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[DramaFever Review] Barefoot Friends Episode 6: The Lowdown

By + on May 30, 2013

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Part 1 More Rock Shrimp — Cherry Cordial

We pick up with Si-yoon getting ready to head over to the island. “I prefer reading books over doing exercise,” he says (awww… me too!), but he’ll go anyway, as an example to kids like him.

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Once he’s there, they all head down a rickety ladder — where everyone proceeds to stand around and watch Hyun-joong do all the work of checking the nets while scrambling around on the rocks like a mountain goat.

 photo CC-Rock-Shrimp-KHJ-Collage.png 

After catching one and a half shrimp, they have to head back as fast as possible since the tide is coming in and making huge waves.

By the time they’re all back over, the waves have soaked everyone (including Ho-dong and Uee) and all the equipment, leaving only the camera on the island still working.

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Later, at a small cooking hut, Hyun-joong cooks up the shrimp, and they all share in their bounty, leaving the best part for him.

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Part 2 The Big Race — kfangurl

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At Prambanan Temple, the barefoot friends are divided again into two teams and must complete various challenges at different locations before they catch the last flight at 7pm. If a team fails to make it, they — and their production crew — get left behind.

Challenge 1: Each person must take a picture with a foreigner, barefoot and cheek to cheek, in front of the Siwa Temple.

Team Jong-shin gets a head-start, with Si-yoon’s studious ways coming in handy again. He asks in Bahasa where the Siwa is and is pointed in the right direction. Next, Jong-shin’s ability in English helps them get several Canadians to join them for photos.

It’s too bad, then, that they fail to capture the bare feet with their selcas and have to redo the challenge.

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-002.jpg 

Round 1 goes to Team Ho-dong, who move on to:

Challenge 2: Take pictures with selected birds at the bird market in 100 seconds.

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-004.jpg 

Both teams complete the race in time but have to repeatedly re-do the challenge due to (I’d say overly) strict PDs:

“It should show all of your face.”
“Jong-shin’s forehead is cut off.”
“Jong-shin is in the shade.”

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-005.jpg 

Team Ho-dong completes the challenge first and moves on to:

Challenge 3: Ride the horse carriage to the Superman Restaurant, order different foods, and eat everything!

Team Ho-dong does fine, but Team Jong-shin accidentally orders sets and struggles to finish. Meanwhile, they worry about missing the plane.

Bum-soo: “I have a live radio show everyday” … “I have to make it no matter what, for the radio show.” Uh-oh.

Challenge 4: Make 50 butter-grilled corn in front of the Yogyakarta Travel Bureau.

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-006.jpg 

Team Ho-dong squeezes through the challenge and makes it to the airport in time:

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-007.jpg 

But Team Jong-shin, sadly, doesn’t, and — DUN-DUN! — gets left behind. Gulp.

 photo KFG-BFF-E6-008.jpg 

Part 3 Lee Hyori and The Home Invasion — Stephanie

Eunhyuk! We missed you!

 photo SAK-EP6-20.png 

A van reveals Barefoot Friends’ first guest, Lee Hyori — who is apparently mortal enemies with Ho-dong. The intro consists of them bickering and poking fun at each other while the crew keeps score.

 photo SAK-EP6-9.png 

Backpack time! Good news? Our cast’s going on a team-building retreat. Bad news? They have to earn money for the retreat at the stars’ actual homes. Really bad news? Cell phones are confiscated, so people at home can’t be warned. I hope it’s not laundry day!

 photo SAK-EP6-13.png 

Teams are chosen by Hyori, choosing first Si-yoon, followed by Ho-dong (this will be fun), Eunhyuk, and Bum-soo. They roll to see whose house is first, and it’s Jong-shin, who knows he’s about to be in big trouble with his wife.

 photo SAK-EP6-32.png 

At Jong-shin’s house we meet his three adorable kids while his wife rushes to put on BB cream. Still shocked, she asks the very important question: “Why are you at my house?”


Credit:  @2min0606


{SBS Barefoot Friends] KHJ as top candidate for UEE ‘s future hubby as chosen by her mom

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HJ as top candidate for UEE ‘s future hubby as chosen by her mom 555 ขำเพราะแม่ยูอีเลือกจุงเป็นว่าที่ลูกเขย

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  • HJ laughed the hardest cos he ws chosen by UEE’s mom to b 1 of the best candidate to marry her daughter bside YSiY.

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[Photo Updates] The FACESHOP KOREA – 2013 May



[News] Seoul music rivals soul for some Latins

Kim Hyun Joong is in the center of it all, his latin fans are so supportive of him I cannot help but be proud. He has come a long way after 3 years of solo activities.


In this May 11, 2013 photo, a fan of South Korean singer Hyun Joong shows her picture of him as she sits with other fans as they celebrate the singer's birthday in Ramon Castilla park in Lima, Peru. Hundreds of fans of K-pop gather each week in the downtown park to dance to the energetic music. Some dress up as Korean comic book characters. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

In this May 11, 2013 photo, a fan of South Korean singer Hyun Joong shows her picture of him as she sits with other fans as they celebrate the singer’s birthday in Ramon Castilla park in Lima, Peru. Hundreds of fans of K-pop gather each week in the downtown park to dance to the energetic music. Some dress up as Korean comic book characters. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Teenagers throughout Latin America have long looked north for pop music inspiration. Now the East is rising, with a large and enthusiastic cult of fans in some countries following the K-pop music from Korea.

It’s a movement especially strong in Peru and Chile, and it goes far beyond Psy and “Gangnam Style.”

Some 13,000 fans attended an April concert in Lima by the group Super Junior. Another group, Big Bang, drew 14,000 in November. They’ve drawn similar crowds in neighboring Chile.

Hundreds of fans such as Araceli Galan gather each week in a downtown park in Lima to dance to the energetic music. Some dress up as Korean comic book characters.

“I’ve liked K-pop since I was 10,” said Galan, now a 16-year-old student at a local university. “I learned everything from the Internet because here in Peru you don’t find much on radio or television.”

She’s amassed a collection of posters, bracelets, T-shirts and records of her favorite, Kim Hyun Joong, who was met by thousands of fans when he arrived at the airport in Peru’s capital in February.

“Although you won’t believe it, in Peru the K-pop groups are starting to be more popular than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Demi Lovato,” said Diana Rodriguez, who is capitalizing on the trend by organizing Korean dance contests throughout Peru.

While there’s little hard data on that, there’s no questioning the fervor of the fans who turn up at Ramon Castilla Park each Saturday and emulate the dances of K-pop bands.

“We start at 10 in the morning and we stay until 6 in the afternoon,” Galan said.

A bus trip away is the small Arenales shopping center where entire floors are dedicated to South Korean music, clothes and food.

“I like the ‘sujebi’ soup and another dish that combines a sweet and salty flavor that I can’t remember the name of,” Galan said.

Some try to solve the language problem by having the songs translated into Spanish and posting them on the Internet. “The lyrics are pretty. It’s not as eroticized as reggaeton. It’s more romantic,” said Pamela Diaz, a 26-year-old fan.

“It’s made me want to learn Korean,” said her 14-year-old sister, Sabrina.

The trend has surprised Peruvian parents, just as the onslaught of rock-and-roll once alarmed an earlier generation.

“My father listens to rock in English; he doesn’t like K-pop at all,” Galan said. “He tells me, ‘Why do you listen to that music if you don’t know Korean?’ And I tell him that he doesn’t know how to speak English either. Music you only need to feel.”



[News] Kang Ho Dong’s Variety Show “Barefoot Friends” to Change Format

Kang Ho Dong’s Variety Show “Barefoot Friends” to Change Format

SBS variety show “Barefoot Friends”  will be adapted into a new format and no longer be filmed overseas.

The original premise of the show was that the cast members would go on a trip to a foreign country to live like the natives. During the show the cast members would have to take on hard labor and get paid the normal minimum wage to support themselves.

On the most recent May 26 episode, the cast of “Barefoot Friends” came back from their “self-sufficient trip” to Indonesia and visited the cast members’ homes. After this, the show will change its format and keep the filming to within Korea.

The show that has Kang Ho DongKim Hyun JoongYoon Shi Yoon among others as the fixed cast members has been suffering from low ratings from the beginning. In an effort to boost ratings, the producers decided a fresh format was needed for the show.  However, the details about the future changes have not been revealed.