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[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jung Tae’s World : Turbulence in Paradise EP 12

Author:  AprilStarr

Shanghai, to the outside world, in the 30’s is paradise. The Paris of the East is the cosmopolitan city to be. It was the epitome of glamour, wealth, political power and where baser instincts can be fulfilled. But it was the place where a few decide the fate of others and not the law.

It was also a place of refuge of those dispossessed of their homelands. People attracted to stay dream of starting life anew hoping it could be better than the last they’ve been to.

It is a living hell according to Old Man Fly where corpses are hauled by his truck for disposal. The stark reality steels the body and the soul. Jung Tae is still observing what is going on around him. He still is somewhat detached though his gaze we saw says he was trying to absorb all.

Jung Tae is still reeling from the death of a father he is only now getting to know posthumously. He doesn’t know yet how the three factions Gaya, Hwangbang and Bangsamtong gang are jockeying for political position of power using his father’s remains. It was bastardizing his father’s death enough to create a flash point when he finds out.

But there are other things he is discovering now : the innards of Shanghai is not what they say it is. Far from it. The cruelty of men towards others. The police of a different group mercilessly beating people because they look suspicious The poverty and diseases are the breeding grounds of death and superstition. He saw them all. He experienced it personally when children touched his hands.

He will be most disappointed once he gets an inkling the Hwangbang is not actually on his side but is just using him to consolidate power or is even behind his father’s death. The head of the group is a snake hiding in the skin of a decent person. At least Gaya is outright of evil intentions and will not bat an eyelash to execute them. Jung Jae is another manipulator. The problem is Jung Tae is too trusting. Maybe even naive.

The only person who had been with him through thick and thin is Ok Ryeon. Though she still loves him but now feels resentful towards Jung Tae’s neglect. He didn’t even try coming up with excuses but a lame ‘i haven’t stop thinking of you even once’. Will that do? Ok Ryeon is there physically but emotionally stone cold. Jung Tae it seems must do his wooing, slowly thaw and warm that frozen heart.

What is Jung Tae going to do now, Ok Ryeon asked after they threw the ashes of his father into the river. To which Jung Tae replied, ‘to find his father’s killer’. That is the key to unmask all the pretentions and goodness he is hearing and seeing. Wait, has he forgotten his sister that Doo Gyo said he will see once he set foot in Shanghai ? Doo Gyo is said to also arrive in Shanghai soon.

Is Shanghai the last frontier for Jung Tae? A new life his father’s death gave him? Now with a demeanor of being stress free, pleasant and tamed looking water delivery man- will that hold for a long time? Fat chance. A man dressed to the hilt with a sword came and tries relentlessly to kill him.

Notes :

This episode makes it clear, nobody on the power blocks is on Jung Tae’s side.

So-so for all her cockiness is the one showing Jung Tae people’s true colors. Or made Jung Tae realize and reflect on his actions. In her he will find a friend (hopefully) and ally.

If Ok Ryeon felt Jung Tae neglected her all of the past five years waiting for him, why couldn’t she ask Jung Tae what he did in those five years,too ? Did she think Jung Tae perhaps had a grand time himself? Be fair, girl.

Don’t be stingy guys, give JUNG TAE A TIME TO BE HAPPY or them to have romantic moments! And please not anymore the cotton candy eating and trying on hats and feather outings. Give them space to play adult games, PD people.

I have an idea. When the mysteries are solved, why doesn’t he and OK Ryeon just elope to Hongkong or even the Philippines. Leave Shanghai to those greedy fools. Most probably they have also created their own death traps.



4 responses

  1. nada

    Yes,you are right!! He…he . April,why some people keep on complaining about the story line or quiet the actors instead they enjoy the drama ha? The story line not that far out right? I felt a bit but still acceptable!what about from your view ? Kind you tell me? Please…drama can’t be 80% real right?part of it is imagination…if I am wrong please lecture me.thanks april.

    Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 8:03 pm

  2. nada

    Yap…Ok Ryon can just leave shanghai and go any where that she can life happily with Jung nice if that can be so easy??!!!thanks april…seee ya.

    Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 7:10 am

    • aprilstarr

      My pleasure @nada I’m thinking after IG is done I’d like to do a story extension where all our dreams can come true for the two. why not make each of you guys write an episode or two ?

      Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 7:52 am

      • Bella

        Thanks a lots APRILL. After finished reading I just about to say she can be a screen writer for a drama. I love to read all your article. It kind of special gift you have that shows in your writing. Unfortunately English is not my first language so I can not find the words to exp[lain how i see and like your writing. I just feel it and know it comes from a good head..

        With IG sometimes I feel frustrate with JT ‘s slow reaction. I like to see him more forceful but solid with good head.

        i hope OR is as straight forward as she uses to be and keep her dream alive ( hope the new writer does not forget her childhood dream) It feel good to see these two interact again.

        Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 2:38 pm

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