Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Snippets] BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 7/[Trans] Nana phone call on Barefoot Friends with HJ – 2013.06.02

Credit:  Cheezeemelt FiveOone·


Credit: @NanaAsFacts
[Trans] Nana phone call on Barefoot Friends with HJ
Hyunjoong: How about After School Nana?
Bumsoo: Just call her.Nana: Oppa~
Hyunjoong: How are you doing?Nana: What’s wrong?
Hyunjoong: What are you doing?
Nana: Me? PlayingHyunjoong: Do you meet up with anyone recently?
Nana: No, but why?

Hyunjoong: You know Bumsoo hyung right? He currently doesn’t have girlfriend so what do you think…?
Nana: *laugh* Oppa are you alone now?
Nana: *whispering* Why are you doing this to me?
Nana: Although he seems to be a good guy, the age gap is a little bit…

Hyunjoong: Nana we’re filming now.
Nana: hahahahaha

Lee hyori: She’s honest. Let put Bumsoo on the phone

Nana: I’m sorry

Bumsoo: I’m your big fan.
Nana: *Stammering* I’m also your fan….

Lee Hyori: It’s all because of the age gap

Bumsoo: I understand
Nana: Do you know I was just joking? hehe ( LOL she just asked HJ if he was alone so she can speak the truth)

Hyunjoong: Is there anyone you like in Barefooted Friends?
Nana (After School): There’s only one good looking person in there.

Hyunjoong: Eunhyuk?
Nana: No… The actor
Hyunjoong: Ah Yoon Si Yoon

Si Yoon: Hello
Nana: Hello, I’m your fan (her voice CHANGED into a cute voice)

Nana: I’m sorry Bumsoo oppa
Bumsoo: I’m okay~ I’m a cool man though


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Eunhyuk tries to pimp out Yuri, ultimately fails.

On June 2nd’s broadcast of Barefoot Friends, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk called Yuri in hopes of setting her up with his friend, Kim Bumsoo, a well known R&B/Soul singer and Yuri fan. However, things didn’t go quite as expected, with SNSD being characteristically loud, and Yuri’s reply bringin’ in the lulz…
Yuri: Hello?
Eunhyuk: Yo! What are you doing?
Y: Who is this?
EH: Eunhyuk oppa, Eunhyuk oppa.
Y: You’re Eunhyuk oppa?
EH: Yeah. What are you doing?
Yuri: Right now…. Did you say you are EH oppa?
EH: Yeah I said I am EH oppa.
Y: Oppa, why did you call me?
EH: Yuri-yah~ should I introduce a guy to you?
Y: HAHAHAHAHA, this is really funny. Why all of a sudden?
EH: He is a really good hyung. Do you know Bumsoo-hyung?
Y: Ah “I Miss You“ Kim Bumsoo oppa?
EH: Yeah
Y: Ahh… we did a radio show together once right?
EH: Bumsoo hyung really wants to see you.
Y: Eh… lies!
EH: Really Really! Should I introduce him to you?
Y: Why are you asking me out of nowhere? It’s too sudden.
Captions: [arranged meeting, Yes/No Yuri ah… please….]
Y: Right now… having a boyfriend seems inconvenient….
Caption: [inconvenient?]
Everyone: lulz
Hyori: Women say stuff like this when they don’t want to do it.
EH: Ah… right now… blind date…. boyfriend(?)… (stutters) yes yuri-ah…
Hyori: Fail!
Captions: [BumsooxYuri blind date/ arranged meeting, FAIL.]
Bumsoo: Ah, Yuri ah!!!
EH: Yuri ah Yuri ah~
Bumsoo: Yuri yah Yuri yah Yuri yah! You’re too much Yuri-ah.
Y: Who is this? Bumsoo oppa?
Bumsoo: just overlook it and go on a blind date with me once!
BS: Are you uncomfortable with having a boyfriend or are you uncomfortable with me?
Y: EH oppa who have never contacted me in my whole life talking to me is uncomfortable…(jokingly)
Bumsoo: Hwaiting!
Hyori: Thanks~
Hodong: Thank you very very much.
Yuri: Thank you~


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