Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Eng Trans] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 13 (Jung Tae and Gaya Scene) + IG ScreenCaps by ahlia0606

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At the scene where Jung-tae finds Gaya once he knew from Dokku it’s Gaya who killed his father..

JT: Take it out…the dagger you used to kill my father..take it out.

Gaya: What if I don’t?

JT: I said take it out!

Men: What is happening?

Gaya: Go away..this is an order. This is a business between us two, so please go away.

Gaya: Shin Jung-tae. How much did you know?

JT: I knew all about it. The dagger that you used to kill my father..

Gaya: Did you see me directly? (killing your father)

JT: Well..

Gaya: I asked did you see me killing your father directly?

JT: I saw the scars/wounds on his dead body..

Gaya: So you’re saying it’s me who killed him based on those scars/wounds?

JT: If it’s not you, then tell me who’s it..

Gaya: If I said it’s not me..will you trust me?

Gaya: I..clearly saw your father taking away my father’s last breath under his knife with my own eyes. Even if I saw it with my own eyes..I wished I could trust your words and not my eyes. I wanted to trust the reason behind those words you said it’s not your father who did it. That’s why I was able to endure this hell-like training life here. Because you promised you would bring the real culprit who killed my father when I returned to Shinuiju.


Young JT: I’ll find him. Even if I don’t have the energy, I’ll find ways and find the culprit, bringing him right in front of you when you return.

(flashback ends)

Gaya: When I saw your face that time, I’ve made my decision to trust your words. Because I trusted there was a reason behind it…now, I’ll ask you again. Shin Jung-tae, do you trust my words? If I said I did not kill your father, will you trust me?

Gaya: *sighs* I trusted you. But you did not. It’s fine if you do not trust or forgive me..because I am the one who killed your father.

JT: What?

Gaya: Did you not hear me? I said I took away your father’s last breath!

JT: Gaya..what? What did you said?

Gaya: Leave..Shin Jung-tae. It’s still not the time for you to die in my hands. Come only when you’re ready to seek revenge. Then I’ll show you where exactly to pierce the knife on.

JT: So, are you saying you’re not the killer?

Gaya: Even if it’s not my dagger..your father will also be dead. Like my father.

JT: What are you saying?

Gaya: Shin Jung-tae. Firstly you have to become the leader of Bangsamtong, only then you’ll be able to seek revenge.

JT: The leader of Bangsamtong?

Gaya: Shin Jung-tae. Be more cruel & vicious. Only then even a Bangsamtong leader, and you can seek a revenge.

JT: Alright. If this is the only way, I will become more vicious and cruel than you & come back. Then, just treat it as a gift of sincerity for not able to keep my promise all this while.

JT: Gaya..I hope it’s not you (who killed my father) when I find out the truth with my own hands.

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