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[Tweetbits] ‘Inspiring Age’ Shooting in Suncheon 10.31.13


A very nice shot while filming. Dong Yeon-ssi while pulling the rickshaw.

credit: jcdika


Young Shin Jung Tae (Kwak Dong Yeon) & adult Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) synchro rate is 90% 😀 @htw0694: 어린 정태역의 동연씨. 현중씨와 싱크로율 90%이네요.

[News] 【Kim Kap Soo revealed he will join Age Of Feelings】

translation by: @howlovelylala
[He also starred in Ressurection – A KBS Revenge Drama featuring Uhm Tae Woong]

Kim Kap Soo revealed he will join the upcoming drama, Age Of Feelings’s (working title) filming within the next month. His role is a really bad guy, and he will show the most extreme villain. He also is a bit worried because his role will distress the leading role, Kim Hyun Joong (laugh *because Hyun Joong has many fans ^^)
From Kim Kap Soo’s Interview :

[English Subbed] Barefoot Friends Episode 28 – 2013.10.27

links to watch online:










Credit:  semi-fly

POSTED: Barefoot Friends 028 (MoonBy / 720p); & (PiNETREE / 450p);

POSTED: Barefoot Friends 028 (HANrel);

POSTED: Barefoot Friends 028 (MoonBy / 720p); & (PiNETREE / 450p);



Barefoot Friends (맨발의 친구들) (Korean Variety Show)

Release info: Barefoot.Friends.E28.131027.HDTV.H264.720p-LIMO

Credit:  riri13

These subtitles fit to all versions of episode 28. Enjoy:):):) {Not mine I’ve just uploaded It


Photos: Credit as tagged


[News] Kim Hyun Joong to leave ‘Barefoot Friends’

Kim Hyun Joong has been confirmed to be leaving ‘Barefoot Friends‘.

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Key East Entertainment stated on the 31st, “Kim Hyun Joong plans to leave ‘Barefoot Friends’. Due to scheduling conflicts with filming for his drama, he inevitably had to leave. We have already told the production crew about his leave.”

 Kim Hyun Joong will enter filming for the new KBS 2TV drama ‘Generation of Youth‘ as the lead actor this November. Kim Hyun Joong’s leave brought up rumors of the leave of other actors among the cast of ‘Barefoot Friends’ as Yoon Si Yoon is also in a similar predicament having been cast for the new KBS 2TV drama ‘Prime Minister and I‘ which will air this December.

Yoon Si Yoon’s agency Taxi Entertainment however assured fans that he will stay on the show, stating, “We’ve never discussed anything about his possible leave from ‘Barefoot Friends’. Even if he has a drama schedule, the filming takes place during the weekend so there will be no difficulty.”

According to a broadcast insider, UEE who is currently filming her new MBC weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow‘, is also in talks to possibly leave ‘Barefoot Friends’ but is leaning towards the direction of staying on and trying to work out the schedules.

[Pexers Write-Ups] The Reunion

Author:  AprilStarr

Photo Credit as Tagged

A reunion is a get together to renew ties. It provides an occasion To rekindle relations after some absence in each other’s lives. It is a means to celebrate past chapters of our lives so that we can boast and brag of our achievements. Inevitably, someone will ask -how are you doing ?

What if there are no achievements of magnitude worth mentioning, or our physical appearances are far from what they used to be? Can some people be blamed if they are less than enthusiastic about attending such events ?

Reunions happen all the time. Chance encounter, accidental or planned one on one meet, organized activities around some celebration like ten, twenty years of existence or golden anniversary of an institution, gathering due to life altering happenings such as death, birthdays, weddings, baptismal, return from wars and others.

Reunions can evoke powerful feelings and tension. Perhaps present before but not acknowledged then now come back in full force. The occasion can also provide a realization it was no big deal after all.

No one so far has come forward to credit somebody inventing this part of social life. Humans want to remember and gather kindred spirits or those who have something in common worth remembering perhaps reflecting on.

The boyband SS501 born officially in 2005 with two years training period before that pursued solo activities when their contract expired in 2010. Three years since then came together to perform in one stage in HYS’s First Concert in Seoul. This gathering of the band members had long been anticipated and wished for by the fans. It wasn’t the first time for them to be together to support a member entering military service. First member they sent off was Kyu Joong. HYS is the second member- however, this time all members were on the stage singing their trademark numbers.

This reunion was not a simple matter to do due to the conflicting and busy schedules of each member now based in different talent management companies. Leader Hj acknowledged this difficulty himself in past interviews. That is why even when the reunion finally materialized many fans were still in disbelief yet ecstatic mode.

With all the men standing in one stage, there are those who wonder if they have comparable fame and fortune. Some observers who can read body language conclude there were visible gaps between some members. Perhaps it can’t be helped that this is what reunions do -measure up /look for telling signs. But at least they agreed to be together and made time to be with one another. A promise fulfilled. Don’t you agree that that is the more important outcome of this gathering?



[Video + Translation] Lim Soo Hyang Talked About Kim Hyun Joong on “20세기 미” Show

translation credit: @inspiring_age

video uploaded by:현중만 바라봐

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) DATV 2014 Calendar



[News]  K-pop’s SS501 Together Again on Stage at Young Saeng’s Solo Concert, Proper Send-off Before Military Enlistment


With Heo Young Saeng departing for the military on the 31st and wrapping up his promotion activities for his final song before enlisting,  SS501 bands together to send him off.

During his first and farewell concert, ‘2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 My Story’, Heo Young Saeng’s group, SS501, appeared on the stage for a short performance. It has been three years since the band has embarked on their solo activities.  The group never disbanded officially and even said continued statements that they are still a group, despite having solo careers. The appearance of Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun showed the band’s tried-and-tested friendship.

Their performance last night at the UNIQLO AX Hall was their first time to perform together as a group again after three years.  It was really memorable for the Triple S who attended the concert.  The group’s last album as a group was released in May 2010, ‘Destination’, which had a short promotion run due to their contracts expiring.

Before Young Saeng’s October comeback, leader Kim Hyun Joong was the most recent to have had a comeback with ‘Round 3’.  Kim Hyung Jun also released a digital single in August, in collaboration with Sunny Hill.  Kim Kyu Jong is currently also enlisted in the military, serving as a public worker.  Park Jung Min has also been busy with solo activities, with more focus on his Japanese endeavors.

In June, four members minus Hyun Joong, filmed a special anniversary video for what would have been their 8th year as group.  While Kim Hyun Joong wasn’t in the video, he still showed his support by mentioning his time with SS501 and their anniversary during a solo concert on the same day.

The continued strength and friendship of the members behind the scenes is both a moment of pride and comfort for Triple S who always believe in the group’s solidarity.  Maybe the group’s labelmate KARA can follow in their footsteps, in the pending contract expiration cycle coming up.

[News] ‘Real Men’, ‘Barefoot Friends’ and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ keep climbing in ratings as ‘Running Man’ suffers

It’s that time of the week again when the Sunday variety shows go head to head!

 Coming in at #1 this week, yet again, was MBC‘s ‘Sunday Sunday Night‘. ‘Real Men‘ keeps climbing ahead, rising 0.7% up to 18.8% this week. ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?‘ made up for their drop last week by rising up 1.8% since last week. The entire segment rated at 17.0% for the night, still almost double the number 2 contender.


As for SBS‘ ‘Good Sunday‘, ‘Running Man‘ fell 0.5% this week down to 12.1%. ‘Barefoot Friends‘ saw a big jump, up a whopping 2.3% since last week. The segment rated at 9.7%.


KBS‘ ‘Happy Sunday‘ rose in overall, with both shows doing better than last week. Joo Won‘s last episode on ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ rose, increasing 0.8% to 11.6%. ‘Mamma Mia”s last episode of its run also rose up 1.3% up to 6.5%. The entire segment rated at 9.1%.


Which show’s got your attention this past weekend?

[Photos by DoublenaHyun] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @Premium Live “TONIGHT” Concert Day 1 – 2013.10.20



[More Fancams/Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ HYS 1st Concert in Seoul – 2013.10.26

*Clearer Audio

Credit:  rika1971325

Credit:  ashley kim

Credit: jh Obsess


English Translation: Josie
Chinese Translation: 阿宝的小伙伴&阿四

Please refer to the video at the link below: (Video cr as tagged)

YoungSaeng: Suddenly at a lost to how to continue, very warm… ah… really… really very thankful to everyone who came, especially when everyone has their own schedule. HyunJoong has his drama, Hyun Jun too, JungMin is preparing for his musical, especially KyuJong, who is serving his military duties at JeonJu. Really very precious times.

JungMin: Although everyone is working very hard at different areas, but thinking that there will be such a day, like this when all 5 gather together. Hope everyone work even harder, cheering for us while waiting~

KyuJong: So before we leave the stage, starting from HyunJoong Hyung, say something simple to YongSaeng Hyung who will be entering the Army soon~

JungMin: It will be a little regretful if we don’t say 501 before we end right? Have to say Heo YoungSaeng Mansae~

All Members: 1 2 3~ SS501 Mansae~ Heo YoungSaeng Mansae~

HyunJoong: Now we will do the last greeting, we are…

All Members: SS501


Photos Credit:  lyn0522


Source:   Chinese Translations of ALLPJM
1st translations Credit:   Cheezeemelt501
2nd translations Credit:   drunkenluv


JM: Let’s greet everyone together

YS: Go ahead , Leader

HJL: Hello everyone

Group: We’re SS501

JM: It’s been really long time . Let’s take turn introducing ourselves.

HJB: Let’s start from your side (referring to JM’s side)

JM: I’ve always accepted this type of arrangement.. Hi everyone.. it’s been really long time since five of us stand together on stage infront of all of you.. I’m Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min.

KJ: Hi everyone! Long time no see.. I’m the forever center of SS501 Kyu Jong..I’m really happy to see you all…

YS: uh.. Hi I’m SS501’s little prince , Heo Young Saeng

HJB: Hello eveyone, I’m SS501’s magnae Kim Hyung Jun.. really happy to see you ..

HJL: Hello everyone. I’m SS501’s Leader, Kim Hyun Joong, really happy to see you..

YS: Kyu Jong, can you sing? Is there still a lot of time left? (referring to the military service)

KJ: uh.. no need for a microphone. The fact is, I’d really wanted to stand together with all of you on stage, but because i’m still in the military duties, I can’t sing,.. but not singing isn’t good.. after much thoughts. I’d decided to come and meet everyone..

Fans: it’s okay

YS: The members are all busy but they came.. Thank you.. So the time spent with the members has come to this points..

HJB: You worked hard to get all of us here, and now you want to end it so easily?? Geez…

JM:  Putting it that way is a bit… but I’ve prepared the stage for URMan.. But YS wanted us to come out at a time, he had planned that type of concept.. but ending it like this is a bit sad… why don’t we do something?

YS: Like what?

JM: Ending this abruptly is sad, isn’t it?

HJL: well, we defitenitely didn’t rehease this… didn’t we sing ‘In the Still of the Night before? Will be able to do an impromptu performance for this song.. Can we?

HJB: I’ve found that key..

HJL: We have no choice, even if we can’t…

JM: Can we? Can we? hold on a second…

Fans: Oppa.. what are you doing?

(while singing, someone realized the lead singer had forgotten the words of the song..)


HJB: Because he’s too nervous (it’s been long since KJ sings)

KJ: It’s really like this … Can you hear my heartbeat… it really is… a long time has past…

HJB: sure

YS: If it was just me singing… haha

Fans: It’s alright… it’s alright…

KJ: You guys can understand right? This song should be from 2005..

HJL: It’s winter of 2004

HJB: in the rehearsal room

KJ: we were together in the rehearsal room, playing piano, seriously playing… time flies… can’t believe we’re already this age… have to do our military duties..

HJL: Are you the one going? Why are you crying? Are you crying because you still have a lot of time left to serve? Shouldn’t YS be the one crying? Why are you crying?

JM: I know YS isn’t crying because he doesn’t understand the situation . KJ is in midst of his enlistment, that’s why he’s crying… hahahaha — KJ will have to continue doing his military duties.. Hope everyone will give him lots of support. I will also say something to YS, first of, your health is pretty good… a lot of things will happen in the military, it’d be good if you can take some things away from that experience and conquer it easily..

Fans: Cut you hair!!!

(JM acts as if he didn’t know what the fans has said) 

HJB: (they) told you to cut your hair!!!

JM: During rehearsal. Hyung Jun told me “I’m Goo Jun Pyo”

HJB: Go to Taiwan

JM: I’m surprise.. it’s okay if I’m Goo Jun Pyo, Mal is okay… we have dog (HJL), turtle (HJB).. all are here

KJ: Other than saying SS501 mansae together. Let’s say HYS Mansae

JM: It’d be regrettable if we don’t say SS501 Mansae.. HYS Mansae…

GROUP: 1-2-3 SS501 Mansae, HYS Mansae

HJL: today, we’ve come to this point.. this is…

Group: SS501


Here’s another translation: 





*this is translated from Chinese trans which is translated by ALLPJM



PJM: Everyone Let’s give our greetings



HYS: Leader



HJL: Hi Everyone



501: We are SS501



PJM: it has really been a long time, let’s start off with our members’ introduction



HJB: Let’s start with you…



PJM: I’m always under this kind of arrangement….



Hi everyone, it has been really long time the 5 of us stood on stage to meet everyone.. I am Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min..^^



KKJ: Hi everyone, long time no meet… I am the one doing my national service at JeongJu, eternal center of SS501, nice to meet everyone here..



HYS: Yes, responsibilities coming out…



Hi everyone, I’m SS501’s little prince Heo Young Saeng



HJB: Hi everyone. I am SS501’s… eehh.. maknae Kim Hyung Jun, nice to meet everyone



HJL: Hi everyone, I’m SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong, nice to meet everyone



HYS: can Kyu sing now? How much time left?



KKJ: Yes, Not using mic anymore.. Actually I really wanted to stand with you guys but I am still doing my national services, so I can’t sing .. but if that’s the case (not singing) it doesn’t seem right. With such thoughts,I came up to meet you guys..



Triple S: it’s okay….



HYS: With all the members schedules so tight and still being able to come, I’m really thankful.. Really , really thankful.. Then, the time with the members shall end here…



HJB: Took so much effort to ask us to come here, how can we end it so easily? Really….




*Sorry, Really wanted to translate everything but I still have some work to do.. Shall continue tomorrow with regards to how ” In the still of the night came about* 











[Pexers Write-Ups] In My Secret Garden

Author:  AprilStarr

 In My Secret Garden

In my secret garden the past is the present
the walks strewn with flowers of nostalgia
familiar music play all the time
where the ‘what if’s’ finally come true

My mind see fleeting images
of not so long ago years
Holding on to sweet memories
warms the heart in cool Fall

I see you in the faint, hazy distance
Should I come near?
Aren’t you but an illusion now,
part of a story we wove before?

Yes, I heard your voice
I still remember how you sound
Do you also remember mine ?
Is that what we have together?

The years from then and now
So many other stories in between
Can we put them aside,
turn our backs, just walk the path ?

Are you willing to stay in my secret garden?
Here we can see each other anytime
Here free to continue where we left off
casting all our cares away

Here there are no commitments,
You and I free to leave any time
If you say yes, then be my guest
in my secret garden


[Photos by DoublenaHyun] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @Premium Live “TONIGHT” Concert Day 2 – 2013.10.21

Credit:  DoublenaHyun




[Tweet Updates] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 28 – 2013.10.27

Dailymotion Links:



  • HJ has Barefoot Friends shooting today.. thx~ ^^ : 오늘 맨친 촬영하는 날이네~~

  • According to , today is HJ’s last recording for BF, he’ll leave for his drama shooting. They had a gathering after recording ended.

  • Thank you HJ for your hard work in BF for over 6 months..Let’s give our full support for HJ & his drama from now on. Shin Jung Tae fighting!

  • But seems like BF will still continue since KPop Star 3 which was supposed to replace it in November will get a different time slot instead.

Oh!  Will sure miss HJ every Sunday ……. but we have anticipated this before …  still it’s sad that this is happening for real.  Yes, THANK YOU !!!  THANK YOU for all those Sundays filled with CUTEness, GORGEOUSness, SILLIness and oooooh HOTness.

On the brighter side, there’s his most awaited drama to look forward to ………..   and he can focus more on this project …… Fighting!


Episode 28 Tweets: 

  • HJ after eating chili pepper! He licked a piece of lettuce afterwards trying to soothe his tongue..

  • HJ when watching KHD eats: “Hyung, looks like your mouth is slowly growing bigger and bigger..” 😀

Credit:   @遥望Matic他爹

Captures by:  DSCS-KHJ


[Filming Updates] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Age Of Feelings

Tweeted by: 

  • ‘Inspiring Age’ will have about 10 batches of shooting schedules in 40 days in Suncheon.  (Oct 16)
  • Due to night shooting for ‘Age of Feelings’, Suncheon set now is in full wiring works.  (Oct 17)
  • Official news that actor Ji Seung Hyun will join ‘Age of Feelings’.

  • Actress Joo Da Young revealing a little bit of the drama’s fashion ^^  (Oct 19)

  • Movie actor Ji Seung Hyun. One of the villains in ‘Age of Feelings’ RT :

감격시대(가제) 첫날. 날씨가 너무 좋았다.  (Oct 22)

  • Age of Feelings’ shooting in Suncheon is expected within this week.

RT : 감격시대 순천 촬영은 주내로 있을 예정입니다.  (Oct 22)

  • For this week’s shooting schedule in Suncheon, Adult actors are not yet included. (Oct 22)

Photos Credit:

  • From NEWSEN: Actor Jo Dong Hyuk in full swing preparation for ‘Age of Feelings’ shooting. (Oct23)
  • ‘Age of Feelings’ Set in Suncheon by erun33


  • ‘Age of Feelings’ Shooting in Suncheon. Posted by Enl 10/12/2013 순천드라마촬영장 / 감격시대


  • Gaya and Jung Tae ^^ RT : 가야와 정태.




인력거 사무소앞 식당 감격시대에 자주나올듯. (Oct 25)

Credit: (25 Oct)

  • A kid took a photo with ‘Age of Feelings’ extra in Suncheon set. =) credit: ehs1230

KBS Drama Line Up ~

Beautiful Man 11/20/213

Age of Feelings 2014

Chosun 119 2014


[News] SS501 reunite for Heo Young Saeng’s solo concert before his enlistment – 2013.10.26


After three long years, SS501 finally reunited for Heo Young Saeng‘s farewell concert!


SEE ALSO: All SS501 members to stand on stage together for the first time in 3 years for Heo Young Saeng’s concert


Heo Young Saeng held his first solo concert, ‘2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 MY STORY‘ at UNIQLO AX Hall on the 26th at 7:30 PM KST. The singer gave his farewell greetings to fans before enlisting into the army. But his fellow members of SS501 were also present to show their support and reunited on stage for the first time in three years for a touching performance.

Heo Young Saeng will enlist on the 31st.



[Fancams] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ HYS 1st Concert in Seoul – 2013.10.26

Will be updating this page with more fancams … so stay tuned ….

Tweeted by: 

  • Kim Hyun Joong got a nice and new bike different from the one posted on the staff blog b4. Really biked to there? lol
  • for your understanding from the ‘s fan acc, I meant the bike as a bicycle not a motorcycle.


Source/Credit: HollisHyun·

Published on 26 Oct 2013

These are the Hyunjoong’s songs, “Thank You” and “Your Story“.
Hyunjoong also sings his solo songs “Your Story” and “Gentleman”
as a guest of HYS’s concert. But I couldn’t take the “Gentleman”.

Credit:  kimhyunjoongTV66

Published on 26 Oct 2013

PLease do no re-upload , do not re-edit , do not erase the logo ,do not capture ,Thank you so much !


Credit:  Uzoosin0606

Credit:  KingHyunjoong

Credit:  Ilovehyun Triples

Published on 26 Oct 2013

Do not re-upload ,re-edit, please 🙂

See more HYS Concert Videos HERE

Credit:  tomonatu1

Credit:  미희 유

Fancams Credit:  startwinkle501

Credit:  shirbogurl4

Credit:  Brinicle98

Credit:  nn naomi·

Green Peas + Talk + In The Still Of The Night 

  • 7 years ago…

  • all panicked when HyunJoong suggested to sing that.

Photo Credit as Tagged


[HD Photos by murdererq] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) @ HYS 1st Concert in Seoul – 2013.10.26








[Tweet Updates] SS501 Reunion @Heo Young Saeng’s 1st Concert in Seoul ~ ” 0513 MY STORY”- 2013.10.26



  • Heo Young Saeng 1st Concert in Seoul ~ ” 0513 MY STORY

Credit: @_YourS_hys

  • YourS_许永生资讯饭团 SS501主唱许永生个人资讯整合发布
  • Hyungjun arrived


  • Rumour that HJ has arrived at YS concert venue — on a bicycle?!
  • Well it’s only a rumour at moment..


  • IT’s OFFICIAL!! LEADER already arrived at the venue,,


  • Seems like Hyung jun, Hyun Joong & Young Saeng’ve alrd arrived ^^ well let’s wait if later today we will see 5 together as 1
  • If all come, it’s totally great. If not, still great^^ i’m sure they talk to one another. It’s YS big event so let’s send our cheers to him.


  • RT KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!


  • Cute boy Kyu has arrived to concert :))))) so handsome ♥


  • 2HJ are at the venue … .
  • KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!


  • Seems like kim kyu jong has arrived at the venue too. Wonder if he will be allowed to be on stage later
  • reunion cake! Cr as tagged


  • There are HJ fans in Seoul from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, HK, Japan.

  • RT Jung Min arrived too (according to fans at the venue). All ss501 members are now tgt


  • [ pics ] Arab Triple S airship in front of young saeng’s concert ..



  • Row of support from all over the world!


  • Better pix

  • No idea who these people are but many pics being taken

  • Starting
  • Some video of YS waking up and making toast
  • Let it go

  • YS threw a rose out to the audience

Credit: :

  • Video for ss501


  • YS singing alone, can’t hear his voice clearly…
  • He’s super super tired after singing Love Ya.
  • YS is singing Hyun Joong’s Thank You^^
  • Super loud fanchants suddenly??? Why huh?!!??
  • AHHHHHHHHHHH Leader singing with YS!!!!!!
  • TT RT : Hyunsaeng!!!!

  • Leader is greeting the fans but can’t hear what he say… mumbling mumbling…hehehe
  • <333 RT : YS and leader! Togther’!

  • Leader singing Your Story now^^
  • Fans chanting Kim Hyun Joong~
  • Your Story!!!! RT : Leader is on the stage now!Singing the song now.

  • Hyun Joong continues to sing Gentleman 🙂


  • Young Saeng singing U R Man.. alone
  • Hyung Jun on stage with Young Saeng!!!
  • They are going to sing Cuz I’m stupid together
  • Jung Min on stage with them!!
  • Jung Min, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun singing Cuz I’m Stupid together!!
  • Jung Min introduce himself as ‘SS501 sexy charisma Park Jung Min’ and Hyung Jun’s laughter
  • Pea Princess now!! All 4 on stage except Kyu Jong..
  • There’s Kyu Jong’s singing too!!!! But he’s not on stage. I guess it’s cause he’s in military
  • All 5 on stage!!
  • Omg!!! ‘We are SS501’ I’m going to cry
  • They can’t sing together on stage today cause Kyu Joong is in military. He can’t perform
  • They are singing ‘In the still of the night’ a capella
  • never thought I have the chance to hear all 5 sing this together live!!
  • Hyung Jun ask Jung Min to cut his hair.


  • Singing in the still of night!
  • Talking about Ys will go to the army soon, Kyujong a little cries.
  • I love my ss501, cr: 米米

  • Ys is reading his letter now


  • After shouting Heo Young Saeng Manse, the boySS shouted SS501 Manse too! ❤
  • Thank you Young Saeng… it takes you going to army for us to see a reunion on stage. kekekeke


  • All five!!!!!!


  • After YOUR STORY.. Time for GENTLEMAN.. He’s with Artmatic Dancers.


  • HJ sang a duet with YS ( thank you), followed by your Story and Gentleman!
  • So long since I heard the SS501 greeting with the hands up ! Tho no longer quite as coordinated :p
  • But singing together sound better than they used to



  • 2013.10.26. 김현중 HYS 콘서트 게스트 직캠 프리뷰 – ㅉ5ㅉ5맨!



Credit:  Cocoo爱购物的大大…

Credit:  许永生吧官博





Fancams Credit:  startwinkle501


Mediafire Links for JAPAN Events:  DOWNLOAD HERE






DAY 1 (2013.10.20)

DAY 2 (2013.10.21)




[Photos by ahlia0606 Part 2 of Day2] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Premium Live “TONIGHT” Concert in Japan – 2013.10.21

NOTE:  Download Links forPhotos during  JAPAN Events coming up …..




[Videos/ Captures] DATV CITY CONQUEST The Making Episode 6 – 2013.10.23 (Completed)

[TRANS] Excerpt from Esquire November Issue – Kim Jaejoong mentioned KIM HYUN JOONG in his interview

Lifted from:

Photos Credit as Tagged

 photo 2013102101002122900153253_59_20131020103702.jpg photo BXKseC4CEAAi9kGjpglarge.jpg

What do you do when you’re with the other members?

All we need is for the three of us to be together. Nothing else really matters. Just having them near me gives me strength. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably die. When you have a good friend, it doesn’t really matter how many times you see them in a year. I see Hyun Joong – Kim Hyun Joong – once or twice a year, but if anyone asked me who my three best friends are, he’d be on the list. Junsu recently texted me and asked, ‘What are you up to these days?’ and it made me feel really happy when I read it. I wanted to take a screenshot of it and upload it on my SNS account.