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[News] Kim Hyun joong to release new summer fashion pictorial with HIGH CUT


[by Joy Kim] On July 31, K-pop solo artist Kim Hyun joong released new fashion pictorial with fashion magazine HIGH CUT.
Kim released photo sets from his new summer fashion pictorial. In the photo, he shows off his tight and fit body under the water. The pictorial was taken from a pool and he looked natural in water.
From recent variety show ‘Barefoot friends’ (translated title), he showed his diving skills and become the best diver among the members. In the photo, he is diving into the pool and making straight eye contact with the camera.
In his pictorial he is wearing white shirt with detailed collar looking trendy. With the shirt, he is wearing pants with prints. By mixing trendy patterns and prints to his style, he showed perfect example of 2013 summer look.
After the pictorial, he talked about his new mini album ‘Round 3’ and behind story of his song ‘Gentlemen’.
He said “It was written a year ago, and I wanted it to be my title song for the new album. However, Psy released a song with same title in April so I had to change my mind.”
Kim said he even tried to change the name of the song but he liked the title ‘Gentlemen’ so he changed the title song to ‘Your Story’.
Meanwhile, the full length of Kim’s pictorial and interview will be on 107th issue of HIGH CUT. (photo by HIGH CUT)
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[News]Kim Hyun Joong Gave Up His Original Title Song Because of Psy

Returning to K-Pop with Round 3, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that his title track was not supposed to be Your Story.

During an interview with fashion magazine, High Cut, Kim Hyun Joong said he had to give up his original title song because of Psy. The reason was because the title song he wanted was also named Gentleman.

“It was a song that we’ve been working on since last year, so I was a bit greedy with the title,” explained Kim Hyun Joong. “But then Psy sunbaenim came out with Gentleman first, so we tried changing the title to Superman and others, but it didn’t stick.”

He added that Gentleman ended up just being one of the songs on his new album.

“That’s why Your Story was born and it’s a good song, so everything worked out in the end.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in issue 107, to be released on August 1.

Photo Credit: High Cut