Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Interview – Trans] (김현중) Kim Hyun Joong Special Interview: People in older days were more willing to communicate face-to-face

Interview Source (Chinese): 韓星網
Interview Written by: 樸辰永 Park Yong Chen

Lifted from:

Translated by:    June of LKHJ

This pic was one of the few posted along with the translated article
I guess the article was originally from TV daily?
Confused… ^^;;;;

Anyway, my translation not very good (mianhae…)
Limited language ability ;p
And there’re parts which I do not understand entirely
But there’re many things in his recent interviews that I like
So I shall still try to translate as much as I could
If they are not translated yet ^^

But felt that I need to post warnings that there may be mistakes…
Please feel free to let me know if any translation is off
Which is possible since I’m translating from Chinese translated from Korean

Kim Hyun Joong Special Interview: People in older days were more willing to communicate face-to-face

The young man who’d said that he could fly and soar away as long as there’re white sail and wind has now grown into a real man, and the title of [Flower Boy] which had followed Kim Hyun Joong for a long time was finally gone, for at this moment he is the manly Shin Jung Tae, who must become the God of Battle as the guardian of his beloved people. He recently accepted an interview with this writer and revealed his feelings on the conclusion of <<Inspiring Generation>>.

Kim Hyun Joong acted as the hard-and-fast punching, hot-blooded fighter Shin Jung Tae recently in the KBS 2 TV drama (Wednesday & Thursday) <<Inspiring Generation>>. In order to raise money for his sister’s surgery, he became a smuggler, and through fights over the years with various masters from Sinuiju, Dandong, Shanghai and other places, gradually became a dominating god of battle. Kim Hyun Joong interpreted Shin Jung Tae’s superb fighting skills and intense gaze fully, and gained praises from the viewers.

<<Inspiring Generation>> was plagued with problems during its broadcast, a big production with a 15 billion won budget could actually bear debts, strike by starring actor, replacement in writer and other issues, which led viewers to question if the drama could end its run smoothly. However, the lead actor Kim Hyun Joong was totally unaffected by the interferences from outside, and was wholly immersed in the shooting, eventually dominated the small screen with Shin Jung Tae. [The Re-Discovery of Kim Hyun Joong] aka <<Inspiring Generation>> was his greatest gift dedicated to the viewers.

“I was too young when shooting <<Boys Over Flower>> and simply had no idea, suddenly received a role and did not know what to do with it at all, but I gave it my best effort then. Looking back it felt like I did not quite qualify as an actor then, I have changed a lot in the way I do things, performing is never-ending, still need to put more effort into it.”

“I squeezed the last drop of my tears, threw myself wholly into the role of Shin Jung Tae, decided to work hard from the outset. Slowly diving into the role I discovered that it’s not simply acting well, but began to understand the character’s feelings, I still did not know how to adjust the pace, control my facial expressions etc., so I focused entirely on Shin Jung Tae. Previously I did not believe in total immersion in a role, but I felt that with <<Inspiring Generation>>. Even though it may not be a 100% immersion, once I stood in front of the camera I became Shin Jung Tae, my tears would fall automatically, my anger would rise on cue.” (think I’m not quite getting this whole part >.<)

“Shin Jung Tae’s life was too tough, and thus I became depressed. The drama was to end on April 3, I felt the need to get a gift for myself, a week before the end I went online and searched [April 3 concert], happened that there was a concert with just one seat left, immediately booked that, and went alone that day to the concert. (T_T why do I feel sad? Sigh… btw it was stated in another interview that he went to Indie rock band 넬 Nell’s concert that day) While watching the concert I felt that the stage is where I should be standing, I saw the light, and thought if I could stand on that stage again to sing and dance, would I still find it fun or not, this led me to have ideas of returning to the stage.” (T.T want to see you singing and dancing on stage…. )

In the earlier episodes of <<Inspiring Generation>>, Kim Hyun Joong had few lines, many viewers were surprised that the male lead was acting with his fists rather than words. In this regard Kim Hyun Joong said: “I too felt there were few lines, but the director said Shin Jung Tae could not say much, the beginning was for me to accumulate shrewdness, I might not speak but I held on to my ideas, there were more lines later on in a shoot of a meal when I found it easier to invest my feelings, no bullshit with wasted words created more tension.”

I (the writer) was curious and asked if he was conscious about his identity as an idol-turned-actor, and thus deliberately avoided romantic drama but chose a more manly <<Inspiring Generation>>.

“Indeed, romantic drama seems to have no substance, <<Inspiring Generation>> is a period drama, with interpretation of sadness, anger, melancholy, and other emotions, I personally also felt that Shin Jung Tae suited me very well, and hope to try his approach to love. He was dedicated and giving to his girl, willing to guard her with his life, but in real life I’m very realistic, this kind of pure love was only possible in the 1930s. There were no phone and no KAKAO TALK, and it’s an age when people could meet and communicate face-to-face, could personally convey their ideas, so there was few misunderstanding. I am a modern man, who feel less as time passes, so I deliberately do not send text messages, because I’d said a lot when I was acting, only through communication can I improve my acting, and there are lots of communications in <<Inspiring Generation>>.”

“This time I was working with a lot of seniors, which helped my acting to improve, they could lead me to express my sadness, anger, etc., this is a synergistic effect, enabling one to immerse one self even more. My qualifications was yet shallow when shooting <<Boys Over Flowers>>, so I watched others’ performance, years later I could recall the tone of that voice, and blend it into my acting. In acting, tone and wordings can be important, but the use of past experience in them is also very important, I’m still young so am not emotionally rich, strongly concurred that acting gets better with age.

Kim Hyun Joong also talked about friends, JYJ member Park Yoo Chun and Big Bang member TOP.

“I think the models for successful transition from idol singers to actors are Park Yoo Chun and TOP. When I gave TOP a call, he told me he’s recently working hard on shooting the movie <<Tazza 2>>. I only heard some news on Park Yoo Chun, but I know he’s very hardworking. (So are you!) They do not rely on just the external images, they really communicate with the director, in order to get into their roles. Park Yoo Chun is usually very warm and gentle, good actors are mostly more sensitive, Park Yoo Chun is like that too. People who did not succeed often just thought “If they do this, I’ll do it too.” They just read the lines without feelings. In this regard, Park Yoo Chun and TOP are different.

Finally, Kim Hyun Joong revealed his goals , saying, “I want to hear people who have seen my work say that it gives them courage, rather than ‘so handsome’, I shall work hard to become an actor who can bring strength and comfort to others.”

Could he really not know?
How much courage, strength and comfort he’s brought, and is always bringing, to others


3 responses

  1. aprilstarr

    From someone like him who tried hard and succeeded what other model on how to survive in one’s career does one need ?

    He is the living epitome of “if there’s a will there is a way”.

    He wasn’t rich, nor is highly connected, even dropped out of school -who would think he could have gotten this far.

    Someday I hope to write his biography -Life is One Punch,
    the Kim Hyun Joong Way

    Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 2:36 am

    • Noya

      You are so right Aprilstarr…”if there is a will……but he had a dream and he fullfiled it. HJ has drive and passion for what he is doing so he will succeed in what he wants! 🙂

      Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 4:38 am



    Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 2:24 pm

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