Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Article] ‘Generation of Youth” Kim Hyun Joong Knows Past Of Father


'Generation of Youth" Kim Hyun Joong Knows Past Of Father
(Photo : SBS)

Kim Hyun Joong found out about his father Choi Jae Sung’s past.

On the 10th episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday “Generation of Youth” broadcast on February 13th, Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) learned of his father Shin Young Chool (played by Choi Jae Sung)’s past.

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On this day, Shin Jung Tae wants to check Shin Young Chool’s death and goes to Shanghai from the Machu Dalian.  Hwang Bang Pa’s Sul Doo Sung (played by Choi Il Wha) tells him the story of Shin Young Chool’s past after making Shin Jung Tae.

Sul Doo Sung took Shin Jung Tae around the streets of Bang Sam Tong and said, “The person who took care of the Yakuza and got Shanghai back is your father.  I thought we needed to do whatever he wanted and he asked for Bang Sam Tong.  He wanted to live with the Chosun people that was persecuted.  Bang Sam Tong got rejuvenated and the refugees who lost their country started to dream again.  But your dad left and things returned to the past.

The reason Sul Doo Sung talks about Shin Young Chool’s past is because he wanted to block out the Il Guk Hui who went to Shanghai and wanted to leave Bang Sam Tong to Shin Jung Tae.  Sul Doo Sung’s words were confirmed right away.  The people of Bang Sam Tong learns that Shin Jung Tae is Shin Young Chool’s son and gathers to give little condolence money and cried.  Shin Jung Tae was surprised at this situation ad was surprised.


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