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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong 5 Asian Countries Fan Meet


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[Translation] Choa Jul 31 : Kim Hyun Joong Exclusive Interview

Kim Hyun Joong talks about summer 

Q: Congratulations on the No.1 of Oricon 1st day sales with the second single album, “Heat” ! We understand that B’z produced this song for you. How did you feel when you heard that they accepted an offer?

KHJ: I thought that it was a joke. I could not believe it even when I received a song, nor during the production process. I met them when we had a recording of the song, then I could feel “ it’s not a joke” for the first time. Though I spontaneously said that I would like a song produced by B’z, it was eventually delivered to them thanks to many people involved. I feel now how important it is to express in a word what we have in mind.

Q: Did you get any advice from B’z?

KHJ: Nothing special. It means that they believed in me. They cared for me so that I could relax on the occasion of recording. Thanks to their encouragement, the recording was a great success.

Q: How was your first impression of the song when you listened to it ?

KHJ: As it was totally different from the music I used to do, I felt it very new to me.When I listened to the song after the mixing of the song, I thought that it was really B’z production. What you usually listen to is the completed album. There are many differences in terms of sound between the album and those in process (provided demo tapes). This time, I had an opportunity to be involved in a production process which we usually cannot see, and therefore, I could understand their uniqueness which makes them “B’z “.

Q: So, you became much enthusiastic about them, right?

KHJ: Yes indeed ! Though I am an artist too now, they were the artist I admired much when I was a child. After the debut in Japan, I could receive a song from them, which made me hit this new record. I really would like to say “thank you” to them.

Q: It was decided that you would perform on August 10 at Jingu firework festival.

KHJ: When we worked in Japan, we lived here for a certain period of time. I happened to see a firework festival which took place near the Rainbow bridge ( * famous Sumida River Firework Festival ), where many girls were dressed in “Yukata” (* an informal cotton kimono for summer wear ). I was impressed that it was a traditional beautiful festival.

Q: Many people look forward to the outdoor live performance.

KHJ: It is really honor for me to be invited for this big event. I will work hard in Korea to prepare for this live so that it would be a spice which will enhansen their expectation for the firework festival.

Q: When it comes to “firework”, do you have something which reminds you of summer holidays?

KHJ: I travelled for four days, three nights with a friend of mine with only 50,000wons. We eated at “all-you-can-eat” barbecue restaurant to the extent we could not eat anymore, thus skipping meals after that (to save money). We walked here and there, riding on a bicycle and so on. We really enjoyed it. Even asked, I don’t think that I can travel in this way anymore. Maybe I could experience that, as I was so young and rectless.

Q: Did you have homework in summer vacation?

KHJ: Yes we had, but I thought that it was not important enough. So, I did not do my homework, just enjoying the summer holidays to my heart’s content. One of the homework was to write a diary, but I could not do it everyday. Nowadays we can check daily weather forecast via internet, but it was not possible when I was young.Therefore, I wrote about the weather in the diary, adding “ we had rain “ or “ it was cloudy “ like that later. It is very easy now as we can see an annual weather forecast (laugh)

Q: Now it was decided that you would take a male-lead of the new drama, “City Conquest “ in two years after “Playfull Kiss”.

KHJ: In the drama “Playfull Kiss” and “Boys over Flowers”, I rather showed the image of prince. However, in this new drama, I would be much manly and wild guy, and therefore, I can show you all such as love, pains and anger which only matured people could feel. Please look forward to my new image which is totally different from previous charactors.

Q: What kind of character do you act?

KHJ: Baek Mil with a secret in his birth. He fights against the social ills as antigovernment force. The man who had been spending an ordinary life transformed into a man, determined to get his revenge, struggling with all the social evils.

Q: Are there any action scenes?

KHJ: There are many. Before I came to Japan, I went to so-called Action School. In the drama, there are many top quality action scenes. We also shoot in Japan, but even Japanese people may not be familiar with the shooting location, such as Edo Mura (* Mura means “villedge” ) where you could feel the atmosphere of Edo period ( * Edo period was from 1603 through 1868 ).

[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong Incheon Airport Arrival [12.07.31]

Credit: only leader♡ kim701004

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Kim Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free August 2012 Wallpaper



[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong featured in Choa Vol.14


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[Media] Photos Kim Hyun Joong FanMeeting in Bangkok


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[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Bangkok Asia Tour Fanmeet 2012 Press Conference – 2012.07.28



[2012.07.30][Fancam/Photos] KHJ heading back home from Bangkok




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[Photos Galore] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Bangkok Fanmeet Press Con -2012.07.28

Credit:  @djeakyfanclub

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[Video] KIm Hyun Joong @ BKK Press Conference on Modern 9 TV

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[Photos] Hyun Joong Out & About in Bangkok

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Filming City Conquest Drama

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[Photos + Videos] More from Hyun joong’s Bangkok Press Con







[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong Featured in Vatious Magazines







[Photos by Pluto0606] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Asia Fan Meeting in Bangkok PRESSCON – 2012.07.28

Credit:  @pluto0606  Hyuniversal0606


[Photos by Pluto0606] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Bangkok Fanmeet – 2012.07.29

Credit:  @pluto0606

[News] Kim Hyun Joong perfectly changes into a tough man on City Conquest

Kim Hyun Joong is now ready to portray a tough man.

Kim is playing the leading role of Baek Mir, who tries to revenge himself on the society that drove him and his family toward destruction, in the new drama series City Conquest. In some snapshots released on July 30, Kim is shooting an action scene, overpowering his enemy.

According to reports, he perfectly shot the scene with his quick moves and perfect acting, rolling over the ground covered all over with mud, so the crew gave him a big applause.

For this series, Kim did a lot of exercise, going to an action school, and reduced his body fat up to 7% by controlling the size of his meal.

City Conquest is based on Shin Hyung Bin’s cartoon series. It’s a humanistic action drama series about Baek Mir (played by Kim Hyun Joong), who grows up blaming his parents who abandoned him when he was young, revenging himself on the society that drove his family toward destruction. The crew of the drama series Iris work together again for this series.

[News + Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Complete Transformation in ‘City Conquest’



[TV리포트 = 전선하 기자] 김현중이 거친 남자로의 변신 준비를 마쳤다.

드라마 ‘도시정벌’에서 주연을 맡은 김현중은 현재 촬영을 진행하며 자신과 가족을 파멸로 몰아넣은 사회에 대한 복수심을 키우는 백미르를 연기하는 중. 30일 공개된 사진에서 김현중은 화려한 액션신을 펼치며 상대방을 꼼짝 못하게 제압하는 모습으로 변신에 기대감을 모은다.

이날 촬영에선 흙투성이가 돼 땅바닥을 뒹굴며 날렵한 동작과 연기투혼을 보인 김현중의 리얼한 액션 연기에 전 스태프들의 박수갈채가 쏟아졌다는 후문이다.

김현중은 ‘도시정벌’을 위해 액션스쿨에 다니며 혹독한 운동과 식사 제한으로 체지방을 7%까지 낮추는 등 노력을 기울이고 있다.

‘도시정벌’은 신형빈 작가의 동명 만화를 각색한 작품으로 어린 시절 자신과 어머니를 버린 아버지를 원망하면서 성장한 백미르(김현중 분)가 가족을 파멸로 몰아넣은 사회에 복수하는 내용을 담는 드라마다. 휴머니즘과 액션이 결합된 느와르 장르로 드라마 ‘아이리스’ 제작진이 의기투합, 기대를 모으는 작품이다.


전선하 기자

[Fancams] 2012.07.28 Kim Hyun Joong @ Fan Meet – Bangkok

credit: ThemurdererQ

Short Fancam  taken at 2012.07.29 Kim Hyun Joong @ Fan Meet + Hi5 – Bangkok, THAI

Na-publish noong Hul 29, 2012 ni 

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[2012.07.29][Photos by TheMurdererQ] KIM HYUN JOONG in BANGKOK Fan Meet + Hi5



[Translation] Excerpts from Kim Hyun Joong’s press conference at CW shopping plaza in Thailand

Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes (
from Chinese translation by: Baidu KHJ Bar (!

MC: Why do you choose Thailand as the finale of your Asian FM Tour?
KHJ: Actually, Thailand was not originally included in this year’s FM schedule. But because fans want more opportunities to interact with me and have waited a long time for me, hence I chose Thailand as the final stop. Very thankful to all of you for waiting for me and still caring about me. I am really grateful for all of your love.

MC: Is there going to be anything special in the FM tomorrow (Sun, 29th July)?
KHJ: I have held the FM tour in various parts of Asia and each place has its own special arrangements. But it will be in Thailand where I will show everything that I have to my fans. I know Thai fans really like water – I will make some arrangement for all my fans (here).

MC: We all know that your HEAT single’s sales in Japan sold over 187,000 copies. How do you feel about this?
KHJ: No matter what, (I) feel very very thankful to all my Japanese fans. I know fans in Thailand also helped in the effort and bought the HEAT album too, resulting it to be placed no. 1 on the Oricon. All the fans here give me a lot of love moral support each time, so I want to thank all the fans in Thailand. If I have the chance next time, I will try singing in Thai. If there is a possibility, someday in the future, I hope to be able to work with a Thai singer too. Maybe I will even include a Thai song in a future album and I will sing it to you all.

MC: On ‘City Conquest’, what made you decide to take on this drama?
KHJ: ‘City Conquest’ is my new drama. The role I play in it will be different from the ones in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Mischievous Kiss’. In this drama, I will act as a charismatic, cute character. This is an action drama, (so) you will see me in a fresh role and there’s a sweet romance with the heroine. Please look forward to it.

MC: What kind of preparations have you had to make for this new drama?
KHJ: I had to train up a healthy physique, as well as to learn how to bring alive (the role of) a boxer. If you watch this new drama, you will see a totally different me.

MC: Your wish is to fly to another planet. When do you intend to make this come true?
KHJ: I’m still young now. As I grow older, technology will also advance. I will realise this dream one day in the future, until then, it will remain a dream of mine.

MC: Please send a message to all the Thai fans who have been missing you very much.
KHJ: Even though we are in different countries, but in my heart, we are indescribably close. I live in Korea but I think of you all everyday. If I have a new drama or a new album, I hope everyone will cheer me on and support me with your love. I love every single one of my fans here. 

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong’s Interview at Saitama Super Arena Report from WEB オリスタ

original article: WEB オリスタ

translated by OnlyKHJtimes

MC: Heard you had guerrilla live in Tokyo and Nagoya.

HJ: We dicied to have guerrilla lives because many fans supported (sent a lot of love to) my 2nd single, and I wanted to respond to the cheer. And I have one more person whom I wanna thank is the leader from our dance team. He was ganna plan to have the honeymoon, but he had to postphone it because of guerrilla lives in Nagoya. So all, please congratulate for him. 

MC: It’s because of hyun joong ssi personality that your members gather (for hyun joong)?

HJ: We often get gathered and play together. (laugh)

MC: You were talking on TV that you wanted to go to buy toothbrush.

HJ: The size of toothbush is suitable, but toothpaste is too small at hotels in every countries. I don’t feel comfortable about that. especially the one in Japan is small, I feel. I have to open up 2 toothpastes everytime I brush my teeth, that’s why I wanna buy (bigger toothpaste). That’s all for that, and there is no another reason (for the story).

MC: Do you use 2 toothpastes at one time?

HJ: yes, I do.

MC: Don’t you feel sick in your mouth?

HJ: All toothpastes don’t taste good, do they?

MC: Let’s change the topic now, is there any jinx (means “the things to do for luck in Japanese) Kim Hyun Joon ssi believes?

HJ: I don’t know I can tell this my jinx, but for me the order has been decided that I brush my teeth first and then I take shower. I can’t brush my teeth after I take shower. So my jinx in the morning is that I brush my teeth first and then take shower.

MC: (I think) you’re very busy everyday, so have you had private time this time?

HJ: I really didn’t have my private time this time, because I have had the drama shooting at the same time. However I got 3 days off from the drama team, I can meet you here like this. So I really thank to the drama team, and I also thank to all who help me being in the drama.

[Photos]2012.07.28 Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference @ CTW

credit : @iamsom






































Credit:  djeakyfanclub + khjean14

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong draws thousands of fans in Bangkok, Thailand


Earlier today, Kim Hyung Joong held a press conference for his ‘Fan Meeting Tour 2012‘ at the CentralWorld shopping plaza in Bangkok, Thailand.

All seven floors of the shopping plaza were filled with fans wanting to get a glimpse of the Hallyu star.


This upcoming fan meeting will be the final one from his tour and it will be held at the Impact Exhibition Hall on July 29th.

Check out the photos and fancam from the press conference below.