Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[TweetBits] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Updates – 2014.03.27

Episode 21 BTS Fancams Credit:  lyna HJ

 Fancam Credit:  joyful860606

 Fancam Credit:  유미희

 Fancam Credit:  khjcmf


Tweet Credit:  @khj_awesome  via  Deanna Dsc

IG Ep 22 preview text Credit:   @501wangja via Deanna Dsc

  • Ilgeokhwi received fatal blow due to Jung Tae’s attack. Aoki who wants to save Gaya is in jeopardy of being caught and strip off his duties by the Concession’s security chairman. Meanwhile Jung Tae want to rescue Ok Ryeon who’s being held hostage at SeolRak, invited the Concession’s 7 member and hold an engagement ceremony with Ok Ryeon…


Tweets Credit:

  • 김세정 ‘감격시대’ 김현중 여동생 첫등장, 막판 변수되나 Chung Ah will appear in today’s episode of Inspiring Generation
  • Jung Tae will fight with Aka again. Strong action scenes to be expected!

Tweets Credit:

  • KHJ’s OST for IG, ‘After Today’ (or ‘When Today Passes’) to be released on April 2, about JT’s pain & sorry over the unfulfilled first love.
  • Shin Jung Tae will finally meet his little sister Chung Ah again! (played by Kim Se Jung)

Tweet Credit:  



Photos Credit:  IcexHenecia


MARCH 26 Filming

Photos Credit:  Kai Joong



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