Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Filming Updates Day 3] “BAREFOOT FRIENDS” Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in INDONESIA – 2013.04.28



As Compiled by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/

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Day 3 KHJ~Barefoot Friends Tweet Updates:

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 730AM:  RT: Hyun Joong and team BBF stay at home residents are not in hotel””
  • Ard 830AM:  “: Lots of meals for Barefoot Friends Teams

  • This is Barefoot Friends’ travel cars/buses cr:babywufans

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 530AM:  Good morning! Ready to have a journey with barefoot friends team 3rd day?
  • Ard 730 AM:  The staffs already check out from hotel. The team will be going to the next filming location
  • HJ just out and wearing white t-shirt. I think he wanna wash his face first~ oh his bareface really handsome 🙂
  • Kkkk~ the staffs brought many freshener air cause Jogja’s weather is really hot and hot :p
  • HJ has washed his face and change his cloth to grey and green one :). OMG!!! I lost my breath see him kkkk~
  • For all fans who are waiting here pleasr behave well, keep calm and dont make some noices. Ok 🙂
  • I’m not sure the casts only wash their face or take a bath cause we couldn’t see inside kkkk~
  • HJ looks like a walking statue! Kkkk~
  • The casts are out and said ” Terima Kasih” to the house’s owner.
  • HJ is super duper handsome. He’s really cute when give a bow and said “Terima Kasih” (thanks) to house’s owner 🙂
  • They opened window’s car and waving to all fans who are waiting here. So kindly 🙂
  • Ard 830AM:  Heading to the next filming location~
  • The mini buses are really so fast. But I’m still behind them. Go go go kkk~
  • For all fans who follow the team using motorcycle, please calm down and be safe!
  • Good night guys and I’ll see u tomorrow. Really sorry and thanks. I love you all 🙂

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 930 AM: Yesterday night Hyun Joong got sleeping outside and bitten by mosquitoes… lucky that mosquitoes!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • For now all the casts still preparing for filming again…
  • Don’t worry… Hyun Joong really a good condition, always smilling, energetic and wave to all his fans… :)))

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 930 AM:  Good morning! Day3 filming now. We wanna iform you that KHJ is ok now. Yesterday filming was calmer than the first. ^^
  • HyunJoong has seen our team, finally. ^^
  • Kim Hyun Joong is wearing blue T-shirt,no hat & look so fresh.he stopped a little bit longer next to us,saw our banner
  • Kim Hyun Joong & BFF are moving to another place now & we are behind their mini bus
  • Finally Kim Hyun Joong got the gift from us to him 😀
  • sorry we made mistake after checking the photos,Kim Hyun Joong is wearing grey T-shirt,blue bag,black trousser,no hat & look so fresh
  • : Henecia and Triple S at Kasongan

Henecia and Triple S at Kasongan

Tweets by: 

  • Omfgg.. Even fans waiting since last night?!! Omg still 5:37am and many fans are already here? Daebak!
  • Omggg i can see Hyun Joong’s shoe, white green shoe. Hahaha. UEE seems like she just got back from bathroom. She is stunning :33
  • I will try my best to give ur present and mine to the staff. Cuz impossible to give it to HJ. Will go home after that 🙂
  • being able to see hj is enough for me. I do believe i will see him on Sept again.. ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Ard 620AM:  Omfgggg king about to come out …. Kyaaaaa
  • Omfgggg king about to come out …. Kyaaaaa
  • Before hj kill me the staffs and bodyguards already. Lol
  • OMGGG!! I still cant believe i will see him 😥
  • I wanna cry. Finally, dream come true ;33
  • White shirt omoooo… Omoooo awesommeeee omooo.. Im gonna faint. Omoooo..
  • OMGGGGGGG he just come out… OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! So handsome. OMGGGGGGG!! GODDDD helpppp.. OMGGG
  • i cant believe if hj is even a human. Too perfect. Too awesome :333
  • OMGGGGGGGG all fans keep saying “please walk again in front of us” after he back from bathroom, wash his face and change cloth to grey.
  • Yoon shi yoon just go to bathroom. Change clothes too i think. Just like uee and khj 🙂
  • I think saw Yoon Shi Yoon was a bonus hahaha
  • THANKS GOD. DREAM CAME TRUE. 28.04.2013.. Noted. Being able to see khj 🙂
  • Even the staffs are handsome and beautiful. Haha
  • Ard 930AM:  Bff team just left to filming location 🙂
  • They are veryyyyy faaaarrrrrrrrr.. They just left.. Hj was, no words.. Hahaha
  • OMG How can i explain how is he look like? No words can describe KHJ..
  • Hyun Joong has innocent face. Aigoo, like little boy. A polite guy 🙂
  • Before he get into van he look at the car’s mirror and make up his hair. ㅋㅋㅋ
  • I love his half-awake face, before he wash his face.. Haha
  • After they got into van i was looking for him, and i found out he was sitting on the back behind khd and uee.
  • I got close to the window near him just to say “Oppa, saranghae” i believed he didnt hear me. But its ok, at least he saw me 🙂
  • A fan (mother fan) i think hold a picture of hj wearing batik, she put it on the window next to hj. Bodyguards asked her to get away -c
  • But she kept doing that. And when female staff come and say sorry to her and asked her to get away. And they just go to next location.
  • Am i dreaming? Is it real? I just see khj?!
  • To me hj is look like a little boy, really!! U’ll love his eyes more when u see him in person. Thanks God, that was closeeee enough.
  • That was a memory that i will NEVER forget in my life. First meet 🙂
  • i dont even know is it real or a dream. He is just too perfect to be true.
  • I’m not selfish~ i just wanted everyone’s safety, esp Kim Hyun Joong. -_-
  • Fans were awesome. When they see khj come out they starting to say/ call khj, and the other kept saying “zzztttt, keep calm” ㅋㅋㅋ

Tweets by: 

  • For fans who saw this travel cars, please well behave and support Barefoot Friends
  • there around 15 travel cars, 1 privat car, and a bus. just for your information c:
  • ahh, forget. Don’t stay too close to Barefoot Friends. They sems scared after what happened in Malioboro. So, please do as the staff’s says
  • to tell you the truth, the Barefoot Bodyguards are scary. Big. Black. Tall. >_<
  • Barefoot Friends haven’t filming at Borobudur tample yesterday because they hevn’t get permission. But they’ve tried to get it already.
  • But we didn’t know when they film there or already get the permission or not c:
  • yesterday I ask a middle aged man who sell drinks around the hotel, he said that Barefoot will filming in Malioboro street again.
  • He said they are going to eat “Jagung Bakar”. But he didn’t know when they’ll film it.
  • I heard from friend, Barefoot Friend going out the Yogyakarta City. Another said they are in Wonosari, which have so many beautiful beaches.
  • Seems like Barefoot’ staff changed the schedule here and there to trick us :3

Tweets by:  

  • Honestly, i lent my gloves to HJ bcs he had to handle heavy fruits in his back. At first the staff didn’t recognize the weight of the fruits. Just filming and filming. Then the staff looked for gloves in one of the fruit seller, but the seller didn’t have it. I heard that conversation, and suddenly i took out my gloves from my jacket pocket, and i gave it to the staff. And HJ wore my gloves. OMG!
  • my gloves that protect HJ’s hands from getting injured.U can check in the BFF broadcast later

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 9AM:  Good morning TList! Wish me luck for today 🙂
  • I saw hyun joong’s shoes! He spent night here at local home 🙂

  • I saw Japanese fans also here! Wow!
  • OmG!! I saw hyun joong agaaain~~~~
  • Hyun joong here! Go.. go next location!

  • Hyun joong inside the bus! We are going to next location now!

  • Hyun joong still sleepy haha

  • going to next location! On the way to wonosari I guess 🙂
  •  some fans following him by motorcycle.

  • Guys wish me luck for today especially tonight! EXCITED!!

Fancam Credit:  Vidya Hanum Ayuningtyas


More PHOTOS from Days1 & 2
hyun joong dressed in sarung batik helping to carry cartons of (im nt very sure what) @ a market ;~~; /stabs self
Credit:  runningmancomm
2nd Part of day3
Tweets by:  3h

  • Ard 5PM:  I used same rest room with barefoot teams! Aaah I can’t believe it!!
  • Me: are you happy here in Indonesia? He said: of coz! *nodnod*
  • Me: so why don’t you smile a lot here? HJ: tobtaa!! LOL~
  • yess!! I also send him to the rest room 🙂
  • Ard 6PM:  Hyun Joong after taking bath! Awww..

  • Ard 7PM:  This was so amazing for me! When me and my friends looking to filming prosesion, Hyun Joong ask us to following him. He said “come on, tiru-tiru (in english mean let’s follow him and BFF members (HJ)
  • Hyun Joong and the rest BFF teams said to us in indonesia “TERIMAKASIH” and bows aww.. They are so kind..
  • After filming Kang Ho Dong gave us a bottle mineral water~ and have chit chat with him. He is so nice to us 🙂
  • Now BFF teams filming at elementary school “SIDOHARJO”
  • Sorry, I can’t take a pic here at Sidoharjo elementary school. Need to charge my phone and camera 😦 😦 😦
  • keke~ I wish they cut the scene with us! I’m shy lol
  • 9PM:  They’re taking dinner now!

  • Ard 930PM:  My lucky still goes on~ back after filming in SD sidoarjo Hyun Joong still look at us and come to us for handshake..
  • Very tight handshake! (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  • Hyun Joong must be remember us when he come to Indonesia again LOL!!
  • Ah.. forgot to tell you that after take a bath hyun joong sang Ralalalalala~♥ it mean he is in very good mood right?? Keke
  • I love all the way he look at us and come to us for handshake! I don’t wanna wash my hand ㅠㅠ
  • Ard 1020PM:  back to Jakarta~ so hard to say goodbye to them. But I must back tonight 😦
  • Saying good bye to BFF teams! and they said “Jalgaaaaa…
  • I Love all member of BFF, Unforgettable moment to us specially to me, feels like I won’t back to Jakarta 😦 😦
  • I let my luck at Wonosari for you guys who still stalking them~ Good Luck! and please take care of them BFF teams~♥
  • This! Having lunch after back from the beach~

  • Stalkerhopeless when coming and back with Lucky’s stalker ever 3 of us! Thanks God 🙂
  • Hyun Joong check his phone cell keke~

  • Opps! Sorry I mean smart phone kkk~ he knows how to use it very well!

  • Singing all the way with the music playlist from his smart phone~

  • At filming set *dancing2* HJ said “Come on! Tiru-tiru” and the rest BFF members also said “Tiru-tiru” LOL

  • Kang Ho Dong lie down after back from the beach! He must be very tired 😦

  • Love this pose keke~

  • Dunno why hyun joong keep standing there infront of me after shower. Seems like he knows what i want haha.
  • ]This! what we got today! Keke~

Tweet by:  28m

  • 김현중 inside van, in front of elemantary school ~ cc

Tweets by: 

  • Ard 6PM:  Sorry not update for a while cause the filming location is too far and couldn’t get a signal
  • Nobody cant reach near the location on the top of hill. Because it’s for safety during filming
  • The casts took a “Gondola” (cable car) accross the sea to the coral in the seasore. Maybe they looking for lobster (?)
  • We have to walk for abt 2 kilometre to the location. Because the way to reach there is too difficult
  • Ard 930PM:  ello.. Sorry I didnt give you some updates during filming in this location cause it’s difficult to get a signal
  • Tonight, I’m still at where the casts are. I’ll give you some updates what were the casts doing during a whole day~
  • After the casts slept for a night at Kasongan, they went to the next location “Timang Beach”
  • Timang Beach is located at Wonisari Gunung Kidul Jogja. The way to there was very far and difficult
  • At first, the staffs didn’t allow us to go there. But we have another way to there so we can follow them
  • Unfortunately, our car couldn’t go inside the location so we need to walk to reach there abt 2 kilometre
  • After we saw their buses, we felt better but again we couldn’t watch when they’re filming with Gondola
  • The casts took a “Gondola” (cable car) for a mission accross the sea to the coral in the seasore. Maybe they looking for lobster (?)
  • After they finished their filming at Timang Beach, they go to the next location. It’s located at SD Sidoarjo (primary school)
  • At the primary school they doing a rehearsal first before filming. They did a dance that will teach to the students there.
  • When the filming start at first they’re devided by 2 teams. HJ’s team with Kang Ho Dong & Kim Bum So
  • borrowed a local outfit from an auntie so the bodyguard couldn’t know us as a fan. I can follow HJ’s team wherever they go kkkk~
  • When HJ’s team did their mission is kinda teach the dance to a few student. HJ holding a mini radio, play the music then they start to dance
  • HJ’s wearing black outfit tonight. Really handsome! Since I could follow HJ’s team during filming I felt wanna die see him kkkk~
  • Give applause to the fans who were in the location. They’re very calm and support alot of filming prosess 🙂
  • I really died everytime I heard HJ’s voice lol. I love when HJ said “Terima Kasih” (thanks) during filming
  • After each team finished their mission they gathered again at school and guess what we can go inside school to allow the filming
  • So, they start with introduce their self. And Hyun Joong said “Halo, nama saya Kim Hyun Joong” (Indonesia language) 🙂
  • Kyaaaa… So happy heard Hyun Joong spoke in Indonesia kkkk~ cute! lol
  • After the casts finished introduce their self. They start doing a dance and invite the student to follow them
  • Since we allowed to watch filming process inside the school, I sat in front of and saw HJ clearly 🙂
  • Today is my fortunate day I think. Cause I always can see HJ clearly from morning until night lol
  • Tonight the casts still having their filming at… Lol. But I think I will stop updating for today cause I really tired since 4am till now
  • Sorry I cant share some picts cause It still in my friend’s camera. So I only give some news abt the filming process. No picts/videos.


  • (Photo-1) This is the beach Timang used Barefoot Friends for shooting in the morning by yayaxzz

  • (Photo-2) This is the beach Timang used Barefoot Friends for shooting in the morning by yayaxzz

  • Car crew members + Friends at the Beach Barefoot Timang # BFFinJogja  cr: yayaxzz

  • All of children in elementary school sidoharjo so happy while Hyun Joong and BFF team was filming there by:deedeekimmy
  • Hyun joong speaks Indonesia use its own style. Alien base. _ he said “come on ” Tiru-tiru means let’s follow him ^ ^ by:bbfindonesia
  • we called him.. kim hyun joong and then when we shouted leadeeer he saw us ^^ by:henecia_jogja

  • again, i just got KHJ’s back.. blue ransel by:henecia_jogja

  • (Photo-1) House used for shooting and sleep last night_ ‘BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2)

  • (Photo-2) House used for shooting and sleep last night_ ‘BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2)

  • when they prepare for filming BF’ Filming at Yogjakarta (Day-2) in native house, sooo crowded o,o by:henecia_jogja

THANKS to all concerned for sharing their photos, videos and especially their fan accounts re KHJ’s filming in INDONESIA!

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    THANK YOU……Terima Kasih” – KAMSAHAMNIDA…:)

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    Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 10:12 pm

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    Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 5:06 pm

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