Dedicated to SS501 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong, Japan single「HOT SUN」release commemorative event, unprecedented response.

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Source: + (trans) kelemama

Kim Hyun Joong released fourth single album 「HOT SUN」, while topping the Japan Oricon chart, at the same time gaining spotlight.

18th, while Kim Hyun Joong topped Oricon chart 1st place at the released of new album, on the 17th a day prior to the release in Tokyo and after released on 19th in Nagoya, 20th in Osaka, met up with 20000 fans in these 3 cities.

This was a premium event he specially prepared for his fans who had waited for him for a year since the 3rd album 「TONIGHT」that was released in last June in Japan.

On 17th the day before Kim Hyun Joong’s album released, the local fans’ passion for waiting seem to have reached the peak. Since the early morning at Tokyo Palette Plaza, there’s already over thousand fans queuing in orderly manner waiting for event to start, this spectacular sight has once again let people truly felt Kim Hyun Joong’s high popularity.

That day, Kim Hyun Joong ignored the hot summer weather, shook hands with over 10000 fans who came for the event, spent good times with everyone.

The situation at Nagoya and Osaka indeed also has not much difference. In order to cheer for Kim Hyun Joong, hands holding all sorts of placards and handwritten letters and specially prepared gifts, over 10000 fans filled up the event site. Showing passionate response during Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance, giving passionate cheers during the event.

For this, Kim Hyun Joong greeted and shook hands with each fan whom had been waiting for his new album activities, showing his gentle and affectionate side to reciprocate the love from fans, which deeply touched all fans who participated in the event.

The Japan single album 「HOT SUN」was released on the 18th, topped the Japan Oricon chart 1st place with a sales record of 3 times higher than the other 2 (singer), won with enthusiastic attention. Specially, amidst busy schedules, his *silly side of priority consideration to meet up with fans has captured many fans hearts, this has also caused the album to be still on Oricon’s 1st place even after the 3rd day of released on the 20th.

*don’t understand what the chinese word meant, just translated as it is.

「HOT SUN」, 「Timing」etc are fast pace songs in this album that suitable for the summer composed with passionate music, Kim Hyun Joong’s unique charm was revealed flawlessly, winning good review from much anticipated fans.

(the article trans in chinese is kinda weird, I just try to phrase them to the best I can…as I have no reference to the korean article too >.<)


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“20K Jap fans ‘Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!” new album launch, queue since dawn RT : 새앨범 출시행사 새벽부터 줄서기


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김현중의 ‘뜨거운 한류’… <핫 선> 이벤트 3개 도시 2만 팬 운집 출처 : 네이버 뉴스


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