Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

{Tweet Updates] Kim Hyun Joong @BAREFOOT FRIENDS Filming Site – 2013.04.06 (Day 3)

Updates by:  SS501★VietNam@SS501_VietNam

  • Update for today: The producer just made an announcement that they will stop updating info about the filming process on their Facebook. As you all know yesterday they split into two teams (Team HJ: Mũi Né-Phan Thiết and team EunHyuk: Huế). Team HJ filmed very well while team Eunhyuk didn’t. So the process kind of got postponed a bit in Huế. Two teams are going to continue filming in Mũi Né and Huế in the next 2 days, no news will be informed by the producer. We will try our best to update news about our HyunJoong from fans and other sources. Please understand the situation. Thank you.
  • Fans of HyunJoong are behaving really good. So we can expect team HJ will finish their scenes early and he will get some rest 🙂

Updates by:    TripleS VietNam@TripleSVN

  • [SBS Barefoot Friends] The schedule maybe change, they still filming in Hue & Mui Ne today because crowding fan at Hue do difficult to staff
  • But Hyun Joong’s team in Mui Ne still filming in advantage. Henecia VietNams’s suppors very thoughful. thanx Henecia VietNam 🙂
  • @19FLopez duo they will stop update info, pic @ fancam fr Hue & Mui Ne. But ‘barefoot friends’ still filming normally don’t worry 🙂

Updates by:  Truc Mai@irendy

  • HJ still films in Phan Thiet but there is stricter for taking pic or fancam
  • [INFO]
    due to the overexcited fans, the crew has difficulties in finishing their plans. Mission is not as planned. the filming now will be stricter. It means that there are less pics and fan cam.
    HyunJoong still film in Phan Thiết Mũi né for the 2 rest days
  • [Info from]
    dear guys,
    As you know, the reality show Barefoot Friends with the cast of stars such as MC Kang Ho Dong, Kim Hyun Joong, Eunhyuk, Yoon si Yoon, Uee, Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Jong Shin together with SBS’s crw have filmed in Vietnam after arriving HCMC on April 4th, their first shooting was in the CT Plaze near the TSN Airport. The stars were divided into 2 teams and continued on their culture expedition of Vietnam in Mui Né, Phan Thiết and the Citadel Hue.on April 5th, the ekip in Mui Ne got the great supports n collaboration of Vietnamese Henecian * a big hands for us*
    Please follow these rule when you are in the shooting site:
    Keep order, no taking pictures, no camcorder, no asking for the signature of star, no shouting or loudly cheering. Obey the instruction of the person in charge on the filming site.Finally decided to stop updating the news about the shooting and we asked for the collaboration of other online magazines.
    Within 2 days left in Vietnam, the program continues recording in Mui Ne and Hue. Since the incident happened yesterday, the recording time was extended and a number of unintended initial plan was canceled.With a busy schedule and do not have much time to rest from the days in Vietnam, our guests are in need of concentration to complete the final scenes.
  • Vivo hope you let us work together to create beautiful images in the palm of your friends from Korea, so we have the opportunity to welcome them in the next time.

Photo Credit:  PumpuiJoong pumpuiⓀⒽⒿ


From Day 2:  According to, they were selling “Bánh Xèo”. 

Photo Lifted from:

Credit: irendy_tm Truc Mai 

making Bánh xèo is like this,pour the powder in to a frying-pan,put the flavour u like pork, seafood in the center.


New Updates:

Credit:  TripleS VietNam@TripleSVN 4h

  • [UPDATE] Hyun Joong’s team have returned HoChiMinh city safely, besides EunHyuk team’s plane have landed at TSN ariport after Hue’s trip too
  • all ‘Barefoot Friends’ team will take a rest at HoChiMinh city tonight, dun’t know will they have recording in 9 district tomorrow or not???
  • My friend sai that our Leader & Eun Hyuk is at Binh Quoi and they sleep there tonight. So maybe the filming will cont tomorrow ;;)
  • We went to a house that they’re film, there’re many securities & fans waiting outside. not allow to enter, can’t see anything but a darkness
  • inside~ thay’re having dinner on…….grass 😦 hope the recording go well and they can take a rest early 😀

  • although is night, the weather in HoChiMinh still hot and muggy >”<
  • Ah, gonna tell you that we just went to a house where they’re filming a few hours ago, but cant see anything. Ha ha ha.
  • Fans & securities standing outside the house so we know that nobody can bother them, hope they can finish their jobs asap and take a rest ^^
  • @Che_Gen the 3 things we can see are fans, securities and the darkness =)), not allow to enter the house :3
  • @Che_Gen btw, hope Joongie can take a rest, his face looks tired :(, we also cant stand the hot weather like this :-< i’m gonna die too :((
  • @tomochang829 @Che_Gen we hope so, the weather is gonna hotter day by day, today is about 42 degree :((, they go to VN at the wrong time T_T
  • end of D3, midnigh but still work out the total 😦 staffs thankful to fans who created favourable condition for them

Credit:  SS501★VietNam@SS501_VietNam 10h

  • Really worried about overexcited fans when 2 teams back to HCMC & shooting together. Hope wuri HJ will be fine with the best of health!
  • HyunJoong arrived back in HCM city and filming together with EunHyuk. They are sleeping in local people’s house tonight.
  • The crowd is too big there that the local authority asked crew to deal with them otherwise filming will be stoppef immediately
  • t’s almost midnight but HCMC is still overly hot and muggy, not even a single breeze of wind… I am dying here 😦

Credit:  pumpuiⓀⒽⒿ@PumpuiJoong 4h

  • KHJ : He is friendly, closer, kind handsome cr KIm su Henecia Vietnam
  • Barefoot Friends cr onlogo

  • Lots of Fans are gathering there but they are organized in line now ^^~/ cr Max Young & Bom Dienn

  • พี่ท่าน RT “@jeabjoong: cr.Kim Su

  • Lucky Fans cr Kim Su

  • 13.04.06 Kim Hyun Joong in Vietnam

  • Dinner time ?? Barefoot Friends
  • HJ is eating next to UEE ^^

Tweet by:  ‏@hyuniversal0606

  • The heat is unbearable for us out here in Southeast Asia…couldn’t imagine what would be like for our Hyun Joong.

 Tweets by:  green grass@greengrasstt

  • from iOne – HJ and the rest will stay overnight at Binh Quoi and go to filming location in the morning. Security has doubled outside house
  • Yes, poor Joongie. 😦 Binh Quoi is tourist resort area so hopefully he’ll get good food and rest
  • Article says filming crew will go to another location tomorrow, doesn’t specify who
  • @AlienPrinceKHJ Car ride from Mui Ne – Saigon is 4hrs+, not comfy ride either 😦
  • Fans are commenting on Vivo’s FB, saying let Joongie have a good rest so 4D can come out in full force LOL
  • They’re afraid he’s too tired to be himself…won’t show his 4Dness hehe

Credit:  Lala, Henecia ‏@howlovelylala

  • 【Kim Hyun Joong was in Saigon】#김현중예능출격 130406 day3 in VN two days of recording in Mui Ne, at 18:30 tonight 6/4, Kim Hyun Joong was in Binh Quoi tourist, Ho Chi Minh City. Kim Hyun Joong’s face looked pretty tired after a long travel by car from Mui Ne to HCMC. Currently, Kim Hyun Joong, Eun Hynk, Korean stars are resting in a villa at Binh Quoi tourist.According to some information we’ve learned that early in the morning the group will move to a turning point outside of Ho Chi Minh City area.Before that, the fans also were present quite early in port villa to be able to watch their idols at close range. And securities appeared quite densely to reassure fans as well as the protection of Korean stars safety.

  • ‘the gifts from fans.’ You can find his name ‘김현중’ ^^ Tx, VN Henecia!

Credit:  Truc Mai@irendy_tm

  • [Info]
    After 2 days of recording in Mui Ne, at 6:30 pm on April 6th, Kim Hyun Joong arrived in the Binh Quoi Tourism site, HCMC.
    Kim Hyun Joong’s face was pretty tired after a long journey traveled by car from Mui Ne to HCMC.
    Currently, Kim Hyun Joong, Eun Hynk with others Korean stars are resting in a villa in Binh Quoi tourism site.
    According to some unsure information tomorrow HyunJoong will shoot in outskirt of HCMC.
  • [My thought]
    Maybe the producer of Barefoot Friends has chosen the wrong time to film in VN.
    this season is currently the hottest time of the year in VN.
    Vietnamese people rarely go for outdoor activities in such crazy weather like this.
    The weather in Korea is approximately 5~6 Celsius but in VN it is up to 40 Celsius.
    Plus all the missions are carried out outdoors. How can They well adapt with this sudden change.
    For HyunJoong’s case:
    Maybe due to his team lost the game, so they had to film in Mũi Né. No airway from HCMC to Mui né.
    After a long flight and a hot filming in the rooftop of CT Plaza, he sat nearly 4h to reach the next destination at Mid night. Just a short rest and film early in the dawn.
    The mission there is rather hard for him.
    As we know, sand dull is hard to climb or crawl. How could he manage with such tired body, but he still tried his best.
    More over, he didnt like water sport. But he rowed at noon for catching seafood.
    in hot weather, standing aside the hot stove for making 20 Vietnamese pancakes.
    He sweated a lot and continued to wipe out the sweat.
    The most important fact is he doesnt like HOT.
    Im not sure for the 3rd day, what kind of mission he did.
    But seeing the updated pic when he was on way back to HCMC. I really hurt my heart lot. Comparing with the energetic HyunJoong at ICA, he really suffers alot for this show.
    Hope that his efforts for this show will bear good fruit.
    *In my opinion: I really want he comes back to Korea asap and rest well*
  • [Info] updated from Vivo
    Today, Vivo’ staffs have handed all presents of the FC directly to their Idols.
    They really enjoy the love of fans and send their thanks back to the beloved fans
    Moreover, the Staffs thank to the fans who have supported the recording process smoothly.
    We sincerely thank you!*Just imagine the happy face of HJ when seeing the presents. do u like it, Joongie ~*


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5 responses

  1. HJ road is always littered with pitfalls and yet nothing stops him because he is a fighter!
    Best wishes for that he returns home safe and in better shape after being so tired with fever…poor baby..Fighting!

    Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 7:39 pm



    Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 7:12 am

  3. atiq

    hyunjoong looks so tired…i remembered reading abt him dislike of heat rather than winter….so, i can’t imagine how he would feel with such a weather there…poor my hyunjoong..

    Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 12:32 am


    …Thank U very much!!!…HENECIA VIETNAM…For supporting & respect to KHJ….We can fly together for U:Zoosin….

    Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 6:13 pm

  5. Thanks for sharing all pics and activites in amazing adventure for our Only One
    in Vietnam! God bless..

    Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm

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