-scale event that combines music and fashion, to make a grand finale and present his magnificent appearance as a K-pop star.

Kim heated up the collection by singing “Do You Like That” and “Lucky Guy.” The attendants gave him hearty cheers during the performance.

To promote cultural exchange between Korea, China, and Japan, and to create fashion culture in Asia, the collection was held for the second time this year in Shanghai after the first one in Beijing.

An official for the collection says, “I could tell how popular Kim Hyun Joong is as a hallyu star. His charismatic and wonderful performance received an explosive response from the locals.”

Kim proved that he is one of the best hallyu stars in Asia by promoting himself and touring Japan. He is currently considering for his next job and preparing for his next album.
Source:  TV Report

New Kim Hyun Joong Photos from AEON COOLISH FACT Press Con by RANRAN ENTERTAINMENT

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[2012.03.26] WEDDING SCHEME OST Teaser is out!!!

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LoveLove KHJ’s voice!!!!  Can’t wait for its full track release …………….^^

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to record tvN’s ‘The Wedding Scheme’ OST

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Singer, Kim Hyun Joong will be contributing to the creation of tvN‘s ‘The Wedding Scheme‘ OST!

After hearing that Lee Min Woo would be directing a new romantic comedy drama, Kim Hyun Joong immediately volunteered to give a hand by singing the OST for the drama. Lee Min Woo is famous for his past project, drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, which was immensely popular.  Kim Hyun Joong befriended director Lee Min Woo and has been in close contact ever since.

Kim Hyun Joong will be singing the drama’s main theme song, “If You’re like Me“, which is described as sorrowful, yet elegant.  Different from the rougher and more powerful sounds Kim Hyun Joong displayed in his previous title tracks, “Breakdown” and “Lucky Guy“, he will be showcasing a softer and sweeter voice this time around.

The OST will be revealed as a teaser through Mnet‘s homepage and other online music sites. The official release date is April 3rd.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver


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Full ver. will be released on 3rd April

[2012.03.26][News] Kim Hyun Joong Ssi will release teaser of the OST he sang for TVN’s drama “결혼의꼼수” today


Kim Hyun Joong Ssi will release teaser of the OST he sang for TVN’s drama “결혼의꼼수” today.  The OST will be out on April 3.  The drama’s title is literally translated as tricks of marriage.

Kim Hyun Joong will participate in the OST of tvN’s new upcoming drama called Marriage Tricks features actor Lee Kyu Han and actress Kang Hye Jung. The romantic comedy is a story about a woman who has absolutely no plans or desire to be in love or get married any time soon and a naive rich heir who grew up in the lap of luxury. The series is expected to air on April 2nd.


[2012.03.26][News] Kim Hyun Joong – An Yi Xuan nearly lost 500K for chasing after Kim Hyun Joong

News Courtesy Yes Entertainment + (eng trans)
Please repost with full credits

An Yi Xuan was invited to attend 2012 Shanghai TGC Fashion Ceremony on the 24th, she paid a high price in order to get Kim Hyun Joong’s signature! First of all she was running mad in a pair of high heels, and after which she totally didn’t realized that she left her 500K (kele: not sure in NT$ or RMB) branded bag in the toilet, luckily the cleaner found it and returned to her, An Yi Xuan exclaimed :”I was so shocked that I broke out in cold sweat!”

An Yi Xuan expressed, her little cousin likes Kim Hyun Joong, so she was tasked to get his signature. This time, Kim Hyun Joong is the finale performer, he’ll only reach the backstage moments before the performance, and yet the VIP room is so far from the backstage, when the staff notified that Kim Hyun Joong had arrived at the backstage, within a short 10mins span before Kim Hyun Joong go on stage to perform his 2 songs, immediately ran over in a pair of 15cm tall heels till feet also got cramps, just to get his signature!

In the end through Kim Seung Hyun’s help, she managed to complete her ‘task’, and even happily took a picture with Kim Hyun Joong. An Yi Xuan said:”Previously even when Xiao Ma (kele: I’m not sure whom she meant by 小妈 so I just translate directly) asked me to get a signature from Andy Lau, even when Andy Lau sat next table to mine at an event, I also don’t dare to ask for it, this time for my little cousin I just give it all in!” And before the start of the show An Yi Xuan already carelessly left her bag in the toilet, she was so busy trying to get Kim Hyun Joong’s signature, only to realize her bag was missing after finished the show, luckily she managed to get it back.

(unrelated omitted)

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More Photos and Fancams – KIM HYUN JOONG @TGC Fashion Festival – 2012.03.24&25

KHJ @ the TGC Fashion Festival

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[Photos + Fancam] Hyun Joong at Gimpo & Shanghai Airport for TGC Event

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This capture really cracks me up!  They both looked adorable like Art & MAtic!

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