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[video] Kim Hyun Joong Martial arts choreography

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[Screencap] Kim Hyun Joong—Music Japan Screenshots

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[Vid] kim hyun joong -martial arts choreography

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong exhibit tour – to commemorate the release of second Japanese album ‘heat’

Source – universal music Japan
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To commemorate the release of second Japanese album ‘heat’, Kim hyun joong exhibit tour will be held.

Tour spot exhibit will be set up in CD stores to celebrate the launch of the album, we look forward to seeing you there!

Location : Tower Records Shibuya in Tokyo
Duration : 2012.07.03 ~ 2012.07.16 Exhibition in the store may vary during the period.
Content : costume display (costume wore during Heat Mv) and large panel photo display.

Location : yamano music Ginza headquarters
Duration : 2012.07.03 ~ 2012.07.16 Exhibition in the store may vary during the period.
Content : costume display (costume wore during let’s Party MV)

Location : Shibuya Tsutaya
Duration : 2012.07.03 ~ 2012.07.09
Content : entrance window bulletin notice

Location : HMV SPOT at Omotesando
Duration : 2012.07.02 ~ 2012.07.08
Content : life-size window display

*Note that there might be changes.





期間:2012年7月3日(火)~2012年7月16日(月 )※期間によって店内での展示場所が変わります。



期間:2012年7月3日(火)~2012年7月16日(月 )※期間によって店内での展示場所が変わります。

内容:衣装展示(「Let’s Party」ミュージック・ビデオ着用衣装)


期間:2012年7月3日(火)~2012年7月9日(月 )


■場所:HMV SPOT表参道




[Photos] Hyun Joong, Youngsaeng & Kyu Jong @Artmatic Leader’s Wedding

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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong on TRENDY NO.36 (TW Mag)

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trendy14 trendy1 trendy2
trendy3i trendy4u trendy5
trendy6 trendy7 trendy8
trendy9 trendy10 trendy11
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[Facebook & Weibo Update] Kim Hyun Joong’s Lotte Duty Free FanMeeting

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[Photos] More Photos from FC Men vs. FTFA Match

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20120627 khj fcmen012

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20120627 khj fcmen003 20120627 khj fcmen004 20120627 khj fcmen005
20120627 khj fcmen008 20120627 khj fcmen009 20120627 khj fcmen010

[News] Kim Hyun-joong set to begin filming

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After selling the rights to a drama that hasn’t even gone into production, Kim Hyun-joong is finally set to start filming “City Conquest“.

A spokesperson for the drama said Friday the first location for shooting will be in Japan, starting on July 10 and continuing about two weeks.

“The filming will take place in Nikko and Edo Wonderland in Utsunomiya. Tochigi Prefecture has kindly promised to offer its full support, no doubt as the program is one that is gathering much attention overseas”, said the spokesperson.

Nikko is a city known for its historical attractions, with many shrines and temples designated as World Heritage Sites.

Other stars to take part in the drama are Nam Goong-minKim Seung-woo and Jeong Yoo-mi.

Earlier, Kim and his upcoming TV show made headlines when it was announced that four locales in Asia had signed contracts to purchase rights to the drama. By signing with Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan ahead of time, Kim made 11.8 billion won (about $10 million).

By Carla Sunwoo

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[Photos] FC MEN vs FTFA – 2012.06.27 (by Ahlia Batch2)


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong for Busan Lotte Hotel The K-Star Cocktail

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Lottee Duty Free Wallpaper for July


[Photo]Play Facebook game ‘Star City’ with Kim Hyun Joong


What if you can have fun with Kim Hyun Joong at the Facebook game, StarCity?
Contract with your favorite star and have amazing performance!
Grab a chance to be the founder of your own city and make your city the best!!
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[Photos/Gifs] KIM HYUN @ FC MEN Game – 2012.06.27 (by HollisHyun & Griffin)

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[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG @ FC MEN Game – 2012.06.27 (by Ahlia &n HyunJoongNara)



[Info] H.E.AT.– No.1 On Tower Records sale.!!!

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H.E.AT.-- No.1 On Tower Records sale.!!!<br />

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[News][2012.06.29] Kim Hyun Joong’s “Taking Over the City” (김현중 “도시정벌”)



The following is a partial interview of the producer of Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama “Taking over the city:”

Producer Baek Jin-dong says:  “I’m certain that Kim Hyun Joong is definitely most popular in Japan and other Asian countries. In this project, you are sadly mistaken to think of Kim Hyun Joong’s peformance as what you’ve seen in the past. I’m confident that Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Mee-lu in the drama “Taking Over the City” will score full marks.

Reporter: I heard that the presale of “Taking Over the City” is already close to 11 billion Won. With my congrats, if you’d like to say a few words in regards to that?

Producer Baek Jin-dong: “I’m just amazed as well. Hyun Joong in the Asian markets is limitless, much more than I thought. “Taking over the city” has earned a minimum guarantee of $4 million with a separate optional contract from Japan alone. We’re exchanging contracts with China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong at the moment. I anticipate that the overseas sales of “Taking over the City” would probably reach 15 billion Won.”




[Photos] Official Photos from The Face Shop Cocktail Dinner with Top Girls

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[Photos] Hyun Joong Official Photos from Suwon Blue Wings FC

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[Video] 120627 Kim Hyun Joong FC Men Open Game

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[Article] The Villains Of Korean Dramas

The Villains of Kdramas

By: aprilstarr

The villains or the bad guys of South Korean dramas -the guys you love to hate and curse. The guys that make punching bags out of our heroes, the goons those who sport the regulation black suit with menacing faces forever wait for the boss’orders and commands. The team is on a standby to foil the heroes’ heroic deeds (what else is there to do than that ?) saving lady love, penetrating the forbidden fortress,following leads, solving a crime, exacting revenge. Whatever.

These underlings don’t think, they just follow. Their hideouts are the empty warehouses in the underbelly of the city or its suburb . It is here where they commit their heinous crimes or at least teach the interfering nosy heroes to mind their own business like in East of Eden. Or they will surround/protect the boss in his rich villa.They provide the obstacle courses, but many times they are outsmarted turning the chases comedic in many ways.

The gangster boss most of the times are usurers who needs to ensure efficient collection of money owed him. But not all of them are hateable or with features only a mother can love -some have redeeming qualities like the ahjussi in Romance Town who even became counsellor to the main female lead and became defender of the household helps in the drama.

Another bad guy but not exactly is the typical executive assistant cum driver -very loyal to one of the antigonist of the story -so loyal that he is able to know everything-in short he serves as eyes and ears of his boss. Everything is almost known or done with about 90 % efficiency and accuracy. This type was in Midas, Feast of the Gods,Boys Over Flowers, Swallow the Sun.

There are bad guys actually second lead that had a well written and developed role but who also played their role with such compassion and sincerity, they swayed the audience to their side. This was true in Emperor of the Sea where Song Ill Guk second lead /bad guy was far more interesting than the hero who became boring and dead. SIG became Jumong in his next drama. Of course, not all second leads are necessarily bad guys. Some may start as bad guys then eventually had a significant turn around later.

The other villains in the dramas are the typical flashy well dressed personalities, the powers that be in society -the corrupt politician or the police chief, the money hungry businessman, the manipulative board of directors, the overbearing father or father figure,the Drug lord, the sly syndicate head, the pervert manager and many more in the list. They are of the same breed with shared chracteristics : they see societies as feeding their personal gains, they will use force and violence without hesitation nor remorse. They see them as their ultimate weapon when their other ways are not persuasive enough.

Kdramas need the the bad guys who come in many types and forms.They provide the contrast that highlights the virtues of the good guys. Their defeat make heroes out of the other characters in solving the drama problems and conflicts. And while the drama is ongoing we pretend we don’t know that the heroes will prevail in the end just so the flow of the story goes on.

In City Conquest we already know there will be bad guys and who will be the bad guys . You’ve seen him before in many dramas -might as well call him veteran, ahjussi bad guy. From the story arcs of the manhwas Baek Mir will have many action scenes,kick here ,kick there. The bad guys are everywhere. I’m sure you’d like to see how he will annihilate them. But will he remain unscathed and will you be able to handle it just in case -Hyun Joong with the appropriate cuts, bloodied face and broken body but not broken spirit ?

[Video] Slim Beauty House Special Message

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong’s Photo Official Facebook & Weibo Update


[News] Kim Hyun Joong, JYJ Junsu, 2AM Seulong, and more participate in FC MEN Soccer match

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On June 27th, celebrity football team FC MEN, led by captain JYJ Junsu, was spotted engaging in a friendly match against the Suwon home team, the Suwon Samsung Bluewings at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

Many famous performers joined the FC MEN team for the informal and open game, as Kim Hyun JoongSuh Ji SukLee Wan, and 2AM‘s Seulong were present as FC MEN team members. Although the celebrities appear to be having a great time in the pictures shown, one of the highlights during the event is said to be when Kim Hyun Joong missed a chance to score, and was thus disappointed.

FC MEN, a group composed of celebrities of diverse talents, is the fifth Suwon football team, and it has been around for a while. Last year, the FC MEN members were even able to snag the ’2011 Peace Star Cup’, as the winners of the celebrity soccer championships.

Check out the fancam and pictures below!

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