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[Recap] Barefoot Friends-Recap episode 2

By : aprilstarr @

This episode continued with the attempts of the two groups to earn their living the Vietnamese way. Although, scenes in this episode were the continuation of episode 1, the show emphasized Vietnam as typical representative of how a sector of Southeast Asian peoples earn their living. Two of the more well known are providing transport services and basic food needs using manual labor. Unmistakably recognizable if you are from the region or had been there were the narrow busy streets, the tourists, the local markets, the fishing communities with traditional touches and most of all how the people get easily attracted to the source of the commotion: celebrities in their midst.

I laughed the most watching Shin’s group’s persistency getting their passengers. HD’s group had an absorbing activity at sea  but the group’s  dynamics was most of the time  focused on Hyun Joong and  HD who dominated  the group and the screen with his chatter, laughter and face . Shin’s group had allowed Eunhyuk and Shi Yoon to shine with their natural effort calling the passengers and entertaining them as well while pedaling the cyclos and making do courageously with their limited English. Even the low key Se Yoon was amusing trying to be a tour guide. It was fun watching their interaction  with the Australian couple in the first episode and as they became bolder with the couple from Texas,USA and the man from Rome in this episode. I should commend the tourists for tackling their cameo roles gamely and with gusto like the lady tourist sunbathing while riding the colorful open faced cyclos driven by Shin.

KHD’s group went to the sea to get crabs and seashells to sell in the market by riding the basket boat then transferred to the fishing boat. Though they had life preserver jackets on, this group’s mission was more dangerous though not as physically exhausting as doing the cyclos.

Both groups had to do retail selling  the local market the South East Asian way .Shin and Eunhyuk sold cola in plastic containers while HJ’s group had to sell street food.

Ah HJ power to bargain the rent for the equipment in making pancakes by smiles and dance. If it were you, can you resist giving in if he does his shake ? Of course the nearness of him most of all would have melted any solid metal around. Scripted or not ,who cares?
And getting a shampoo from him as well? Why,it was the treat of a lifetime! I saw he even included head massage that the woman was kinda refusing to budge even when the service was over. Does HJ do other kinds of massage ?

There was a last mission to do  -record best laughter. HJ’s 4Dness was rising up for the occasion though the exchange between him and HD seem to be some kind of a private joke or joke among the entertainers.

The members of groups were doing some winding down. One way was computing expenses versus the gains, where simple math was employed. On a profound level was the realization how other people eke their living outside S Korea. HJ who used to aspire to live like a normal person now admitted he is luckier to have been a celebrity seeing the hardships of many others.

As the show nears its closure of the Vietnam trip the groups converged.To end a memorable but learning immersion in Vietnam a performance was presented by the entire cast. But where was the Harlem Shake? Was it only me who did not see a scene where the cast wore the Vietnamese attire? It seemed the Vietnam trip need another episode.


The rating for the episode was reported at 5.1%, lower compared to the pilot show which took  5.6%  share of viewers . Content and cast wise the show is no longer just  a promise but a done deal in achieving their goals of infotainment and cultural values. Also the efforts of everyone is highly commendable considering what the cast and staff has to go through to provide this kind of a program. This is Hallyu wave coming to the different shores of the  not so frequently seen places.

BF  is not perfect, it can stand improvements. But it has to be given the chance to shine and hold its fort among the variety show.

Those who have not yet switched channel and show DO IT NOW ! It will grow on you.

[Photos & Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport From Indonesia

Credit: KimHyunJoongThailand

Credit: as taggedhyunbar hyunbar (1)hyunbar (3) hyunbar (2)

khjthai khjthai (1) khjthai (2) khjthai (3) khjthai (4) khjthai (5)khjthai (6) BJD0OtoCIAAeyDy.jpg large fanpic fanpic (1) fanpic (2) fanpic (3) fanpic (4) fanpic (5) fanpic (6)

fanpic (8) fanpic (9)

fanpic (10) fanpic (11)

[2013.04.29] KIM HYUN JOONG at Jakarta AP going back to Seoul (Updating)


Tweets by: 

  • Waiting for GA 217 to land in Jakarta. =)
  • We won’t forget HJ saying “nasi bakareu” “terima kasih”. So cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Ard 11PM:  HJ has landed in Sekarno-Hatta airport Jakarta. Now he is doing check in for next flight to Seoul.
  • HJ wearing red shirt with writing SAVE INDONESIA.
  • Sorry mistaken. HJ wearing black shirt with red writting SAVE INDONESIA. *mybad*
  • It’s very sad to say goodbye to HJ. *i’m getting mellow now* 😀
  • Bye bye HJ and all BFF team. HJ ah, please come back nae?? 🙂
  • Ard 1130PM:  HJ is still at lotte duty free.
  • Ultimate happiness seeing HJ wearing black shirt with red&white SAVE INDONESIA.
  • I guess they are boarding now..
  • HJ is very active. Dancing?? Don’t you feel tired?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Calling for GA 878. That’s his flight.
  • I’m pretty sure HJ was noticing us. Only us and and 3 HK fans here.
  • Hyun Joong ah… You took our hearts with you. Still can’t believe it. *sigh* 🙂
  • That’s it our live report for you. Thanks for your support for us and HJ during his stay. Good night from Jakarta. Admin E signing off. ^^
  • Ard 1AM:  RT I guess the plane should have taken off by now right? It’s supposed to depart 11:20pm

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 10PM:  I’m waiting our King inside Soekarno Hatta International AP
  • 김현중 was doing a bit Break Down dance while queuing in check in counter in Soekarno Hatta AP ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Have a safe flight back to Seoul 김현중, thanks for visiting Indonesia though only for BF shooting, next time please consider to hold a concert

Photos by:  Hyunited6686

  • #1 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will fly to Korea

  • #2 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will depart to Korea

  • #3 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will depart to Korea


[Daebak Eng Subbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episodes 1 & 2

THIS IS SAD ….. I love their subs …tssssk




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 photo bff_2.jpg

 photo BF-banner-ep1-1.jpg



[EngSubbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 2 from kshownow


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Barefoot Friends Episode 2 English subs

Barefoot Friends Episode 2 English subs Eng sub

[Filming Updates Day4] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in INDONESIA – 2013.04.29

Fancam Credit:  deanadhia·

Fancam Credit:  Tyas Cho


Tweets by: 

  • This Prambanan Temple

  • Ard 12PM:  Barefoot Friends team arrived at the location, they have a briefing now.
  • [29.04.13]”Barefoot Friends” team are briefing now

  • [29.04.13]This is the location of “Barefoot Friends” now

  • [29.04.13]”BareFoot Friends” starts shooting now

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong & team are doing “Barefoot Friends” mission

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s team is doing “Barefoot Friends” mission at Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]KimHyun Joong “Barefoot Friends” shooting in Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s Barefoot Friends team is doing the mission

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong is doing “Barefoot Friends” mission in Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s Barefoot Friends team mission,taking pictures with tourists =D

  • the next location will be here for the next mission
  • this location is near the King of Yogyakarta’s palace
  • it’s a scary place at night
  • right!! he spoke to ghost =D RT HJ can chat with hantu.. kkk RT Hyunited6686 it’s a scary place at night
  • KHJ spoke to ghost LOL RT argh… -.- hate ghost story
  • yap,he isn’t afraid of ghost LOL RT As long as there’s no bugs or insect there…he’ll be super brave ^^

  • the staff are preparing for the next mission under the twin trees
  • *guessing* will Kim Hyun Joong do traditional ceremony under the twin trees?
  • *guessing again* will Kim Hyun Joong’s team wear traditional clothes to do the next mission under the twin trees?
  • it’s the traditional ceremony that we should do under the twin trees =D RT maybe he will pass the twin trees with eyes closed hehe

  • Ard 230PM:  Kim Hyun Joong & team are still having lunch now
  • RT HJ’s team are here now~
  • Ard 345PM:  Hyunjoong team has arrive at Alun-alun Kidul.
  • Ard 445pm:  Hyunjoong and Hodong ride the same becak(cyclo
  • We still don’t know the mission but HJ team pick a delman driver, a mother in hijab, a guy wearing cap.
  • next mission: pass the trees in blindfolded.
  • Thanx admin [i] =D RT 김현중 team won first n leave the location using Andong because our driver made them won ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *my opinion*
  • Ard 730PM:  the last mission,selling roasted corns
  • Ard 9PM:  Our team took a flight before HJ and BFF team. Our team already arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport now. HJ and team are still at Adi Sucipto.
  • Is it just me or HJ is really look darker than before?? Well, he’s got natural tanned here. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Thanks for all fans who already took a good care of HJ and team. HJ looked happy during shooting here. HJ daebak!! You fans are daebak!! 🙂
  • All admins here have many wonderful memories during our stalking times. I hope HJ feels the same too. Ouw. I really don’t wanna let him go.
  • Let’s hope HJ will consider Indonesia on his tour list. Hwaiting!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • HJ flight to Jakarta should be take off now, right??
  • Thank you so much BFF all team and crew for visiting Indonesia. I hope you all enjoy staying in our country. See yaa~~~
  • we gave a hot greeting for Hyun Joong while he’s in Indonesia 😀
  • Ard 945PM:  HJ’s flight from Jogja to Jakarta already took off. He will transit in Jakarta then fly back to hometown Korea.


Credit: adhe_seha검 현 중

Photos Credit:

“Barefoot Friends” Cast  at Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

Photos Credit:

Credit:  I took this pic, hyunjoong front of me.. sooo close!!!

hyunjoong and uee from behind, i cant get more close, just from here.


Hyun Joong resting at the shooting location, a bird market in Jogja

Credit:  Yuli Arsyadana


Tweetm Updates from: 

  • Ard 7AM:  Mooooorning. hotos by:  Today is the 4th day of filming Barefoot Friends in Jogja~
  • Ard 12PM:  Barefoot Friends team just arrived in the next filming location for this morning~
  • This location is very famous in Jogja. You can go here now if u know kkk~ but today the air is so soooo hot!
  • Ard We can watch them during filming but we need to calm down and no shouting 🙂
  • All of casts are walking to the set place in front of us
  • 1PM:  Hyun Joong always make us died! Kkkkk~
  • HJ’s wearing a black cap, green scarf, and grey outfit. They will start filming soon
  • Seems like they’re divided into 2 teams. And start the mission.
  • Kyaaaa my friend from Japanese & Hongkong are sooo lucky. They’re invited to take a picture with HJ’s team
  • When HJ walked in front of me I call him Hyun Joong ssi,he smile to me and also waving. Kyaaaa >.<
  • Seems like all fans are doing the mission too. We run and run to follow the team kkkk~
  • I think each team has to find some foreigners to take a picture with them~
  • HJ’s team going to somewhere by car. Still dont know yet where will they go
  • Even though I still cant take a picture with Hyun Joong but I had a photo with his manager~ kkkkk
  • The casts are having their lunch and the staffs still preparing at the set place~
  • Oh sorry, they havent lunch yet. They still doing a mission
  • I could see Hyun Joong clearly! Yeey 😀
  • HJ’s team are here now~

  • HJ’s team take a rest for a while. Err.. HJ’s sweating alot kkkk
  • ‘m going to die day by day see Hyun Joong. Help me, God! 🙂
  • Ard 345PM:  The casts will filming under twins tree~
  • ^^ RT : If HJ oppa can pass the twin trees with eyes closed it mean he will come back to Jogja

  • Ard 520PM:  Do u know where the casts going by andong (traditional transportation) ? I know because I’m here~ 😀
  • HJ’s team at a restaurant now. Having their meal. I’m eating here too 😀
  • I cant breath OMG. I’m at same restaurant with Hyun Joong’s team. So close with him 🙂
  • Kkkk~ UEE made us very shock. Cause she fainted suddenly. But actually she just pretending. Hyun Joong laughing so much lol
  • The casts have to order their meal and they trying hard speak in Indonesia. Soooo cute lol
  • I can see clearly all 7 casts and hear their conversation even though I dont understand kkkk~
  • HJ’s laughing~~ err…. >.<
  • HJ’s team are eating. Not sure what he has ordered but looks like noodle
  • Seems like HJ is really hungry. He eat so fast! Lol
  • Ard 620PM:  HJ’s team already left the restaurant. Still dont know yet where will they go~
  • Ard 830PM:  Barefoot Friends team will back to Jakarta tonight then to Korea. Bye guys, thanks for filming in Jogja, Indonesia.
  • Many fans send off BFF team at Adi Sucipto AP, Jogja 🙂
  • Hyun Joong’s wearing black outfit at airport. Looks like he is in a good mood today. He jump and jump like a child kkk~
  • HJ’s flight to Jakarta tonight by Garuda Indonesia GA217 at 8.30 pm (Jogja time)
  • Do you know, not all BFF team go back to Jakarta tonight. Guess who? Sssssstttt lol
  • Good bye to all BFF team. Wish u have a good time in Jogja. Please come back again later~ kkk
  • All of BFF casts should take a long rest after filming 🙂
  • Thankyu to all of you who always RT-ing my tweets and I’m so sorry guys never tell you abt the spesific filming location. Really sorry 😦
  • All of casts going back tonight. Sorry for the previous tweet. I’m just kidding lol


Tweets by: 

  • I called his name softly because he was right beside me , he saw me n smile to me
  • Even I couldn’t take good pictures of him but his face his smile stuck in my head n my heart as an awesome memories ever

Credit:  : Barefoot friends final location


Credit: Putra Wibisana Y

Helicam Barefoot Friends



Credit:  tiastyus


Credit:  데피 로사리아@deviiLau

@BFFIndonesia KHJ team at prambanan .. aduh td pas didepan mata mlh lupa foto gr2 terseponaa!!


Credit:  megaa_andriani



Credit:  막스 Delusional Fanboy

130429 Day 3 @ Birds Market. It was so hot today. Kim Hyun Joong’s back shirt got wet by his sweat!
Credit:  sarassaurus
Credit:   @X93_Hyejeong
Hyunjoong’s autograph for a fan Indonesia. Lol, he signed off with ‘korea hyun joong’ (reposted fr henecia婷婷weibo)


  • HJ going to shake hands with a seller RT HyunJoong with Bapak Penjual ^^ @ Alun-Alun Selatan




[Articles by AprilStarr] Storytweeting the Barefoot Friends plus BF Ep2 ScreenCaps from Ahlia & nomad0606

  Storytweeting the Barefoot Friends
Author:  Aprilstarr

If one strings together all the tweets that went viral around the globe in all of the days BF spent filming Vietnam from the airport going there and back, a story can unfold paralleling that what SBS gave its viewers.

These tweets (you know who you are that tweeted)gave the blow by blow accounts, ringside view of what transpired perhaps far more interesting than what the studio editors polished edition finally showed. Except of course those scenes fans don’t have access to.  But If they had that they would probably steal the thunder from the show, to say the least.

So kudos to those who took the time and efforts to bring to all of us brief narratives and pictures on the spot as they happened. And thanks to the inventor of Twitter  for adding us in the conversations making the globe one nosy neighborhood.

These tweeters might as well be called “war correspondents” for being where the action is, bullets whizzing by, missiles being fired, negotiations being made,orders are barked.

If this show can be called a reality show which it is really not in its fullest sense, more a hybrid between that and sitcom comedy, the tweets provide the real situations and responses made by its participants. For examples, Hyun Joong’s reaction when the hot oil splattered on him frying the pancakes and his light and playful banter with the fans.

We knew right away that Hyun Joong fell ill and worried with the tweeters. The mothers and sweethearts in all of us almost in autopilot nagged : poor boy, he is tired with all his activities, the weather affected him. But relieved when they said he was alright the next morning.

We read how the local fans in their enthusiasm many times hindered the filming of the other group, following them even reportedly endangering themselves in the process. Hyun Joong’s fans, on the other hand, according to the tweets gave them space and quiet so the group can do their work faster. And for HJ to be able to rest longer. Thumbs up for you guys!

And so the baton of tweeting had been passed to those in Yogyakarta.We saw the  BF cast  are still wearing those Discovery sports attire,changing to more climate appropriate TShirts like  they did in Vietnam. And HJ was  tweeted hurt in the face but no wound nor scar resulted. Just like in Vietnam, we already knew the cast donned the traditional garb in Indonesia. And how they must be savoring  the local treats. If not for the time bound shooting they must be enjoying all the attention.

The rest of us eagerly await  the next wave of  the tweeters’ breaking news (move over CNN ). The effects of your primary accounts are simply awesome. It made the rest of us feel as if we were there with you. You are our eyes,ears and hands. You elevated fangirling /boy in another level. So fresh,so raw and detailed observations.  Keep them coming !

By the way, you tweeters added one more word to our changing vocabulary -storytweeting to update storytelling .


Thanks Ms Dean for this article.  


 photo BI7bb3HCEAA5rKCjpglarge.jpg photo BI7dB7yCIAEUukvjpglarge.jpg photo BI7cGasCAAMckHsjpglarge.jpg photo BI7r4F8CEAAnOQCjpglarge.jpg photo BI7vNWOCEAEJ2ERjpglarge.jpg photo BI7wKenCIAIBjHojpglarge.jpg photo BI7zWHbCIAMzjQojpglarge.jpg


 photo 763594102.png photo 763545580.png photo 763527914.png photo 763477407.png photo 763476520.png photo 763453655.png

[Photos] Screencaps SBS BarefootFriends Episode 2

Credit as tagged + khjean14


6a59aaf1jw1e45e4p4owkj20c814p79l 6a59aaf1jw1e45ecl4voaj20c81pz11m 6a59aaf1jw1e45ewvpznyj20c81ozn3t
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6a59aaf1jw1e45g0dhdmqj20c80jvmzh 6a59aaf1jw1e45g0dhdmqj20c80jvmzh (1) 6b4a12f3tw1e45eswjiy3g20c20a00vj
6b4a12f3tw1e45fi4wivqj20el09v3zq 6b4a12f3tw1e45fi5os6vj20eo09yjsg 6b4a12f3tw1e45fi6gznaj20gk09v0tr
6b4a12f3tw1e45fi7oor4j20g809wwfo 6b4a12f3tw1e45fi9bxr2j20gl0a13zq 6b4a12f3tw1e45fi9z8xbj208f08i3yp
6b4a12f3tw1e45fi49opuj20ev0a1gmo 6b4a12f3tw1e45fiszfggj20hi09n0th 6b4a12f3tw1e45flvhhydj20h90a5wg3
6b4a12f3tw1e45flzbkvlj20er09wmyb 6b4a12f3tw1e45fm0o0dgj20hc0a0jsl 6b4a12f3tw1e45fsjhssbj209l0a4q3k
6b4a12f3tw1e45fta0pu1j20hi09lq46 6b4a12f3tw1e45ftarw0bj20ha0a1abm 6b4a12f3tw1e45ftblzg3j20ca0a6my2
6b4a12f3tw1e45fxuztsvj20h80t3gpj 8c0fb06agw1e45fhmm7z4j20h10jjacj 8c0fb06agw1e45fsvaoivj20ho09hwf4
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a823262cgw1e45kpamexqj20hj0jn40j a823262cgw1e45krgw5lwj20hk0tgq5v a823262cgw1e45krgw5lwj20hk0tgq5v (1)
a823262cgw1e45kt7b95wj20zh1o57jy a823262cgw1e45ktom1fwj20hb09qgmq

[News] Kim Hyun Joong affirms his love for the celebrity life on ‘Barefoot Friends’


Kim Hyun Joong went through a cathartic moment after his experience abroad for SBS‘s ‘Barefoot Friends‘.

Wrapping up their visit to Vietnam, the cast of ‘Barefoot Friends’ gathered to reflect on what they had learned after completing their mission to live their lives as a normal Vietnamese person for 24 hours.

“As a celebrity, I always had a soft spot for living as a normal person,” Kim Hyun Joong said. “But after experiencing today, I felt that being a normal person is the hardest thing.”

“I’m very happy right now, where I get to do what I want to do,” he concluded.

Streaming/DL Links for BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episodes (Raw and Subbed) at Dramacrazy


Latest Barefoot Friends Episodes

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[Videos/ScreenCaps] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 2 (Raw) – 2013.04.28

Credit:  sophielfchan


Sahring Some Tweets from; 

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 HJ “we will do better for a physical work” LOL
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ looks good?

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHD said, HJ looked even smart (instead of handsome) lol
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 they completed fishing. now going to the market to sell
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 they are now selling fishes at the market
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 Finally they are at the VN noodle soup restaurant.
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 They brought wrong dish instead of Ph. HJ explaining ‘We want Pho’ with body-language, pretending eating Pho.
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ looks so hungry. looking into theIcecreamStand “icecream! Usually I DONT eat icecream in KR”
  • KHJ “(our team) will do better with a physical work” [맨친]김현중 “몸으로 할 수 있는 게 좋다” 자학개그 폭소
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ team has to earn more money. they will go to sell VN pancake.

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ showing ‘aegoy’ to the pancake ingredient seller to cut price and SUCCEEDED. KBS tried too but FAILED.
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 after KHJ ate VN pancake, “it’s very alive” (means it’s really great lol)
  • look HJ’s ‘aegoy’ to cut the price LOL ‘맨친’ 김현중, 베트남 여심도 녹인 필살 애교 ‘깜찍’

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ “to live a ordinary life is most difficult.I am healed (thru the mission) and I realized I am a happy person cuz I can work what I want.”
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 btw, KHD said he heard last night Uee snoring lol
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ “seems people become good when they are happy” KHD “you sound different today”
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 when KHJ ordered Pho,”mom, plz make it a double with one dish price” LOL

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 when KHJ seeing the landscape “looks like Grand Canyon” KHJ “have you been there?” KHJ”NO” LOL
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHD “I’ve never seen this kind of person (HJ) who has multiple characters like KHJ” hahaha
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 did you guys see HJ bending down and laughing with KHD’s joking? LOL
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHD’s joke “is this a Ohara desert? (instead of Sahara. Sa=4, O=5 sounds in Korean) made KHJ ROFL
  • Only-Body-Brothers’ KHD,KHJ,eating scene ‘몸뚱아리 형제’ 강호동·김현중, 먹방종결자 등극 大활약

  • 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ joked “is ‘white sand’ name of cookie like choco-sand?” LOL
  • [touching HJ’s talking]#KHJBarefootFriends 김현중맨발의친구들 KHJ “I think many celebrities might think if they were not celebrities and live ordinary lives, they wouldn’t have to be depressed and unhappy. However I felt today, to live a ordinary life is most difficult, and to live with doing what I want is most happy. I realized I am a really happy person and reflect on myself why I had felt I was not happy.” argh it’s very touching… Hyun Joong ah TT_TT
  • ‘Only-Body_Brothers’ just ate wo a word ‘맨친’ 강호동-김현중,베트남 쌀국수로 ‘무언의 먹방 대결’

  • KHJ’s communicated w a VN local with ‘aegyo’ ‘맨발의 친구들’ 김현중 애교, 베트남서도 通했다

  • As KHD said, HJ has multiple characters. HJ is entertaining, humorous and thoughtful as well!!
  • 김현중맨발의친구들 after KHD said “Ohara desert (instead of Sahara)” KHJ “it’s better than “Kuhara desert” Roflmao!




[Filming Updates Day 3] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in INDONESIA – 2013.04.28



As Compiled by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/

Please Click HERE


Day 3 KHJ~Barefoot Friends Tweet Updates:

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 730AM:  RT: Hyun Joong and team BBF stay at home residents are not in hotel””
  • Ard 830AM:  “: Lots of meals for Barefoot Friends Teams

  • This is Barefoot Friends’ travel cars/buses cr:babywufans

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 530AM:  Good morning! Ready to have a journey with barefoot friends team 3rd day?
  • Ard 730 AM:  The staffs already check out from hotel. The team will be going to the next filming location
  • HJ just out and wearing white t-shirt. I think he wanna wash his face first~ oh his bareface really handsome 🙂
  • Kkkk~ the staffs brought many freshener air cause Jogja’s weather is really hot and hot :p
  • HJ has washed his face and change his cloth to grey and green one :). OMG!!! I lost my breath see him kkkk~
  • For all fans who are waiting here pleasr behave well, keep calm and dont make some noices. Ok 🙂
  • I’m not sure the casts only wash their face or take a bath cause we couldn’t see inside kkkk~
  • HJ looks like a walking statue! Kkkk~
  • The casts are out and said ” Terima Kasih” to the house’s owner.
  • HJ is super duper handsome. He’s really cute when give a bow and said “Terima Kasih” (thanks) to house’s owner 🙂
  • They opened window’s car and waving to all fans who are waiting here. So kindly 🙂
  • Ard 830AM:  Heading to the next filming location~
  • The mini buses are really so fast. But I’m still behind them. Go go go kkk~
  • For all fans who follow the team using motorcycle, please calm down and be safe!
  • Good night guys and I’ll see u tomorrow. Really sorry and thanks. I love you all 🙂

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 930 AM: Yesterday night Hyun Joong got sleeping outside and bitten by mosquitoes… lucky that mosquitoes!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • For now all the casts still preparing for filming again…
  • Don’t worry… Hyun Joong really a good condition, always smilling, energetic and wave to all his fans… :)))

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 930 AM:  Good morning! Day3 filming now. We wanna iform you that KHJ is ok now. Yesterday filming was calmer than the first. ^^
  • HyunJoong has seen our team, finally. ^^
  • Kim Hyun Joong is wearing blue T-shirt,no hat & look so fresh.he stopped a little bit longer next to us,saw our banner
  • Kim Hyun Joong & BFF are moving to another place now & we are behind their mini bus
  • Finally Kim Hyun Joong got the gift from us to him 😀
  • sorry we made mistake after checking the photos,Kim Hyun Joong is wearing grey T-shirt,blue bag,black trousser,no hat & look so fresh
  • : Henecia and Triple S at Kasongan

Henecia and Triple S at Kasongan

Tweets by: 

  • Omfgg.. Even fans waiting since last night?!! Omg still 5:37am and many fans are already here? Daebak!
  • Omggg i can see Hyun Joong’s shoe, white green shoe. Hahaha. UEE seems like she just got back from bathroom. She is stunning :33
  • I will try my best to give ur present and mine to the staff. Cuz impossible to give it to HJ. Will go home after that 🙂
  • being able to see hj is enough for me. I do believe i will see him on Sept again.. ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Ard 620AM:  Omfgggg king about to come out …. Kyaaaaa
  • Omfgggg king about to come out …. Kyaaaaa
  • Before hj kill me the staffs and bodyguards already. Lol
  • OMGGG!! I still cant believe i will see him 😥
  • I wanna cry. Finally, dream come true ;33
  • White shirt omoooo… Omoooo awesommeeee omooo.. Im gonna faint. Omoooo..
  • OMGGGGGGG he just come out… OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! So handsome. OMGGGGGGG!! GODDDD helpppp.. OMGGG
  • i cant believe if hj is even a human. Too perfect. Too awesome :333
  • OMGGGGGGGG all fans keep saying “please walk again in front of us” after he back from bathroom, wash his face and change cloth to grey.
  • Yoon shi yoon just go to bathroom. Change clothes too i think. Just like uee and khj 🙂
  • I think saw Yoon Shi Yoon was a bonus hahaha
  • THANKS GOD. DREAM CAME TRUE. 28.04.2013.. Noted. Being able to see khj 🙂
  • Even the staffs are handsome and beautiful. Haha
  • Ard 930AM:  Bff team just left to filming location 🙂
  • They are veryyyyy faaaarrrrrrrrr.. They just left.. Hj was, no words.. Hahaha
  • OMG How can i explain how is he look like? No words can describe KHJ..
  • Hyun Joong has innocent face. Aigoo, like little boy. A polite guy 🙂
  • Before he get into van he look at the car’s mirror and make up his hair. ㅋㅋㅋ
  • I love his half-awake face, before he wash his face.. Haha
  • After they got into van i was looking for him, and i found out he was sitting on the back behind khd and uee.
  • I got close to the window near him just to say “Oppa, saranghae” i believed he didnt hear me. But its ok, at least he saw me 🙂
  • A fan (mother fan) i think hold a picture of hj wearing batik, she put it on the window next to hj. Bodyguards asked her to get away -c
  • But she kept doing that. And when female staff come and say sorry to her and asked her to get away. And they just go to next location.
  • Am i dreaming? Is it real? I just see khj?!
  • To me hj is look like a little boy, really!! U’ll love his eyes more when u see him in person. Thanks God, that was closeeee enough.
  • That was a memory that i will NEVER forget in my life. First meet 🙂
  • i dont even know is it real or a dream. He is just too perfect to be true.
  • I’m not selfish~ i just wanted everyone’s safety, esp Kim Hyun Joong. -_-
  • Fans were awesome. When they see khj come out they starting to say/ call khj, and the other kept saying “zzztttt, keep calm” ㅋㅋㅋ

Tweets by: 

  • For fans who saw this travel cars, please well behave and support Barefoot Friends
  • there around 15 travel cars, 1 privat car, and a bus. just for your information c:
  • ahh, forget. Don’t stay too close to Barefoot Friends. They sems scared after what happened in Malioboro. So, please do as the staff’s says
  • to tell you the truth, the Barefoot Bodyguards are scary. Big. Black. Tall. >_<
  • Barefoot Friends haven’t filming at Borobudur tample yesterday because they hevn’t get permission. But they’ve tried to get it already.
  • But we didn’t know when they film there or already get the permission or not c:
  • yesterday I ask a middle aged man who sell drinks around the hotel, he said that Barefoot will filming in Malioboro street again.
  • He said they are going to eat “Jagung Bakar”. But he didn’t know when they’ll film it.
  • I heard from friend, Barefoot Friend going out the Yogyakarta City. Another said they are in Wonosari, which have so many beautiful beaches.
  • Seems like Barefoot’ staff changed the schedule here and there to trick us :3

Tweets by:  

  • Honestly, i lent my gloves to HJ bcs he had to handle heavy fruits in his back. At first the staff didn’t recognize the weight of the fruits. Just filming and filming. Then the staff looked for gloves in one of the fruit seller, but the seller didn’t have it. I heard that conversation, and suddenly i took out my gloves from my jacket pocket, and i gave it to the staff. And HJ wore my gloves. OMG!
  • my gloves that protect HJ’s hands from getting injured.U can check in the BFF broadcast later

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 9AM:  Good morning TList! Wish me luck for today 🙂
  • I saw hyun joong’s shoes! He spent night here at local home 🙂

  • I saw Japanese fans also here! Wow!
  • OmG!! I saw hyun joong agaaain~~~~
  • Hyun joong here! Go.. go next location!

  • Hyun joong inside the bus! We are going to next location now!

  • Hyun joong still sleepy haha

  • going to next location! On the way to wonosari I guess 🙂
  •  some fans following him by motorcycle.

  • Guys wish me luck for today especially tonight! EXCITED!!

Fancam Credit:  Vidya Hanum Ayuningtyas


More PHOTOS from Days1 & 2
hyun joong dressed in sarung batik helping to carry cartons of (im nt very sure what) @ a market ;~~; /stabs self
Credit:  runningmancomm
2nd Part of day3
Tweets by:  3h

  • Ard 5PM:  I used same rest room with barefoot teams! Aaah I can’t believe it!!
  • Me: are you happy here in Indonesia? He said: of coz! *nodnod*
  • Me: so why don’t you smile a lot here? HJ: tobtaa!! LOL~
  • yess!! I also send him to the rest room 🙂
  • Ard 6PM:  Hyun Joong after taking bath! Awww..

  • Ard 7PM:  This was so amazing for me! When me and my friends looking to filming prosesion, Hyun Joong ask us to following him. He said “come on, tiru-tiru (in english mean let’s follow him and BFF members (HJ)
  • Hyun Joong and the rest BFF teams said to us in indonesia “TERIMAKASIH” and bows aww.. They are so kind..
  • After filming Kang Ho Dong gave us a bottle mineral water~ and have chit chat with him. He is so nice to us 🙂
  • Now BFF teams filming at elementary school “SIDOHARJO”
  • Sorry, I can’t take a pic here at Sidoharjo elementary school. Need to charge my phone and camera 😦 😦 😦
  • keke~ I wish they cut the scene with us! I’m shy lol
  • 9PM:  They’re taking dinner now!

  • Ard 930PM:  My lucky still goes on~ back after filming in SD sidoarjo Hyun Joong still look at us and come to us for handshake..
  • Very tight handshake! (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  • Hyun Joong must be remember us when he come to Indonesia again LOL!!
  • Ah.. forgot to tell you that after take a bath hyun joong sang Ralalalalala~♥ it mean he is in very good mood right?? Keke
  • I love all the way he look at us and come to us for handshake! I don’t wanna wash my hand ㅠㅠ
  • Ard 1020PM:  back to Jakarta~ so hard to say goodbye to them. But I must back tonight 😦
  • Saying good bye to BFF teams! and they said “Jalgaaaaa…
  • I Love all member of BFF, Unforgettable moment to us specially to me, feels like I won’t back to Jakarta 😦 😦
  • I let my luck at Wonosari for you guys who still stalking them~ Good Luck! and please take care of them BFF teams~♥
  • This! Having lunch after back from the beach~

  • Stalkerhopeless when coming and back with Lucky’s stalker ever 3 of us! Thanks God 🙂
  • Hyun Joong check his phone cell keke~

  • Opps! Sorry I mean smart phone kkk~ he knows how to use it very well!

  • Singing all the way with the music playlist from his smart phone~

  • At filming set *dancing2* HJ said “Come on! Tiru-tiru” and the rest BFF members also said “Tiru-tiru” LOL

  • Kang Ho Dong lie down after back from the beach! He must be very tired 😦

  • Love this pose keke~

  • Dunno why hyun joong keep standing there infront of me after shower. Seems like he knows what i want haha.
  • ]This! what we got today! Keke~

Tweet by:  28m

  • 김현중 inside van, in front of elemantary school ~ cc

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 6PM:  Sorry not update for a while cause the filming location is too far and couldn’t get a signal
  • Nobody cant reach near the location on the top of hill. Because it’s for safety during filming
  • The casts took a “Gondola” (cable car) accross the sea to the coral in the seasore. Maybe they looking for lobster (?)
  • We have to walk for abt 2 kilometre to the location. Because the way to reach there is too difficult
  • Ard 930PM:  ello.. Sorry I didnt give you some updates during filming in this location cause it’s difficult to get a signal
  • Tonight, I’m still at where the casts are. I’ll give you some updates what were the casts doing during a whole day~
  • After the casts slept for a night at Kasongan, they went to the next location “Timang Beach”
  • Timang Beach is located at Wonisari Gunung Kidul Jogja. The way to there was very far and difficult
  • At first, the staffs didn’t allow us to go there. But we have another way to there so we can follow them
  • Unfortunately, our car couldn’t go inside the location so we need to walk to reach there abt 2 kilometre
  • After we saw their buses, we felt better but again we couldn’t watch when they’re filming with Gondola
  • The casts took a “Gondola” (cable car) for a mission accross the sea to the coral in the seasore. Maybe they looking for lobster (?)
  • After they finished their filming at Timang Beach, they go to the next location. It’s located at SD Sidoarjo (primary school)
  • At the primary school they doing a rehearsal first before filming. They did a dance that will teach to the students there.
  • When the filming start at first they’re devided by 2 teams. HJ’s team with Kang Ho Dong & Kim Bum So
  • borrowed a local outfit from an auntie so the bodyguard couldn’t know us as a fan. I can follow HJ’s team wherever they go kkkk~
  • When HJ’s team did their mission is kinda teach the dance to a few student. HJ holding a mini radio, play the music then they start to dance
  • HJ’s wearing black outfit tonight. Really handsome! Since I could follow HJ’s team during filming I felt wanna die see him kkkk~
  • Give applause to the fans who were in the location. They’re very calm and support alot of filming prosess 🙂
  • I really died everytime I heard HJ’s voice lol. I love when HJ said “Terima Kasih” (thanks) during filming
  • After each team finished their mission they gathered again at school and guess what we can go inside school to allow the filming
  • So, they start with introduce their self. And Hyun Joong said “Halo, nama saya Kim Hyun Joong” (Indonesia language) 🙂
  • Kyaaaa… So happy heard Hyun Joong spoke in Indonesia kkkk~ cute! lol
  • After the casts finished introduce their self. They start doing a dance and invite the student to follow them
  • Since we allowed to watch filming process inside the school, I sat in front of and saw HJ clearly 🙂
  • Today is my fortunate day I think. Cause I always can see HJ clearly from morning until night lol
  • Tonight the casts still having their filming at… Lol. But I think I will stop updating for today cause I really tired since 4am till now
  • Sorry I cant share some picts cause It still in my friend’s camera. So I only give some news abt the filming process. No picts/videos.


  • (Photo-1) This is the beach Timang used Barefoot Friends for shooting in the morning by yayaxzz

  • (Photo-2) This is the beach Timang used Barefoot Friends for shooting in the morning by yayaxzz

  • Car crew members + Friends at the Beach Barefoot Timang # BFFinJogja  cr: yayaxzz

  • All of children in elementary school sidoharjo so happy while Hyun Joong and BFF team was filming there by:deedeekimmy
  • Hyun joong speaks Indonesia use its own style. Alien base. _ he said “come on ” Tiru-tiru means let’s follow him ^ ^ by:bbfindonesia
  • we called him.. kim hyun joong and then when we shouted leadeeer he saw us ^^ by:henecia_jogja

  • again, i just got KHJ’s back.. blue ransel by:henecia_jogja

  • (Photo-1) House used for shooting and sleep last night_ ‘BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2)

  • (Photo-2) House used for shooting and sleep last night_ ‘BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2)

  • when they prepare for filming BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2) in native house, sooo crowded o,o by:henecia_jogja

THANKS to all concerned for sharing their photos, videos and especially their fan accounts re KHJ’s filming in INDONESIA!

[Info] Confirmation about “rumors” of KHJ getting hurt in Day 1 @Yogyakarta BF shoot

Source: @henecia_jogja /@l33nana

Credit:  DeannaDsc

” i dont know this rumors will spread too much *i think* we hv to inform you guys about it..”
1. THERE WAS NO BLOOD IN KIM HYUN JOONG FACE/NOSE *as i see, i was in the location that night”
2. IM SURE ITS NOT HENECIA OR TRIPLE S WHO DID IT.. *i know how we behave around our idol”
there was another fans who soooo excited with Kim Hyun Joong.. i know we also excited.. but we protect our idol we werent hurt him like that
they just like ‘wow BBF cast was here! yoon ji hoo..’ they wanna touch him, etc so he unintentionally got injured..”
it was right that he entered CK bcuz another fans who going crazy.. but when he walked out, i couldnt even see his scar..
he is alright now.. he having fun.. he still smile to us *like usually humble hyun joong”

[More Photos] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at Incheon AP to Indonesia – 2013.04.26

Credit:  @lyn0522

Credit:  KhunnooPOR

Credit:  Henecia_Shane



[Filming Updates Day 2] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in INDONESIA – 2013.04.27

More Fancams/Pics from Day1

Tweet by:  :130426 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong in Malioboro trying to buy Nasi baka

fancam Credit:  TheKumanakal·

Fancam Credit:  PanduSW

Published on 26 Apr 2013

It was filmed at Abu Bakar Ali Parking Area, Malioboro. The fangirls around me was so noisy.. -__-

Fancam Credit:  ika nix

Published on 26 Apr 2013

after got injured on his face, hyun joong scared 😦 and went into hiding to mini market..
I was very annoyed at the time, many people don’t know but they tried to touch -___-
He walked right in front of me but I didn’t touch him, I appreciate to him. I saw his hand hold security’s hand very tight
(hyunjoon with red jacket n black hat)
mianhe hyunjoong oppa -____-

Fancam Credit:  Vidya Hanum Ayuningtyas

Published on 26 Apr 2013

This fancam taken by utiloveicecream and uploaded by me
Take a proper credit if you want to take out

Fancam Credit:  hennyermawati

Fancam Credit:  yulia ellizawanti

Credit: @muggleprincess


Tweeted by: 

  • Hahahahha KHJ 김현중was really close to me last night, although i kept looking for UEE…. a lil bit dark sorry

  • KHJ 김현중 last night filming, his mission was looking for Nasi Goreng 볶음밥..


Hyun Joong in store K. 24 hours by Henny Ermawat

Credit: Selfia R. Puspita

Kim Hyun Joong last night @ Malioboro | Isn’t it so close?? >_<


DAY 2 1st Part

Tweeted by@Cheezeemelt501

  • – I read fanacc from @triplechangjo some fans meet Leader this morning, nothing wrong w his face :) no scar or anything else
  • some fans who helped leader’s mission this morning got a hug from him ^^”

Tweet by:  1h

  • KHJ’s so popular in Indonesia,Jogja. Henecia Indonesia tried to protect him but too many non-fans crowded around him.

Tweet Updates by: 

  • Morning. Since the fans are really over excited for the filming last night. So, we really sorry not tell u abt the filming location
  • Please support Barefoot Friends team who will filming since this morning. I’ll update what’s going on when they filming later~
  • The filming location of Barefoot Friends team is unpredictable. They can change the location suddenly.
  • This morning KHJ’s fine and feel better I think. we know we love him and will keep him safely, support the filming 🙂
  • The casts are having breakfast~ Enjoy ur meal ~^^
  • The casts is out from the restaurant. HJ’s wearing white green t-shirt & a cap. Oh so a fresh man!
  • HJ’s waving to us~ aaahhh so kind uri King ~^^
  • Good job Henecia & TripleS. When HJ’s out from restaurant they keep calm and not make some noices! Just waving our hand 🙂
  • Actually, if the fans are more calmly last night for welcoming Barefoot Friends team. They will allow us to watch near them.
  • But, last night the fans are over excited and make some casts scared that’s why they’re filming secretly~
  • But I know the fans really get more excited because it’s the first time many Korean artist shoot for a variety show in Jogja 🙂

Tweets by: 

  • Hyun Joong already wore “Batik” traditional clothes too in Indonesia and really cute.. RT @mrs_uzoosin6686: Hyun joong mengenakan kain batik hahaha sangat lucu..
    terlihat sedikit lelah tapi tetap ganteng
  • All of Hyun Joong fans there still protect and support him..

Tweet by: 

  • some fans who helped leader’s mission this morning got a hug from
  • HJL & BarefootFriends initially sluggish timeout breakfast ‘laughing with Members, Staff, Crew, Fans, Community fresh again cr: Runners_JKT

Tweets by: 

  • [UPDATE] So far filming today is well ^^ about 50 person stalk barefoot friends team and mostly is Hyun Joong’s fans^^
  • ^^RT: The casts and staffs have arrived in next filming location~”


Photos Credit:

Photos Update by

Credit:  130427 hyunjoong oppa after breakfast. So handsome in real life.


Tweets by: 

  • : Todays filming are really good, 50 fans stalking BFF in one place in Giwangan (I will not inform you exactly the place)”
  • : All Barefoot Friends had arrived safely at the next location. All members wear baselayer & cap Because Yogya this afternoon HOT
  • This morning, Hyun Joong at Giwangan market. There was a lucky fan handshake with him and joined BFF filming
  • Now member and crew are resting. Bcs Jogja is so hot..

Tweets by: 

  • Barefoot Friends Lunch was at the Restaurant / RM Padang d around Giwangan. Timeout was divided 2 bus.randomize the location (@ Runners_JKT)


Photos Credit: Q-yunA

Credit as Tagged


DAY 2 snd Part

Tweeted by: 

  • Hj is filming in village house at kasongan but they only talking and relax… Cr @ vickzara
  • : it’s raining in Jogja now, cuz or Uri Rain-called-idol Kim Hyun Joong. ^^
  • : Bec of HJ’s presence!! God of Rain RT : Heavy Rain in Yogyakarta~!!”
  • Hyun Joong is eating bakso (Indonesian meatball) in Bakso ITO at Mataram Street (via , )”
  • : This is Bakso ITO, the one HJ ate at Mataram Street ^^ thanks google :p

  • RT: seriously, it made me laugh when HJ said : nasi bakareu. lol”
  • RT: They’re done with filming at bakso ito”
  • RT”: : Barefoot friends at bakso ITO

Barefoot friends at bakso ITO now

  • RT : Yoon shi hyun is waving from the van ,they’re leaving now
  • : it is said that they are not just eat bakso there, but for missions too”

Tweeted by:  

  • It’s raining so hard here. They have arrived at the next filming location~
  • I am at one of filming location and Hyun Joong isn’t here~ some said they are divided. One bus for one member. But still don’t know yet~
  •  @930 PM:  The members are divided into a few team for the mission tonight~

Tweeted by: 

  • @930PM 26 celcius weather tonight in yogya. BFF seems to cast+ crew will not feel so hot will enjoy for the next shooting event

Tweeted by: 

  • Hyun Joong syuting di Tempat makan Baso … And Rainy in jogja .. God of rain here.
  • Can’t take many pict .. so crowded .. but he’s so Handsome !! Really !!”
  • wrong infomation … aigoo~~~
  • Lets find him !! Go !!!
  • we are you HJ-ssi ??? we loss you again!!

Tweeted by:  :

  • Hj was filming in village house at kasongan but they only talking and relax
  • jogja is raining so hard.. because god of rain at jogja now… LOL
  • It’s very late to wash motorcycle…i hope he feel warm indo not cool at all even in the night we r sweating without AC

Tweeted by: 

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  • The weather in Yogyakarta is still hot but still peaceful and calmly…
  • 1025PM:  Seems Hyun Joong really enjoyed in Jogja and we’re so happy for it, he already dissapear from another fans who wanna watch him… Get enjoyed Hyun Joong ssi, Jogja is a beautiful city in Indonesia.. 🙂

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  • Hyun joong stil working now^^ and our member give him a mineral water. So lucky for her… can touch his hand and got HJ killer smile ^^

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  • (Info) Barefoot friends Hyun Joong not eating bakso (Indonesian meatball) in Bakso ITO at Mataram Street but he stay in hotel cr:

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  • HJL still out side there ㅋㅋㅋ all rumour n all crews already disappear with groups for hang out. some walks some use cars.

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  • Hyun Joong and UEE are washing a motorcycle at Krapyak (via )


Photo Credit:

Credit:  henecia_jogja


Credit: @ patigenie

Credit:  2h

  • Crowded in the filming location

  • The team doing their mission

  • Inside

  • It’s a bit hard to stalk them today bc of their unexpected schedule
  • My friend got handshake and long eye contact from KHJ last night bc she’s not shouting or disturbing the filming so oppa is being nice

Credit:    Kim Hyun Joong in Kasongan, a bitdifferent?

Credit:  @lianayudo

Credit:    Henecia_Indo

Credit:  KHJ get off the bus (2) @ Sentanan, Kasongan

Photos Credit: 

  • Handsome Hyun Joong~!! at Krapyak tonight where he washed the motorcycle
  • Cute Hyun Joong (without a cap) going to eat bakso 😀 (cr: )

  • oppa hyun joong lagi makan baksoo cc:
Credit:  @meutiyud
Credit moonchu_
Credit:  @Adhisyrahma
Credit:  @chandraayuf

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[Filming Updates Day 1] KIM HYUN JOONG and BAREFOOT FRIENDS Cast in INDONESIA – 2013.04.26/27

Tweet Updates by:  5h

  • Marcia send me whatssapp again!!! Seriously!! She said “Hyun Joong while enjoying Indonesian food today”!!!!

  • Our eonnie has got his autograph!!!

  • Some fans curious that they saw all of stuff Barefoot Friends there.. RT @henecia_jogja: ada beberapa temen di bandara yg lihat kameramen dgn sgala alat2ny.. kita curiga itu krunya
  • We’re so proud that Indonesia fans really support and cheering Hyun Joong in Indonesia, many fans still waiting him.. Atmosphere really hot!!! :))
  • So he already know that many fans really waiting him for a long time for visit Indonesiaaaaa!!!.. :))))
  • RT @jeabjoong: Rt@ForeverSS501_ : BarefootFriendsIndonesia stay here!! Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta

  • SBS Staff really happy that they got “Bakpia Pathok” traditional food from jogja and bcause there are some word from hyun joong fans.. 🙂 RT @henecia_jogja: Btw staff sbs seneng nerima bakpiany.. Admin jd senengg.. Ada tulisan dr khj fans
  • O.M.G!!! Please keep calm and keep ur promise!!!! Annoyed!! RT @BarefootFriends: Hyun Joong get injured on his face.. PLEASE KEEP CALM, IF YOU’RE ACT LIKE THIS, THEY WILL NOT COME TO INDONESIA AGAIN!


  • Hyun Joong got injury on his fans bcause fans can’t calm there…
  • Hyun Joong fans in jogja is the biggest from the other artist, and atmosphere can’t control anymore..
  • RT @irendy_tm: is it SATE,marinated meat skewered on sticks grilled to perfection and served with sauce.Look Yummy HENECIA_INA

  • RT : HJ is in the bus, now. Hope he dont get any serious injured! Please stay calm guys. I’m begging you 😦
  • RT @vehyuntop: I believe it wasn’t Henecia who did it to uri Hyun Joong, everyone who see him there said that he’s handsome, so it could be other fans >.<
  • RT @jeabjoong: Rt@tripleSkaltim:KHJ’s fans from HongKong who’re going with me really get angry with fans here.So please dont make a bad story for all dear.
  • RT @HENECIA_KHJ86: Now all cast are inside the bus. They eating all food that they have bought. Seems that they enjoying it 🙂 via @tripleSkaltim
  • Crowded!!! Still shooting inside a.bus! RT : RT :

  • RT : RT : Bus is leaving now, dont know where they go~
  • Gudnite!! Tomorrow must be better than today! Remember! All of them not with their bodyguard!! We must keep protecting our king!!! Kim Hyun Joong must be save!!!
  • (Info) For Kim Hyun Joong safety filming in Jogjakarta, we’ll stop for give some info about Hyun Joong filming there and location too cc: @bbfindonesia @Hyunited6686 @henecia_jogja
  • Maybe another fanbase which are not henecia and triples can support us bcause they have not bodyguard with them cc: @bbfindonesia @Hyunited6686 @henecia_jogja


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  • If KHJ transit from Jakarta to Jogja then he will be here at National departure. I’m here! *big wish*

  • Airport staff said KHJ’s name is in flight GA216 and will arrive at 7.45 pm (jogja time). I hope It’s true 😉
  • Many fans are here at Adi Sucipto AP Jogja, Indonesia~

  • Since I am inside National Departure at Adi Sucipto AP I wish could take many pictures and video of KHJ 😉
  • Yes, It’s same 🙂 “: For those international fans who confuse between Jogja and Yogyakarta .. Jogja is Yogyakarta. It’s same
  • Henecia & Triple S who are waiting ouside please stand together then I can take pictures of you guys 🙂
  • Fans are getting crowded at Jogja Airport, Indonesia

  • OMG! Si many rumours abt KHJ arrival. I meet HongKong fans here who will join me stalking Hyun Joong 😉
  • Some said KHJ will come out from VIP lounge. Cause the mens who wearing black suit already standby at Blue Sky way
  • I think KHJ already picked up by car and go to hotel maybe. Only staffs are still waiting for luggages.
  • KHJ & casts didnt came out from domestic arrival maybe because the fans outside are really2 crowded.
  • OMG! I see barefoot friends casts in the bus in front of me. I took a car there.
  • Barefoot friends are in the bus in front of me

  • I can see Hyun Joong from the back. He’s wearing a cap. Aaaaa~
  • I think the bus is going to Malioboro now~
  • The bus stop in Malioboro~

  • KHJ & casts are still filming in the bus. Not come out yet~
  • I see Hyun joong clearly inside the bus. Oh god! He’s reallu really handsome!!!
  • I think they’re have fun filming in the bus. HJ is laughing happily. U can imagine his face 🙂
  • Staffs still breafing~

  • I’m not sure but there are 2 cars are ready here. Maybe it will bring and devided two teams going for mission
  • Staffs still breafing and preparing ,the fans are getting more and more crowded
  • HJ is out and pass in front of me *died*
  • OMG!! KHJ shook my hand T.T
  • So close KHJ~


  • Believe or not KHJ is really popular in Jogja. Really!!!
  • Please keep calm guys. Dont hurt HJ 😦
  • Dont pinch HJ’s cheeks!! >.<
  • You can follow HJ wherever he goes. But please dont make him scared and hurt him!!
  • Now all cast are inside the bus. They eating all food that they have bought. Seems that they enjoying it 🙂
  • Bus is leaving now, dont know where they go~
  • They’re going to Hotel now. They stay at Inna Garuda Hotel I think~


Credit: láyur/Kim hyun joong sih katanya ;’)

Credit: Nila A T . 謝 秀 回 /kim hyun joong in front of me aaaaaarrrgggggg ξ\(ˇ▽ˇ)/ξ

Tweet by:  DeannaDsc /KHJ 4-26-2013 in Indonesia cr@ Lights Gordon _

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  • Nila A T . 謝 秀 回 2h

    kim hyun joong in front of me aaaaaarrrgggggg ξ\(ˇ▽ˇ)/ξ

  • What is HJ doing? At Malioboro, Jogja (cr: d_mariar)
    • Another pic of HJ at Malioboro 🙂 (cr: Riaaamon)

  • Buying food? (cr: )
  • HJ was buying Nasi Bakar (grilled rice) here ^^ thx to for sharing

  • Running HJ.. (cr: bredevELF)

Credit:  /Kim Hyun Joong running out from the bus. He was right in front of me. Lucky me

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  • [NEWS UPDATE] (CONFIRMED) Barefoot Friends Member @ Edu Hotel | Staff & Crew Some @ Inna Garuda Hotel & Royal Ambarukmo Hotel
  • [NEWS UPDATE] Kim Hyun Joong dan UEE terlihat di paling belakang bus yg membawa Barefoot Friends Cast n Crew

Tweet by:  : Sorry, they stay at Edu Hotel not Inna Garuda. I think only staffs who are stay at Inna Garuda”

Credit:  /EDU Hostel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Credit: Ria Monika /Kim Hyun Joong, hihi :p

Credit: fangirl tipe keras /

Credit: Dedy Ridwanmas/ nyumbang iki min

Credit:  @arsie0727

Credit:  )/HJ inside the bus

Credit: Priyanka Adindanoor /Kim Hyun Joong in Malioboro Jogjakarta!


Credit:  hennyermawati

Credit:  @arsie


Fancam Credit:  Fitri Apriliyani Tiran

Fancam Credit:  wardhanahmad

Fancam Credit: dee marooncrescent

Fancam Credit: wardhanahmad·

Fancam credit:  ika nix

[Official Photos] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 On-Site



[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG and BAREFOOT FRIENDS Cast in INDONESIA – 2013.04.26


  • Kim Hyun Joong’s Flight with Garuda indonesia GA214 will arrive at Adi Sucipto Airport Jogja, Indonesia from Soekarno-hatta intl ap
  • Heard news hyun joong has arrived safely in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta international airport for transit and will continue to Yogyakarta
  • Barefoot Friend Cast will filming at Malioboro at 9PM [Yogyakarta time] same as JKT time cr

Credit:  13m

  • Possible arrival time of KHJ in Adisutjiptu Airport in Yogyakarta is around 6pm local time or 8pm KST. Indonesia~Give HJ a warm welcome!


  • Fans are getting crowded at Jogja Airport, Indonesia

Credit:   Etry Angrianur Tende  kondisi adisudjipto yogyakatya


Barefoot Friend Cast will filming at Malioboro at 21.00 PM ^_^ cr ‏ cr Rafenska Lalumba for photo


  • Thanx Marcia!! 😀 RT He said with our friend Marcia eonnie that he’ll held a concert in Indonesia next time! cc
  • This is the map of Yogyakarta in central Java.Kim Hyun Joong will go there for Barefoot Friends shooting

  • Malioboro is a famous traditional market in Yogyakarta. We can find many traditional goodies there. Can’t wait for the shooting there. 🙂


  • Kim Hyun Joong arrival @ Indonesia cr:HENECIA_INA

Credit: KimHyunJoongThailand



  • Met Kim Hyun Joong. Coincidence :p
  • KHJ smiled at me. No, he smiled at my milky moo phone case. Embarrassing moment.

  • There no local team, I guess.. since they will fly directly to Jogja. Kim Hyun Joong was standing alone, away from Kang Ho Dong or AS Uee.

  • There no local team, I guess.. since they will fly directly to Jogja. Kim Hyun Joong was standing alone, away from Kang Ho Dong or AS Uee.

Tweets by: 

  • Here’s a pic from Marcia eonnie send with Whatssapp that she has talking with Hyun Joong!!!

  • RT : Thank you for coming! Barefoot Friends will arrive soon at Adi Sucipto Airport ^_^
  • Marcia eonnie said Hyun Joong get on a boarding now!! He looked at her t-shirt and smile to her!!! hahahaaa
  • Marcia send me whatssapp again!!! Seriously!! She said “Hyun Joong while enjoying Indonesian food today”!!!!

Tweets by:  

  • Airport staff said KHJ’s name is in flight GA216 and will arrive at 7.45 pm (jogja time). I hope It’s true

Tweet by: 

  • KHJ did not take flight GA214. Seems like they took the later flight which will depart 6:25pm and arrive Yogyakarta at 7:45pm


  • still waiting

Tweet by:  52m

  • HJ has arrived at Yogyakarta. Sugeng rawuh (welcome in Javanese language) , Hyun Joong ssi !!! 🙂
  • Kim Hyun Joong has landed safely, will go throught domestic gate. Now the crew pick up the luggage. cr
  • RT @Runners_JKT: [HOT ISSUE] All Of Barefoot Friends Member Cast & Crew Are Check In To ROYAL AMBARUKMO HOTEL Via Traveller Indo | Ini baru sebatas issue

[HQ Photos by mijya0606] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at Incheon AP to Indonesia – 2013.04.26



[Info] 7 KHJ-fansites from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Thailand & Korea gathered to support Kim Hyun Joong who came back with a new variety show

Credit:  DeannaDsc

7 KHJ-fansites from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Thailand & Korea gathered to support Kim Hyun Joong who came back with a new variety show. We warmly welcome Barefoot Friends who look for the true meaning of life’

LovingKimHyunJoong, Doublena Hyun. @ Magic Yin Kim Hyun station, hyuniversal0606 ,KHJPERFECT and Kim Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans.

Included are: sunscreens, after-sun care & whitening masks for outdoor shooting, eye masks for swollen eyes & dark circles, spray toners for moisturizing, multi-vitamins & red-ginseng for replenishing his energy.

[Photos] SBS Barefoot Friends Update


Credit:  nameless0606


Credit:  Merci喵栗

[2013.04.26][Fancams/Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG and BAREFOOT FRIENDS Cast at Incheon Airport on their way to Indonesia

Credit:  onlyleader HJ

Published on 26 Apr 2013

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Credit 현중만바라봐0606

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Credit:  만두양.

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The entire cast of are all going to Indonesia except Eunhyuk. Yoon Shi Yoon also in red jacket.

Credit:   @Hyunited6686

This “Love” shape is for Kim Hyun Joong while he is in Indonesia :*