Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) “Inspiring Generation” Filming adventure with jo ‏@neongreenribbon

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Credit:    (THANKS for sharing)


22dec13. my shot of IG cast. the first new name i learned. Jung Ho Bin. in person, he has an air of dignity.

in person, she is quite petite and delicate looking. but this sunday, she proved she has stamina. a whole day here.

Mon 23dec13. 10am in the morning. and who’s sauntering back and forth? 😀

a scene not used

recognise the children. i salute them. they had been there since early that morning.

at that time, it seemed like hers was a small role. in person, she has a more serious air in contrast to her char.

i like capturing moments like this. discussions before the execution of a scene.

a scene like this is a well of humour. the cameramen, the side char with his hp, the words on the window.

at that time, we didn’t know SDS, the char, would be a baddie. i had thought, SDS would be a mentor to JT.

in between takes, or scenes.

a take of a scene about to begin, and then comes a lorry/pickup truck from behind. quite hilarious and exasperating.

i have this instinctive habit. when i see a lens pointed towards me, i return the favour.

and who’s checking out the pics? 😀

15feb14. 8am or so. Hwaseong. the air here is really clean and fresh. tho i read later on abt serial murders here…

thankful for the bright sunlight cos the early morning air was really cold.

amused by the director’s jacket was reflecting light like crazy. HJ’s face would be all reddish pink.

rehearsing a scene not used. (my guess)

this is one of my favourite pics. hj relaxed and interacting with the rest of the cast.

i tried taking pics of hj with his assistant, manager and codi noona all four. there’s a camaraderie that comes thru.

it was no small feat, to fit four grown men and an empty coffin into the back of a small pick-up truck.

coming back from a scene. itz not clear, but JJH is in the passenger seat

with this shot, i would say the olympus pen3 i-auto functions rather well. despite shadow plus the pick-up was moving

after five hours, time to move to next location

30mar14 10am Waujongsa (quite close to the Yongin set). it’s a beautiful place.

tried to take a pic of the interior but too dark.

but it’s the surroundings that are really interesting to photograph

my sis once said it would be nice to have a dinner bell like that. 😀

30mar14 after 2pm Gajaewol-ri, where the Yongin set is. straw-covered fields

a horse stable just opposite the entrance to the set.

itz really the art of the camera to bring out the best of a set.

kim sung oh and his strides. he has a very purposeful walk. and with his hat, he is dandy.

lso has an infectious laugh

it is often said hj has a small face. i don’t actually realise it until i see his broad shoulders from the back.

hj is so focussed on the script that he doesn’t see the child waving at him for at least 15seconds

finally he sees her. and is actually taken aback.

31mar14. it is our great fortune to see early spring come alive at Yeouido. 3yr ago, on 9apr it was still budding.

one travelling companion. 😀

with this protective gear against the cold wind. u wld never know if your fav guy had just zipped past 😀

im not keen to go yeosu cos there’s no set open to public. but the afternn turns out interesting enough.

here comes a series of unexpected shots. where the subject just zooms into sight. i like this shot of YHM

i have to black and white this one cos the i-auto function got shocked, and the colour got all saturated:D

it was almost as if he stood there and pose. i-auto function recovered from shock and took this pic decently

i love this of kim sung oh. see the drink he’s bending to retrieve? can tell the significance?

yeah. the snack and drinks truck

this is the best i got of LSH that day. i am so sorry to her fans cos i really wanted to take a nice pic of her.

side cast getting briefed. i really really wanted to see action scenes involving the side cast. but no luck…

another per i really want to shoot nicely without costume. but haiz, the i-auto decides to do a bokeh. what the heck.

unexpectedly, i see yamamoto (the char)

YHM. have u seen him in ep2 of Witch Love? this pic is such a contradiction. 😀

korean pine is beautiful as backdrop

sunset. it’s a pity only the eye can see the sunset and the colours of the korean pine. I’m about to fold but wait.

the back of a cat, the back of a human being, i love to photograph these.

i cannot understand the hair. it keeps covering the eyes

with sunset, it is getting cold, see what this chap does?

last one of KSO. even while slouching and picking his nails, he looks dandy. must be the hat

and let’s not forget his onscreen love.

and what is yeosu like? farmland, much like Gajaewol-ri, except here i spot plastic covers.

the beauty of this place is that when you look up, there’s a mountain not too far away. rather soothing to the sou


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  1. aprilstarr

    The natural background creates a drama within a drama. Why couldn’t they use more of that instead of spending a lot of money on infrastructures?

    Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 12:27 pm


    Very beautiful story of story:)Thank for sharing awesome moments!Amazing!

    Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 1:51 am

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