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[Vids+Pics] KHJ to Nanjing China

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[Pexers Write Ups] Rock Us Kim Hyun Joong

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The stage will soon be calling and his larger than life pictures will also be put up in prominent places. You can already see in your head his marqueed name while he is immersed in blinding lights accompanied by the pure sounds of rock on stage. A typical sight of lightsticks glowing and swaying in the dark complete the usual sights of Kim Hyun Joong music festival aka concerts.

Thumbnail pictures circulating in the net tell us he has set himself to task for his goals for the coming 2013. It is the usual dancing and singing practices till the wee hours of the morning.

His musical goals are concrete,that is, preparing for the January-February Japan concerts and the world tour slated for the latter half of 1213 and release of more albums. These are grand missions that Kim Hyun Joong must have something in his arsenal of tools to get by. Did he happen to have silver bullets ? It looks more like he has a “manual ” somewhere, the how to’s. His “manual” but better yet the mind set that starts with two operating principles which psychology also calls orientations: mastery and performance. How did KHJ use them in his career ?

KHJ aims to master whatever it takes, no matter how time consuming to be the consummate practitioner in dance music. It was a challenge after all as he was first and foremost a musician not a dancer.

It can be recalled it took him several months to master basic dancing steps when he was a trainee according to his instructor. But he did not give up. His teacher in the end acknowledged him as the best dancer in the group. Fast forward to nine years later, although he has become the dancer par excellence he still seek to continuously develop his prowess in it.

There was also the time he was touted as mere eye candy of his boy band group and criticized for his singing capability. When he transferred to KE, he validated what his fans had always known :he is a good singer. With consistent hard work and resources he was able to tap, the new artist was born , Kim Hyun Joong Born to Shine Solo. By his own admission, singing is a field he still constantly train to improve.

He also pursues the performance side meaning showing the learned skills, being judged well and eventually winning. His awards attest to these accomplishments. He did not neglect the visual side by not only looking good, but by reinventing himself at every new concept he launched.He is believable as the Flower Boy turned Bad Boy, the Dejected Lover to Cute Boy Next Door, the Flamboyant Gambler to Rocker and so on. No contest in the looks department. Winning, on the other hand, has become second nature to his name.

Perhaps it helps that KHJ is said to be very competitive, passionate about his work, perfectionist, persistent and indefatigable. In addition he is also self driven. He said before he admired in BYJ, his boss’ self management. Doesn’t it look like its has rubbed on him, too? These traits help him sustain his efforts.

Apparently, the significant keys to his success in his musical career can be found in the twin orientations or principles he had embraced : perform well what you have mastered. Be recognized in the area of your expertise.

So ROCK US KHJ this 2013 -it actually means amaze us, not that you haven’t done it before, but amaze us some more! Because we know you can and you will.


[Vid+Link] Kim Hyun Joong 2 Ringtones

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[Official Update] From Hyun Joong’s Weibo Account


Kim Hyun Joong in Analisa Newspaper – The most popular idol in China

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