Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) 2014 World Tour ‘몽환’ in Seoul – 2014.06.28

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Fancams Credit: Sarah860606·  /  ·  Jun 29

140628 김현중 직캠 Unbreakable & Break Down 이동시 원출처만 표기요망.재편집&재업로드 금지.우결관련 모든곳 이동금지.무대위 우주신 반가워요!^^

Fancam Credit:   KIM MACCI


 Fancams Credit:  KimHyunJoong Henecia Colombia FC

Fancams Credit:   babyvfan






 Fancam Credit:    jh Obsess


Song list – updates from June (lifted from

Let me Go!
Breakdown – at extension stage with stage raised
Yes I will – With dancers dancing with lights strip on their clothings ^^
Let’s Party
When Today Passes
I’m Your Man – remix
New song. Don’t know title. Korean words on background
Do u like that
Lucky Guy
Your Story – solo ballerina dancing
Like Before
If you’re like me
I’m Yours – another guy playing huitar
Kiss Kiss



Photos Credit:   LJ_marylee@weibo

 Tweets Credit:

  • KHJ:  “its my last con in my 20s. So I prepared hard”
  • Remix version of I’m ur man I think.  Cos it sounded a bit different
  • KHJ:   “do u like it? Fun?”
  • Fans:   “yes”
  • KHJ:   “that’s a relief”
  • KHJ:  “honestly, when the con just started, I was worried.   Cos it’s been a long time since I did a concert”
  • KHJ teased fans. He said family came and my love…my loving…
  • KHJ:   “new album will be out in July”
  • KHJ:   “do u know how fast time passes? This concert  is ending”
  • Fans:   “ehhhhh” Khj “why ehhh? Its real”
  • Fans:   “cannot”
  • KHJ:   “u guys not going home?”
  • Fans:   “yes”
  • KHJ:   “but I’m going home. There’s soccer to watch”
  • KHJ keeps on teasing fans. “The con is 1hr 50 mins. Not 3hrs u know?”
  • Fans are now shouting “Kim Hyun Joong … Kim Hyun Joong”.   Waiting for encore
  • KHJ wrote words “encore encore encore”
  • Encore were ‘your story’ and ‘beauty beauty’
  • Haha, when KHJ was about to say “수고하셨습니다”.   His mic suddenly not working.   Everyone started shouting encore again.
  • KHJ said “it really ended”.   And tried to say “수고하셨습니다’ in Chinese too


Photos Credit:  白雪賢重  (


Tweet/Trans Credit:

  • [FA] 2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour in Seoul talk trans (4Dness at work again!! LOL)Hyun:这次MV拍的特省钱,公司应该很开心,你们肯定也开心吧。韩饭在下面喊:(MV里)不要有女人!H:怎么办呢?我这次专挑的苗条有漂亮的美女拍的呢,哈哈。HJ: This time MV shooting really saved a lot of money, company must be very happy, you all must be very happy right.
    Fans shouting: Must not have woman (inside MV)!!
    HJ: What to do? This time I picked slim and beautiful woman to film, haha.H:我自己心里很清楚,一直以来我的音乐都很一般,大众不太接受也不太喜欢,你们也是这样觉得的吧?饭:no!H:这次的韩专思考了很久怎样才能做出大众喜欢的又能让人耳熟能详的音乐。(七月韩专)HJ: I knew it very clearly, all along my music are just very normal, the public can’t really take it and don’t quite like it, did you all feel the same too?
    Fans: No!
    HJ: This time for the Korean album (July new album) been thinking a lot how to make music that public will like and music that will be well-remembered.H:我和大家说 辛苦了,你们也跟着我说 辛苦了,知道吗?(想了一会儿)下面没说话的都是中饭和日饭吧?你们都听不懂我说话该怎么办呢HJ: I will say ‘Thank you for the effort’ to everyone, and all of you will say ‘Thank you for the effort’, got it? (after some thought) Those who didn’t say anything down there are Chinese fans and Japanese fans right? You all can’t understand what I say, what should I do?H:不知不觉演唱会都接近尾声了…… 饭:不行!我们今晚不走了!H:什么?你们不回家啦?(想了一会儿)那你们在这待着,我先回家了[阴险]饭:不行不行!H:你们别闹啦,我明天还要去中国出差呢HJ: Unknowingly the concert is coming to an end…
    Fans: No! We won’t leave tonight!
    HJ: What? You don’t want to go home? (after some thought) Then you just stay here, I’ll go home first (act cute)
    Fans: No no!
    HJ: Stop messing around, I still have to go to China for business tomorrow.


    HJ saw fans shouting to ask him to strip again, he waved his hand: How can this do, my body is so precious, strip once will do!

    by 无敌3宝 + trans by kelemama


Photos Credit:  Henecia_vi0606   (

Tweets Credit:

  • Hj said he already shoot music video for his news songs!
  • HJ also mentioned he has a business trip tomorrow, that’s why…hahah
  • Hj said a lot of things,one of it is that he will continue to perform and sing for his fans as long as he has strength…
  • What I read was he’s really thankful to his fans, really miss them, frm bottom of his heart

Tweets/Trans Credit:

  • HJ must be very proud & happy he hv so many male fans ^^ RT : There’s also a lot of male fans^^ RT 남팬들도 많다. 우주신 기분좋겠당ㅎ
  • I’m not sure if my heart can take HJ’s teasing live! Hehe but I’m soooo looking forward to his concert overseas now!
  • HJ’s new song ‘ Words I Want To Say’ RT : Singing new song “하고싶은 말”
  • To summarize, Hyun Joong sang 3 new songs: Words I Want To Say, Beauty Beauty, One More Day
  • HJ said he wish to open a 10-year anniversary concert to repay the fans’ supports & the ticket price is..USD$1800 LOL!!
  • And that is why he asked fans to work hard ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Video Credit:  fumi

  • Now, the words I want to convey to everyone…
    It’s time to tell those words.
    When times like this come, the words we definitely~~ have to say…ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!And
    I will always…
    want to see you guys.
    From the bottom of my heart…
    Now, I’ll tell you what I really want to tell you guys:Everyone!!!
    I love you guys.
  • [KHJ] For Phantasm World Tour 2014 in TAIWAN, all fans will get a Hi-5 session with Hyun Joong!!! Together with limited edition goodies ^^


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Photos Credit:   jacqueline-xi/

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Photos Credit:   mira @kayo12_12  


Photos Credit:    金贤重吧官方微博   (




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