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[Recap] Barefoot Friends-Recap episode 2

By : aprilstarr @

This episode continued with the attempts of the two groups to earn their living the Vietnamese way. Although, scenes in this episode were the continuation of episode 1, the show emphasized Vietnam as typical representative of how a sector of Southeast Asian peoples earn their living. Two of the more well known are providing transport services and basic food needs using manual labor. Unmistakably recognizable if you are from the region or had been there were the narrow busy streets, the tourists, the local markets, the fishing communities with traditional touches and most of all how the people get easily attracted to the source of the commotion: celebrities in their midst.

I laughed the most watching Shin’s group’s persistency getting their passengers. HD’s group had an absorbing activity at sea  but the group’s  dynamics was most of the time  focused on Hyun Joong and  HD who dominated  the group and the screen with his chatter, laughter and face . Shin’s group had allowed Eunhyuk and Shi Yoon to shine with their natural effort calling the passengers and entertaining them as well while pedaling the cyclos and making do courageously with their limited English. Even the low key Se Yoon was amusing trying to be a tour guide. It was fun watching their interaction  with the Australian couple in the first episode and as they became bolder with the couple from Texas,USA and the man from Rome in this episode. I should commend the tourists for tackling their cameo roles gamely and with gusto like the lady tourist sunbathing while riding the colorful open faced cyclos driven by Shin.

KHD’s group went to the sea to get crabs and seashells to sell in the market by riding the basket boat then transferred to the fishing boat. Though they had life preserver jackets on, this group’s mission was more dangerous though not as physically exhausting as doing the cyclos.

Both groups had to do retail selling  the local market the South East Asian way .Shin and Eunhyuk sold cola in plastic containers while HJ’s group had to sell street food.

Ah HJ power to bargain the rent for the equipment in making pancakes by smiles and dance. If it were you, can you resist giving in if he does his shake ? Of course the nearness of him most of all would have melted any solid metal around. Scripted or not ,who cares?
And getting a shampoo from him as well? Why,it was the treat of a lifetime! I saw he even included head massage that the woman was kinda refusing to budge even when the service was over. Does HJ do other kinds of massage ?

There was a last mission to do  -record best laughter. HJ’s 4Dness was rising up for the occasion though the exchange between him and HD seem to be some kind of a private joke or joke among the entertainers.

The members of groups were doing some winding down. One way was computing expenses versus the gains, where simple math was employed. On a profound level was the realization how other people eke their living outside S Korea. HJ who used to aspire to live like a normal person now admitted he is luckier to have been a celebrity seeing the hardships of many others.

As the show nears its closure of the Vietnam trip the groups converged.To end a memorable but learning immersion in Vietnam a performance was presented by the entire cast. But where was the Harlem Shake? Was it only me who did not see a scene where the cast wore the Vietnamese attire? It seemed the Vietnam trip need another episode.


The rating for the episode was reported at 5.1%, lower compared to the pilot show which took  5.6%  share of viewers . Content and cast wise the show is no longer just  a promise but a done deal in achieving their goals of infotainment and cultural values. Also the efforts of everyone is highly commendable considering what the cast and staff has to go through to provide this kind of a program. This is Hallyu wave coming to the different shores of the  not so frequently seen places.

BF  is not perfect, it can stand improvements. But it has to be given the chance to shine and hold its fort among the variety show.

Those who have not yet switched channel and show DO IT NOW ! It will grow on you.

[Photos & Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport From Indonesia

Credit: KimHyunJoongThailand

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khjthai khjthai (1) khjthai (2) khjthai (3) khjthai (4) khjthai (5)khjthai (6) BJD0OtoCIAAeyDy.jpg large fanpic fanpic (1) fanpic (2) fanpic (3) fanpic (4) fanpic (5) fanpic (6)

fanpic (8) fanpic (9)

fanpic (10) fanpic (11)

[2013.04.29] KIM HYUN JOONG at Jakarta AP going back to Seoul (Updating)


Tweets by: 

  • Waiting for GA 217 to land in Jakarta. =)
  • We won’t forget HJ saying “nasi bakareu” “terima kasih”. So cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Ard 11PM:  HJ has landed in Sekarno-Hatta airport Jakarta. Now he is doing check in for next flight to Seoul.
  • HJ wearing red shirt with writing SAVE INDONESIA.
  • Sorry mistaken. HJ wearing black shirt with red writting SAVE INDONESIA. *mybad*
  • It’s very sad to say goodbye to HJ. *i’m getting mellow now* 😀
  • Bye bye HJ and all BFF team. HJ ah, please come back nae?? 🙂
  • Ard 1130PM:  HJ is still at lotte duty free.
  • Ultimate happiness seeing HJ wearing black shirt with red&white SAVE INDONESIA.
  • I guess they are boarding now..
  • HJ is very active. Dancing?? Don’t you feel tired?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Calling for GA 878. That’s his flight.
  • I’m pretty sure HJ was noticing us. Only us and and 3 HK fans here.
  • Hyun Joong ah… You took our hearts with you. Still can’t believe it. *sigh* 🙂
  • That’s it our live report for you. Thanks for your support for us and HJ during his stay. Good night from Jakarta. Admin E signing off. ^^
  • Ard 1AM:  RT I guess the plane should have taken off by now right? It’s supposed to depart 11:20pm

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 10PM:  I’m waiting our King inside Soekarno Hatta International AP
  • 김현중 was doing a bit Break Down dance while queuing in check in counter in Soekarno Hatta AP ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Have a safe flight back to Seoul 김현중, thanks for visiting Indonesia though only for BF shooting, next time please consider to hold a concert

Photos by:  Hyunited6686

  • #1 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will fly to Korea

  • #2 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will depart to Korea

  • #3 Kim Hyun Joong at Soekarno-Hatta airport,Jakarta,Indonesia-will depart to Korea


[Daebak Eng Subbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episodes 1 & 2

THIS IS SAD ….. I love their subs …tssssk




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 photo bff_2.jpg

 photo BF-banner-ep1-1.jpg



[EngSubbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 2 from kshownow


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Barefoot Friends Episode 2 English subs

Barefoot Friends Episode 2 English subs Eng sub

[Filming Updates Day4] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in INDONESIA – 2013.04.29

Fancam Credit:  deanadhia·

Fancam Credit:  Tyas Cho


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  • This Prambanan Temple

  • Ard 12PM:  Barefoot Friends team arrived at the location, they have a briefing now.
  • [29.04.13]”Barefoot Friends” team are briefing now

  • [29.04.13]This is the location of “Barefoot Friends” now

  • [29.04.13]”BareFoot Friends” starts shooting now

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong & team are doing “Barefoot Friends” mission

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s team is doing “Barefoot Friends” mission at Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]KimHyun Joong “Barefoot Friends” shooting in Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s Barefoot Friends team is doing the mission

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong is doing “Barefoot Friends” mission in Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

  • [29.04.13]Kim Hyun Joong’s Barefoot Friends team mission,taking pictures with tourists =D

  • the next location will be here for the next mission
  • this location is near the King of Yogyakarta’s palace
  • it’s a scary place at night
  • right!! he spoke to ghost =D RT HJ can chat with hantu.. kkk RT Hyunited6686 it’s a scary place at night
  • KHJ spoke to ghost LOL RT argh… -.- hate ghost story
  • yap,he isn’t afraid of ghost LOL RT As long as there’s no bugs or insect there…he’ll be super brave ^^

  • the staff are preparing for the next mission under the twin trees
  • *guessing* will Kim Hyun Joong do traditional ceremony under the twin trees?
  • *guessing again* will Kim Hyun Joong’s team wear traditional clothes to do the next mission under the twin trees?
  • it’s the traditional ceremony that we should do under the twin trees =D RT maybe he will pass the twin trees with eyes closed hehe

  • Ard 230PM:  Kim Hyun Joong & team are still having lunch now
  • RT HJ’s team are here now~
  • Ard 345PM:  Hyunjoong team has arrive at Alun-alun Kidul.
  • Ard 445pm:  Hyunjoong and Hodong ride the same becak(cyclo
  • We still don’t know the mission but HJ team pick a delman driver, a mother in hijab, a guy wearing cap.
  • next mission: pass the trees in blindfolded.
  • Thanx admin [i] =D RT 김현중 team won first n leave the location using Andong because our driver made them won ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *my opinion*
  • Ard 730PM:  the last mission,selling roasted corns
  • Ard 9PM:  Our team took a flight before HJ and BFF team. Our team already arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport now. HJ and team are still at Adi Sucipto.
  • Is it just me or HJ is really look darker than before?? Well, he’s got natural tanned here. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Thanks for all fans who already took a good care of HJ and team. HJ looked happy during shooting here. HJ daebak!! You fans are daebak!! 🙂
  • All admins here have many wonderful memories during our stalking times. I hope HJ feels the same too. Ouw. I really don’t wanna let him go.
  • Let’s hope HJ will consider Indonesia on his tour list. Hwaiting!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • HJ flight to Jakarta should be take off now, right??
  • Thank you so much BFF all team and crew for visiting Indonesia. I hope you all enjoy staying in our country. See yaa~~~
  • we gave a hot greeting for Hyun Joong while he’s in Indonesia 😀
  • Ard 945PM:  HJ’s flight from Jogja to Jakarta already took off. He will transit in Jakarta then fly back to hometown Korea.


Credit: adhe_seha검 현 중

Photos Credit:

“Barefoot Friends” Cast  at Prambanan Temple,Yogyakarta

Photos Credit:

Credit:  I took this pic, hyunjoong front of me.. sooo close!!!

hyunjoong and uee from behind, i cant get more close, just from here.


Hyun Joong resting at the shooting location, a bird market in Jogja

Credit:  Yuli Arsyadana


Tweetm Updates from: 

  • Ard 7AM:  Mooooorning. hotos by:  Today is the 4th day of filming Barefoot Friends in Jogja~
  • Ard 12PM:  Barefoot Friends team just arrived in the next filming location for this morning~
  • This location is very famous in Jogja. You can go here now if u know kkk~ but today the air is so soooo hot!
  • Ard We can watch them during filming but we need to calm down and no shouting 🙂
  • All of casts are walking to the set place in front of us
  • 1PM:  Hyun Joong always make us died! Kkkkk~
  • HJ’s wearing a black cap, green scarf, and grey outfit. They will start filming soon
  • Seems like they’re divided into 2 teams. And start the mission.
  • Kyaaaa my friend from Japanese & Hongkong are sooo lucky. They’re invited to take a picture with HJ’s team
  • When HJ walked in front of me I call him Hyun Joong ssi,he smile to me and also waving. Kyaaaa >.<
  • Seems like all fans are doing the mission too. We run and run to follow the team kkkk~
  • I think each team has to find some foreigners to take a picture with them~
  • HJ’s team going to somewhere by car. Still dont know yet where will they go
  • Even though I still cant take a picture with Hyun Joong but I had a photo with his manager~ kkkkk
  • The casts are having their lunch and the staffs still preparing at the set place~
  • Oh sorry, they havent lunch yet. They still doing a mission
  • I could see Hyun Joong clearly! Yeey 😀
  • HJ’s team are here now~

  • HJ’s team take a rest for a while. Err.. HJ’s sweating alot kkkk
  • ‘m going to die day by day see Hyun Joong. Help me, God! 🙂
  • Ard 345PM:  The casts will filming under twins tree~
  • ^^ RT : If HJ oppa can pass the twin trees with eyes closed it mean he will come back to Jogja

  • Ard 520PM:  Do u know where the casts going by andong (traditional transportation) ? I know because I’m here~ 😀
  • HJ’s team at a restaurant now. Having their meal. I’m eating here too 😀
  • I cant breath OMG. I’m at same restaurant with Hyun Joong’s team. So close with him 🙂
  • Kkkk~ UEE made us very shock. Cause she fainted suddenly. But actually she just pretending. Hyun Joong laughing so much lol
  • The casts have to order their meal and they trying hard speak in Indonesia. Soooo cute lol
  • I can see clearly all 7 casts and hear their conversation even though I dont understand kkkk~
  • HJ’s laughing~~ err…. >.<
  • HJ’s team are eating. Not sure what he has ordered but looks like noodle
  • Seems like HJ is really hungry. He eat so fast! Lol
  • Ard 620PM:  HJ’s team already left the restaurant. Still dont know yet where will they go~
  • Ard 830PM:  Barefoot Friends team will back to Jakarta tonight then to Korea. Bye guys, thanks for filming in Jogja, Indonesia.
  • Many fans send off BFF team at Adi Sucipto AP, Jogja 🙂
  • Hyun Joong’s wearing black outfit at airport. Looks like he is in a good mood today. He jump and jump like a child kkk~
  • HJ’s flight to Jakarta tonight by Garuda Indonesia GA217 at 8.30 pm (Jogja time)
  • Do you know, not all BFF team go back to Jakarta tonight. Guess who? Sssssstttt lol
  • Good bye to all BFF team. Wish u have a good time in Jogja. Please come back again later~ kkk
  • All of BFF casts should take a long rest after filming 🙂
  • Thankyu to all of you who always RT-ing my tweets and I’m so sorry guys never tell you abt the spesific filming location. Really sorry 😦
  • All of casts going back tonight. Sorry for the previous tweet. I’m just kidding lol


Tweets by: 

  • I called his name softly because he was right beside me , he saw me n smile to me
  • Even I couldn’t take good pictures of him but his face his smile stuck in my head n my heart as an awesome memories ever

Credit:  : Barefoot friends final location


Credit: Putra Wibisana Y

Helicam Barefoot Friends



Credit:  tiastyus


Credit:  데피 로사리아@deviiLau

@BFFIndonesia KHJ team at prambanan .. aduh td pas didepan mata mlh lupa foto gr2 terseponaa!!


Credit:  megaa_andriani



Credit:  막스 Delusional Fanboy

130429 Day 3 @ Birds Market. It was so hot today. Kim Hyun Joong’s back shirt got wet by his sweat!
Credit:  sarassaurus
Credit:   @X93_Hyejeong
Hyunjoong’s autograph for a fan Indonesia. Lol, he signed off with ‘korea hyun joong’ (reposted fr henecia婷婷weibo)


  • HJ going to shake hands with a seller RT HyunJoong with Bapak Penjual ^^ @ Alun-Alun Selatan