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#김현중감격시대 [Tweet Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Episode 12 – 2014.02.20

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  • Jung Jae Hwa got his men to bring Shin Young Cheol’s body to the lodge where Ok Ryeon stays

    Jung Tae thought about So-So’s words and decided to change out of the clothing n head back to Bang Sam Tong

  • So-So waiting outside the room for Jung Tae to go back to BST together

  • Wang Baek San stopping Gaya to see Shin Young Cheol’s body

  • Woo Jin checking on SYC’s injuries n discovered other than e cut tat caused his death, there’s another set of injury

  • Jae Hwa wants to bring Jung Tae back to BST

  • Watching Jae Hwa and his gang outside streets of BST

  • Jae Hwa talking to folks on BST

  • Jung Tae (seemingly doubting on Jae Hwa’s words?? haha i can’t really describe his feeling)

  • Shinichi! Finally on screen again, with new haircut too.

  • Woo Jin told Jae Hwa abt her findings on SYC’s injuries.

  • Exchanging bows to people who came to pay respect to his dad

  • Listening intensely to So-So’s words on his dad

  • So-So told Jung Tae about things happened to BST and his dad

  • So-So’s words seem to have given Jung Tae insights to his dad’s life

  • Jung Tae paying last respect to his father

  • ‘I no longer hate you, forget abt everything n leave peacefully. Forget all sadness n pain, leave with good memories’

  • ‘(Your) son and daughter have never once forgotten about you, we missed you a lot and we love you’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Jung Tae knelt down and paid respect to his father

  • Heartaching sobs

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  • Aigoo my alarm didn’t go off! Almost didn’t make it for Inspiring Generation Ep 12!! Anyway here we go…

  • Am not late right? It started with the scene of SJT & So-So in the dressing room?

  • I wasn’t too late for this! Good morning to me abs.nn(Ms K …. you had me laughing there… but I agree … you’re just in time for the beefy part ….)
  • SJT took the formal white shirt off and donned his old clothes back on.

  • SJT meets Jae Hwa and Doo Sung

  • SJT shy smile

  • He looks on as Jae Hwa takes the podium to address the people in Bang Samtong

  • So-So sees him in the crowd.

  • Soo Wun reports her findings on SJT’s abeoji’s autopsy to Jae Hwa

  • SJT in traditional mourning clothes

  • He was so surprised as young kids start touching his hand

  • KHJ looks good wearing ANYTHING ~ no pun to the dead intended

  • SJT saying his last words to his abeoji.

  • OMG I’m crying!!! SJT is crying while saying his last words. My heart breaks for him.

  • Bravo HJ! Can see his tears slowly trekking down as talked to his abeoji

  • His pained expression. Full of heartaches and regrets.

  • Awww he was with Ok Ryeon as they spread his dad’s ashes

  • Nice bonding albeit sad moment between SJT & Ok Ryeon

  • Felt bad for Ok Ryeon as she remembered her dead mother

  • The previous love birds strolling.

  • Eeee the way SJT looks at Ok Ryeon

  • They hid from the invaders..French? Officers?

  • SJT got so angry as he watched the people getting beat up

  • Ok Ryeon stopped SJT from fighting back for the people

  • An angry SJT can’t do anything but watch

  • Whaaaaa SJT held Ok Ryeon’s hand and asked if she was ok

  • Kinda sad…Ok Ryeon pushed his hand away. You stupid girl or what? That’s Shin Jung Tae! 😂😂😂

  • SJT says he’s sorry to Ok Ryeon. Seems like that’s pretty much what he can do right now.

  • He overheard what Ok Ryeon said?

  • SJT gets attacked while he was fetching water

  • Dammit SJT is wounded again!

  • Inspiring Generation Ep 12 ends. No preview.



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  • ‘Inspiring Generation’, the concerns about the change of writer appeared to be groundless.. Becomes more interesting

  • KimHyunJoong’s sweet confession “I’ve never forgotten about u even once,” melt women’s hearts~

  • It’s now a waste of time to worry abt KHJ’s crying acting he always does crying scene so well!

  • ‘Inspiring Generation’ released 2 OSTs today, “Good Day to Die” by J2M and “Way” by Rhosy (the song we’ve heard in IG previews)

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One response

  1. Bella

    Thank you Aprill I love this episode . It’s interesting the story seems more complex than I thought . Each character has their own agenda.

    However I still want to see OR character pursue her dream as a singer , be famous and join the resistant movement .JT-OR scenes always send out a good energy and positive vibration.

    I still can’t connect with Gaya character.

    Love fighting scene of JT and also Wang Beak San. I think I start to like JJW more and more he is not so bad after all.

    Hope next week we will know more about Il-Hwa. Still hope to see JT has a proper training in martial art.

    Friday, February 21, 2014 at 1:39 am

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