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[Pexers Write-Ups] SJT’s World : A Tourist In Shanghai – Ep 10

Author: AprilStarr

We can presume Jung Tae was not a stowaway in this trip to Shanghai. He boarded the ship’s ramp confidently setting his sight to the place he is going to see for the first time.

As soon as he stepped foot in Shanghai he got his not so friendly welcome from two of his countrymen and the Japanese. Even Old Man Fly gave the newcomer his practical primer on what to see and expect. Our visitor’s sight seeing brought him to a typical public show,to the CBD (Central Business District) and missed seeing each other as Gaya headed in an opposite direction to meet the Hwangbang leader. Earlier she encountered and humiliated the incompetent Yamamoto who have not yet completely taken over Shanghai for The Japanese.

Jung Tae fell prey to a pickpocket, the sassy So-so, though he got back everything he lost to this wallet lifter. No one to turn to, he was able to have a sleeping place for the night from her though she quite overpriced the food he ate.

But our tourist found a guide in So-so for a fee to go to Seolrak where he met the old friend of his father, leader Seul Doo Bang. He had been waiting for him to come. When finally he did, in mourning clothes of white they had a brief memorial service where JT did not show sadness but hatred towards the departed. Instead of grief he articulated a vow to get rid of his memories. To change his mind the Leader of Hwangbang brought him along to Bangsamtong to know more about his father.

They walked through the bowels of the community his father established for those who lost their country and livelihood. When Jung Tae was introduced as the son of the deceased, the old people milled around him and gave the customary donation for the dead. It was such an overwhelming experience for Jung Tae to see so many grateful people.

The three paid leader Jung Jae Hwae a visit who immediately sensed something will go wrong for him the minute he saw Seol Doo Bang, Wang Baek Sun and what’s his face Jung Tae. He detested the old man’s interference.

Jung Tae was given an invitation to go to Club Shanghai. Little did he know that the old man has already decided to make him the CEO of the place. Aha, our tourist will soon be no longer unemployed but an expat for a managerial job.

Though initially disinterested, Jung Tae went to the club in his rags …I mean in his rugged clothes (perhaps he didn’t expect to go partying and his suitcase is soooo small) and was dumbfounded in what he saw. The show, the well dressed people, the festive mood was so different from where he came from. Then he found the old man who had invited him endangered of being harmed by a Japanese wielding a military sword. A brief battle ensued disrupting the gathering wherein JT won but it placed Gaya in an awkward position having guaranteed a pleasant evening for her invited guest.

Both Gaya and Jung Tae were surprised to see each unexpectedly after five years. But Gaya asked afterwards “what if I was the one who killed your father?” Jung Tae’s face turned grave.

Jung Tae soon learned the memorial service for his father is not over yet and told So-so about his disdain for him. He received a slap from her for being disrespectful. She also took back her lodging accommodation for him.

Our tourist desperate where he will sleep (why did the Hwangbang leader not give him room if his dad is a friend?) wandered around till he reached Doeha restaurant. However, he was also refused the service and warned to leave.

But the warning came too late, Jae Hwae’s men already have spotted him with the intention of maiming him upon instructions of who else.

He was almost finished annihilating the trouble makers when OK Ryeon who was looking frantically saw him.Like a girlfriend/housewife she immediately nagged the surprised JT whose momentary distraction allowed the opponents to take advantage to hit him really bad. Ok Ryeon used her body to shield her man from the maulers.

It is not the end of attempts on his life as Jae Hwae is planning other ways to eliminate him for good.


I can’t entirely blame JW for his hostilities towards JT, after all he was to lose management over Club Shanghai obviously a cash cow, his men and all the perks he had enjoyed (booze, women,power).

His frustration is that he has been an informal officer -in -charge for several years and then this newcomer suddenly appeared. Just because he is Shin Young Chol’s son (hmmm nepotism) is now the anointed one of the Old man.

Perhaps he doesn’t know yet that Jung Tae is not the ordinary jerk who came out of the blue. Graduate of UHK (University of Hard Knocks), once he becomes the CEO of Club Shanghai, it is guaranteed he is not the pen pushing variety. He is a hands on man -for management, security,veteran of risky ventures, etc. plus he is handsomer than him. But will those be enough not only to get by but to succeed?l

Our tourist now must need a working visa and makeover (change wardrobe, body fitness, new fighting skills,etc). And he has to learn how to wear hats with style. Most of all, he has to learn the ways of the clientele or the crowd he will deal with from now on.

But as in any takeover, it will not be free of pitfalls. But the more the merrier! Think of the excitement of his new adventure.

6 responses

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  3. nada

    Sorry I was so busy…ehm ya I am crazy with this episode.for me the story line still in the right path… event though jump quiet fast.. Jung Tae journey will be more interesting but I just feel uneasy because he will be facing alot of enemy.april maybe for some part I must hide,he he he.Thank you for another awesome recap April.

    Monday, February 17, 2014 at 10:20 am

    • aprilstarr

      Don’t worry @Nada Jung Tae will have grown mature to choose his battles, will have his own warriors (?) to fight the nuisance ones and will have developed fighting skills his enemies will tremble just thinking about it .

      Monday, February 17, 2014 at 11:13 am

  4. Dragon Lady

    I really like episode 9 and 10 because of the fast pace. A lot of the questions got answered. The shooting location in Shanghai is the same place as the movie the Last Tycoon with Chow Yun Fat was filmed.
    The way I look at this drama. Every 8 episodes is like a book with new additional characters. It is like a trilogy. The ratings are going up and by the 24th episode it should be around 25%. I bet a lot of the female viewers (young and old ladies ) are watching this drama now that is why the rating will continue to go up. KHJ is doing a phenomenal job and this drama is gaining a lot of attention and positive reviews. KHJ fans should be proud of him.

    Monday, February 17, 2014 at 5:33 am

    • aprilstarr

      @Dragon lady

      That’s a good observation you made re: segmentation of the drama. From the looks of it the drama can be split into 3 parts. First part -early childhood -adolescence early adulthood; Second part – separation from Dobi gang, going solo, life in Shanghai and third part -participation in nationalist movement. Let’s see if as projected these parts are feasible.

      There is no dull moment -in fact, before you know it the episode is over and you want more. Yes, the going up rating is an indication the drama is well received and obviously because everyone is doing their job very well . KHJ’s acting? I don’t want to write about it because its too obvious . Obviously brilliant and sensitive portrayal of Shin Jung Tae as if it was his second skin.

      Monday, February 17, 2014 at 11:07 am

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