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Hallyu actor and singer Kim Hyunjoong’s “2014 Kim Hyunjoong World Tour: 夢幻” has successfully started his world tour, beginning in Korea on June 28.

More than 5000 fans came to support and watch his concert. This world tour concerts will be held for three months by making stops in total of 7 countries and 11 cities including those in Korea, China, Japan, South America, and Europe.


With all the dynamic performances, Kim Hyunjoong has also prepared a special performance for the fans who came to the concert. During the special performance he unveiled a track for his upcoming album. Although this is a rare occasion, he wanted to express appreciation to his fans by letting them to be the first to hear his song.

With the first concert of this big world tour ending in great success, Kim Hyunjoong mentioned, “This concert was like a dream and it’s disappointing to say goodbye. I hope moments spent with my fans are the ever lasting ones.”

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Inspiring Generation Fanmeet in Beiijing

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[Photos] Hyun Joong @ Incheon & Beijing Airports Today

Departure Photos From Incheon

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Photo: [Media Pic] Kim Hyun Joong departure, a bronze-tanned body …
cr: @AlienPrinceKHJPhoto: Kim Hyun Joong's airport fashion, tight T-shirt revealing his muscular body … 
Eng trans by: AlienPrinceKHJPhoto: Kim Hyun Joong, showing off his perfect tall proportion! … 
Eng trans by: @AlienPrinceKHJPhoto: Kim Hyun Joong, 'the pretty boy JiHoo Sunbae is no more, he's a perfect real man~' … 
Eng trans by: @AlienPrinceKHJ


Arrival at Beijing Airport


[News] Kim Hyun Joong kickstarts his world tour in Seoul



Kim Hyun Joong has started off his world tour!

On the 28th, he was at Seoul’s SK Handball Arena and had the first performance of his world tour. All 5,000 tickets were sold out immediately, and Kim Hyun Joong hinted that the Seoul concert would be the best stage he’s ever put on.

The concert started with a laser show and amazing choreography. He performed 20 songs including “Unbreakable”, “Break Down”, and “Your Story”. He performed his dance tracks in their acoustic versions, and even had a tango stage. He also performed songs that weren’t revealed yet that will be in his upcoming Korean album.

At the end of the concert, he said, “This was like a dream. It’s hard to say this is the end of it. I hope that the time that I spend with you fans is forever.”  He’ll be continuing on his world tour for 3 months until September, going to 7 countries including Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Peru.

[Photos by Ahlia0606] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 World Tour ‘몽환’ in Seoul – 2014.06.28



[Photos by murdererq] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 World Tour SEOUL, KOR – 2014.06.28



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[2014 World Tour – Seoul Part 3] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 World Tour “Seoul”Updates – 2014.06.28

 *** Updating ***

628 賢重步入會場 KHJ arrives @ World Tour @ Seoul

Fancam Credit:    Ice Wong

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KHJ World Tour @Seoul – HJ’s parents and relatives have arrived at venue! [good][鼓掌][爱你]


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HJ will sing the new song for his comeback in Korea tonightcr:

Tweet Updates”    

  • Concert seems to be late… Doors not open yet
  • Doors finally open!

  • Announcement apologizing for unexpected delay of concert
  • Amazingly announcements in Japanese, Korean and Englishazingly
  • Starting !
  • Breakdown at extension stage with stage raised
  • Now talking at extension stage Looks real good in sleevelss leather top and leather pants Hair gelled up.
  • Some futuristic clips now…with laser & firework
  • Yes I will! With dancers dancing with lights strip on their clothings ^^
  • Let’s Party! Now gentleman!
  • He removed white jacket for gentleman… hot! ^^
  • Fan service left and right
  • Lights on hj clothing too! he is covering all areas ^^ Video time.
  • The new video With the Caucasian model Girl caught in rain
  • Video ended Hj back in stage With ballad… CC song?
  • It was IG OST – when Today passes
  • I’m your man… remixed ^^
  • Hj in black jacket. .gold trimmed collar
  • New song! Don’t know title. Has Korean words at background
  • Lighted white tree This song sounds like a song that encourages his fans
  • I have no idea what the name is. A warm mid tempo song.
  • Another clip… of a party in process
  • HJ singing. Holding a diamond mic. Like a bad playboy. Dancers around him.
  • Another song More girl dancers I think this upcoming song could be the next Korean album title song. Rock and roll song.
  • At least 20 beautiful dancers girls He’s changed mic. HJ talking. Asking fans which 2 new songs they like?
  • Do u like that!
  • Lucky Guy
  • Dancing the extend ed dance for lucky guy Video Hj in bed Dreaming Saw the model in white clothes 😀
  • Hj back on stage Your story Solo ballerina dancing
  • Took off jacket In black shirt
  • Please!
  • He takes off shirt!! Woo hoo!
  • Fans go wild!!Took off at extension stage singing last part of Please
  • Puts his jacket back on. Talking Chairs and tables out on stage. Like Before!
  • If You’re Like Me!
  • I’m Yours
  • Fan pics being shown
  • He sounds so sweet speaking to fans.. even when I don’t understand anything lol!

  • Last song kiss kiss

  • Fans asking for encore
  • Your Story


Ending bow


Tweet Update:   

  • Inside lining up

  • It’s 6:43, they still haven’t let people in, every one is standing in hallway, no air conditioning, very very hot
  • Half of the people still outside can’t get in. It’s past 7 already and the doors are still not open

  • Finally inside

  • Hyun joong’s parents are sitting on 3rd floor in the middle, 3rd row

  • Light stick

  • Just finished gentleman. Show ing some clips with a girl, from mv?
  • Someone with camera just got caught
  • I am your man
  • He is asking us do you like it? Really like it?
  • Omg, 20 female dancers on stage
  • Beauty beauty, title song. dance quite provocative, like Las Vegas show girls
  • Do you like it now
  • Lucky guy
  • Showing clips with the girl, this time both in white. My story now
  • Sorry your story
  • Topless
  • Everyone screaming, after the song he quickly put clothes back on.:(
  • Omg, hyunjoong is sitting on a chair, the girl is kneeling in front of him. Then the girl is sitting on him,
  • Showing fans photos on screen

  • I am yours, another guy playing the guitar on stage
  • Nothing on you. New song?
  • Giant balloon s throwing to fans
  • Kiss kiss, hyunjoong ‘ s mom seems to enjoy the concert , nodding her head without the rhythm and smiled a lot
  • He said thank you in korean, Chinese and Japanese
  • En core time, your story. Beauty beauty

  • Mic problem

  • Concert ended, we rush outside to catch him leave

Getting his car ready


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 2014.06.28 김현중~♡

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Leaving the Venue



Tweet Updates:    501왕자 @501wangja



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