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[Fancams] Hyun Joong arrival at Incheon Airport (From. Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s Popularity in Peru Exceeds Expectations

Kim Hyun Joong

Recently, an online forum uploaded several photographs under the heading, “Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity in Peru, when did it reach such a level?”

The pictures were taken on the 25th of February, prior to his fanmeet, as he made his arrival in Peru. Upon his arrival, many fans waited in the foyer of the airport to welcome the star, causing chaos at the scene.

However, fans were not only waiting at the airport, but treated him like royalty, lining roads as his car left the airport. His most enthusiastic fans set up tents in front of the hotel in which he stayed at, showing just how strong his fan base is overseas.

On seeing the photographs, fans and netizens left comments such as, “Kim Hyun Joong is really popular in Peru”, “South American prince, his popularity is really strong”, “This is the treatment a government official would receive” and “Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity is bigger than what one could possibly imagine”.

By: Kim Hyun Kyung


[Photos] Huge Collection of Photos From KHJ Peru Fan Meeting

Credit: @alebacks


[Video] Kim Hyun Joong, Jaejoong, Yuchun & Top: The Real F4


[Photo] Another KHJ Cut from Hi Cut Issue# 96




[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport From Peru

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[Videos+ Photos] All Break Down Encore in LIMA Peru – 2013,02.26

BEST Breakdown Fancam for now ……  Another one fore you atiq …

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Snapshots @ Jeju Island Diving Spot


[Videos] Media Coverage of Kim Hyun Joong Arrival & Fan Meeting in Peru

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[Media Photos] Korean News Portals Report on Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meet in Peru

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[Fan Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Lima, Peru

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[Fancams Part3] KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in PERU – 2013.02.26

atiq …… this is for you 

Credit:  alexamoon21


Credit:  mari2y7

Trans Credit:  June of LKHJ

Awwww…This fancam starts with him apologising for not greeting the fans at Lima’s airport And I LOVE the way the Peruvian fans responded after his apology ^^Such spontaneity is just endearingAnd the vehemence of the chants #^.^#Can’t imagine it happening in Singapore lol

The instantaneous reaction to everything he saidThe screams after he mentioned the word ‘concert’Now how can he not returned?


Credit:  Tania Gonzales


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Cientos de fans madrugan para ver a Kim Hyun Joong esta noche


A pocas de su llegada a Lima, decenas de seguidores de la estrella coreana Kim Hyun Joong pasaron la noche en las afueras del Parque de la Exposición, algunos de los cuales ya llevan en el lugar más de tres días acampando a la espera de ser el primero en ver de cerca a su “idol”.

Kim, líder de la banda SS501 y actor de famosos k-dramas como Boys Over Flowers y Playful Kiss, se suma a los populares artistas coreanos que en pocos meses han hecho delirar a miles de seguidores peruanos y de toda Sudamérica.

En esta oportunidad, el actor y cantante será recibido con uno de los potajes más ricos y nutritivos del Perú y el mundo: la quinua. Fuentes allegadas a la producción, indicaron que ‘El líder’ probará deliciosos potajes andinos, entre ellos, el llamado “alimento de los Dioses”.

“Estoy desde el día viernes con un grupo de amigas”, contó una emocionada joven de 19 años a Radio Capital.

Para su arribo, el club de fans Triple S Perú aguardará desde muy tempranas horas en el aeropuerto pues tienen preparados una serie de sorpresas. Luego, el cantante se dirigirá al hotel Sheraton donde se hospedará hasta horas antes del fanmeeting.

Para esa noche, ha preparado una velada inolvidable compuesta por 12 temas: “Let me go”, “Break down”, “Please”, “Kiss kiss”, “Let’s party”, “Marry me”, “Smile”, “Because I’m stupid”, “U”, “Do you like that”, “Lucky guy” y “Break down”


Bing Translate:

Hundreds of fans rise early to see Kim Hyun Joong tonight

Monday, February 25, 2013 | 8:36 a.m.

A few of his arrival in Lima, dozens of supporters of the Korean star Kim Hyun Joong spent the night outside the Exposition Park, some of which are already in place over three days camping waiting to be first to look closely at his “idol”.

Kim, bandleader and actor famous SS501 k-dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss, joins the popular Korean artists in a few months have made thousands of fans raving Peruvian and South America.

This time, the actor and singer will be greeted with one of the richest and nutritious dishes of Peru and the world: quinoa. Sources close to the production, indicated that ‘leader’ Andean dishes taste delicious, including the so-called “food of the Gods”.

“I’m from the day Friday with a group of friends” , was an excited 19 year old to Capital Radio.

For your arrival, the fan club Triple S Peru await from very early hours at the airport as they have prepared a series of surprises. Then, the singer will address the Sheraton hotel where you will stay until hours before the fanmeeting. For that night, has prepared an unforgettable evening comprised of 12 songs: “Let me go”, “Break Down”, “Please”, “Kiss kiss “,” Let’s party “,” Marry me “,” Smile “,” Because I’m stupid “,” U “,” Do you like that “,” Lucky Guy “and” Break Down

[Eng Trans] Crowned as ‘Prince of Peru’?! Kim Hyun Joong, proven of His Popularity in South America

Reposted from:

Original Source: Nate
Chinese-English Translation: June from LovingKimHyunJoong

페루 왕자’ 등극?! 김현중, 남미서 뜨거운 인기 입증
기사전송 2013-02-26 12:10

[스포츠서울닷컴ㅣ유재영 인턴기자] 그룹 SS501 출신 배우 김현중의 페루 방문에 수많은 인파가 몰려 인기를 실감하게 했다.

김 현중은 26일 자신의 웨이보(중국판 트위터)에 ‘페루 왔어요~!’라는 글과 함께 사진 한 장을 공개했다. 공개된 사진에는 김현중을 보기 위해 거리로 몰려 나온 수많은 페루 팬들의 모습이 담겨있다. 거리에 몰려 나온 인파만 봐도 김현중이 페루에서 얼마나 인기가 높은지 알 수 있다.

사진을 본 팬들은 “아시아의 꽃남, 남미도 접수!”, “저 사람들 보소”, “한류스타 김현중의 위력”, “페루에서 인기가 있다니 신기할 따름. 어떻게 알아서 팬이 되는지?”라 등 다양한 반응을 보이고 있다.

김현중은 페루 리마에서 단독 팬미팅을 열고, 멋진 공연과 함께 유쾌한 토크로 팬들에게 즐거운 시간을 선사하겠다는 계획이다.

Crowned as ‘Prince of Peru’?! Kim Hyun Joong, proven of His Popularity in South America

The visit of actor Kim Hyun Joong, who debuted with the group SS501, had gathered many people, attesting to his popularity.

On 26th, Kim Hyun Joong posted on his own Weibo (Chinese Twitter) with the message ‘Peru, here I am’ and a photo, within the photo is a scene of many Peruvian fans gathering along the street to see Kim Hyun Joong, the gathering along the street is filled with the crowd, clearly showing his great popularity in Peru.

Fans looking at the photo expressed, ‘Asia Flower Boy, also accepted in South America!’, ‘Look at those people’, ‘The Power of Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong’, ‘Popularity in Peru is amazing, how did they understand and become fans?’ and many other reactions.

Kim Hyun Joong held a solo fanmeeting in in Lima Peru, performing handsomely and talking happily together with fans for a delightful time.

[Video/s] Kim Hyun Joong en Lima: Histeria, desmayos y la locura de las fanáticas (VIDEO)

Finally, a youtube link for this particular video …. i’m speechless  …………… THANKS for the upload.

Credit:  Samuel Yance·



Credit:  BuenosDiasPeruPTV

[Fancams Part2] KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in PERU – 2013.02.26

Credit:  Rossana20

Credit:  ManganZoneXD

Credit:  mayraspv

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[News] Kim Hyun-joong stops over in Sao Paulo

Kim Hyun-joong


Kim Hyun-joong


Kim Hyun-joong received a warm welcome after a long plane ride to Brazil on Feb. 23. Over 800 fans gathered at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport brought traffic to a standstill.
Kim has been invited to perform at “Feel Korea,” a celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of Korean immigration to Brazil. Last Sunday, he presented attention-grabbing performances with hits such as “Break Down” and “Lucky Guy” at the event in Clube Esperia, Sao Paulo.
“I really enjoyed working with Kim after seeing him smile towards fans at the local airport,” said the organizer of the show.
The organizer also added that the media and fans in Brazil were very excited to meet him in person and hoped for frequent future visits.
Kim flew to Lima, Peru yesterday to hold a fan meeting including a special event where he spoke with those attending.

By Yoon Hye-sun

CopyrightsⓒKorea JoongAng Daily, All rights reserved.

[Fancams+Photos] Kim Hyun Joong at Jorge Chávez Airport, Lima

Credit: Yamiley HT@yt


[News] Kim Hyun Joong, Ailee, Baechigi and more perform in Brazil

Credit: jennywill@


Kim Hyun JoongAileeBaechigi, and Ongals completely put on a wonderful show in Brazil at ‘2K13 FEEL KOREA‘!

About 1,600 fans attended the concert to see their favorite artists on stage. They cheered heatedly for every artist that performed on stage for the event that was held to commemorate the 50th year of Korean immigration into Brazil.

Kim Hyun Joong was especially met with intense welcome. He visited not onlyBrazil but also Peru so he could meet his South American fans for the first time, and he was met with a huge crowd in both Brazil and in Peru.

Did you get a chance to see any of them?

[Media Photos+Videos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Lima, Peru Fan Meeting


Credit: ManganZoneTV
















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[2013.02.26][Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in PERU

Photos Credit:  Evelin | JSYCJJCMYH☆@EvelinJennifer 

KISS KISS ~~ ♪ *^*


Open your eyes~~ ㅋㅋ

His eyes ㅋㅋ

Escogiendo a las fans que iban a subir al escenario ^^

Con la camiseta de la selección peruana 😀

Before the questions~ :3

Have to say that I love his neck ._. ♡

Blurry pic ㅠㅠ… he took a u:zoosin teddy with a “chullo” (Peruvian hat) from a fan *^*

Answering questions :3

ㅎㅎ I see nice arms~~ -w-

He was always looking at the fans ;A;

Polaroid photo with the first lucky fan ^_^

Polaroid photo with the 2nd lucky fan ^^

He was saying that the 3rd lucky fan would have a special gift ;w;


Credit:  @howlovelylala


Credit:  Lady Mendoza

Credit:  AngellaSings

Credit:   Roberta Rossina Curti Loaiza

[Clear Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in PERU – 2013.02.26

Credit:  kimhyunjoongthailand/




[TweetBits/TwitPics] KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeeting in Peru – 2013.02.26

THANKS to all concerned for the updates …. KIM HYUN JOONG is too damn HOT!!!  Lucky Peru Fans

Credits to:  @MiuMiu1120/ @hjmin0616/ @rzrbladeromance/ howlovelylala Lala, Henecia

Tweets by MiuMiu1120

  • Rampage at Lima airport upon KHJ’s arrival!
  • Story credit SugeSkySoto

    what happened was:

    HJ did not go through the front door but the door in ??August, just moments before he left appeared many fans and placed throughout the track but security put in order …

    5 minutes left in the car, shouted they got to the track and hit the car.

    Reporters were also clutter instead of helping to maintain order, security so the girls grabbed and pulled away to get them out of the way.

    He went to the left side of the car and there were more people.

    He had serious face and looked at the security staff as the girls he was a little scared because of the uproar but just tried to smile at times.

    Hence the car moved forward little by little. In our reporter pushed against the car window and beaten. There were police, security and the situation was still difficult to control, moreover, there was a girl who was almost under the car because she was pushed and could not get up O_O the press was devoted to record it, or as always wanting to show the bad.

    The girls ended up all bruised but obviously were not the only. It was a total riot more than 3000 people were waiting at the airport and at the hotel about 1000  February 25, 2013 (5:19 pm) © 2012–2013 MiuMiu1120

    MiuMiu @MiuMiu1120

    Video of KHJ fans lining up by the Sheraton Lima Hotel. OMG!!! As if the KING is arriving!! Hahaha.

    • oh my yes KHJ is very popular in Peru…fans are way more passionate for him than when I was monitoring BB. Scary!!
    • @bomtokkuri @starz4life 3K came to the airport they say and another 1K at the hotel and the rest waited at the venue. Whaaaaaa!
    • KHJ’s Peru Fanmeeting ranked as the Best Selling Event on the ticketing site.”
    • “the number of fans waited for Kim Hyun Joong is double the amount of fans of any other celebrities that have visited Brazil recently.”

  • Passionate Peruvian fans crying over KHJ / Trans by Star4Life
  • The Kpop Star KHJ arrived at Lima to offer concert at the Exposition park more than 3,000 fans waited for south Korean singer, but in the contrary girl fans started running towards the vehicle that KHJ was in they had troubles with his security, today will be his fan meeting not only the songs but will answer question from fans. Fans said it was hard to pass the security, “we ran all the way over here, and we finally saw him it was wonderful, even if it was through the car window just wonderful’ another fan “we been here since the morning they close the doors, and they were just bad not letting us see him, and making him exit from another door and not letting us see him” Report ask her if she was going to the concert” She said “yes but being here I wanted to touch his hand only one time, only one time
  • OMG KHJ’s van can barely pass thru the throng of people!

Tweets by:  MiuMiu @MiuMiu1120

  • Starting soon
  • I see Uzoosin light stick. 😊👽

  • OMG! The screams!! It’s so loud! Starting!!
  • OMG the fanchants!! “Kim Hyun Joong saranghae!! Kim Hyun Joong saranghae!!
  • Singing Please now
  • Please just now ended

  • KHJ is talking now.

  • I see KHJ in black sleeveless shirt during talk session. 😍
  • KHJ in black sleeveless talk session about 10 min ago. 😍😍
  • Delayed update. Lucky fan got onstage and shook KHJ’s hand.
  • Talk session KHJ with fans onstage.

  • Marry Me!!
  • Is he wearing shorts? Singing Marry Me. 😍
  • KHJ took a pic onstage with a lucky fan. Placed his arm on her shoulders. 😍
  • It’s SMILE stage!
  • OMG! The SMILE stage choreo! 😍😍😍 let’s see if he’ll do the butt sway at the end again~such a tease
  • The fans going crazy now. It’s time for Because I’m Stupid! Crowd fave.
  • And the crowd’s singing along! Awwwww. Such an awesome moment! Everyone’s missing Jihoo!!
  • Oh background scenes of BOF while he’s singing BIS.

  • He is singing U now
  • Uzoosin onstage!! So cute video presentation!

  • Wonder who these 2 characters are? Anybody know? LOL. Uzoosin video presentation while KHJ changed

  • Lucky fan! RT @UFOH606: Member of UFOH606 was on the stage with Hyun Joong ~ HJ give FLOWERS to her ❤ *o*

  • HOT!!! RT @mayitoab: Estoy mueeerta!!!! valió la pena, Kim HyunJoong es DEMASIADO ;^;

  • Need fancams of the jitJoong jebal!!! Necesito verlo en HD por favor! LOL.
  • Paksheyt! ~deads~ RT @lnprz: Waaaaaaahhh!!!…I’m dead!!!…. OMG!!!…Jit Joong!

Tweetsd by:  @hjmin0616

  • HJ Singing BREAKDOWN
  • After singing KISS KISS now.. LET’s PARTY.
  • Earlier.. HJ when singing LET’s PARTY.. Owwww..Seems his wearing a sporty outfit.. White sleeveless and black shorts

  • Talk time

  • Wow! Lucky fans were called up stage.. Time for a game!

  • OMG!! Its the pose game again!! Love the first poster.. Playful Kiss

  • Yay! HJ so serious.. Love live love!! So charming!!!

  • HJ now singing MARRY ME.. with a lucky fan on the stage jut like what he did last asia fm

  • -HJ now singing SMILE


  • Now time for U

  • -A uzzozin video is being watched right now.. I guess next would be lucky guy

  • Screenshots during the talk time earlier.. So love HJ in all black sporty attire.
  • RT @khjbelinda: <KHJ> 130225 FM In Peru ~ Daebak!!! cdtonlogo

  • RT @KRIS_0707: 130225 Kim Hyun Joong concert in Peru cr:onlogo

  • Screammmm!!!! So handsome and love the built!! Hmpf muscles

  • OMG! Wanted to see a clear photo of this.. HJ on singing BD with shirt off.

  • Omo! So lucky.. The lucky fan who was able to do the playful Kiss pose with HJ! #KHJinPeru #khjperufm Cdtonlogo

  • Oh No!! HJ breakind down the stage of Peru.. Fans gone crazy.

  • HJ was really amazed with his Peruvian fans,For the warm welcome and for the love they’ve shown

  • Yay!!! Muscles.. With a lovely smile.. Love to hug him.

Tweeted by:  得贤疯迷KHJ @crazyhyun66

  • 130225-KHJ FM in Peru:when sang Marry Me,HJ gave fan a flower,then took a photo n said”pls put this to your twitter!”cdt:一晨C_C

Photo Credit:  asiaworldperu Asia World

Tweets by: @rzrbladeromance

Photo Credit:  @NoonaRina Kim Hyun Joong con las fans en el escenario!

Photo Credit:  @namjachingu_khj: Kim Hyun Joong before singing ‘Because I’m Stupid’

Credit:  ☠ebbkhj@KimHyunJoongEsp Protected account

Today we have been full with coverage of the event (…)  credit as tagged.

Tweets Credit: howlovelylala Lala, Henecia 
  • 김현중 페루 FM, 무슨 게임같은거 하나봐요

【Trans】김현중 페루 Talk at Peru FM by howlovelylala Lala, Henecia

  •  “I felt some pressure cuz of jet-lagged, but now I am totally fine to see Peru fans on the stage.”
  •   “As fans in Peru might know, I am working (as a singer) not only in Korea but also other countries. I’ve (can’t hear) in Japan. Among Kim    Hyun Joong’s track list, there’s a song named ‘Let’s Party'”
  • “This time I came here to have a FM, but next time will be a concert. I promise you I will visit you again”
  • “Peru is far away (fr KR) but thru the internet, it feels closer.”
  • “Even if you are far away, when you send your love, I will work harder and visit again with my album. I hope a lot of support from you.”
  • “My first impression of Peru fan was that they were much more passionate than other countries fans I had visited.”
  • “not sure if you know that I am an actor as well. Did you ever saw the drama ‘BOF’? The next song I’m gonna sing is.. If you know this song, I hope you sing along. Here’s ‘Because I’m stupid'” (during his singing, the venue was full of fans voice singing along.)
  • “I got a feeling from your reaction, how much Peru fans have been waiting (for me) Thank you very much, Peru fans.”
  • “Are you able to see fans in the back as well??” “Next song is ‘U'”

Peru FM credit /KHJthailand

Credit: PumpuiJoong pumpuiⓀⒽⒿ 

<KHJ> 130225 FM in Peru ~ Gift

Credit: KRIS_0707 OceanGreen-SS501 

OMOOO!!!!! Really a lot of security outside the hotel cr:onlogo

Credit:  Roberta Rossina Curti Loaiza

Credit:  AngellaSings

Credit:  Triple S Philippines ‏@triplesph

Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeet in Peru NATURALLY makes it on to Peruvian news….


[Fancams + Photos ] Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Peru

credit: ManganZoneXD




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