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[Video/ScreenCaps] FIRST IMPACT Limited Edition

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[DATV] ASIA Fanmeeting Tour 2012 – screencaps/youtube added

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[Official Facebook/Weibo Update] KIM HYUN JOONG “부산에서 ”

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[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG shooting on boat – City Conquest

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[Photos by Ahlia] KIM HYUN JOONG at CITY CONQUEST Drama Filming – 2012.09.28

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Kim Hyun Joong Lotte Duty Free ‘October 2012’ Calendar Wallpaper

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[Photos/Info] City Conquest Updates – 2012.09.27



Today our Trend Beaute CEO posted in her entry : Hyun Joongnim was filming City Conquest on location near the sea with scenes linked with those shot in Japan.. & playing ANIPANG.







[Scans] Hyun Joong First Japan Tour Offical Photo Book Scans by MURDERERQ


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[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘City Conquest’ press conference expected to draw 16,000 fans in Japan

The upcoming drama ‘City Conquest‘ is scheduled to hold a press conference in Japan.

Scheduled for 7PM on October 4th at Japan’s famous venue, Budokan, the large-scale showcase event will host nearly 16,000 Japanese fans along with an estimated 400 reporters from media outlets such asNHKTBS, and FujiTV.

In particular, television station NHK has assigned a ‘documentary team’ just for the drama, proving that the drama starring Kim Hyun Joong is attracting considerable attention.

The press conference will include appearances by Kim Hyun Joong himself, co-star Jung Yu Mi, and other drama representatives. Special promotional footage will also be revealed during the event.

In addition, the showcase event will also include the 1 year anniversary celebration of Kim Hyun Joong’s fan club.

Meanwhile, the upcoming press conference is prospected to help ‘warm up’ the currently chilly relationship between South Korea and Japan, all the while playing a part in further spreading Hallyu culture.

Source & Image: StarToday via Nate + ALLKPOP

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong’s “Let’s Party” ranked no.1 on Asian Chart Weekly [Channel V Thailand] – 2012 Sep17-23

 Credit:    KimHyunJoongThailand@khjthailand

[2012.09.24] Kim Hyun Joong & Namgoong Min spent a day break in Pyeongchang, Gangwon province, n had lunch & dinner together in July









[2012.09.24][News] Kim Hyun Joong will hold a production report conference for City Conquest in Japan


September 24, 2012 1:30 pm eternalc2h

A production report conference for the drama series City Conquest will be held in Japan.

On October 4 at 7:00 p.m., a production report conference for City Conquest will be held at Budokan, inviting 16,000 fans and 400 reporters from such major media sources as NHK, TBS, and Fuji TV.

NHK is especially paying close attention to City Conquest, organizing a special team to create a documentary for the series.

Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yumi, and the crew will participate in the production report conference. A special event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the foundation of Kim’s fan club will also be held.

In addition, a promotional video for the series will be shown for the first time, and Kim and Jung will introduce the drama series.

This production report conference is expected to relieve the tension between Korea and Japan and promote cultural exchange between the two countries

Source: Star Daily News


[2012.09.24][Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Center Pole outdoor shooting at 경남 합천 황매산

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Credit: KimHyunJoongEsp

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong @ ODAIBA Handshake Session Magazines Feature

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1729 CE3 E505 D79152 C238 A
2028 CC3 E505 D791 C30 E856
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[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong at Jingu Fireworks Festival Featured Scans at KBOOM Vol.87

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1958 CE45505 D76 E8336427
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[Info] KIM HYUN JOONG called to thank Mr Song Byung Joon (BoF Producer)

Source:  Deanna Dsc

“‘saw this on (贤Heavy的小美丽):  BOF Mr Song Byung Joon (producer) shared that amongst the leads who had gained fame after the drama, HJ was the only one who had called to thank him personally. hehe, good kid!”  cr BB @baebb

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[Pexers Article] The Art of Surviving the Business: KHJ and the Lucky Guys

Author:  Aprilstarr

Photos Credit:  ahlia0606

Name recognition.Name recall. Two ways to know one has arrived.One has occupied a niche even in an ever tightening space in the business or area of specialization. Kim Hyun Joong is in his solo career in the entertainment arena. Gene Montesano and Barry Pearlman are in the garment -blue jeans Lucky brand business.Two separate but related fields: The singer-dancer KHJ needs to be seen and heard to be appreciated,the other guys’ products need to be worn for its fit and style. Both areas where the three men operate are in constant reprisal by the fickle consuming public.

We know KHJ started in the business with nothing but his personal dream, his youth and its promises, training years where the body and voice yielded to the entertainment ideals. Montesano and Pearlman already knew what they wanted to do even in high school -retail and garments. These two men pursued that inclination even with little resources.But all three men,generations and geographical region apart all read what the public want and correctly gave them what will make them happy and satisfied.Regardless of how they started,the important thing is how they reach the finish line for each task they set for themselves.

Risky venture,you say ? Exactly. KHJ when he left school for dance music risked a future. When he ventured solo kind of went against the trend of being in a boyband and was wrongly accused of being responsible for its demise. Of course we know the whole truth, and nothing stops this person who can show his abilities for solo stage and hold his fort. Album sales,awards that came after and increase of his fanbase proved his efforts paid off.

The Lucky guys,on the other hand, were in the garment business already saturated with other name brands but they went ahead because they offered something new according to a Fortune magazine interview (D.Eng,Sept/2012).In 1989 (KHJ was only 3 years old then) they launched to the buying public their denim jeans at $70 a pair. Several years after,the business bought out by Liz Clairborne meant their jeans were already a recognized label and carried with it not only style,workmanship,materials but an attitude . Today,they have another label of their own, Civilianaire.

The common denominator among the three is developing their own product with a unique brand or style. Call it packaging, also an attractive attitude that spells the difference. And the ability to evolve, to change and develop. So that the public interest is continously held and maintained. Perhaps the word survival pictures a world of nasty habits, competition and intense struggle. But isn’t it the way to describe the world of entertaiment and garments ?

The Lucky guys have their many years of proven experiences and KHJ has just began. But their armor are the same -formidable work ethic. It is a belief in the power and importance of work where they are self directed with a sense of purpose, have initiative,positive attitude, setting a standard for others.Perhaps,tough acts to follow.

Our three men were not just plain working, but working hard,busting their butts if you will, in pursuit of a dream or goal in this competitive world to remain on top. Why not, though many times doing so has been been teasingly or even derogatorily called being a workaholic. Like some kind of addiction (akin to being alcoholic) because it can also turn into obsession. But the world of inventions and our conveniences will not be existing today if not for obsessed individuals who didn’t stop till they found their solutions (success ). Ah, the creative mind has no limits.

As the Lucky guys have their new product on the market , so is KHJ who already announced what he has in store for us – a new album,choreography,discretely shooting for his new drama, preparing for its promotion. Didn’t we also hear him say he is embarking on a world tour after the drama?

It is not just surviving, in fact it is even the science of surviving -because they study the trends, they plan and act on them.Nothing is random,but all well designed and executed. These are the people who are movers and shakers. But it is art, because there is a special way of doing things. They don’t do it with a manual -they instead make the manuals. It is not just a job like performing athletes,but a lifestyle. But more than that they do it with all their heart and soul. With passion. Three commandments they share: work hard but also have fun, ones’ customers (as in the case of the garment makers) and fans are the best salespeople(KHJ knows -happy and contented fans stick to him like crazy super glue), and not sitting on success. The last one means keep improving, keep pushing your limits.

Is that all there is to being winners? In a previous article I mentioned there is such a thing as a winner’s brain according to cognitive behavioral scientists(Brown and Fenske, The Winner’s Brain). There is such a thing as high achiever’s brain. And high IQ has nothing to do with it. The good thing is one can develop such a brain. How, our scientists say, is by being very observant of one’s surroundings, being motivated,enhancing memory,being focused and aware of one’s self, being resilient and adaptable. KHJ, if you know his ways, are all the above. So with Montesano and Pearlman. Care to join their league?

If there is anything else left to say, all three have propelled themselves with booster power with no apologies to anyone.


[weibo update] KIM HYUN JOONG “I’M Your MAN” – 2012.09.20



Dorama “City Conquest” promotion

Dorama “City Conquest” promotion even
Event Date / Venue
Kobe World Memorial Hall
Doors open at 17:00 starting 16:00 (Sun) January 06, 2013
Saitama Super Arena
19:00 Doors open 18:00 Wednesday, January 09, 2013
cr Kim Hyunjoong Thailand


[2012.09.20] Dorama “City Conquest” promotion event the 2nd on Jan. 2013 has been announced!

Credit:   DIE HARD HENECIANS ( @OnlyKHJtimes)


Dorama “City Conquest” promotion event the 2nd on Jan. 2013 has been announced!

Highlight and behind the scene of the drama will be shown with wonderful cants such as Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong Yoo Mi.

Kobe World Premium Hall
Jan.6th Open the venue: 16:00 / Start: 17:00

Saitama Super Arena
Jan.9th Open the venue: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

Kim Hyun Joong, Jeong Yoo Mi, Nam Goong Min, Yang Yoon Ho

* Need to contract DATV with J:COM (one of Jp cable TV compamies) to apply the pre-order will be started from Oct.1st 15:00 to 14th 23:59.
J:COM special price for contoractants: 8800 yen
Normal price: 9800 yen

* This event is different from HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary Memorial Event.

* Normal order will be announced in HENECIA JAPAN, KHJ mobile site.

More detail will be announced in DATV web site

Original source: HENECIA JAPAN NEWS

Tranlated by OnlyKHJtimes

김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Official Facebook Update: I’m Your Man – 2012.09.20


[Media Photos] Hang Ten’s “Fall In Color Pants” Pictorial – Top Star News [2012.09.19]

김현중(Kim Hyun Joong)이 볼륨 캐주얼 리딩 브랜드 행텐과 함께 ‘Fall in Color Pants’ 화보를 공개했다.이번 화보에서 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong)은 컬러팬츠를 멋을 낸 그림 같은 다양한 모습을 선보였다.

▲ 사진=김현중, 행텐

특히 시크한 표정과 함께 컬러바지를 활용한 스타일이 조화를 이루면서 패셔너블한 모습을 완성했다.

행텐에서는 올 가을 핫 아이템으로 떠오르며 빅 유행을 예감케 하는 컬러팬츠를 시즌에 맞게 톤을 다운시켜 차분하면서도 트랜디한 감성이 묻어나는 면 컬러팬츠를 선보였다. 매일매일 새로운 분위기로 연출할 수 있도록 다크 오렌지, 베이지, 머스타드, 그린, 카키, 다크 블루 등으로 11가지 버라이어티한 컬러가 다채롭다.

▲ 사진=김현중, 행텐

한편 김현중(Kim Hyun Joong)은 자국 가수들 간 경쟁이 치열한 일본 음반 시장에서 ‘김현중표 웰메이드 앨범’을 통해 한국 가수로서 상위권에 당당히 이름을 올리며 K-POP 선두주자다운 면모를 과시하고 있다.

▲ 사진=김현중, 행텐 

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong – Sunday Night Hunters E01 ~2009.12.06~

Credit: RainbowsNLemondrops


Earth calling  Jackie …… Here’s one for future subbing  ….. THANKS!!!