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[HQ Photos by nomad0606 & ahlia 0606] KHJ ROUND 3 FanSign Event at Yeouido, Seoul – 2013.08.29






[News]The Top Korean Dramas Loved by Japanese Fans are…


Even though it′s been 10 years since it first aired, Winter Sonata is still considered the best Korean drama among Japanese hallyu fans.

Japan′s ′Hanryu 10th Anniversary 2013′ Committee revealed the interim results of a poll it′s been hosting on its website on August 22, asking fans to vote on the top 100 Korean dramas.

Winter Sonata currently sits at number one. The drama, which brought Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo to stardom, first aired through cable in Japan on April 2003 and became a beloved national drama when it made it into NHK.

Number two went to You′re Beautiful, starring Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye. The drama aired in Japan in 2010, and was remade in the country the following year. The drama was what made Jang Keun Suk popular as ′Keun-chan′ and the ′Prince of Asia.′

Rooftop Prince, starring JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, followed closely at number three. Rooftop Prince aired in 2012, and its immense popularity gathered in such a short time proved Park Yoo Chun′s status in the country.

The drama first aired through KNTV in July 2012 and soon made it into the WOWOW channel due to its popularity. Its DVD was also a big hit. In June, it aired again through TBS′ Hallyu Select.

Goong, starring Joo Ji Hoon and Yun Eun Hye, ranked fourth, Kim Hyun Joong′s Playful Kiss fifth and Lee Min Ho′s Boys Over Flowers sixth.

The interim results are based on data collected from 48,000 participants from June 22 to July 31. The poll will close on September 30, and the final results will be announced on October 19.

Photo credit: Key East, Tree J Company, enews DB, Hanryu 10th Anniversary 2013 webpage

[Video+Translation] Kiyakkaka – There is no Kim Hyun Joong

credit: entertainmentSBS

KIYAKKAKA (lyrics translated by iYuno Media)
There is no Kim Hyun Joong
Kiyakkaka … (5 times)

There is no Kim Hyun Joong  (3 times)

Ya .. ya ..
Can I get an autograph
Ya ya  …
Can I take your photo
Ya ya …
Can you look right here
Ya .. ya  you’re really hot

Same day everyday for 365 days
My tongue was always stays silent
I’m going to be real with you
So be impressed
Because I will feel sorry when the song is over
I’m a workaholic looking after my image

The coin is already in the arcade
If I didn’t straighten up, I’ll get damaged
I’m like the cicada crying on the tree
I will let you down today
Time of an immature youth
I couldn’t tell you even when I was full but you dont need to treat me
I will still have to sign the receipt in the end
I am a Boys Over Flower which likes soccer video more than porn

I I want to take a break sometimes
I I want to be honest sometimes

Kiyakkaka .. (8 times)

There is no Kim Hyun Joong

Woke up early and washed my face
Ate breakfast then drank espresso
Puzzle of the words after I woke up
We’re Django and Dr Shults
Coming out in slow motion
You still don’t know who we are?
Grab anyone next to you and ask

Kiyakkaka … (8 times)

Cry …. cry … cry ….


[Info] Gaon releases “Top Selling Albums” Chart for the 4th Week of August (Round 3 @ No. 4)



[Photos]Kim Hyun Joong “Gentleman” on SBS Inkigayo Goodbye Stage








[Info] Round 3 Gaon Digital Music Chart Ranking




The Gaon Singles Chart ranks best-selling non-physical, digital music sales listed as streaming content, downloads, background music, ringtones, karaoke and a combine overall singles charts, but excludes radio airplay and different versions of a song are listed as separate entries. It is complied from online data provided by web-based music providers: Bugs, Dosirak, Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Cyworld, and Naver Music.

If you recall Hyun Joong’s Guerilla Date Guesting, he mentioned about ‘MIRACLE OF 60 CENTS’

He was asking us to support his album by downloading the song, since one song download in Korea is 600 won.

Miracle or not, we HENECIANS will always support Kim Hyun Joong.

[Screencaps] Lotte Duty Free Making MV