Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[Photos/Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) HOTSUN Handshake Events in Japan

Handhsake Event @Odaiba

Fancam Credit:  pikoko128·


Photos Credit:     


Photos Credit: Doublena Hyun @FB


2014.06.17 HOT SUN 発売記念握手会

Photos Credit:   

Tweet Credit:  ·  Jun 17

[FA] A fan said that during the handshake session there was a young boy in wheelchair, HJ consoled the boy and his smiles was exceptionally beautiful, he really love to see kids. And he inched forward to get closer to fans when shaking hands thus fans were really very touched. The fan said reason why she has liked HJ for so many years is because of his sincerity.

@Sweet_晓 葵: 看到有位粉丝说今天握手会上有个坐在轮椅上的少年,HJ有抚慰他,而且笑得特别好看,是发自内心的喜欢看到孩子们[偷笑]然后今天去握手会的人对他一一靠 近粉丝去握手很感动~貌似每回不都是这样么,上回不就是一一走到座椅旁去握手的么~这位饭说这也就是为什么会喜欢HJ这么都年的原因,因为真诚

Video Credit:ihyonn0606·


GIMPO ARRIVAL from Japan Album Promotion

Tweet Credit:    ·  Jun 20

140620♡현중 김포공항입국





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