Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[DATV Exclusive] 6-6 Birthday Special on June 6, 2014 + Eng Transcription Added

Tweet Credit: 1h

DATVexclusive! Kim HyunJoong 6.6 Birthday Special 1 hr program on 6 June, 21:00- ◆drama”IG” interview & news

Source:  DATV

English Tranlation Credit:

  • Eng trans,–cSSUU
    “Happy Birthday, kim hyun joong!
    To celebrate (his birthday) Jun.6th, the SP program will be aired.
    The program will be full of from the latest news, Inspring generation interview, it will be aired the first time in Jp, to kim hyun joong in the past, News Picks in the past. ”
    “Inspring generation, fightin’! “

Tweet Credit: May 11

Kim Hyun Joong – Photo at Eojinine Hoetjip (Jeju Traditional Food) Cr:


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