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[Video] [Y-STAR]Viewer rating competetion! Kim Hyunjoong VS Park Yoocheon (김현중vs박유천, 꽃미남 아이돌 스타 연기 대결 승자는?)

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[Video] Showbiz Korea : KIM HYUN-JOONG VS PARK YU-CHUN 김현중 vs. 박유천 – 2014.03.31


[Lotte Duty Free] 김현중 Lotte DFS 2014 April Wallpapers + Magazine Scans


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김현중 @ THE LOTTE Magazine 2014 April

[Photos/Fancams] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Filming @Yongin – 2014.03.30

Fancam Credit:  lyna HJ

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  • 30.03.2014 HJ at Yongin

  • 30.03.14 HJ at Yongin 2 Practising lines (?) on way into film set

  • Watch this smile! HJ greeting the same little 5 yr old “Annyeong girl” (preview) Cr Jo of LovingKHJ 

  • 30.03.14 HJ leaving for a break   Cr coriibean

  • 30.03.14 HJ at Yongin emerging from makeup room Cr coriibean














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[New Poster] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong for “Inspiring Generation” and More …

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JAPAN Official Mobile Update
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김현중 청순한 백미르 시절 “ โดยมากฝรั่งหัวทองจะขึ้นอันดับ มีเพียงเอเชียนไม่กี่คน รวมถึงทาเคชิ คาเนชิโรกับลีฮอม


[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jung Tae’s World: The Art Of War episode 22

Author:  AprilStarr

All wars need excuses and justifications. The Hwangbang and ill Gook Hwae had a long standing feud of sorts between its representatives. It is only a matter of time when a flashpoint is created. Jung tae is seen as allied with Hwangbang though ironically he personally wishes to destroy it to avenge his father’s death. He can’t do it alone nor do it in the quickest possible time. Its enemy must be used to topple the old man’s empire and end his greed and evil ways.

Fortunately for Jung Tae, the aggressive and impetuous Aoki and Gaya of IGH had been burning with desire to take over Club Shanghai. They’ll do anything to destroy Seol Doo Sung’ s stranglehold on the prized space. Aoki had dangled money and power to Jae Hwa just to get the latter’s alliance with them. It was this that triggered Jung Te to fight with Jae Hwa.

Series of previous foray of IGH if you recall include involvement in the corpse snatching, attempts on the life of Jung Te, failures of Gaya in taking over Shanghai, Aoki’s failure to get the club and brewing internal revolt indicate a weakening structure of the organization. Shinichi’s thwarted assassination mission on the life of the old man of Hwangbang was the last straw for it to demand the head of Aoki. To save himself and Gaya, Aoki’s preempted strike was to kill Denkai. If Denkai was using diplomacy in dealing with HB, Aoki is a war hawk. Jung Te knew the war between the two organizations will erupt anytime, he used their animosities for Bangsamtong’s advantage. Jung tae also extracted his “father’s” promise to return OK Ryeon to him after the war.

Wars don’t have to be executed with weapons alone. Planning with Mo, Jung Te’s best strategies include the use of deception such as false emergency calls using the telephone system to divide the deployment of the IGH’s troops, take advantage of the thinning of forces to rob its bank of gold and money, get the cooperation of the Security Director by bribing him, utilization of HB’s soldiers , and entrap Aoki by his “gift”.

All the above was in place ready for execution by the Bangsamtong team and Mo’s team , once Jung Te emerged out of the IGH headquarters.By doing so Jung Te risked his and the old man’s life when they paid respect to Denkai’s funeral. It was an entrapment to their death set up by Gaya. But Jung Te was able to skillfully defeat and kill Aka, Gaya’s personal sword man. In effect, JT fulfilled his promise to exact justice to her father’s death. Debt paid. But Gaya is becoming desperate asking Jung Te to side with them.

What happened in Shanghai was a local war between the two organizations. With the defeat of IGH, HB stands alone without a mortal enemy or so it thinks. Bangsamtong, on the other hand, has smelled victory and looking forward to the spoils of war: houses for the people and better living conditions. That is what they left Korea and what they had been fighting for not ideologies.

But wait, Jung Te is not through yet. The last battle belongs to him. But first he had to secure Ok Ryeon is out of harm’s way by proposing to her. By publicly asking endorsement from the Chirinbang for this proposal Seol Doo couldn’t refuse his request.

The happy occasion is almost perfect-the couple kissed after exchanging vows and promises amidst the applause of the visitors except there’s poison lurking around looking for its intended victim.

[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jung Tae’s World: The Boss episode 21

Author:  ApriStarr

Shin Jung Tae has the titles. Owner of Bangsamtong and Top Boss of Club Shanghai. The only problem is does he have what it takes to be owner and top boss? He may be the best fighter there is on that part of China, but the two titles require a lot. There are responsibilities, there are expectations and what he actually delivers.

First, was the Hwangbang -who opened the possibilities for him to occupy the positions and to be the boss. In return, Jung Tae was expected to be the HB ‘s fighting machine, to follow Banjoo’s biddings and not to be off course as the Club is Hwangbang’s territory. For added good measure HB had kept Ok Ryeon as hostage and dropped the pretension that she is their company singer. Jung Tae, for his part, has not reneged on his duties, delivered the earnings of the Club to HB though he is being held in contempt and they are always suspicious his intentions.

Second, the Bangsamtong represented by the staff of the Club expect him to protect them and make tough decisions in their behalf.

Third, Mo no matter how helpful as an ally he is to Jung Tae, still is interested on what is in it for him. JT had to reassure him he is going to make Dandong safe.

Fourth, for the Ill Gook Hwae Jung Tae is an easy target for representing Hwangbang, he frequently receives their ill will and also because as the days passes by it’s getting more difficult to defeat him.And yet Jung Tae rescued Gaya and Shinichi from the HB even as his own life was at risk.

Part of being boss is to deal with the external threats to the well being of his community, the Bangsamtong. Now is as good as any day to begin eliminating that threat. Jung Tae makes his plans with the help of his team and Mo. He inspired everyone in their pep talk/rally (or was that a master sergeant’s drill?) that what they are doing is for the improvement of their living conditions.

Jung Tae showed he is a tireless, systematic strategist for the war he saw coming. Denkai had sent an assassin(Shinichi) through the suggestion of Aoki to HB to kill the old man. The mission had failed which Aoki had taken will be used by Denkai to get rid of him and Gaya. He decided to go one step ahead and killed his benefactor. He installed Gaya as head of IGH with him as head of its military operations. Aka replaced the dead Shinichi as Gaya’s sword man (perhaps to atone for his sin as killer of her father in Shiniijoo).

Gaya now accept Jung Tae’s strength as a leader who does not bark a difficult order but does it instead, a hands on man. It was a poignant scene where Gaya wished in their next life they be born in the same country or to have nothing to do with each other. She kissed him (while Hyun Joong’s soothing voice in When Time Passes played in the background) as a way of thanking him for rescuing her and Shinichi from sure death and to say goodbye. Jung Tae closed his eyes perhaps to feel the last closeness they would ever have. She offered him deals almost pleading if only he would side with IGH. Jung Tae had to remind her the Bangsamtong had become refugees because they had ran away from the Japanese. Failing to persuade him she now finally said they belong to opposing camps.

As a boss, Jung Tae knew how to take advantage of the crisis among the main players in Shanghai, the irreparable rift between HB and IGH. Now is the time to advance the interest of BS (the Korean community) even with his group’s limitations.

My only issue with Jung tae is he is a kill joy boss, too workaholic (like somebody we know). Somebody ought to tell him he needs to loosen up and have fun with his boys and two girls.

(Note: We will explore more his exercise of leadership in the episode 22 as his plan with Mo unfolds)


[Photos/Fancams] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Filming @Icheon – 2-14.03.29

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[Tweet Bits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation’ – 2014.03.29

Inspiring Generation ending “Jung Tae and Ok Ryoen’s uneasy engagement ceremony..HwangBang’s final plan?”

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(skipping the parts talking about last night’s episode)

But the two person’s happiness seem will meet with danger soon. Because Seol Doo Sung has prepared poison.

The situation left in ending 2 episodes, curiosity is amplified to what will be the ending to Shin Jung Tae and Kim Ok Ryeon’s love.

Netizens response “Hope Inspiring Generation’s outcome is a happy ending”, “Inspiring Generation ending, don’t tell me Shin Jung Tae die”, “Inspiring Generation ending, Kim Ok Ryeon die for Shin Jung Tae”.


Episode 22 BTS Fancam by:  Kai Joong


 [Video]  Kim Hyun Joong ‘Inspiring Generation’ vs Park Yoo Chun ‘Three Days’
[Idols battling at the same timeslot]

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  • Three guests compliment Kim Hyun Joong’s change of image to fit into the character in Inspiring Generation is very successful and the drama is a nice work. It aids in his future career path. All have good impression of him and the drama. DJ Ken asked the male guest (duno his name) as a viewer, between Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoo Chun’s new image, which one will have an outstanding breakthrough? Guy said he will choose Kim Hyun Joong, firstly because of his hairstyle and his whole image changed for the show. He feel that for an actor to develop further he need to enter into the character and the whole feeling must follow through and not just use his own character to act. So he find that Kim Hyun Joong attracts him more. The host (in specs beside DJ Ken) also said he will also choose Kim Hyun Joong too.

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  • Inspiring Generation poster at KE 🙂 RT: ジフニペンのお友達とキーイーストにきましたぁ。明日は、ナムアクターズだ!!うれしー(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  • Inspiring Generation poster in KE^^ RT: キーイーストに来ました!中に入れてよかったぁ(≧∇≦)

  • Reason y Three Days poster is also seen in KE is becos one of e female actress in e drama is from KE.

MARCH 28 Filming:

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[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s Inspiring Generation , Desperate Voice

Kim Hyun Joong's Inspiring Generation , Desperate Voice
(Photo : KBS)

Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST

The news of Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST is a topic of interest.

On the 21st episode of KBS2 Wednesday/Thursday drama “Inspiring Generation” broadcast on March 26th, the OST that Kim Hyun Joong sang, “When Today Passes” attracted interest.



The OST that Kim Hyun Joong sang played when Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) and Kaya (played by Lim Soo Hyang) shared a hot goodbye kiss and raised the focus of viewers.

Netizens responded to the “Inspiring Generation” OST by Kim Hyung Joong saying, “Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST, I want to get the actual album.” “Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST, the voice is the best.” “Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST, sings so well.” “Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST, tears were falling” and showed responses.

Meanwhile, the Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” OST “When Today Passes” will be officially released on April 2nd.

[News]Inspiring Generation” Unexpected Card Kim Se Jung

Inspiring Generation" Unexpected Card Kim Se Jung
(Photo : KBS)

Actress Kim Se Jung will be appearing in the drama “Inspiring Generation” as the younger sister that Kim Hyun Joong had been looking for and raised expectations.

On the 22nd episode of “Inspiring Generation” broadcast on March 27th, Kim Se Jung appears in the role of Shin Chung Ah that has been the object of interest and showed a plot in which they couldn’t let go of their nervousness until the end.


In the drama, Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) worked hard from when he was young to push carts to prepare the sick Chung Ah’s surgery costs and looked after his younger sibling at all costs.  When Chung Ah went lost, Jung Tae tried to find Chung Ah and wiped out all the gangs of the backstreets of Shineuiju and hearing the words of Do Koo (played by Um Tae Koo) who said that he could meet Chung Ah in Shanghai, he heads to Shanghai.

To Jung Tae, the lost sibling Chung Ah was a thorn in his art.  It’ll be interesting to see what will happen between the two people who separated while younger.

Kim Se Jung has attracted attention with the movies “The Dream of a Goose” “Ganginam” and “Friend 2”.  With sharp features and doe-like eyes, she looks similar to young Chung Ah (played by Lee Ji Woo) and will be showing great sibling chemistry with Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong to sing an OST for ‘Inspiring Generation’


Kim Hyun Joong will lend his voice for a new OST of KBS drama “Inspiring Generation”.

The song is called “When Today Passes” was heard during the broadcast on March 26th, when Shin Jung Tae(Kim Hyun Joong) had a goodbye kiss with Gaya (Im Soo Hyang).

“When Today Passes” is co-produced by Kim Chang Rak who previously made “The Moon Embracing The Sun” OST “The One and Only You” which sung by Kim Soo Hyun, and Im Kwang Wook who used to work on EXO, TVXQ albums.

The song will be released through various online music sites on April 2nd.

(HD) Kim Hyun Joong – Inspiring Generation EP22 (DRAMA) 감격시대

[English Subbed] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “INSPIRING GENERATION” Episode 22 – 2014.03.27





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Inspiring Generation  (E01-E22)

Credit:  riri13


Credit:  kayakmyak





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Inspiring Generation 022 (ekao / 720p);

Inspiring Generation 022 (WITH / 720p);

Inspiring Generation 022 (CHAOSrel / 450p);

Inspiring Generation 022 (Baros / 720p);



[Torrent] Download link “Inspiring Generation” Ep22

[Articles] Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review


Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review: Kim Hyun Joong & Jin Se Yeon Kiss at Agreement Ceremony

Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review: Kim Hyun Joong & Jin Se Yeon Kiss at Agreement Ceremony

In , episode 22, Shin Jung Tae(played by ) and Kim Ok Ryun(played by ) kissed at their agreement ceremony.

Jung Tae managed to make Sul Doo Sung(played by ) host an agreement ceremony for him and Ok Ryun. Doo Sung did not want to give up on Ok Ryun, but he had no choice because a lot of people were watching.

Jung Tae and Ok Ryun’s agreement ceremony began with their kiss.


Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review: Kim Hyun Joong & Choi Il Hwa Make a Deal

Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review: Kim Hyun Joong & Choi Il Hwa Make a Deal

In , episode 22, Shin Jung Tae(played by ) and Sul Doo Sung(played by ) made a deal.

Previously, Jung Tae held hand with Mo Il Hwa(played by ) and planned to get rid of both Hwangbang and the Japanese. He said to his Bangsamtong people, “Hwangbang and the Japanese would be annoyed by us and think of us as a thorn to them. Let’s show them the real power of thorns.”

Later, Jung Tae met with Doo Sung and said, “Let go of Kim Ok Ryun(played by ) if I win the fight against the Japanese.” Doo Sun replied, “What is there that I can’t do for you only if you defeat the Japanese.” However, Doo Sung was thinking of getting rid of Jung Tae as soon as he was done using him.


[News]”Inspiring Generation” stays on top



According to Nielsen Korea, the twenty-second episode of the KBS 2TV drama “Inspiring Generation”rated 12.3%.

This is 0.7% higher than the previous episode which rated 11.6%.

Meanwhile, SBS “Three Days” dropped slightly to 11.0% and MBC “Sly and Single Again” fell 0.2% to 8.5%.

[Captures + YT Raw] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 22 – 2014.03.27 *Updating*


Credit:  nmika19



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#김현중감격시대 [Tweet Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 22 – 2014.03.27 *Updating*




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  • [VIDEO] Jung Tae’s fight with Aka
  • [VIDEO] Jung Tae’s engagement with Ok Ryeon
  • JungTae to OR: “Did you wait for long? Now you don’t have to wait anymore. Thank you for waiting. I won’t make you cry anymore. I love you.”

Tweets Credit:

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중, 진세연에게 청혼하며 황방 잡는다! 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • 감격시대’ 김현중, 무통 최지호 혈자리 모두 끊고 ‘승리’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중-진세연, 언약식 올리며 키스 "사랑해" 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중, 윤현민에 “지옥을 맛보게 될 것” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중·진세연, 불안 속 언약식 ‘애절키스’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • [감격시대] 김현중-진세연, 드디어 사랑의 결실 “이제 더는 울게 안 할게” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스
  • ‘감격시대’ 일국회, 김현중 덫에 걸렸다..’전면전’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 임수향, 적진에 들어온 김현중 만류 “지금 나가면 살 수 있어” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스




Captures/Transcript Credit:

  • JT: War shall start an hour later!

  • JT: We must win the battle!!

  • Jung Tae picked up SDS to Denkai’s funeral

  • SDS: Is the war going to start? JT: Of course

  • JT: Father, please return OR to me after this war end.

  • Arriving at Denkai’s funeral

  • JT saw GY

  • GY: It’s still not too late. You don’t have to do this for Hwangbang

  • They talked a lot, forgot what they said..

  • Aka enters, preparing to fight Jung Tae

  • Fight starts. Jung Tae kicked Aka!!

  • Aoki brought his troop to Club Shanghai to raid opium and fake wine

  • Mo Il Hwa and the gang watching outside and prepares for their fight against Ilgeokhwi and ‘time’

  • Mo Il Hwa

  • WBS: Who are these people?

  • (duno e name): Search the place!

  • WBS: What if you can’t find opium here?

  • Dokku told OR that HwangBang is starting it’s fight with Ilgeokhwi and OR is worried for Jung Tae

  • Jung Tae dealt many blows on Aka, he’s on the winning side ^^

  • Gaya watching the fight intensely

  • Mo Il Hwa very cute here. He gave a cute sigh after e two guards were beaten down.

  • Old Man Fly and So-so on standby

  • kyaaaaaaa tooooooo cute!!!! MIH

  • Think think think…

  • Jung Tae jumped up and gave Aka a hard kick!!

  • Aka already badly injured by Jung Tae. Jung Tae won!

  • Aka vomit blood

  • Aka K.O.

  • Man informed Gaya about Shanghai Bank being attacked

  • So-so connecting a call to Ilgeokhwi

  • Bak Chi pretending to be staff of Shanghai Bank and hoax Yamamoto.

  • Mission success

  • Jung Tae watching Gaya

  • Gaya wants to contact Aoki

  • Aoki’s men can’t find anything suspicious in Club Shanghai

  • Aoki went into Jung Tae’s office and saw e map

  • Gaya connecting to Aoki

  • Jung Tae meet up with e gang and asked about the bank robbery operation

  • Gahhhhhhh another cutie MIH (ok, i should stop spazzing over this guy…but i can’t help it :x) sooooo cute!

  • Jung Tae’s men robbed bags of gold from Shanghai Bank

  • Jung Tae talking to Aoki

  • HwangBang’s men and Ilkgeokhwi’s men in a fight

  • Operation success! Ilgeokhwi down.

  • Still talking to Aoki. Nice side profile^^

  • Aoki knew it’s a trap set up by Jung Tae

  • Gaya injured

  • Aoki came to rescue Gaya

  • Aoki captured and taken away

  • Jung Tae and gang back at Club Shanghai

  • Jung Tae asked how much the guys got from the bank.

  • Bak Chi asked Jung Tae if they can celebrate but Jung Tae said celebrate on another day

  • Mo Il Hwa plead for the guys

  • Jung Tae finally agreed to celebrate and said everyone is Club Shanghai’s owner today 🙂

  • Smile from Jung Tae ^^

  • So-so told OR about Jung Tae’s victory

  • So-so taking OR’s measurement, OR asked for what, So-so said don’t know…

  • WBS told SDS of Ilgeokhwi’s defeat and celebration at Club Shanghai

  • Jung Tae’s bright smile! Miss it so much >.<

  • Enjoying?

  • Won Pyeong was looking at MIH then MIH stared back at him…

  • Thinking about OR?

  • Discussing next step?

  • MIH brainstorming together?

  • Bak Chi and Mang Chi brought a case of gold bars to SDS and said it’s a present for him from Jung Tae. SDS happy

  • Jung Tae asked MIH to help invite the 7 members

  • Jung Tae told MIH his plan to engage with OR and asked MIH to keep secret of his plan

  • So-so brought a dress to OR

  • So handsome Jung Tae!!!! Preparing to go to HwangBang

  • Image flashed to OR’s birthday years ago in Shiniju

  • Still he decided not to wear the hat kkkkkk

  • Flashback and he remembered OR’s words tat she dun need an expensive gift…

  • Jung Tae bought a ring for OR

  • Deep thoughts?

  • OR too happy that she can see Jung Tae that she can’t sleep

  • Happy OR

  • Decided to catch some fresh air

  • OR saw WBS talking to someone and holding to a bottle

  • She watched for a while and went off

  • MIH at SDS’s place

  • JT: Father, I’ve come.

  • SDS hugged Jung Tae

  • OR and the gals dressing up

  • Jung Tae getting ready to seek permission from SDS and 7 member to witness his engagement with OR

  • SDS can’t reject JT’s request as the 7 members are around, he has no reason to object so he accepted

  • OR and the gals stepped out

  • Jung Tae stunned 🙂

  • Pretty OR

  • Jung Tae put on ring for OR

  • OR: Thank you for coming, Jung Tae

  • End/


(1080p) Kim Hyun Joong (Eng Sub) 감격시대 (preview) Ep22 Inspiring Generation 3-27-14

[Video] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong Official Release of Collection Book “Just The Way You Are”

Credit:  kimhyunjoong606·

[HD Photos by mijya0909] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Filming – 2014.03.,25 & 26


March 25 Filming


March 26 Filming


[Info] Viewership Ratings of Korean Stars on China’s variety shows

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First category: Results of Korean Stars on China’s variety shows
Kim Hyun Joong topping the chart with his appearance on Happy Camp in 2012.

  • green bar shows the highest ratings among other shows for that timeslot
  •   grey bar shows average annual ratings

Second category: Half of the invited guests to [Happy Camp] are ‘rating poisons’

  • green bar shows ratings of invited guests with ratings above average of 2.12 (pink line), with Hyun Joong topping with the highest rating of 2.799 among the rest of the Korean stars on the show
  • grey bar shows ratings of invited guests with ratings below average of 2.12

Third category: Ratings for ‘The Strongest Brain’
Kim Soo Hyun brought in the highest rating on ‘The Strongest Brain’ with 2.584

Last category: Korean stars ratings contribution ranking
(single episode rating – average episode rating = contribution rating)
Kim Hyun Joong at No.2 (2.799-2.33=0.469)

“Inspiring Generation” OST #6: JIA – “Until Then …….. Goodbye”

Tweet Credit:

  • `Inspiring Generation` OST `Until Then..Goodbye` by JIA will be released today online at 12pm KST.
  • Jia`s `Until Then….Goodbye` is a song for Gaya`s feelings while KHJ`s `If Today Has Passed` is about Jung Tae`s feelings.


Credit:    BubbleFeetMusic Blast Channel 2 (OST)

(김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Lotte Duty Free” 2014 Spring Pictorial

Kim Hyun Joong’s Smile always brighten my day………………………