Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

#김현중감격시대 [Tweet Updates] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong “Inspiring Generation” Episode 22 – 2014.03.27 *Updating*




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  • [VIDEO] Jung Tae’s fight with Aka
  • [VIDEO] Jung Tae’s engagement with Ok Ryeon
  • JungTae to OR: “Did you wait for long? Now you don’t have to wait anymore. Thank you for waiting. I won’t make you cry anymore. I love you.”

Tweets Credit:

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중, 진세연에게 청혼하며 황방 잡는다! 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • 감격시대’ 김현중, 무통 최지호 혈자리 모두 끊고 ‘승리’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중-진세연, 언약식 올리며 키스 "사랑해" 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중, 윤현민에 “지옥을 맛보게 될 것” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 김현중·진세연, 불안 속 언약식 ‘애절키스’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • [감격시대] 김현중-진세연, 드디어 사랑의 결실 “이제 더는 울게 안 할게” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스
  • ‘감격시대’ 일국회, 김현중 덫에 걸렸다..’전면전’ 출처 : 네이버 뉴스

  • ‘감격시대’ 임수향, 적진에 들어온 김현중 만류 “지금 나가면 살 수 있어” 출처 : 네이버 뉴스




Captures/Transcript Credit:

  • JT: War shall start an hour later!

  • JT: We must win the battle!!

  • Jung Tae picked up SDS to Denkai’s funeral

  • SDS: Is the war going to start? JT: Of course

  • JT: Father, please return OR to me after this war end.

  • Arriving at Denkai’s funeral

  • JT saw GY

  • GY: It’s still not too late. You don’t have to do this for Hwangbang

  • They talked a lot, forgot what they said..

  • Aka enters, preparing to fight Jung Tae

  • Fight starts. Jung Tae kicked Aka!!

  • Aoki brought his troop to Club Shanghai to raid opium and fake wine

  • Mo Il Hwa and the gang watching outside and prepares for their fight against Ilgeokhwi and ‘time’

  • Mo Il Hwa

  • WBS: Who are these people?

  • (duno e name): Search the place!

  • WBS: What if you can’t find opium here?

  • Dokku told OR that HwangBang is starting it’s fight with Ilgeokhwi and OR is worried for Jung Tae

  • Jung Tae dealt many blows on Aka, he’s on the winning side ^^

  • Gaya watching the fight intensely

  • Mo Il Hwa very cute here. He gave a cute sigh after e two guards were beaten down.

  • Old Man Fly and So-so on standby

  • kyaaaaaaa tooooooo cute!!!! MIH

  • Think think think…

  • Jung Tae jumped up and gave Aka a hard kick!!

  • Aka already badly injured by Jung Tae. Jung Tae won!

  • Aka vomit blood

  • Aka K.O.

  • Man informed Gaya about Shanghai Bank being attacked

  • So-so connecting a call to Ilgeokhwi

  • Bak Chi pretending to be staff of Shanghai Bank and hoax Yamamoto.

  • Mission success

  • Jung Tae watching Gaya

  • Gaya wants to contact Aoki

  • Aoki’s men can’t find anything suspicious in Club Shanghai

  • Aoki went into Jung Tae’s office and saw e map

  • Gaya connecting to Aoki

  • Jung Tae meet up with e gang and asked about the bank robbery operation

  • Gahhhhhhh another cutie MIH (ok, i should stop spazzing over this guy…but i can’t help it :x) sooooo cute!

  • Jung Tae’s men robbed bags of gold from Shanghai Bank

  • Jung Tae talking to Aoki

  • HwangBang’s men and Ilkgeokhwi’s men in a fight

  • Operation success! Ilgeokhwi down.

  • Still talking to Aoki. Nice side profile^^

  • Aoki knew it’s a trap set up by Jung Tae

  • Gaya injured

  • Aoki came to rescue Gaya

  • Aoki captured and taken away

  • Jung Tae and gang back at Club Shanghai

  • Jung Tae asked how much the guys got from the bank.

  • Bak Chi asked Jung Tae if they can celebrate but Jung Tae said celebrate on another day

  • Mo Il Hwa plead for the guys

  • Jung Tae finally agreed to celebrate and said everyone is Club Shanghai’s owner today 🙂

  • Smile from Jung Tae ^^

  • So-so told OR about Jung Tae’s victory

  • So-so taking OR’s measurement, OR asked for what, So-so said don’t know…

  • WBS told SDS of Ilgeokhwi’s defeat and celebration at Club Shanghai

  • Jung Tae’s bright smile! Miss it so much >.<

  • Enjoying?

  • Won Pyeong was looking at MIH then MIH stared back at him…

  • Thinking about OR?

  • Discussing next step?

  • MIH brainstorming together?

  • Bak Chi and Mang Chi brought a case of gold bars to SDS and said it’s a present for him from Jung Tae. SDS happy

  • Jung Tae asked MIH to help invite the 7 members

  • Jung Tae told MIH his plan to engage with OR and asked MIH to keep secret of his plan

  • So-so brought a dress to OR

  • So handsome Jung Tae!!!! Preparing to go to HwangBang

  • Image flashed to OR’s birthday years ago in Shiniju

  • Still he decided not to wear the hat kkkkkk

  • Flashback and he remembered OR’s words tat she dun need an expensive gift…

  • Jung Tae bought a ring for OR

  • Deep thoughts?

  • OR too happy that she can see Jung Tae that she can’t sleep

  • Happy OR

  • Decided to catch some fresh air

  • OR saw WBS talking to someone and holding to a bottle

  • She watched for a while and went off

  • MIH at SDS’s place

  • JT: Father, I’ve come.

  • SDS hugged Jung Tae

  • OR and the gals dressing up

  • Jung Tae getting ready to seek permission from SDS and 7 member to witness his engagement with OR

  • SDS can’t reject JT’s request as the 7 members are around, he has no reason to object so he accepted

  • OR and the gals stepped out

  • Jung Tae stunned 🙂

  • Pretty OR

  • Jung Tae put on ring for OR

  • OR: Thank you for coming, Jung Tae

  • End/



5 responses

  1. Noya

    Why do I have a feeling like SJT doing that in order to save OR from SDS? to protect her as he promised? But deep in his heart he is with Gaya?
    love the way Hj is into SJT …he is amazing.:)

    Friday, March 28, 2014 at 5:00 am

    • Bella

      Hi Noya, Yes I agee JT doing it now ( not later ) because he wanted to take OR out of SDS ‘s resident as soon as possible and he loves her dearly. I think JT’s face was kind of serious because he knew the way he did cause SDS angry as he leaved him no choice to deny his request . Surely SDS will get back to him and OR soon. He also realized that he and OR can’t be really happy as normal marriage just yet. A lot of dangers are await ahead of them.

      I feel like I was one of them who was living in the same town as SJT. JH is really amazing.

      Friday, March 28, 2014 at 6:20 am

    • nada

      Yes noya.I felt that way too.Deep inside his heart, there is Gaya.

      Friday, March 28, 2014 at 7:23 am

    • I agree with you all . And though I don’t want to ruin their happiness, there is this feeling that something bad will happen to OR which concerns WBS. I hope I’m wrong

      Friday, March 28, 2014 at 8:52 am

  2. aprilstarr

    OR looked like she is going to the prom

    Friday, March 28, 2014 at 2:01 am

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