Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jun Tae’s World: Gladiators, Commandos and a Stray Dog Ep 20

Author:  AprilStarr

(Note : This is one of the episode if not the best in which Kim Hyun Joong displayed he is capable of varying but sensitive emotions without using a lot of dramatic and loud words. It’s all in his facial and eye expressions. One can read his thoughts-fear, hesitation,questions, apprehensions,disgust, anger, understanding, forgiveness, regret, among others.)

What do gladiators, commandos and a stray dog have in common at Inspiring Generation?

They are all strugglers wanting to survive in the dangerous place called Shanghai in the 30’s.

GLADIATORS Jung Tae and Jae Hwa, once a tandem maybe can become bosom friends in the future have situated themselves on the opposite side of the arena. Bettors are crying for one of them to spill blood. It could have been a combat where the two were on equal footing if only Jae Hwa in all of his desperation to win didn’t use his steel claws. Only with the crowd hissing for him to remove them that it became a fair fight and enabled JT to deliver his deadly blows and kicks. Aoki observed that JJH knowing JT’s weakness of recent dislocated shoulders and yet did not use it to his advantage.

Winning is not everything for Jung Tae, he shed bitter tears after Seol Dong manipulated the result of the fight to favor the Hwangbang. The murderers were killed on the spot by Wang before Jung Tae could make the criminals expose the massacre’s mastermind and make it part of his coup d grace of revenge. While the old man publicly announced the new owner of the bangsamtong and the Club JT was able to extract a promise from the old man not to touch the Bangsamtong people again. In return he had to promise not to repeat embarrassing the old man. Seol Dong while embracing his “son” reminded him the club is HB territory and OK Ryeon is his hostage. Mo advised JT to understand “walls don’t crumble overnight.”

The loser JJH had to give up his position at the Club and Bangsamtong. It wasn’t easy for him do that given his back story of abandonment, extreme poverty and how he extricated himself out of it. He has gone a long way. He decided he no longer need to live in Bansamtong but not before handing JT his key to the safe containing damaging documents to crush the Hwangbang. His last instruction to his subordinates was to serve JT well -the new big Hyung. Both former leader and predecessor gave each other their respectful bows as well as the staff.

By saving the life of the banished sword man Shinichi, Aoki made him take a last order for Ill Gook Hwae- to infiltrate the Hwangbang and become the SUICIDE ASSASIN COMMANDO OF ONE- to kill Seol Dong. He brought the document from the Japanese military they knew Seol Dong wanted (in history Chiang Kai Shek was losing control in China because of his inability to halt the Japanese advances). Seol Dong had imagined if he could hand that document to Chiang he could be rewarded as becoming second in command.

Shinichi was clearly outnumbered when he failed his mission and was for beheading when Gaya, SUICIDE RESCUE COMMANDO OF ONE, appeared with the intention of saving him from the Hwangbang. Does she know she like Shinichi is already on the IGH short list for liquidation?

While everyone was busy with Shinichi and Gaya, Jung Tae had successfully climbed the walls of the Seolrak to do what is still unclear inside the place already off limits to him. Is it to kill his “father”or to save Ok Ryeon or both? He impromptu donned the black mask of a ninja assassin apparently moving on his own to become another SUICIDE COMMANDO OF ONE. Could Mo not be far behind in this latest JT daring move?

The last and the least of the struggler is our versatile, multiple alliance capable STRAY DOG -Doo Gyoo. Likened to a stray dog who eats anything, even leftovers and trash straight out of the garbage can. He adjust to any environment and for some reasons he easily gets into the inner circle of all camps. His is natural instinct to survive not learned from any spy academy but out of sheer necessity. Perhaps he did not evolve well for he does not have in his social DNA any form of loyalty such that the canine specie might even reject him.

AS IG nears to its finale episode (24) perhaps we can start speculating who is likely to remain the last man/woman standing. It is not always the hero/heroine.of the drama.


6 responses

  1. Dragon Lady

    The last 4 episodes should be JT shining moments. He will show his leadership, smartness and strategy into winning all the battles against his enemies as to how he will eliminate them one by one.The title of the drama is Inspiring Generation : The Birth of the God of Battles. It is a gangster/war drama. There will be plenty of fighting scenes.

    Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 5:29 am



    Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    • aprilstarr

      @ Dragon Lady and Cagome I hope SJT won’t let us down taking care of Koreatown (Bangsamtong). As for Club Shanghai he can relinquish control over to Mo if it becomes to much for him and since he is around and maybe waiting for that to happen. Win-win situation I think.

      Monday, March 24, 2014 at 1:18 pm

  3. aprilstarr


    IG has characters which elicit our reactions negative or positive or even both at the same time. In a way it is good because they are not flat renditions but multidimensional expressions of characters like Jae Hwa as you said. Specially when the actors can deliver the goods and literally dominate the screen with their presence.

    As viewers they have our sympathies while kind of distract us,too from the main story line or flow, that is, Shin Jung Tae’s story. Perhaps that is the reason, I’m speculating here, why there are viewers who prefer other dramas.

    In my mind, Shin Jung Tae should shine more as he goes into one adventure after the other and becomes bigger than life as he undergoes change. And not just in the fighting skills. It could be in the attitude, wisdom, values, etc. Will he be able to exhibit leadership that can command awe and inspiration ?

    SJT is the main focus here and should be given the best and most riveting scenes, including his very own background music. I want to see him actively interact with the other characters not them with him. He seems to be the receiver most of the time of their ideas,action plans, machinations and inclinations. I want him to glow, be above everyone else in this drama.

    Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    • Bella

      @ Aprilrtarr

      Thank you very much for your respond . I so agree with everything you said especially about SJT. I think the directer focus on too many characters and do not have enough screen time to show how JT has gradually grown in all aspects which eventually can leads the others. It is also the main reason why I like to read your articles on IG. I think the drama has given a lot of screen times to the 2 WBs and others things than JT. I sometime feel many thing can be cut shot and focus more on JT’s development before he become a convincing hero of Bangsamdong.

      However i enjoy the drama and happy with HJ ‘s acting. I Just feel that the drama could have a more active respond if the writer could show more details on JT’s development in interactive with the others.

      Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 9:57 pm

  4. Bella

    Thanks a lot Aprill. It’s hard to get to the internet the last few days i miss a few articles. Just finished the episode 19 and 20. Poor JT there are so many issues to worry about.
    i ‘m worried about OR I hope JT or Mo will be able to rescue her. It’s nice to see OR being a spy to support JT. I really hope she will be safe till the end. I do miss JT-OR sweet scene.

    JJW is an interesting character he is also a complex one he wanted to be a hero of Bansamdong community and wanted to protect them. However he knew since early on that it’s too big for him and JT probably more capable than him. I really like this character.

    I’m really impressed with HJ ‘s acting . i already see him as SJT since the drama started . I really like the fight scene of JT and OR in the car. Now I kind of expect to see OR and JT have a good ending at the end if not it will brake my heart or…. that’s what the directer wants ?…. hope not.

    Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 4:31 pm

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