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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong Summer Collection for Hang Ten Photoshoot

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[Photos]Kim Hyun Joong ~ “FIRST IMPACT” in Shibuya



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SBH at SHIBUYA Station

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KHJ : The Gentle Warrior of Kpop Comes to Asia

Authored by:  Aprilstarr

He is the warrior that had emerged from many battles , multiawarded , sometimes defeated. But he picks up not only his sword but his resolve to face what lies ahead . More scars meant only the wounds have healed and he braces himself once more to do battle. Battles came in many forms, enemies were in the dark and in the open, but he finds allies of many kinds, supporters cheering him on the roads to the battleground.

Now he battles with himself-what he is capable of doing, what his heart is capable of giving.Sometimes that battle with the self is the one fiercer, more demanding,more exacting,more unforgiving. 

Now he looks at the mirror and sees only himself. He can only be truthful of what he had become and what he still wants to be. He had crossed his rubicon and there is no turning back.

Does the one man general, commander of his own army need his sword and armor this time? He extends his hands to show he doesn’t have them, for he doesn’t need them.There is no enemy. For he is coming not to do battle but to the warm embrace of those who love him dearly. 

The gentle warrior is coming. Kim Hyun Joong is coming to his 2012 Asian fanmeet. Be prepared. 

-Thanks to James Smith for inspiration-

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 2012 FanMeeting Tour Official Poster

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[Pics] Kim Hyun Joong On Different Japanese Subway Station

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Kim Hyun Joong On Different Japanese Subway Station cdtastag


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2012.5.16 RELEASE


Kim Hyun JOONG FIRST IMPACT “Teaser Screenshots –Will be on sale May 16 cdtnameless0606

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First Impact Billboard N Shibuya cdtelley

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong message to Singapore

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