Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Pexers Write-Ups] Yes, Hyun Joong There’s Life After Inspiring Generation

Author:  AprilStarr/Pexers Write-Ups on FB

Supercharged and still on high just after the last curtain fell on the Inspiring Generation shooting set, Hyun Joong was besieged by interviewers. But of course, who wouldn’t want to hear from the newly born action star aka Hyun Joong, the rediscovered actor?

Just like his character Shin Jung Tae who tirelessly go from battle to battle like the battery commercial, Hyun Joong went about disclosing in indefatigable manner how he managed getting inside the skin and shoes of his character.Was he possessed by Jung Tae or did he take over Jung Tae?

Jung Tae was the writer and director’s creation but it was Hyun Joong who interpreted him and who breathe life into him. Jung Tae’s world became his -his woes and misfortunes, adventures and scoring successes, finding friends and love in a strange place, able to start all over again even in a depressing time full of hopes.

For Hyun Joong, Jung Tae was more than a mask to temporarily wear, for he saw again through him ‘winning is not about fighting skills but more by determination” and what it means. Oh so true to life, in particular his own life in showbiz.

In as much as he told us, being in Inspiring Generation is acquiring more than what book can provide or even degree on acting one can get from school. It was one huge learning experience with its physical, emotional and mental involvement of one to the point of exhaustion. Working with the pros and in the winter weather on to the early days of Spring IG perhaps has left Hyun Joong different memories than the others in the cast.

Now he knows what unbridled emotions and physical strength can make him do and say. The immersion in the drama as per his experience is totalling absorbing, it is hard to disengage. There oughta be a law on debriefing actors after their show is over and done.

Like being in a time machine in this drama as he himself said it, he happen to know how to flip the switch back to the future as Kim Hyun Joong, the singer. His trip to Jeju to rest, go scuba-diving,play golf was the intermission number.

After Inspiring Generation he promised himself not to do action drama/movie for his next work. Maybe try something else, like being a psychopath, a villain, a lighter and happy role. Varied roles are for the better rather than be typecasted into one.

In his re-entry into the stage as a singer dancer after a seriously challenging drama, he must have given the former a different appreciation. AS he has stated, dancing choreography is more difficult than fight choreography. The stage is more exacting and demanding, no retakes and NG’s, can be made unlike a drama that can be ” scrubbed clean” in the back room before its public release (inserting or removing background sound,correcting lighting, dubbing and voice over,etc.)

Could it be that what made him think of a shift in career path? To leave and quit his decade long dance music by 2015.

Or did IG give him a mirror to see himself anew and made him realistic? Or he is also pragmatic in that as he age he sees the limitation of being in a Kpop world.

As is known, idol careers have a short life span. There are competitions and it gets fiercer by the day. It is good idols try acting and other related fields like emceeing TV shows, being DJ in radios shows, songwriting, album production, stage management among others. Through these side work idols can have a taste of what else they can do and what skills they need to develop.

Hyun Joong also knows what he wants to do and is determined to make them happen.

He has bid goodbye to Shin Jung Tae and his world of the 1930’s.

Yes, Hyun Joong there’s life after Inspiring Generation -a wide, wide world awaits you.


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