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[Captures] Kim Hyun Joong From Barefoot Friends Episode 11

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 What a BUMMER (pun intended) ! Hyun Joong loses his pants & loses the swimming race with a kid!

Tweets by @glassy14
1) when they were competing with kids for the 2nd time, Hyun Joong’s swim suit completely came off! LOL^^ he couldn’t come out of the water!!
2) Hodong to the kid who choose HJ: why did you choose HJ hyung?! kid: he is handsome ^__^
3) after Hodong jumped from 5M, HD: Hyun Joong ah, will jump from 7.5 now?! HJ: yes, I’ll try it!!! so proud of him!!
4) when HJ went for the 7.5M jump, hodong to the coach: you think HJ will do it or won’t?! coach with wide smile: he will!! ^^
5) when Hyun Joong jumped off the 7.5M board, HD: how do you fell?! HJ: I feel good^^
6) I think the coach really likes Hyun Joong ^___^

#KHJBarefootFriends [GIF] 김현중 Kim Hyun joong - 맨발의 친구들 7.5M 다이빙 성공!!!

#KHJBarefootFriends [GIF] 이정도 복근운동은 가볍게ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 서키트 트레이닝하는 김현중은 왜 짤라먹었는지... 재밌게 했을거 같은데... 넘 완벽히 잘해서 재미가 없었나? ㅋㅋㅋ

#KHJBarefootFriends [GIF] 김현중 Kim Hyun joong - 맨발의 친구들 7.5M 다이빙 성공!!!

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong ‘Barefoot Friend’ Episode 12 Preview

Credit: Cheezeemelt FiveOone

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG @Soccer Match vs FC Avengers – 2013.06.23


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[Teaser No 2] CITY CONQUEST Digest Video on DATV

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[2013.06.28] Lotte Duty Free new CF Preview

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[Photos] More From Upcoming Barefoot Friends Episode 11

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[Notice] This is just a rough guide on what international fans can prepare/download before KHJ announces his comeback date ^^

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I think this is beneficial to share with all Henecians or KHJ fans out there before his Korean comeback very soon :)
This is just a rough guide on what international fans can prepare/download before KHJ announces his comeback date ^^

Make an account for the followings:
or if you haven’t had a Facebook account too! ㅋㅋ

P/S: Google for the tutorials. There are tons of tutorials available on the net.


Smartphone/tablet apps to download:
** SOTY:
1) iTunes –
2) Android – … &hl=en

** Free international text messaging app:
1) iTunes – … 55755?mt=8
2) Android – … &hl=en

For the free intnl-calling app, I don’t think it’s available outside US (or at least for Android users, iPhone users’ feedbacks?). But don’t worry, it won’t cost you much even if you do not use the app to send your text message globally since you’ll only be sending two messages per week 😀


PC apps to download:
1) Mnet player: … nstall.exe


Subscribe to:
1) Youtube:
2) Facebook: … mp;fref=ts

Barefoot Friends Filming with Guest Byeongman & Eun Ji Won + Uee Practices Diving for “Barefoot Friends”



Uee Practices Diving for “Barefoot Friends”

After School’s Uee showed a healthy body in a diving bathing suit at the pool recently.

To prepare for an episode of SBS’ “Good SundayBarefoot Friends,” Uee participated in diving practice, showing off her figure. She has been practicing since June 14 at the pool located at Han Hotel in Seoul, according to Star News.


Although she was in and out of the water several times for practice, just like a swim athlete, she showed no signs of exhaustion or fatigue. The diving coach assigned for “Barefoot Friends” said, “Diving and swimming are two completely different sports, but I think that compared to the other members, swimmer Uee has a good shot at coming out first place in the competition.”

Filming staff and directors mentioned that Uee looked like a mermaid and that her swimming suit made her look like a real athlete.

On another note, the members of “Barefoot Friends” will participate in diving training and activities for the summer, and there will be a diving competition at the indoor gymnasium for the Masters Diving Competition on July 11.

How do you think Uee will perform?

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG @FCMen vs FC Avengers Match (Songpa-lip Soccer Field) – 2013.06.23

Credit:  anpan2H

Credit:  KingHyunjoong

Credit:  yyss674

Credit:  s120116



Credit: 橙子_左耳/



Credit:  KaiJoong



[Photos by HJ.SARANG] KIM HYUN JOONG at FC Men vs FC Avengers Match – 2013.06.23


[ScreenCaps] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 10 – 2013.06.23


Mediafire Link HERE

[ScreenCaps by Ahlia] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 9 – 2013.06.16


MediaFire Link  HERE

(HD1080) ★SS501ღ♥KIM HYUN JOONG♥ღ (Eng Sub) ღThe reason I’m alive♪♥ – PARTY PPL

내 친구, 정말 감사 합니다. ^^ ❤ please thank the video owner who took such a great fan cam. She is very kind hearted for letting me sub and share to all Kim-Hyun-Joong fans around the world. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH MAKE ME T-T JUST BEAUTIFUL SONG. ❤

[Eng Subbed] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 10 – KShowNow/DramaCrazyDramaFever/etc …



Barefoot friends Episode 10 English Subtitle (SRT File) by DramaFever

Download  Link HERE

These subtitles fits to all versions of episode 10. Enjoy:):):) {Not mine I’ve just uploaded It and synchronized it to fits all of the versions}

Credit: riri13




[Photos] Barefoot Friends Episode 10 Captures


[GIF] 그 어떤이들의 정석적인 다이빙 모습보다 더 설레이고 멋졌던 김현중의 내츄럴한 다이빙~ ♥

[Scorecard] Barefoot Friends Episode 9

E9 Scorecard



MVP Award

Stephanie: MVP is going to be hard. Hmm… unless we go with Hyori.

Cherry Cordial: I know, another week where there’s no clear winner. And, yes, I did consider Hyori again, since I said more than once that I’ll miss her.

Stephanie: She cooked, picked Ho-dong’s pocket, and led the game really well. OH. And most importantly — she was on camera with NO MAKE UP.

CC: I know! I was so proud of her.

CC-BFF 09 002

kfangurl: I was impressed by that too… though Uee also didn’t wear makeup right?

CC: I think so. Don’t know why it made such an impression that Hyori didn’t.

kfangurl: She didn’t go under the falls though… which I thought was a little odd since, up to that point, she didn’t miss out on any of the stuff the team has done.

Stephanie: I’d say if there were any place that you should pull your star card it was jumping into a freezing cold pool. Like, “Uh. No. Not gonna, can’t make me.”

kfangurl: HAHA!

CC: I was expecting her to have a go, too, since everyone else did.

Stephanie: Well, I think jumping in the pool really was like a BFF team-building exercise, and she’s not officially a friend.

CC: I did think it was odd, but thought it was all about the BFF team, too.

KFG-BFF E9 068

kfangurl: That’s how I rationalized it too, though I would’ve given her serious points if she’d done it.

CC: Yep, there would’ve been a clear winner then. As it is, she’s a contender, based on it being her last episode.

Stephanie: I think even without the dive, she’s pretty clear above everyone else.

CC: And when she told Ho-dong it was the last time, I felt so sad.

Stephanie: Cherry and I were talking about that — we started out really not liking Hyori and, in the course of these episodes, have gotten to really like her. That’s skills.

KFG-BFF E9 016

kfangurl: I liked how she kept hugging Ho-dong and how Ho-dong kept looking distressed by it.

CC: Yes, she showed that she could be sweet to him too, not just bicker. Although, you saw how worried Ho Dong was when she was sweet.

kfangurl: Yes, she doesn’t seem malicious at all. She always comes across as just playing, but playing hard. She’s no softie, that Hyori.

Stephanie: So — I think in honor of her last episode we should totally give it to her. She earned it. Otherwise, I’m just going to vote Hyun-joong again — don’t make me do it!

kfangurl: Yes, I’ll vote Hyori. She’s one kickass gal.

CC: lol, what a threat, Steph. OK, you got me. I’ll vote for Hyori!

Favorite Quote

kfangurl: My favorite quote happens when the team members all try to persuade Ho-dong to sleep inside. Hyori, barely concealing a cheeky grin, pipes up to Ho-dong’s embarrassment:

“Oppa, want me to sleep next to you?” AND, she proceeds to demonstrate, too. Snicker.

Stephanie: I snorted when Hyun-joong says:

“Do you want to trade kimchi for Si-yoon’s autograph?” I just think it’s so funny he offers up Si-yoon instead of himself.

Cherry Cordial: While guessing Uee’s Up words, Si-yoon says, “You are really pretty.” Then Hyori says to him:

Hyori [flirtatiously]: You look really pretty saying that.
Ho-dong [to Hyori]: You are pathetic.
Hyori [pouting]: I don’t get to see handsome men these days.

Hyori, for the record, I completely agree with you!

Favorite Screenshot

kfangurl: I couldn’t get over this cute moment, where Si-yoon pulls Hyun-joong to him in an embrace. Giggle. And, SQUEE!!!

KFG-BFF E9 001

Stephanie: Seriously guys. How could I choose anything other than Si-yoon hugging Hyun-joong. Wait. What? kfangurl already snagged that one?? G-dang it! Fine. Second choice?

KFG-BFF E9 061

For the obvious fan-girl moment.

Cherry Cordial: With my new appreciation for Hyori, mine has to be her reverse psychology when she offers to sleep next to Ho-dong if he insists on sleeping outside.

KFG-BFF E9 054

Kinda sweet in her unique, Hyori way.

Question: Who would have been WAY more excited to find two stars on your doorstep?


And Now for Our Goodbyes

Well, faithful readers, our time as your Barefoot Friends team has come to an end. We’ve had lots of fun talking with one another and with you — not to mention squeeing over Kim Hyun-joong.

Let’s all hope together that our show — and our dear Barefoot Friends — does well!


[Info] Kim Hyun Joong Ranked 3rd in Oricon Charts Among Korean Artists


2013 K-pop Artists with 50,000+ Unit Sales in Japan

These numbers are mid year + one week.
Meaning I have used the updated numbers from the mid year Oricon charts but there is an extra week (last week’s sales) included so numbers will be slightly higher than Oricon’s mid year for items still charting.

DBSK: 603,873
2PM: 256,645
Kim Hyun Joong: 196,611
SHINee: 192,251
BIGBANG: 172,736
CNBLUE: 164,961
SNSD: 148,052
KARA: 147,977
Infinite: 100,158
Jang Geun Suk: 99,609
FT Island: 78,563
SUJU KRY: 76,457
UKiss: 74,524
T-ara: 73,476
Boyfriend: 59,973
Supernova: 59,156
Daesung: 53,658  

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong, UEE, Yoon Si Yoon and Guests Filming Barefoof Friends

Hyun Joong, UEE & SiYoon w/ some Infinite,Rainbow&Sistar members during BFF filming
cr: BFF/jaclynkiki /@belindaKHJzzang
KHJ Arrives for BFF Shooting 6-23-2013
@miya0909/as tagged

Sexy Body... #BFF Filming
 @ _ Taozai





[Weibo Update] 公开在6月8日‘2013 KHJ Show — Party People’现场发布的‘Real可爱song’视频


Wuri Hyun Joong uploaded his Giyomi Clip on Weibo

  • 公开在6月8日‘2013 KHJ Show — Party People’现场发布的‘Real可爱song’视频。 希望粉丝们过快乐的一天哦。 谢谢~


[Fancams/Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG at FC Men vs FC Avengers Match – 2013.06.23

Credit:  onlyleader HJ

Photos Credit:


miyamiya (1)miya (2)miya (3)miya (4)miya (5)miya (6)miya (7)miya (8)miya (9)miya (10)miya (11)miya (12)miya (13)miya (14)miya (15)miya (16)



[Photos/Tweet Bits] KHJ filming for BFF today – 2013.06.23

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  • KHJ filming for BF today ^^ RT @pink_floccus: 2013.06.23. 김현중 맨발의친구들 촬영장 도착 직캠 프리뷰 – 역삼각형 몸매의 형광사나이! 촬영 화이팅! 다치지 말구~♥

June 22 Tweet:

[INFO] RAINBOW’s Jae-kyung & Yuri will be filming for SBS Barefoot Friends tomorrow (cr: DSP’s Rainbow official sked)

Some interesting tweet bits I gathered today (2013.06.24)  ……………

Ah the show infinite went to record yesterday = barefooted friends

So the theme for 6.23 and 6.30 episodes of Barefooted Friends is “Overcome the fear of diving”.

[Snippets/ScreenCaps/TweetBits] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 10 – 2013.06.23

Download Raw File for DramaFever Suntitles  at

More Torrent Links from semi-fly: 

Crerdit:  Cheezeemelt FiveOone



  • [#KHJBarefootFriends] Regarding the spicy food that KHJ ate & fainted(?) (or the jjambbong he mentioned in Happy Together 3 last time), perhaps it’s Shingildong Jjambbong (Gangnam outlet).A lot of entertainers visited before like Jaejoong, Sung Si-kyung, JGS etc. They appeared in Star King & Infinity Challenge once too ^^~Jaejoong went here twice too with his autograph as well~
    Seoul Seocho-gu, Banpo-dong, , 738-45
    Opening hours: 11:30am – 2:00am
  • [#KHJBarefootFriends] The spicy food restaurant owner was once a guest on Se-Yoon’s radio show and mentioned an entertainer once fainted in his restaurant after eating spicy dish & was rushed into an ambulance. Although owner did not specifically mentioned who during the broadcast, KHJ mentioned that there is a heading in the restaurant stating ‘The restaurant that Kim HyunJoong fainted’. KHJ mentioned he fainted after eating the dish and when he returned to his senses, he’s inside the ambulance.


Tweet Update:   2h

  • KHJ DiVING No1 on NATE Trends “: 네이트 실시간 1위 김현중 다이빙. 역시~ 믿고보는 김현중예능ㅋㅋ 최고~bbb ♥♥♥

Screen Caps by: