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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE AT hyunniespexers 🙂 ▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚ ˚★ 2014!!!


Thank you all for another year of roller coaster ride with our ONLY ONE!!!

Wishing you all the BEST of HEALTH and GOOD LIFE for 2014!!!


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  • Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with blessings! Let’s share even more fun memories together in 2014~ ^^


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[Pexers Write-Ups] Street Tales : Heads Up for Inspiring Generation

Street Tales : Heads Up for Inspiring Generation

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We are counting days before KBS show the premiere of Inspiring Generation.

Of course we are not totally in the dark of what is happening. Or a least have peeks here and there though they are careful not to show the actual shooting of scenes like in City Conquest.

Curiosity kills the cat(s) they say. Or rather it disturbs the concentration of our actors. So we content ourselves with posters and still shots. and the informal albeit precious shots of HJ and other members of the cast in between work.

It is heartwarming to see they were having fun on the set in spite of the winter weather and the complex shooting scenes. The aegyos and camaraderie boosted the morale of the cast some of which are reunited from past previous dramas they worked in. When people are happy while working,they are no longer working according to a popular adage. The human spirit is flexible and adaptable. Whatever is missing can be filled up by the accommodating mind and heart.

We are given heads up by what we see -advance notice on their progress and what they have been accomplishing. It is now up to the after shoot production people to polish, add on, subtract details to make a comprehensible and believable drama.

Kim Hyun Joong’s capabilities are buoyed by his self confidence; he is physically and mentally prepared for the drama. He believes we are here to support him, his team assist him and most of all the cast members are doing their best. Many are veteran actors. KBS, PD and KE are all on the same boat. How could the drama fail?

And so we wait. Patiently. We want more than ever for KHJ to fulfill his goal to be a good if not outstanding actor. We look for the signs the heaven is smiling down favorably. After all, good intention move waters and mountains.

Ah, the rating -a fly in the ointment. A low rating is a drawback not seen at first but later specially as it accumulate. It looks so simple-less viewers equals low rating. But why less viewers-now, that’s the complex part of the equation. Look at the time or schedule of the drama. Look at the viewing habits of drama watchers. Who is most likely to watch this drama? What dramas are also showing before the IG started(meaning ahead not contemporaneous) and during the time it is showing?The answers to these questions have long been the crux of the battle among the drama people. If only these factors can be placed under anyone’s control. It isn’t being negative, but plain realistic. People who invested in the drama will agonize over this including the actors. Whoever said the latter are not bothered by low rating must be living in another universe.

Then again watching dramas can be out of preferences. But nothing, yes nothing can detract from showing work with solid storyline and sound directing, reputable cast and good acting.It is hoped with fingers crossed IG does not and will not have the usual afflictions of Kdramas -predictable plot, dragging episodes, too much repetitions of past scenarios, weak character development, hurried ending among others.

Be that as it may, the rating is the fly in the ointment. But only if it is bad that we want to shoo or smack it away.


[Scans by ahlia0606] THE STAR No.10 (2014.01) Do you know me ? – 스물여덟 김현중의 내레이션


For those who missed the Post about his Interview … Here is the link: 

[Photos + Interview] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) “Do You Know Me?” – completed

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[Filming Updates] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION – 2013.12. 28

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  • 감격시대 김현중 최일화 정호빈 김성오 한자리에 “: KHJ with Inspiring Generation cast-members^^ cr: @ Wuxi Taobao Television 

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  • [Fanacc] Cody was very caring taking care of HJ. When HJ was filming, she wore his jacket to warm it up for HJ to wear later. She also put warm bottles in the jacket for HJ to warm up his face. She also gave HJ a neck massage after HJ talked a lot after the filming.During filming, HJ had very little NG cuts because of him. He wore very little and thin clothings despite the cold weather in China. He walked up quickly to director and the crew too when they called for a meeting/discussion. When resting, HJ practiced for his lines and did some warm up as well. When he spotted children on set, he will gaze at them as if he was addicted to those children (aww!!!)Source: henecia-爱疯了 @ weibo
  • [Fanacc 2] HJ dropped a letter when he came out of the elevator and he wanted to picked it up but failed several times (aigoo…). The elevator door closed and he pressed the button several times again and the door didn’t open as well! (lol!!)Later he went up to the 5th floor and fans followed later too. When the elevator’s door opened, they saw HJ puffing his cheeks swaying left and right 😛 Once he noticed they were fans, he stopped immediately looking embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋSource: Acorty0606119 @ weibo

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  • So many people can barely see HJ! Guess it’s the weekend.. Cr 晨星222 

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  • Poor HJ was squashed and pushed today…Even phone in face! Had his head bowed all the way.. Cr on pic 

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  • HJ was so cold today he was shivering.. Cody took care of him though..

Photos Credit:  包子_oppa国代购

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  • Didn’t know he liked Oreos

  • Taken from @包子_oppa国代购 weiboSo cold at the site he kept shivering, even nose was red, repeatedly filming — it was tough but he was very professional. The filming atmosphere was very good. Also cody took good care of him#感激时代##金贤重#在片场,真的冻到一直在抖,鼻子都红了,一条一条的重复拍摄,真的很辛苦,很尽业,但片场气氛很好,但超心疼,希望在中国的每一天 都开心,好好享受吧!还有cody有把偶吧照顾的很好,谢谢你!这些都不是剧照,也没有穿剧服最后祝感激时代大发!

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  • #김현중 131228 KHJ In Shanghai Day 10

    Sad to read this: touched him pulling shirt and even blocked in front of the car.. Oppa bowed his head all the way.

    Credit: 离贤之心不可有

Photos by:  Henecia-贤心贤德

Photos Credit:  无锡淘宝影视文化传播有限公司

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Photos Credit:  henecia_justhyun
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[Scans] 김현중- THE STAR vol.10 스물여덟 김현중의 나레이션(스캔)


[Filming Updates] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) INSPIRING GENERATION – 2013.12. 27

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  • Guess Jung Ho Bin likes HJ, huh? Was warming up his hands in his yesterday! seem to be getting along well 🙂

Tweets Credit:  27 Dec

Tweets Credit:  27 Dec

  • [FanPix] 김현중 빼빼로 들고 활짝 웃는 사진 cr: Rukubebe from Weibo

  • [FanPix] 131223 감격시대 김현중 최일화 정호빈 빼빼로 다른 각도 photo by 牛牛的香格里拉 from weibo


#김현중 131227 KHJ In Shanghai Day 9

Rough Trans:

20131227 today is colder than yesterday, requirement is 15 female extras older Koreans, Henecians would not meet the requirements. 8:00 start, Hyun Joong was nipped, soon after the director cut, his face looked ’crying face‘ looking at cody, cody holding down jacket quickly rushed to him, hold up her hands to warm up his ears and also combed his “hair” [laughing]. Assistant also gave him a cervical massage ^^
PS: Cute Prince ^^[Thanks Cody for always taking good care of Uri HJ..Kamsahamnida!!!]

Credit: Henecia-贤心贤德
20131227今天比昨天还冷,女群演的要求是15个年龄较大的朝鲜人,贤饭大都不符合要求。8:00开工,贤重被冻坏了,导演一声cut后,贤重童鞋 一脸哭相的看着cody,cody拿着羽绒服快速冲向贤重, 伸出手给贤重暖耳朵,还梳梳“头发帘”[偷笑]小助理还给他按摩颈椎


Photos  Credit:  无锡淘宝影视文化传播有限公司

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Photos by:  Henecia-贤心贤德

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