Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] Shin Jung Tae’s World: The Boss episode 21

Author:  ApriStarr

Shin Jung Tae has the titles. Owner of Bangsamtong and Top Boss of Club Shanghai. The only problem is does he have what it takes to be owner and top boss? He may be the best fighter there is on that part of China, but the two titles require a lot. There are responsibilities, there are expectations and what he actually delivers.

First, was the Hwangbang -who opened the possibilities for him to occupy the positions and to be the boss. In return, Jung Tae was expected to be the HB ‘s fighting machine, to follow Banjoo’s biddings and not to be off course as the Club is Hwangbang’s territory. For added good measure HB had kept Ok Ryeon as hostage and dropped the pretension that she is their company singer. Jung Tae, for his part, has not reneged on his duties, delivered the earnings of the Club to HB though he is being held in contempt and they are always suspicious his intentions.

Second, the Bangsamtong represented by the staff of the Club expect him to protect them and make tough decisions in their behalf.

Third, Mo no matter how helpful as an ally he is to Jung Tae, still is interested on what is in it for him. JT had to reassure him he is going to make Dandong safe.

Fourth, for the Ill Gook Hwae Jung Tae is an easy target for representing Hwangbang, he frequently receives their ill will and also because as the days passes by it’s getting more difficult to defeat him.And yet Jung Tae rescued Gaya and Shinichi from the HB even as his own life was at risk.

Part of being boss is to deal with the external threats to the well being of his community, the Bangsamtong. Now is as good as any day to begin eliminating that threat. Jung Tae makes his plans with the help of his team and Mo. He inspired everyone in their pep talk/rally (or was that a master sergeant’s drill?) that what they are doing is for the improvement of their living conditions.

Jung Tae showed he is a tireless, systematic strategist for the war he saw coming. Denkai had sent an assassin(Shinichi) through the suggestion of Aoki to HB to kill the old man. The mission had failed which Aoki had taken will be used by Denkai to get rid of him and Gaya. He decided to go one step ahead and killed his benefactor. He installed Gaya as head of IGH with him as head of its military operations. Aka replaced the dead Shinichi as Gaya’s sword man (perhaps to atone for his sin as killer of her father in Shiniijoo).

Gaya now accept Jung Tae’s strength as a leader who does not bark a difficult order but does it instead, a hands on man. It was a poignant scene where Gaya wished in their next life they be born in the same country or to have nothing to do with each other. She kissed him (while Hyun Joong’s soothing voice in When Time Passes played in the background) as a way of thanking him for rescuing her and Shinichi from sure death and to say goodbye. Jung Tae closed his eyes perhaps to feel the last closeness they would ever have. She offered him deals almost pleading if only he would side with IGH. Jung Tae had to remind her the Bangsamtong had become refugees because they had ran away from the Japanese. Failing to persuade him she now finally said they belong to opposing camps.

As a boss, Jung Tae knew how to take advantage of the crisis among the main players in Shanghai, the irreparable rift between HB and IGH. Now is the time to advance the interest of BS (the Korean community) even with his group’s limitations.

My only issue with Jung tae is he is a kill joy boss, too workaholic (like somebody we know). Somebody ought to tell him he needs to loosen up and have fun with his boys and two girls.

(Note: We will explore more his exercise of leadership in the episode 22 as his plan with Mo unfolds)



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