Jung Tae had to go to Shanghai to know Shin Young Chol as a man and to lose him forever as father. It is one thing to grieve for that loss and another to find who is behind that loss.

He doesn’t have to look far and wide for the ‘who’ for they are the ones seeking him. A man with a sword was sent to fight him to death. Survival and winning is Jung Tae’s lucky streak though wounded had friends to administer aid to him. OK Ryeon was clearly heartbroken at the news but went on with her usual job of delivering water.

Jung Tae saw her the night before offering and praying for her mother and his father and repeated the same in a Buddhist temple with her the following morning. Amidst the solemn background, as if getting married, Jung Tae poured his heart out to a near tears Ok Ryeon. He promised to protect her while looking into her eyes adding to makeup for the lost 5 years between them to be for each other for the rest of their lives. Taking her hands in his, he kissed her to seal that pledge of love.

Still basking in the afterglow of a renewed and deeper relationship they walk the street both looking radiant and happy as if the rest of the world didn’t matter.

Both must have spent all that energy loving and kissing that they became hungry. In a street side eatery, the two had bowls of noodles soup when of all the days in the calendar Do-Gyoo had to appear right then and there spoiling a memorable time for the two. He couldn’t offer any information regarding his sister and deserved to be hit by Jung Tae. But he succeeded in reviving in Jung Tae’ s hatred for the Ill Gook Hwae.

The time spent with the loved one only temporarily distracted Jung Tae in finding out who killed his father. Do Gyoo’s statement made him restless and unable to sleep, he stormed to the very heart of the Ill Gook Hwae headquarters to find Gaya. Her warriors was no match to the bottled up anger of the man demanding if she had killed his father. He clearly shifted the burden of proof to defend herself from his outright accusation. Clutching her fragile throat in his hands ready to strangle while she instinctively drew up her double sword.

Jung Tae had no actual evidence against Gaya. She reminded him she saw her suspected father’s killer and was disappointed he wasn’t able to find his real killer as promised. Sensing JT does not believe she had nothing to do with Shin Young Chol’s death Gaya admitted to the crime to the almost speechless Jung Tae who left thereafter. The men of Ill Guk Hwa knew about Jung Tae able to come in and go as he pleased. Aoki is alarmed that Gaya has not done anything to Jung Tae and could be killed like her mother if the leader finds out.

One thing that can provide Jung Tae clue to the killer is to look at his father’s cause of death. JT decided to ask for the autopsy report from Jung Jae Hwa who had kept it, but he latter refused to hand it to him. Instead raised the question ‘what he will do if he finds out who the killer is’. As if to deflect the issue at hand, Jung Jae asked if JT suspect him and then the pointblank ‘where he will side to stay alive or die – him, the old man at Hwangbang or Gaya’ ? Jung Tae was infuriated that these people are deciding his life for him.